Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 1

Josh Runs Into Oprah

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Josh is jazzed at the prospect of meeting his TV idol when Drake gets tickets, and backstage passes, to see Oprah for his birthday, but delight turns to dismay in the studio parking lot.

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  • Oprah dies

    When Josh hit Oprah with his car. Oprah released farts on Josh's windshield which made his windshield brown and Oprah didn't pay attention and got hit by the car real good.
  • good

    drake forgets josh's birthday, and to make it up to him, he gets him tickets to Oprah. But Josh accidentally hits Oprah with his car. Will he be able to fix this? Probably not, as at the end of the episode he gets a restraining order signed by Oprah.

    Alright, but it was kind of boring, especially in most of the second half, I think so. The first half was funnier and not boring, but the second, In my opinion, was boring and not really that funny. This episode would get a "C" or so from me, somewhat average episodemoreless
  • Drake forgets Josh's birthday and gets him tickets to see Oprah. Josh runs over Oprah and wants to apologize. To get into her hospital room, Drake says that Josh has a flesh eating virus. To apologize to Josh, Drake throws him a surprise birthday party.moreless

    This episode was funnier than it looked in the commericals! Drake Bell and Josh Peck dd an absolutely amazing job with their characters! I loved how Drake acted so innocent and how Josh was just absolutely furious at his brother basically the whole episode! I did, however, think that Josh got a little too mad at Drake because that is just the way Drake is! He can't remember anything important as it is, but that makes the show even funnier. But, Drake should have remembered Josh's birthday. So, I can side with both of them for the episode. Anyway, a very great and funny episode!moreless
  • drake forgets josh's birthday and to make up for it, drake gets josh tickets to oprah, but it all goes downhill from there

    oh my gosh i so loved this ep..it was a wonderful way to start the new season..yay josh's bday lol..every aspect of it was so funny..except for a sad part for like a second when josh says drake forgot his bday and when josh leaves mad from tabithas bday party...the drool and craig and eric singing was so funny..oh my gosh..one of my fav parts is when josh hugs drake after he gives him the tickets...then the kiss part was just too funny..ok some ppl take it the wrong way but i dont..its not some gay thing..its just comedy..my next fav part was the taser..they did it so perfectly...oh my gosh..how funny was the tasing..then his real bday party and his gift..now that was not drakes fault that he couldnt steer the thing..oh and drake w/ the bongos..that was so cute and funny when he broke them and when josh broke them again..loved this epmoreless
  • Too literal

    I expected the episode to open and Josh was watching The Oprah Winfrey show, and then he decides to go to the premiere. Then his car is out of gas so he decides to walk, he sees Oprah so he runs INTO Oprah, not runs OVER Oprah, this episode's title really definitely needs changed, it is quite misleading in a lot of ways.

    It was unrealistic. And why did Helen not get excited about seeing Drake in this episode? It was not a very good way to open Season Four of Drake and Josh in my opinion. I have my opinion, people have their's. I didn't like it, Oprah looked really fake on the car window, and they got up too fast with the stun gun incident. The kiss was GAYmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • How did Drake know when Tabitha's birthday was if he just met her on Tuesday, unless she told him? How could Drake actually have time to plan it, call all of his friends and buy a cake before her birthday?

    • When you watch the two security guards run, if you look closely, you can see the African-American guard limping as he runs.

    • In the scene in parking lot when Josh runs over Oprah, if you look very closely in the background in the very beginning of the scene, a Borders bookstore is visible.

    • Helen says she got Josh a nose hair trimmer and that she has no nose hairs due to a rare condition that she was diagnosed with. This is impossible because our nose hairs keep away some sicknesses, and without them we would get sick two or three times as often.

    • Apparently, this episode takes place on a Saturday because Josh said to Drake that he known his girlfriend since Tuesday. Then he said that he known her for 5 days. So if you go from Tuesday, and add 5 days, that is Saturday. (If you include Tuesday)

    • When Josh hears Drake talking on the phone about the surprise, Trevor says he will come to the party. But when they are at the party, Trevor is not there. And even if he was there, he would be talking to Drake since they are best friends.

    • After Josh breaks Drake's bongos, he walks out of the room, and he walks normally. But, when he walks into the room, he walks oddly, because he was bathed in acid.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Josh: Stupid Drake forgets my birthday. Stupid Tabitha. Stupid soy milk!

    • Drake: I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.
      Josh: Sorry don't sweeten my tea!
      Drake: ...One more time?

    • (Josh is covered in the remains of Megan's exploding cake)
      Drake: Hey, why do you have...
      Josh: (matter-of-factly) Megan.

    • Drake: So I went to Julio's house, talked to his Dad, got the tickets, oh...and uhh...backstage passes.
      (Josh screams like a happy girl)

    • (Megan gives Josh a birthday cake)
      Josh: It's full of poison isn't it?
      Megan: No!
      Josh: Okay, then what? Some EXTREME laxatives?!
      Megan: Oh come on! I wouldn't make you sick on your birthday.
      Josh: ..Sorry..
      Megan: Now blow out the candles!
      (Josh blows out birthday candles and the cake explodes)
      Megan: I didn't say it wouldn't explode!
      Josh: ... I don't blame you so much for doing it, as I blame myself for not anticipating it.

    • Drake: Hey, man.
      Josh: Hey, man?
      Drake: Hey..man.
      Josh: You left me at the hospital to be chemically bathed?
      Drake: Hey, how was the bath?
      Josh: Well, it was good at the beginning but then- Oh, it was horrible! Do you know how it feels to take an involuntary chemical bath ?! It stings, everywhere!
      Drake: Hey, what's up with the 'tude?

    • Josh: You got me a Veffer! But how did you affor... Dad's credit card.
      Drake: Yeah...

    • (Josh enters the room with the hospital gown on)
      Drake: Hey man!
      Josh: Hey man?!
      Drake: Hey... man?

    • Drake: Okay, look. This ambulance says "Mercy Hospital".
      Josh: Yes, yes, we all know you can read at a third grade level!

    • Josh: (playing bongos) He remembered... it´s my birthday! Drake´s gonna throw me... a big party! (pauses) I can't wait to go!

    • Megan: (running into Drake and Josh's room) TOBY'S DYING!!
      Drake: What? Your virtual pet thing?
      Megan: Yes! I fell asleep for 45 minutes and he's dehydrated... you don't know what dehydrated means, do you?
      Drake: ... No.
      Megan: He's dying of thirst.

    • Megan: (To Josh) Toby doesn't like men, or whatever you are.

    • Josh: This is my worst birthday ever.
      Drake: Because you ran over Oprah?
      Josh: No, because it's a little humid. YES BECAUSE I RAN OVER OPRAH!

    • Megan: Oh, Toby, not on the virtual couch!

    • Josh: I ran over Oprah!

    • Nurse: That's the kid with the flesh-eating virus.
      Ambulance: You mean the one with the big head?
      (rush over to Josh)
      Josh: Well, it's not that big.
      (Ambulance guys force Josh on the stretcher)

    • Josh: So, uh, how was your shower?
      Drake: Fine... wet...

  • NOTES (6)


    • Drake (talking to nurse from ambulance): If I get in an accident, I will definitely call you.
      Ironically, in real life Drake gets in a car accident.

    • Helen: The clipboard does not lie.

      This could be an allusion to The Amanda Show sketch "The Impostors," where the father says that clipboards never lie. Drake and Josh and Nancy Sullivan starred in this sketch.