Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 15

Megan's First Kiss

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • corie

    corie is a big duck
  • Salary cut.

    When I first saw this episode, I thought that Megan's boyfriend was played by Jason Dolley (Complete Savages/Cory In The House/Good Luck Charlie). But he was a dead-ringer though.

    Loved the idea of Drake & Josh disguising themselves as Amish men & having an Irish accent.

    The strange part is when Josh went to get his paycheck, but Helen paid him for 3 out of 5 days, just to save money. I'm surprised that Helen didn't take all of his pay (after they invaded the movie theater spying on Megan) & dividing his pay amongst the rest of the employees. Helen would call that her "1 vs 100" policy (making Josh the 1 and Helen and the employees the mob). Where's Bog Saget when you need him?
  • Aw . . Megan is in love.

    Well, we all knew Megan had to grow up some time and just like that, she had a boyfriend who was cheating on her behind her back. Isn't it weird how on every show, when somebody has their first crush, or relationship, the other person is caught cheating on her, stands her up, or something goes wrong on the date? But anyway, this was a great episode, and we all know this was a very important night for Megan Parker. At the end, it was kinda nice to see Megan actually appreciating Drake and Josh after saying, "I love you guys." I didn't cry like Josh, but it was a very important moment on Drake and Josh.
  • It's nice to see Megan actually caring about her brothers.

    Megan doesn't really have a big part in the show and that's a good thing because she's always doing something mean to them. I prefer her on iCarly because she's more likable as the main character. There have been times besides this episodes where Megan has been nice to Drake and Josh. She helped them when they were arrested in The Gary Grill and in Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. She seemed worried about Bobo in My Dinner with Bobo. She tells them she loves them in this episode. It's just most of the time they can't make her being evil seem cool. It's too bad after this episode she goes back to being mean to them. The only time in my opinion they take her hating drake and josh too far was the helicopter one. They could've died.
  • It was okay

    This episode was just okay to me. It's called "Megan's First Kiss" but she didn't even get to kiss Cory. Both Drake and Josh were kinda annoying in this one. Walter, her dad, didn't seem to have a problem with her dating so why should Drake and Josh. But then again Cory was a jerk, so I guess they were just trying to protect her. Also the part where Megan finds out Cory was cheating on her, Miranda Cosgrove did a very poor job at acting mad and serious. Dramatic acting is just not her thing. Stick to comedy, Miranda. In this epsiode, Megan gets a boyfriend and when Drake and Josh find out he is two-timing Megan, they try show Megan that he's not worth it.
  • megan's first kiss

    "What is it about candy from Japan?"

    You can see why Miranda Cosgrove became a huge child star. She shined on this show in the role of the coniving sister of Drake and Josh, and while I do not watch her show iCarly, you can see why she is now making millions because of it.

    This was a surprisingly funny episode of TV. I was just flipping through the channels and when this was the only show to watch, I cannot believe that I actually liked it. For a kid's sitcom, this may not be Kenan and Kel, but it is better than most programs Nickelodeon offers.
  • One of my Favorites

    I don't think anyone should hate this episode at all. It is a truly funny episode, one of the funniest of the series and the plot is interesting. And the end, when Megan kisses Drake and Josh and finally tells them that she does in fact love them {as brothers of course!}, is a sweet moment and one of her best. I really hope Megan Haters don't hate that scene, that's like one of the best moments from the entire series because it finally shows she loves them, which is of course something she does not show in the series
  • Drake and Josh notice Megan has been sneaking around and think shes planning to do something to them. When they spy on her though they find out she hs her first boyfriend-causing them to become overprotective.

    This has got to be without a doubt my favorite episode of the entire series! I thought it was great how the episode started out with them talking about all the horrible things Megan has done to them. That made the episode all the more great because it showed that no matter how many horrible pranks Megan had pulled on Drake and Josh they would still be there for her in a heartbeat if she needed them.

    It was nice to see a protective side of Drake and Josh and a sweeter side of Megan. Genuinely sweet not 'I-just-pulled-a-prank-on-drake-and-josh-but-im-gonna-act-all-innocent-so-they-get-in-trouble-and-i-dont' sweet.

    I also love the dialog in this episode. I cant even tell you how many times ive used Megans line

    "I am going to do such illegal things to them"

    I love that line! lol

    All-in-all it was a great episode!
  • megan has her first boyfriend and is hoping to get her first kiss on their date until drake and josh ruin it because they don't like megan having a boyfriend or the idea of her kissing.

