Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 14

Honor Council

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake is accused of parking Mrs. Hafer's car in the middle of her classroom. Drake and Josh must go in front of the school's Honor Council to prove Drake is innocent.

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  • Drake and Josh must go to the school's Honor Council to prove that Drake is innocent when Mrs. Hayfer accused Drake for parking her car in the middle of the classroom.moreless

    I thought that this was an absolutely hilarious of "Drake and Josh". This episode cracked me up in the past and it still cracks me up to that very day. It always gets funnier and funnier every single time I watch this episode. Mrs. Hayfer has her car parked in the middle of the classroom and she accused Drake for parking her car so she suspends Drake until Josh set up an appointment to the school's Honor Council where it's like court but it's at their school and Josh will be Drake's lawyer so he can prove Drake innocent. Hayfer's line "To the nurse" after he suspended Drake was absolutely hilarious because she got mixed up and meant to say "To the principal". Josh being Drake's lawyer throughout this entire episode was hilarious. The drawings of Mrs. Hayder that Drake drew was absolutely hilarious such as the drawing of Mrs. Hayfer being abducted by aliens... that scene always makes me laugh hard. Josh proving Mindy that she was the one who parked Mrs. Hayfer's car in the middle of the classroom was very good just because Mrs. Hayfer gave Mindy a "B". Josh having the girls at the end of the episode was also funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh". 10/10moreless
  • perfect

    What I liked: the drawings Drake drew of Mrs. Hayfer, the revelation that it was Mindy who put the car in the classroom, as payback for a B she got, "Free Drake!", amongst a few other things.

    Pretty good. I like mystery episodes and so I enjoyed finding out it wasn't Drake who put the car in the classroom. It was also very funny, including the scene where we see drawings Drake drew, which is one of my favorite scenes in the series. A+ is going to be my final grademoreless
  • Drake gets falsely accused of putting Mrs.Haifer's car in her classroom & must face the Honor Council to get if he is innocent or not. Over a few days, we find that Mindy was the one who put the car in the classroom & she framed Drake. Drake is innocent.moreless

    This was another great episode. Josh really looks out for Drake and, for the second time, Megan helps Drake and Josh with their situation. It turns out that Drake is innocent. Mindy Crenshaw, Josh's enemy, framed Drake by putting his jacket in Mrs.Haifer's car, making it look like Drake was in her car the night before, putting it into the classroom.

    We discover that Mindy had it in for Mrs.Haifer because a few years back, Mrs.Haifer gave Mindy the only B she had ever recieved. Mindy wanted revenge on the teacher. But, what made her choose Drake as the target for the crime? Shouldn't it have been Josh, considering he was the who was always trying to beat her in the sciece fair and proove that he was smarter than her? I think it would have made more sense that way. But, Drake being Drake, wouldn't be able to think of clever enough statements and facts that could get Josh out of trouble, so I guess it's better that Drake was the one who got accused.

    Near the end of this episode, Megan comes in the Honor Council room and hands Josh a file. Josh calls Mindy to the stand and Drake comes up to the stand with Josh. Josh interigates Mindy until she cracks. She admits to putting the car in the classroom and Drake is prooven innocent. Mindy is sent to the "Nut House". Mrs.Haifer actually apoligizes to Drake for falsely accusing him, but then turns around and says, "I hate you", the usual response to Drake.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was well written, very entertaining, and funny. I really enjoyed how Megan helped out her brothers again. Again, Drake Bell and Josh Peck have out-done themselves with this great episode! This episode definetly deserves a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Another amazing episode..!!!

    One of my all-time favorite Drake and Josh episodes..It started when Mrs. Hayfer's car was gone missing..She then found it inside her classroom..She didn't know who did it at first until Drake's jacket was seen in the trunk of her car..Because of this,Drake was expelled..But with the help of Josh,they put up a trial to prove Drake's innocence,with Josh as his lawyer..Mrs. Hayfer also had a lawyer,her student Mindy Crenshaw who is Josh's rival..During the trial Mindy has a lot of evidence against Drake..Soon it was clear that he was guilty until Megan helps Drake on the next day of trial..The judge was about to announce that Drake was guilty until Megan gives his brothers the transcript of Mindy which turned out to be the only evidence they need..It was learned that Mindy had a straight A until Mrs. Hayfer gave her a B..With this,Drake is innocent and Mindy guilty..It was a very hilarious episode especially Mrs. Hayfer always telling Drake that she hates him and the drawings of Drake about bad things happening to his teacher..This is absolutely one of the best episodes ever..moreless
  • Did Drake really do it.

