Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 10

Girl Power

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • From the point where Josh is getting is hair done up to the point where Drake is laughing at Josh for having his underwear on the wrong way, it's daytime outside. Then, in the next scene, it become nighttime. Then in the next scene, it's daytime again. Then, when the camera shows the outside of Mindy's house, it becomes nighttime again. Lastly, when the cameras are in the dining room, you can see outside the windows it's daytime again.

    • Drake tells Josh there's a fire in Theater 7. However, Josh grabs the fire extinguisher, and runs into Theater 4.

    • It says in the credits that Mindy has a little brother, Alden. But no where in the episode does he appear. And if he does, then why did he not eat dinner with the Crenshaws?

    • In one scene when the front of the Movie Theatre is zoomed out next to it we see Schnider's Bakery, which is the name of the company that owns this show.

    • When Josh broke the glass cover for the fire extingisher, he breaks it with his shoe but the glass does not cluster so it's not safety glass and it is required by law that all fire extingisher covers are safety glass.

  • Quotes

    • Drake: Yeah, she may even be the one.
      Josh: The one you date for more three weeks?
      Drake: Yeah, she could be a month-er.

    • Drake: Okay, timeout!!!!
      Lucy: No! You just stopped because you know that I'm tougher than you!
      Drake: I know nothing! Wait!!

    • Drake: I can't have one olive?

    • Josh: Drake! You can´t be here.
      Drake: What? Why not?
      Josh: Because you gonna be here "Drake-ing" up all over the place!

    • Josh: You see what you do? one night, one night, I ask you to help me and you ruin it! You know how important this dinner was to me because it was my last chance with Mindy's parents. I spend like two hours on this dinner and 300 dollars on that harpist . . who at this point should stop playing. Look, I don't even care what you think of Mindy cause she is the best thing that ever happened to me and now I can't date her anymore because you ruined it! You wrecked my dinner, wrecked my hundred dollar ice sculpture,and you wrecked my relationship!
      Drake: You spend 100 dollars on ice?

    • Drake: Sodas?
      Josh: Yeah, that'll be four bucks.
      Drake: Awww, you're so cute!

    • Helen: You have upset me in ways I don't even understand, boy!

    • Josh: Why would you lie about smoke in a movie theater?
      Drake: I didn't. There was an old man on the screen smoking a pipe, I think that sends kids a bad message.

    • Josh: You know, in my entire life, I've only actually had one girlfriend.
      Drake: In my life, I've only dated like . . . 74 girls.

    • Josh: Look this is my last chance with Mindy's parents. If they don't like this dinner, they aren't gonna let my date Mindy anymore!
      Drake: So, she's icky.
      Josh: She is not icky! She is my girlfriend and I LIKE her!

    • Lucy: What century do you think we're in? Girls are in the army, girls are police officers, and this girl happens to be able to kick you butt!!!

    • Drake: I was thinking how could I date a girl whose tougher than me? But Josh told me I was just being stupid.
      Lucy: So you're cool with it then?
      Drake: Cool with what?
      Lucy: Cool with dating a girl whose tougher than you
      Drake: Hey! You are not tougher than me, that football player caught me off guard!
      Lucy: (laughing) Sure, whatever you say . . .

    • Josh: Its good to see you again, Mr. Crenshaw. (shakes his hand)
      Mr. Crenshaw: Good to see you too Josh . . . You're hurting my hand.
      (Josh pulls his hand away)
      Josh: Sorry, my fault.
      Mr. Crenshaw: Clearly.

    • Mindy: Isn't he the sweetest? (leans in to kiss Josh)
      Josh: Ah, ah, ah. You know how I feel about pre-marital kissing.

    • Megan: What are you doing?
      Josh: Getting ready for my big dinner with Mindy's parents.
      Megan: Are you nervous? What if they think you're a boob? I do.

    • Lucy: You are a great kisser.
      Drake: You are correct.

    • Mindy: Just keep in mind my parents aren't very friendly.
      Josh: No problem.
      Mindy: Or fun . . . or nice. . .

    • Mindy: Hello Drake.
      Drake: Creature.
      Mindy: D-average.
      Drake: D plus!

    • Megan: I charged them ten bucks admission.
      Drake: I want half the money.
      Megan: I expected that.
      Kid: You charged us 20 dollars.
      Megan: Shhh!

    • Mrs. Crenshaw: (To Mr. Crenshaw) I've seen steaks tougher than you!

    • Josh: Mindy, don't worry, your parents will love me.
      Mrs. Crenshaw: No shoes in the house!
      Josh (stuttering): Y-y-yes ma'am.

    • Mindy: Josh, we've been dating for a couple months now and . . .
      Josh: You're breaking up with me?!
      Mindy: No!
      Josh: Is because I sweat?!
      Mindy: No!
      Josh: Look, I promise I won't sweat anymore just...
      MIndy: No! (quietly) I like your sweat.

    • Mindy: Josh, you said you brought presents?
      Josh: Yes. Chocolates for the gentleman, and dasies for the lovely lady.
      Mr. Crenshaw: I'm a diabetic.
      Mrs. Crenshaw: I'm allergic to daisies.
      Josh: Didn't see that coming. (Switches presents)
      Mrs. Crenshaw: Chocolate gives me a rash.
      Mr. Crenshaw: In Czechoslovakia, the daisy is known as the flower of death.

    • Helen (talking to the football player): Now you and your little hoodlum friends get out of my movie theater before I pop you like a zit!!!

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