Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 7

I Love Sushi

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake and Josh enter a "Pump My Room" contest to try and redecorate the living room as an anniversary gift for their parents. When they come back to the house they realize that all of their furniture is gone. To get the furniture and everything else back, Drake and Josh get jobs at a local sushi factory, the Ball & Vance Fish Corp.moreless

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  • mediocre

    I never got this episode. In the beginning, when Drake and Josh are told about the 'Pump my Room' thing, they seem really excited, but later on, the cop is repeating what they have said, and he says something about 'a show' they never heard of, obviously being Pump My Room. If you've never heard of the show, why try to be on it? Who cares if you are trying to do something nice for someone, if you've never heard of a show, don't try to be on it. It's simple. It would be like a strange person offering you a piece of candy you never heard of. You wouldn't eat it, would you?

    Also, did nobody see anything suspicious? Neighbors? Did no neighbors notice people were taking things from the house?

    Add all this in to the boring last few minutes, and you got yourself a solid C- or so as a grade.moreless
  • drake and josh win a contest to get their living room redone for their parents but when things go wrong they must get a job in a sushi factory to pay for the damagesmoreless

    this ep was hilarious from start to finish..i remember yelling at the tv whenever commercials came on because they always did it during the good part and im like come on bring it back..spoiler..they are so funny in the video when they fake cry and drake scares josh so bad and then when they realize the furniture is gone..i also loved the boy megan hired..he was almost worse than her with the pranks..the nacho thing was so hilarious (except for the fact of what happened to drake in real life)..and then other pranks he did were funny too..megans at the end was all right..the sushi factory had to be the best part when they acted just like lucy and ethel..i thought i would die from laughingmoreless
  • But still great.

    It was unoriginal because it was an homage to "Job Switching" of I Love Lucy. And the thing that the furnitures and the living room was all stolen was a bit like "Attack of the Bugman" of Kenan & Kel. But that's what I liked about the episode, it was a recycled idea with the Drake and Josh magic touch, wich was simply hilarious. Of course, the episode is non-stop laughing from beginning to ending, and with very funny moments as well. I really liked it and so as many fans as it looks in the votes, not all of them, because that'd be near to impossible. The user who gives it a low score, must´ve been cause of the scene when Josh kisses a "girl". But, still is an excellent episode and one of their better works.moreless
  • Great episode! A series classic, and one of my favorites.

    Great Episode.

    Drake and Josh enter a "Pump My Room" contest which turns out to be a scam. Instead of redecorating the room, the Pump My Room crew steals everything in the whole living room! Very hilarious and based on I love Lucy (the sushi factory scene). I can't believe the show's already ending... I will be so sad when there are no new episodes left! :*( I almost cry just thinking about it. Drake & Josh is the best show on Nickelodeon, period. Without it, not a lot of people will even still watch the channel. In fact, it's the only show people my age watch on that channel. Most of the other shows are just beyond immature and little-kid-ish.moreless
  • Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance are laughing it up in heaven!

    When I heard about this episode, it was going to be such a doozy! After being robbed by a phony reality series, Drake & Josh are forced to find work. So the employment agency sends them to Ball & Vance (named after Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance) Fish Corp. Drake & Josh do the same thing that happened to Lucy & Ethel 54 years ago! You had the same tough supervisor who told the workers to "SPEED IT UP A LITTLE!", Drake & Josh hiding sushi all over themselves with Josh crying like Lucy (WAAAHHH!!!).

    To top that off, even the closing credits showed that same scene in black & white with a latin flavored version of "I Found A Way" playing in the background! This was only featured once on the original airing, because Nick switched to split screen credit policy on all their live action shows, in addition to all their cartoons on Nick/Nick Jr. A shade of NBC when they started that policy back in 1994 on all their shows (except Days of Our Lives).

    Only the 2nd time Drake & Josh used an I Love Lucy gag. Read my review of Believe Me Brother for the other gag!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, when Josh's co-worker told Drake and Josh about "Pump My Room", they act like they know the show, but when the police told them that they enter a contest, which they never heard of the show that's with it, Drake and Josh, nodded their heads, for real. I mean, what's the point of entering a contest that have a show that you never heard of?

    • Goof: When Drake's date starts pouring syrup on her popcorn the bottle is half full, but in the next shot the bottle is almost empty

    • The worker who gave them the job said to be at Bill and Vance Fish Co. at 8:00. But, when they got there, the clock said 3:40.

    • How can their parents be married for 5 years? If that was true Drake and Josh would be 20 and therefore wouldn't be in school.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Mrs. Abernathy: Alright, this is where we package the sushi. You will take the sushi from this conveyor belt here (points to conveyor belt) and package them into these containers here (points to little containers). Six pieces of sushi in one container. If any sushi passes through this door here (points to little door on conveyor belt) you will be fired and escorted out through here (points to larger door)! Any Questions?
      Josh: Um, yeah I got one...
      Mrs. Abernathy: I don't have time for questions. Now sit! Let the sushi ROLL!!!!!