    In this episode, Mrs. Haver's car ends up in her classroom the morning after she claims it was stolen. No one knows who did it, and no one will admit it. That is, until Drake finds his jacket in the car. Everyone immediately thinks that Drake did it, even though he insists he's been framed. With the help of Josh, Drake is determined to prove he is innocent. This episode was so funny. I loved how Mrs. Haver came in and she spoke in a very cal, voice when she found her car. That was funny. I also liked how the judge never believed Drake and how everyone else didn't either. Megan's web show was funny too. My favorite part, however, was when Mindy showed everyone pictures from Drake's notebook and how Mrs. Haver put up the sign that says, "I hate you!" Will Drake prove his innocence?moreless
Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts


Guest Star

Julia Duffy

Julia Duffy

Mrs. Hafer

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Ryan Alvarez

Ryan Alvarez

Robbie Bernstein

Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Mindy Crenshaw

Recurring Role

Robin Sydney

Robin Sydney


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Mrs.Hayfer tells Drake he is suspended if you listen close she tells him to go to the nurse not the principal then they start the trail.

    • Drake and Josh should be the plantiff, not the defense. A plantiff brings a case before a court and the defense responds to it. Josh brought the case before the Honor Council and Mindy/Mrs. Hafer are the ones responding to it.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Josh: (talking to us) Hey, you want to know how to stay out of trouble listen up
      Drake: (also talking to us) You want to know how to have as most fun as possible listen up
      Josh: Always do your homework before you watch TV.
      Drake: Always remember television is why more important then homework.
      Josh: Go to bed on time
      Drake: Stay up all night, playing video games
      Josh: Work hard at school
      Drake: When the teacher isn't looking jump out the window.
      Josh: Hey is Drake telling you guys bad stuff up there?
      Drake: (Josh is eating vegetables) Oh, vegetables not cool.
      Josh: (Yelling at Drake) Drake, all you giving the people a positive influence?
      Drake: (Answering Josh's question) Yes. (Talking to us) positively eat candy for breaksfest, stay up all night, and watch tons of TV
      Josh: Drake stop poisoning the youth of America.
      Drake: (talking back to Josh) I'm not
      Josh: (Talking back to us) Anyways don't be a troublmaker.
      Drake: (Talking back to us) Don't be a dork!

    • Drake: So how do we go before this honor closet?
      Josh: First of all, it's honor council, and second, I've already submitted your case
      Drake: Really, that's awesome!
      Josh: We go to trial in two days!
      Drake: That's awesome!
      Josh: And I'm gonna defend you!
      Drake: That's not awesome.

    • Mindy: Drake is guilty, I'll prove it. Who wants Sushi?

    • Drake: What's your grade point average?
      Mindy: I have a 4.0.
      Josh: So you're saying you have all A's?
      Mindy: That's what I'm saying!
      Drake and Josh: Reeeaally?
      Josh: Cause we happen to have a copy of your transcript.
      Drake: And your grades.
      Josh: That's what transcript means!
      Drake: Oh…

    • Worker: Hey, I´ve been informed to remove a car that has been parked in a class room. Is it that one? (pointing to the car in the middle of the class)

    • Principal: Mindy you´re suspended. Drake, you're not. Now I'm going to get some soup...

    • Drake:(sitting in car and looking in rearview mirror) Ooh, hello Sarah. (to Josh) Objects in mirror may be hotter than they appear.
      Mrs. Hafer: Drake! Quit enjoying the reflection!

    • Mindy: Mr. Thompson, I've got a few questions for Josh.
      Josh: Bring it!
      Mr. Thompson: Mindy, you may bring it.

    • Bernstein: Josh, tell me, why do you think you lost this case?
      Josh: We didn't lose the case. The trial is still going on.
      Bernstein: (Covers microphone with hand) This is gonna air next week-
      Josh: Yeah, beat it, Bernstein.

    • Mr. Thompson: Drake, if you're found guilty, you're gonna be suspended from school.
      Drake: And if I'm found innocent?
      (Everyone laughs)
      Mr. Thompson: Yeah right!

    • Mindy: I'd like you to see Drake's notebook. You'll notice it contains no notes, no.

    • Megan: You're not smart enough to pull off that prank.
      Drake: Yeah, thank you... hey!
      Megan: Oh, you know what I mean.
      Drake: Yeah... hey!
      Megan: You know what? I'm gonna look into this.
      Drake: What?
      Megan: I'm gonna help you.
      Drake: And why are you going to help me?
      Megan: Because you're my brother. I can tell you're sad and upset. I can't stand to see you that way - unless I cause it.
      Drake: Thanks... hey!

