Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 15

Megan's First Kiss

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Megan's been extremely secretive and Drake and Josh investigate to find out what she's up to. The clues lead to a new boyfriend and all seems wonderful until they find out Megan's new beau may be trouble.

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  • corie

    corie is a big duck
  • Salary cut.

    When I first saw this episode, I thought that Megan's boyfriend was played by Jason Dolley (Complete Savages/Cory In The House/Good Luck Charlie). But he was a dead-ringer though.

    Loved the idea of Drake & Josh disguising themselves as Amish men & having an Irish accent.

    The strange part is when Josh went to get his paycheck, but Helen paid him for 3 out of 5 days, just to save money. I'm surprised that Helen didn't take all of his pay (after they invaded the movie theater spying on Megan) & dividing his pay amongst the rest of the employees. Helen would call that her "1 vs 100" policy (making Josh the 1 and Helen and the employees the mob). Where's Bog Saget when you need him?moreless
  • Aw . . Megan is in love.

    Well, we all knew Megan had to grow up some time and just like that, she had a boyfriend who was cheating on her behind her back. Isn't it weird how on every show, when somebody has their first crush, or relationship, the other person is caught cheating on her, stands her up, or something goes wrong on the date? But anyway, this was a great episode, and we all know this was a very important night for Megan Parker. At the end, it was kinda nice to see Megan actually appreciating Drake and Josh after saying, "I love you guys." I didn't cry like Josh, but it was a very important moment on Drake and Josh.moreless
  • It's nice to see Megan actually caring about her brothers.

    Megan doesn't really have a big part in the show and that's a good thing because she's always doing something mean to them. I prefer her on iCarly because she's more likable as the main character. There have been times besides this episodes where Megan has been nice to Drake and Josh. She helped them when they were arrested in The Gary Grill and in Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. She seemed worried about Bobo in My Dinner with Bobo. She tells them she loves them in this episode. It's just most of the time they can't make her being evil seem cool. It's too bad after this episode she goes back to being mean to them. The only time in my opinion they take her hating drake and josh too far was the helicopter one. They could've died.moreless
  • It was okay

    This episode was just okay to me. It's called "Megan's First Kiss" but she didn't even get to kiss Cory. Both Drake and Josh were kinda annoying in this one. Walter, her dad, didn't seem to have a problem with her dating so why should Drake and Josh. But then again Cory was a jerk, so I guess they were just trying to protect her. Also the part where Megan finds out Cory was cheating on her, Miranda Cosgrove did a very poor job at acting mad and serious. Dramatic acting is just not her thing. Stick to comedy, Miranda. In this epsiode, Megan gets a boyfriend and when Drake and Josh find out he is two-timing Megan, they try show Megan that he's not worth it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This episode proves even though Megan is mean to Drake and Josh that the siblings all still love each other. And Drake and Josh seem to be really protective of their little sister even if she is mean to them all the time.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Josh breaks a glass jar of olives. Then Drake slips of it and falls. How come Drake didn't get hurt let alone feel any pain if he fell on a glass jar!!

    • There is a movie theater sign that says ''There's Something About Gary''.But in the next scene,it says ''There's Nothing About Gary''.It switches again to ''There's Something About Gary''.

    • On the titanic thing Drake and Josh have,in this episode,it doesn't have anything written on it,unlike other episodes,where it says Titanic and 1912.

    • On the ''Not Coming Reel Soon'' board behind the person behind the counter,it says H2O. That is a new show on Teenick now.

    • When Helen says "pip pip didoodlydoo . I'm gonna start saying that" she was speaking to Crazy Steve. Then it cuts to another part of the theatre then cuts back to the candy counter. Crazy Steve disappears...

    • One of the few episodes in which Drake And Josh were not harmed by Megan in anyway; however, they did not get away scot free in this episode, as Corey beats them up at the end.

    • It seems odd that the ticket guy would let Drake and Josh through without tickets.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Helen: So you mean to tell me Drake and Josh just MADE up pip-pip-de-doodely-doo?
      Crazy Steve: You have every right to be dissapointed.

    • Megan: I am going to do SUCH illegal things to them!

    • (Drake and Josh peek around a corner where Megan can be seen putting books into a locker)
      Drake: (looks around) Which locker do you think is Megan's?
      Josh: Gee, I don't know. Maybe it's the one that she's standing in front of and putting books into?!
      Drake: You know, sometimes your sarcasm hurts!

    • Josh: NO!
      Drake: YES!
      Josh: We can't go to Megan with this!
      Drake: We could if you let go of my shirt!

