Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 7

Little Diva

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 02, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Ashley Blake is coming to the movie theater for the premiere of her new movie. Helen wants Josh to do everything Ashley tells him. Then Drake helps him in order to get into the afterparty. When Ashley accidentally gets hit in the head with a bucket, the doctor comes and puts Ashley to sleep. Drake and Josh must find a way to get her to the premiere without making it look like she's asleep.moreless

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  • One of the "Drake and Josh" episodes that I don't like that much but it's luckily not the worst installment I've seen.

    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "Drake and Josh". In my opinion, I can't stand half of this episode but this episode luckily isn't the worst "Drake and Josh" episode I've ever seen. It's probably Season 2's worst episode though. I love "Drake and Josh" with all of my heart but this episode shouldn't have gotten positive reviews in my opinion. I'm sorry but that little Hollywood diva star named Ashley Blake was just irritating me throughout this episode and I seriously wanted to smack her and duct tape her so she can be quiet. Megan also made this episode a little more worse and the same thing goes to Helen. Also, did anyone notice that they used a different actress to play as Helen just for this one episodes. I guess Nicole Yvette Brown was doing something busy that she wasn't able to do this episode. Anyways, I hated how Helen was treating Josh in this episode. I hated how Ashley Blake was treating Josh and the others. I also hated Megan in this episode and I didn't like it when Drake and Josh had to pay the fee for Ashley Blake's injury when it was Megan's fault. Ugh!!! I love Miranda Cosgrove but can her character Megan ever be absent. There were some funny parts. Drake and Josh at the premiere and Josh making Ashley look like she's praying was very funny. Josh's line "Amen" was hilarious. The ending with Ashley Blake in the trashcan while Drake and Josh are attending the After Party was hilarious. There were a few more parts that made me laugh but I can't remember at this moment. Overall, a mediocre episode of "Drake and Josh" and it's probably Season 2's worst episode ever. 5/10moreless
  • good

    What I liked: the ending of the episode, Josh complaining about all the things he had to do, Drake and Josh at the Q@A making up answers for Ashley because she was unconscious, "Why was your door under my bucket?" amongst other things.

    It was alright. I thought Ashley was pretty annoying, but that was the point of the episode so it does not hurt my grade too much. I also found it kind of lacking in good humor. C+ or so is going to be my final grademoreless
  • Great episode!

    In this episode a movie star, Ashley Blake, comes to the Premiere for the premiere of her new movie, Kid President, Josh is chosen to act as her personal assistant. Josh is excited at first cause he is a big fan, but then realizes that it is not a fun job. Ashley is mean to everyone except to Helen Josh's manager and demands that Josh perform various tasks that are just meant for torture to Josh. Drake decides to help Josh. But not because he's worried about his brother but so he can attend the after party to the movie. Later just before the premiere she visits Drake and Josh's house to torment them some more. While she and Megan think up pranks to pull on the boys Ashley gets knocked out with a bucket. Dr. Glazer comes and puts her to sleep. She will be asleep for the entire premiere so Drake and Josh must bring Ashley to the premiere without making it look as if she's asleep. They prop her up and make it appear she's awake. They pull through a Q and A without exposing their secret. Then during the after party they keep her in a garbage can for the entire thing. Nobody really notices not even her own bodyguard, Citrus.

    Good episode watch it =)

  • Josh realizes that his favorite kid star, Ashley Blake, is a real jerk that makes him do a lot of hard stuff for her. Meanwhile, Drake strives to get into the Premiere's premiere of Ashley Blake's new movie (Kid President) after party, and is succesful.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode, but I thought that Ashley Blake was a jerk! Drake and Josh, as usual, were funny, but not as funny as usual. I thought that this episode could have been a little better. I like the whole idea of the episode, but it could have been tweaked to be a little more funnier. I didn't really like all of the jokes that were said in this episode either. But, Drake, in my opinion, still looked pretty hot in this episode. All in all, a pretty good episode, but it really could have been better. An 8.0 for me!moreless
  • josh's fav kid actor turns out to be nothing like he pictured her when she starts acting nasty and bossing him around like she's better than him

    this may not have been my fav ep but it did have its funny moments and i have a quick funny story to tell anyways lol...the day after i watched this i was goofing around on the internet and im like looking up stuff about drake and i found a clip where he was on regis and kelly..it was funny b/c in this ep he mentions regis and kelly so i just thought that was interesting that the next day i found a clip from him on regis and kelly..but anyways..yes that girl was hollywood evil..some kid stars are just full of themselves lol..the refrigerator part was hilarious and when josh lays down on drake..also josh dancing is hilarious as always...this ep may not have been the best but it had its momentsmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This was the first time Drake and Josh won against Megan!

