Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 13

Little Sibling

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 04, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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To keep from being sent to remedial English, Drake agrees to mentor a little kid named Sammy. Unfortunately, Sammy would rather hang out with Josh.

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  • Drake agrees to have a sibling named Sammy to keep him away from remedial English but Sammy would rather hang out with Josh

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" and it's one of my favorite episodes. It was very funny when Drake agrees to have a sibling named Sammy to keep him away from remedial English. It was very funny when Drake thought a sibling means a baby pig. It was very funny that Sammy would rather hang out with Josh. Josh and Sammy doing their cooking show was also very funny. Sammy tasting all of Josh's soda at the premiere was also funny. I enjoy the Josh and Sammy relationship because it wasn't only funny but it was also very cute to watch. Mrs. Hayfer coming to the premiere to tell Drake that he was close to going to remedial English was also funny. Drake and Josh slapping each other was absolutely hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing. Drake borrowing the squad to get Sammy so he won't have to go to remedial English was also good but I felt bad for Josh because he really has fun with Sammy. It was heartwarming when Drake was pretending to be sick so Josh can go to the magic show with Sammy. I also thought it was heartwarming when Josh got Drake out of remedial English at the end of the episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" that was hilarious and heartwarming. 10/10moreless
  • Most of the things about this episode was really good! There was slapping and jealousy and brothers being brotherly, and of course, lots of humor. However, there was also one thing that bothered me.moreless

    Okay, so, first things first, I really liked this episode. It was funny and it had a slap-fight between Drake and Josh, which, honestly, is probably one of the greatest things I've ever seen on TV. Also, I thought Sammy was cool, and it was nice that someone liked Josh for once (even though I am a big fan of Drake and the Drake-loving that goes on the show. I find it very amusing). I thought the flashbacks to remedial English were awesome. I thought Josh being there to amuse Sammy when Drake was ignoring him was awesome. I thought Drake's failed attempts at making Sammy like him were awesome. I also thought Drake's, somewhat very shallow, succeeded attempt at making Sammy prefer him was awesome (seriously, that four-wheeler? Wow). I also really loved the bit where Drake realizes how important this is to Josh and lets Josh "have" Sammy, and how Josh rescues Drake from remedial English. So yeah, like I said. I liked this episode a lot, and it could have scored a lot higher if it wasn't for one thing:

    It really, really bugged me that Josh got annoyed when Drake "stole back" Sammy. I didn't understand why Drake had to be made the bad guy, because Sammy was his one ticket out of remedial English, something that was obviously a very traumatizing incident for him. Josh, being the good brother that we all know he is, should have let Drake hang out with Sammy from the minute Drake tried to do that. Instead of doing a cooking show and getting in a fight with Drake over him. I do think what Drake did in the end was the right thing for him to do, but I still couldn't help but feel like he was being unnecessarily made out to be the selfish slacker that, yeah, he is, but in this episode, it wasn't him who stole anything from Josh for his own gains for once, and it felt like they were just making it out to be like that. Granted, he could have been a bit more engaged in being Sammy's sibling, but Josh still should have just stayed out of it, or even better, helped Drake be a better sibling. We all know that Drake and Josh are much better when they work together. But yeah, apart from that, I really did like this episode.moreless
  • to avoid being sent back to remedial english, mrs. hayfer gives drake a little sibling, but the little sibling seems to like josh more

    this is definitely one of my favs..you know how ive been saying season 4 was the best..well it was...but season 3 was so awesome too and this was a perfect example..ok i loved it...the 3 remedial english clips were so awesome and funny..i felt so sry for drake of course b/c he had to put up w/ a vicious dog and the twins that are scary..and then i did feel sry for the teacher too..ok i also love the comedy act btw mrs. hayfer and drake..it was just too good..i hate u i kno..love it..b/c like every1 else loves drake except mrs. hayfer but they make a good team..sammie was just too cute and josh had fun w/ him and it was awesome that josh got to be the cool person for once lolmoreless
  • awsome....

    this s such a cool episode...

    mrs. hayfer (my most hated teacher in drake and josh!), as always, hates drake, i really don't know what happened but she wanted drake to take care of this "little sibling" sammy, if sammy doesn't like him, he'll be sent to english remedial where goths and bullys are gonna kissy kissy him, sammy on the other hand, hates drake and wants to be with josh, there's really a sweet part in this show-

    sammy and josh are in the kitchen shooting a cooking show making chicken something, the video taping was over but they didn't turn off the video cam yet, sammy says josh is the coolest and josh takes it as the first anybody has said that to him, josh says drake is always the cool guy, not than him, so......yatayatayatayata.....josh was touched...yatayatayata......

    the ending was sweet too, drake wants sammyto be happy with him not josh so he gets this rad motor bike truck thingy and impresses sammy, josh feel lonely now cause drake took sammy with him, drake goes home and sees josh in his room watching the cooking show him and sammy made, josh goes out of the room after him and drake talk, drake sees the video and sees the part when sammy said josh is so cool, drake feels bad now cause he took sammy away from josh and the next day, he was suppose to take sammy to this magic show, but he pretended to be sick for him to let josh take sammy and josh be with sammy... he said he had pancreattis or something and megan said he doesn't even now where the pancreas is, drake sayd he was just playing to let drake with sammy, josh was still there and overheard it... and i know he was thankful for drake letting him be with sammy...


    drake, at school, said that sammy likes josh more then him to mrs. hayfer, so she sent him to remedial class, drake was almost about to be kissed by these goth chicks but josh appears and lets drake out of the class...

    then they say:

    drake: "i love you brither!"

    josh: "i know!"

    the end!moreless
  • Drake & Josh slapping each other. Where's Larry?

    Liked this episode that featured the kid who was one of the bullies in Yours, Mine & Ours. Seeing Drake getting scared straight in remedial English was funny!

    Another running gag was when Megan quipped "The Iron Boob". When Drake quipped that, Megan said she already said it.

    Also liked the part where Drake enters the theatre driving a 4 wheeler! Would've been cooler if it had been a ninja motorcycle!

    When Drake & Josh started slapping each other in the face, I'm surprised they don't have a friend named Larry! Then we'd have the 21st century version of The 3 Stooges! Drake would be Moe & guess that makes Josh Curly, soitainly!moreless
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