    • (making the video for Pump-My-Room)
      Josh: This.. is our living room.
      Drake: A room in which we live!

    • Josh: Do you know how much money it will take to replace a room full of nice furniture?
      Drake: Well it's a good thing you have a job. Hey, give me twenty bucks.

    • Josh: If we win we could have them make over the living room, don't you think that would be really nice?
      Drake: We always get them something nice.
      Josh: Last year you got them a coupon book, that you found in a dumpster.

    • Mrs. Abernathy: You boys are doing a fine job. SPEED IT UP A LITTLE!

    • (Drake and Josh have just found out they've won a contest)
      Drake: I've got to kiss someone!
      (Drake kisses a girl)
      Girl: What was that for?!
      Drake: I won a contest.
      Girl: Yay! (Kisses him back)
      (Josh finds a woman and kisses her)

      Josh: I won a contest!
      Girl #2 (man's voice): Congratulations man.
      Josh: (finds gum in his mouth) I wasn't chewing gum!

    • Walter: I am taking your mom to "Le petit du fromage".
      Drake: Ooooh, fancy.
      Walter: "Yea, I know, the soup´s 30 dollars!"
      (a few seconds later, while they are walking away)
      Walter: (serious tone) "Don´t order the soup!!!"
      Audrey: "Ohh, alright"

    • Josh: And how are you going to redocarate our house?
      Woman: You just leave the house key under the mat.
      Josh: We don´t have a mat.
      Woman: Well, buy one and, leave the key under it.

    • Megan: 'Cause, I am a busy person. With all my schoolwork, oboe practice, gymnastics class, and collecting antique sponges I barely have time to breathe.
      Drake: Well feel free to stop whenever you want. Ha, ha.
      (Megan stares at Drake)
      Drake:(motions toward Josh) He said it.

    • Josh: Make sure when you're done with that hot glue gun you bring it back, Ok.
      Megan: No.
      Josh: Alright then.

    • Drake: (to officer) So what do you think?
      Officer: I think you two are idiots.
      Megan: We know they're idiots.

    • Drake: Oh what's that in my pants? (sitting on couch) Spicey tuna..Really spicey!

    • Josh: We would like a job.
      Man at Desk: Sure you would, and I would like to get a girl who doesn't change her phone number after the first date!
      (Josh and Drake look confused)
      Drake: Yeah, well. Good luck with that.

    • (Josh throws a piece of sushi on the ceiling)
      Josh: Look! It sticks!

    • Police Officer: Hey, isn't your dad the weatherman on Channel 7?
      Josh: Yeah, he is.
      Police Officer: He said it wasn't going to rain on my kid's birthday, but it did rain!
      Josh: (stuttering) Well, I...I'm sorry.
      Police Officer: Yeah, me too.

    • (Megan enters the room without knocking)
      Josh: You know, you could knock.
      Megan: And you could have a normal-sized head, but you don't, do you?
      (Josh looks to Drake)
      Drake:You don't.

  • NOTES (1)

    • For this season's first 10 episodes, the show was nominated for the 2007 Kids' Choice Awards' Blimp for "Favorite TV Show", and Drake Bell (Drake) won for "Favorite Television Actor". Plus, Miranda Cosgrove (Megan) was nominated for the 2007 Young Artist Award for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)-Supporting Young Actress".


    • The idea of furniture being stolen had already been used by Dan Schneider in his older show, Kenan and Kel. In the episode "Attack of the Bugman", Kel is led to believe that people are using bugspray in Kenan's house when they are actually stealing the furniture.

    • On the movie theater sign there was a movie called 101 Dull Martians which is an allusion of Disney's 101 Dalmations.

    • The name of the sushi factory is Ball and Vance Fish Corp. This is a reference to the famous scene from the episode "Job Switching" of the television show "I Love Lucy" in which Lucy and Ethel get a job on an assembly line wrapping chocolate with the same results(with the exeption of throwing the product on the ceiling, that was Drake and Josh only). Even the boss had very near the same lines as the woman who bossed Lucy and Ethel on that episode.

    • As much as it relates to I love Lucy, the Sushi Factory Skit was also a slim parody of a famous prank on the first ever Hidden Camera show: Candid Camera, in which the people being pranked had to work in a factory like Drake and Josh did, and it kept going faster and faster until they had to do (again) what Drake and Josh did, and jump on the conveyor belt and other hilarious things, to not be fired.

    • The entire sushi skit at the end is a parody of the chocolate skit at the end of the I Love Lucy episode 'Job Switching'.

    • The fake contest for the TV show, "Pump My Room," is a spoof of MTV's "Pimp My Ride."