    • Josh: I came prepared - got me a briefcase.
      Ms. Hafer: Wow, Mindy! Two briefcases!

    • Josh: Objection! Mr. Thompson, Mindy can't bring sushi in here!
      Mr. Thompson: (eating sushi) Mmmm, overrulled . . can I get a spicy tuna roll please?

    • Megan: So I hear you're gonna lose?
      Drake: Where did you hear that?
      Megan: School paper. (shows Drake paper)
      Drake: Hey, my hair looks good there!

    • Josh: (About Mindy) She beats me at everything, I get a 99 on a test, she gets 100. I run for student council, she beats me by one vote. I bring tuna for lunch, she brings ham.
      Drake: So?
      Josh: Ham beats tuna, everyone knows that.

    • Mrs. Hafer: I am gonna find out who parked my car in this classroom, and when I do... Drake... I will do some bad things to you. Very...bad...things.....
      Drake: I didn't do it Mrs. Hafer. Did...not...do...it...

    • Mindy:: (to Josh)I have a theory! When you were a baby your mother dropped you on your head, fed you a bottle of stupid juice, then sucked your brain out with a straw!
      Josh: Oh yeah? ... O-oh yeah?... Oh yeah?
      Mindy: Good comeback, Josh.
      Josh: Oh yeah?

    • Ms. Hafer: Mindy, how could you?!
      Mindy: How could you give me a B? I'm perfect, better than all of you!
      Judge: Mindy, you're suspended, Drake, you're not. I got to go get some soup.
      Mindy: Fine! I don't need this! I don't need any of you! I've got a cockapoo and an exact clone of that cockapoo! That's two cockapi! And how many cockapi do you have Josh? Oh, that's right, none! All you've's got's a big magnet. (imitates Josh) Oh, I'm Josh look at me with my big magnet. Yeah, Crenshaw out.
      Josh: See ya, crazy!

    • Josh: Well I had a really big magnet!
      Drake: She cloned her own dog!!!!

    • Mindy: Is it true I beat you in the science fair last year?
      Josh: Yeah, but what does that have to do with this trial?
      Mindy: Nothing, I just like reminding you.

    • Mindy: Can you explain what this is?
      Drake: Airplane.
      Mindy: And who is this jumping off the airplane?
      Drake: Mrs. Hafer.
      Mindy: And where's her parachute?
      Drake: Didn't draw one.
      Mindy: (Shouts) Didn't draw one!
      Josh: But there's a lake below, so clearly, she would land safely in the water.
      Mindy: Really? Drake what are these things in the water?
      Drake: Hungry alligators.

    • Mrs. Hafer: Well, Drake, this wouldn't be easy to say, but I was wrong. I'm sorry.
      Drake: Thank you, Mrs. Haffer. You know, I'm just actually glad...
      Mrs. Hafer: But still, I hate you.
      Drake: I know.
      (Mrs. Hafer leaves)

    • Mindy: Excuse me, but where is this going?
      Josh: In your face, that's where it's going!

    • (Josh puts on glasses)
      Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I am not an emotional man.(Josh takes off glasses) But I would go to end of the Earth to prove that my client Drake Parker is innocent! (Josh brakes glasses) Oh Jeez.

    • Mindy: Unlike my opponent, I'll make my opening statement short and sweet. Drake's guilty, I'll prove it. Who wants sushi?

    • Mindy: Face is Josh. You can't beat me at anything.
      Josh: Oh, yeah? THUMB WAR! 1,2,3,4 I delcare a thumb war!
      Mindy: 1,2,3 you lose.
      Josh: Hey! Let go of my thumb!

    • Josh: Drake, how could you do that?
      Drake: I didn't do it!
      Josh: Oh, right. She's good.

  • NOTES (2)

    • For this entire season, the show was nominated for the 2005 Kids's Choice Awards Blimp for "Favorite TV Show".

    • In the part with meganparker.com, Megan puts a kitten on Josh's face because he's allergic to cats. In the episode 'First Crush', it is revealed that Megan is also allergic. How was she able to do that?


    • Man: Hi, I am the man from Quadruple A and I got a report about a car parked in a classroom.
      "Quadruple A" is a parody of Triple A, the American Automobile Association, which offers its members services such as nationwide road side assistance and travel information.