Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 7

Helen's Surgery

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 11, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After Helen has eye surgery she asks Drake and Josh to help her around her house. When Drake sees that she has a hot tub, a plasma screen TV, and a dancing machine, he takes advantage of Helen's blindness to use all her cool stuff.

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  • eye surgery

    helen has eye surgery and drake and josh take care of her. josh leaves to get something and drake abandons helen and has a hot tub party with other teens in her condo. what will happen when helen finds out? is she finally going to be mad at drake for something he did, or is she going to forgive him? Or is it a misunderstanding, what has been happening?

    A good episode, not the best of the series, but it is pretty funny and it has a good plot, my grade for this episode, no surprise, is an A+. Perfectmoreless
  • Drake and Josh take care of Helen after laser eye surgery and Drake takes advantadge of it after realizing whats in her condo.

    Wow . This is by far my favorite episode in the because of the great storyline,good plot and everything else . The plot is Helen is recovering from laser eye surgery and Drake and Josh take care of her at her condo . Drake soon realizes all the stuff Helen has like dance dance revolution(its some parody of it),a hot tub,a disco ball and she gets all this from her old tv show happy times(a parody of good times ) . In the end,Drake throws a huge party while taking care of Helen and helen eventually takes her eye patches off to discover drakes party. she likes Drake so much she didnt care!So Drake didnt get in trouble and the show came to an end.

    Thanks for reading my blog,bye!

  • Helen just had her laser eye surgery, so Drake and Josh must help her. When they enter Helen's apartment, Drake realizes what a cool place she has. Josh leaves & askes Drake to watch her, he doesn't & loses Helen. The whole thing ends in a strange way.moreless

    This was a really good episode! It has a lot of potential! The actors and actresses were absolutely amazing! They fif a great job with their characters and acting out their feelings! This was a very funny episode that was just really great! I loved how they made it that Drake lost her! It was very clever! This episode of Drake and Josh (entitled "Helen's Surgery") earns a 10 out of 10 from me for a great plot, being very funny, the actors and actresses doing a great job on their characters, and for being one of the all-time greatest episodes!moreless
  • Helen josh's boss gets laser eye surgery and he asks for drakes help. When they get to her appartment they found out that her condo had a flat screen tv a ddr machine and a hot tub so drake uses her apartment for a party while josh and helen were gone.moreless

    A perfect reason to never leave your boss alone in her condo with a hot tub a Dance Dance Revolution machine and a bunch of other hazudous things other wise u might not expect the unexpected and chaos josh gets when with drake around and what might helen do to drake and josh after being all loopy and sightless for hours! So drake and josh learned to never leave your boss unattended, neverlet drake alone with cool stuff cause he used her room for a party and take 1 pill for less dizzyness. And alot more chaos in here toomoreless
  • helen just had laser eye surgery and it is up to drake and josh to take care of her but when josh leaves helen with drake for an hour will he have to deal with the fact that he lost his boss and she could be dead?moreless

    oh my gosh i loved this ep..drake was funny from the start..first he forgets that he has to do the whole split screen thing in the beginning which directly fits in with josh's story of drake's lack of responsibility..then it keeps getting better when drake gets candy in the mail and its hot and sour so he talks very funny and his reaction and how he talks until he swallows the candy was hilarious..then helen was so funny w/ the fact that she drove when she couldnt see and just the funny aspect of her not being able to see..then when they get to the house...i loved it..i want her place..and then the clip of happy times..drake did that so well and i love doing it every time too..go ahead call me a dork..anyways when they started doing the dance machine i was cheering them on and laughing at the same time..and when helen got all loopy..that was hilarious..then when drake throws a party and helen doesnt really care b/c she thought it was for her and every1 starts dancing except josh..joshs reaction and the fact that helen prefers drake is so funny..i loved it...this ep was definitely one of my favs of season 3moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • In the funeral flashback, everyone was blaming Josh for letting Helen die. Shouldn't Drake take the blame since he went home to get his bathing suit and left Helen alone?

    • When Drake and Josh were searching for Helen in her house, Josh takes of only one shoe before jumping into the hot tub.

    • When Helen and Drake are playing the Groove Machine, they do the same dance steps but the steps shown on the screen are different.

    • When Helen and Drake were playing the groove machine, there was two sections on the tv where two people were playing. But then when Josh steps up there and starts dancing, there were still two sections on the tv. So either it was rigged, or Josh was never playing at all.

    • You can tell the dance machine is rigged because before we see everyone in the hot tub, it's playing itself.

    • If you look closely at Drake's right upper shoulder when he has his back to the camera while in Helen's apartment without his shirt, you can see where the makeup artists covered Drake's tattoo of John Lennon's glasses.

    • The kitchen phone with caller display is back! Originally they had a green one, then in The Drake and Josh Inn we had this one, then the green one came back, and in the first scene (where Drake has the candy) the new one is back.

    • When at the movie theater, Drake takes a cup and puts soda into the cup straight from the nozzle without any ice. When Josh sees Drake making out with the girl, they turn around and the girl shakes her cup when Drake says "I got her a soda". When she shakes it, it makes a noise sounding like ice against the cup. Drake never got the girl any ice.

    • The "groove" machine is probably based on the "In the groove" game that has gained popularity. It is an offshoot of "DDR" made with help of the programmers of "Stepmania", which is a PC DDR emulator.

      However this is not the arcade system, though likely the PS2 version. However there's currently no DDR derivative on any system (console/arcade/PC) that allows 3 player support on a single machine.

      In addition the song is all wrong for the systems, and the pads are foam, where official pads would be metal.

    • In the scene where Drake and the teenagers are in the hot tub, Josh yells at Drake for having the party and Drake says, "Don't worry Josh". The closed caption, however, mistakes it as "Don't worry Jake".

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  • NOTES (2)

    • At the beginning of the episode Josh is telling a story to the public. Drake appears and he has nothing to tell, so he calls Josh and asks him what he´s saying. Then Drake tells Josh´s story and Josh goes upstairs to knock down Drake.

    • We learn that Helen was a child star in a fictional '70s sitcom called "Happy Times" which is a spoof of "Good Times". Her character is named "Georgia" which is a parody of "Florida" on "Good Times".