    • Goof: After Josh gets an autograph from Ethan Larose, he says the guy dots his "i"s with little hearts. But there are no "i"s in the name "Ethan Larose".

    • When Ashley gets hit with the bucket and Megan lays her on the couch you can tell that it is an stunt double because her legs are longer. Then when Drake and Josh come in it's Ashley laying on the couch again.

    • Megan says the bucket she put on the boys' door was full of ranch dressing. But when it falls on Ashley's head, you can tell the bucket is empty.

    • When the bucket falls on Ashley's head, it lands next to Drake and Josh's door. When Drake and Josh enter, the bucket is gone.

    • Josh says "se supone que era un refrigerio". "Refrigerio" is the spanish word for "refreshments," not refrigerator.

    • When Drake and Josh are walking Ashley down the red carpet they make her blow kisses, and you notice Skylar Samuels (Ashley) smiles a little.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Josh: I'm just going to sit down, relax, and have a snack.
      (Josh pours all the green gummy bears out out his bag.)

    • Ashley Blake: Dance!
      Josh: I don't want to dance!
      Ashley Blake: Citrus!
      Josh: Dancing!

    • Helen: If you mess this up I will thump you like a melon! Understand?!
      Josh: Yes Ma'am. Like a melon.

    • Reporter: What's she doing? Is she OK? (tries to wake her up)
      Josh: Sshhhh! She is praying!
      Drake: Yeah, she is "episcoterian"!

    • Drake: I thought you were gonna get an autograph from Regis.
      Josh: I asked. He hit me.
      Drake: Yeah, Regis.

    • Drake: Can you get me into the after party?
      Josh: No.
      Drake: Can you get me into the after party?
      Josh: No.
      Drake: Can you get me into the after party?
      Josh: No.
      Drake: Can you get me into the after party?
      Josh: What do you want from me?
      Drake: To get me into the after party!

    • Drake: There's a fridge on you.
      Josh: Yes, but it was supposed to be a sandwich.

    • Drake: Ew, Regis Philbin. Eh, maybe he'll bring Kelly.

    • Drake: Uh-uh. I'll get the sandwich, you squeeze her feet.

    • Woman: Ashley how do you feel to have played an 11 year old president?
      Drake and Josh: Ahhh..uhhmmm... (Drake takes Ashley's head and simulates like she is whispering to him)
      Drake: Uhhh.. she says it was challenging, but rewarding.
      Reporters: Oowwww!
      Man: I have a question for the gentlemen who answered for her.
      Drake: Yes?
      Man: Why you answered for her?
      Josh: She has laringitis!
      Drake: She lost her voice singing in-
      Josh: -the asylum!
      Drake: So, that´s why the press conference is over! (they drop Ashley and run out of there)

    • Josh: So then I got her gummy bears, but she doesn't like the green gummy bears so I had to take those out! Then she suggested I do some push ups
      Drake: Well, that's ridiculous!
      Josh: I know!
      Drake: Who doesn't like green gummy bears?

    • Josh: I already told you I can't let you have any free candy.
      Drake: Not even if I show you my tummy?
      Josh: Hey, thanks for the nightmares.

    • Drake: Wow, that's a big bump. (Touches Ashley's head)
      Ashley: Don't touch me, I'm famous.

    • Ashley: (Half asleep) What happened? Where's my soy latte?
      (Drake picks her up out of the trash can and hands her to Citrus)
      Drake: Here, Citrus. She's all yours!
      (Citrus looks at her and then puts her back in the trash can)
      Citrus: (to a woman walking by) Want to go get a smoothie?

    • Josh: Megan, why was your bucket on top of our door?
      Megan: Why was your door under my bucket?!

    • Drake: Look who's on the list! Ashton Kutcher, Adam Sandler, Ethan Larose.
      Josh: Whose Ethan Larose?
      Drake: I don't know but he is going to be there!

    • Drake: Actually, I was thinking we put a blonde wig on Megan but I like your idea better.

    • Drake: Josh, you're on top of me!
      (Josh lays on Drake)
      Josh: Deal with it!

    • Ashley: So what do you do for fun around here?
      Megan: Sit in my room and think of ways to torture Drake and Josh.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Frances Callier (Helen), who is substituting for Yvette Nicole Brown (original Helen) in this episode, currently has a recurring role on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana as Roxy, Hannah's top bodyguard, who "got her eyes on you."