    • (Megan and Cory are about to kiss)
      Drake: (interrupting) Mind if I get some of yar popcarn there laddie?!
      Josh: Yes it's low on carbs!

    • Walter: Now will you please give me your ice pop? (sticks it in his ear) Ahh, that's the stuff.

    • Josh: That Corey's nothing but a no good, two timing, girl kissing, Japanese candy giving jerk!
      Drake: What's so special about Japanese candy?
      Josh: Oh it's a big deal.

    • (Drake and Josh have been caught in the movie theater)
      Drake:(in accent) This 'ere lad was trying to lay a kiss on yer (normal voice) and I probably don't need to be talking in this accent anymore, do I?
      Helen: Wait a second. Drake and Josh just made up "Pip-pip, da doodly doo?"
      Crazy Steve: You have every right to be disappointed.

    • Josh: Dad, this jar won't open.
      Walter: Just tap the lid with a knife.
      (Josh picks up the jar and taps the lid with a butter knife over the
      floor. The whole jar breaks in shambles all over the floor)

      Josh: (yelling) Yeah, thanks for the tip, Dad!!!

    • Megan: Um, what are you doing this Saturday night?
      Drake: Going to a concert at the Mega Dome.
      Josh: Why?
      Drake: 'Cause we bought tickets.
      Josh: Not you!
      Megan: I don't care what you're doing.
      Drake: But you just asked us.
      Megan: Or maybe you just asked yourselves! Heh, heh, yeah. Think about that...
      (Megan leaves the room smiling)
      Josh: Okay, something is definitely going on with that girl!
      Drake: Yeah, first she says she wasn't on the phone.
      Josh: And then asks us about our social plans.
      Drake: No, she said we asked ourselves.
      Josh: Really, you're not a smart boy.

    • Guy: Hey, turn back the movie on!
      Josh: Just relax. Ha, what´s wrong with this guy?
      (the enormous guy stands in front of Josh)
      Josh: (scared) I'll give you my watch if you don´t kill me.
      Guy: Come on, Chuck. Let's get out of here.
      Josh: Pleasure.
      (the enormous guy leaves followed by a very short guy)
      Josh: Hey, how you doing, Chuck?

    • Josh: (to Cory) We know you are stepping out on our sister Megan.
      Drake: Stepping out?
      Josh: Haha, I know "terms"!

    • (Josh enters the room)
      Josh: Drake! Drake! You are not going to believe this!
      Drake: (very happy) Mrs. Hayfer died?!

    • Drake: Which locker do you think is Megan's?
      Josh (sarcastic): Gee, I don't know. Maybe the one she's standing in front of and putting books in!
      Drake: (steps back and glares at Josh) You know, sometimes your sarcasm hurts!

    • (After Megan tells them she loves them and walks off)
      Drake: She just said she loves us.
      Josh: I know...
      Drake: Dude, are you crying?
      Josh: .. he kicked me in the throat.

    • Drake: What do you think she meant by "The stuff"?
      Josh: Poison.
      Drake: Explosives.
      Josh: Explosive poison.

    • Drake: (eneters running into the house all excited) Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh! (falls down in the floor)
      Josh: (picks him up) Drake, are you alright?
      Drake: Yeah, yeah. You gotta see this!
      Josh: But you have broken glass in your shirt.
      Drake: That doesn't matter right now. Look what I bought. It is the hottest toy in the Netherlands!
      Josh: In the Netherlands?
      Drake: (takes out the toy) The clackers! Look (starts clacking slowly, a few seconds later clacks fastly)
      Josh: Oh, cool! I wanna clack too.
      Drake: Here's yours. Now let's just... (they both clack slowly) Now! (then clack fastly all excited and laughing)

    • Drake: Who were you talking on the phone?
      Megan: I wasn´t on the phone.
      Drake: Yes, you were.
      Josh: Yeah, you were talking on the phone.
      Megan: ... Mom, I'm coming!
      Drake: Mom's not home.
      Megan: ... you're not home.

    • (Corey finds Drake and Josh spying on him)
      Josh: What 'are ye lokkin' at?!
      Drake: Mind ye'r papers!!!

    • (Drake and Josh are in a rabbi disguise to spy on Megan at the Premiere)
      Helen: Potato?
      Drake: (To Josh): Come along, Pontiac!
      Josh: Let's go observe the mulberry bush!
      Drake: Yes, Pip-Pip Diddlie Doo!
      Helen: Hmmm, Pip-Pip Diddly Doo?

    • Helen: Stop the film, Horatio, stop the film!
      Crazy Steve: (holding a bat): WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??????!!!

    • Megan: My family's not freakish, just my brothers. . . and my dad, but just a little!

  • NOTES (1)