    i love this ep and dont know where to start lol..i guess the beginning was so funny as always w/ their little chat thing and then clackers..oh my gosh i love clackers so much..i want some they looked so fun and drake and josh made them both interesting and funny at the same time when they hurt themselves..then megan's reverse psychology was just too good and then josh is so hurtful and sarcastic to drake..poor drake lol..it was so funny tho..and then the hall monitors beating them w/ rubber bands was too good...oh my gosh when they had those jewish outfits on..i was laughing so hard and then pip pip da doodly doo was just so hilarious..and then when they ruined her date it just got better..they were so funny w/ their excuses and then when she figured it out..and sad when they broke up..and then when they talked to cory..he wanted the guitar and something of josh's..and they werent willing to give it up b/c it was their prized possessions..walter is just too funny too..and then how horrible is cory..he has 2 gfs..what a jerk..im glad drake and josh finally got megan to see that..and then when cory beats them up..they dont physically show it but they show them after..and cory takes their pants when they want him to get back together w/ megan..how funny and hot w/ drake oh yea!!!..and then the sweetest thing ever..megan kisses both of them on the cheek..miranda is so lucky lol..and it was so sweet..megan really does love them..and josh runs into a door..yea im watching it right now lol
  • This episode was WAY out of character

    This was an OK episode to watch, but I'm not gonna give it a high rating like everyone else. The changed the character's personalities quite a bit. Drake and Josh were acting like they've been brothers from the beginning and Megan has been their little sister from the beginning. Josh said "My little sister, Megan" in the introduction rather than "Our little sister, Megan". And Drake has 2-timed a lot of times (he even 3-timed in Paging Dr. Drake) and in here, he acts like he's never two-timed or even dated in his life. And Drake and Josh tried to attack someone in this episode! That is very unlike them! I'm actually a pacifist, like Eric. I'm totally against beating people up. I'm actually practicing getting beaten up if I even do something bad and am about to get beaten up. I say that Drake and Josh deserved to get beaten up in the end. And about Megan, don't get me started. She was acting all sweet and innocent for the entire episode. Very unusual for her. When I saw this episode, I thought it was written by some guy who didn't a first clue about the show. But then I was very, very, very, very, very, very surprised to find out it was written by George Doty IV, the writer who's written the 2nd most episodes on the show. Did he blank out on the character's personalities or something? Anyway, this episode is not that good to me but you know what I always say, you guys have your opinions, I have mine.
  • megan gets a boyfriend secretly but when drake and josh stir things up it goes badly for her

    well this episode starts off with megan talking on the phone secretly drake and josh ask her who she was talking to and megan replies no one
    drake and josh get suspicous. later on megan measures drake and joshes neck. they get even more suspicous so megan who is meeting someone at the premiere drake and josh follow her so they disguise themselves and enter the premiere and they see megan with a boy so after a little while cory (the boy megans with ) is aout to kiss megan so drake and josh interrupt and cory sais who are these freaks so megan replies there my brothers so cory breaks up with megan and megan gets really upset so drake and josh meet up with cory to get back together with megan cory wants stuff off of them e.g guitar and clock. cory gets back together with megan but later on josh sees cory with another girl so he rushes back to tell drake and later as megan is on another date with cory but drake and josh interrupt and bring in corys other girlfriend and eventually megan dumps him and drake and josh deal with cory but cory knows karate and he beats drake and josh up so they all return home and megan is looking after drake and josh and both of them are really shocked thats what happens in this episode of drake and josh
  • perfect

    PERFECT O MUNDO episode of Drake and Josh, and if any of you try to disagree with me, in my defense, Pip Pip Da Doodalee Doo!

    There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of character development in this episode, especially for Megan Parker (Miranda Cosgrove). This was a very humorous episode and was most definitely NOT a filler episode! I mean this may be one of the most important episodes to the history of the Drake and Josh series today, and may always be! I mean it has to be, it just has to be, Megan tells Drake and Josh she loves them!

    Watch the episode!
  • Hilarious again, this show is still getting funnier!

    Once again, the quality of the show is getting better and better. I laughed out a lot LOUDER than the "laughing track", hell yeah! (well is the first time I see it) Loved this thing, specially the beginning, when Drake gets home all excited, tripping, and don't caring about it, he just wanted to show Josh the hottest toy in Netherlands: the clackers. I just cracked up with that part, seeing two young adults playing that. And it gets funnier when Walter plays with them too. The hilarity continues when they were at Megan's school, hiding and even inside the kids' shirts, then they get shot with stuff the hall monitors shot with rubbers. Then they get dressed as amish guys with "accent", and Megan sure knew who were they. Still hilarious when Drake asks if Mrs. Hayfer died? Then Cory was demanding Josh's clock, Drake's guitar and their pants! Then, the part at the premiere with the enormous guy and his friend Chuck who was really short. After that the funny stuff continues, Josh decides to deal with Cory the hard way, and in the next scene they appear in home with casts and all hurted. Finally, Megan gives the thanks and a kiss to both Drake and Josh, and Josh cries (because of the pain when receiving the kiss).
    There was a lot of funny stuff, but it was also strange that they didn't like Megan getting a first kiss.(too much not themselves)
  • Drake and Josh

    this was a pretty good episode and i really enjoyed it. at first i thought that megan was planning to do something to drake and josh, like a trick or something like that. but then when drake and josh saw her in the movie theatre (with hilarious costumes! :) they realized she was on a date. i liked that they gave megan a boyfriend because most the time she is portrayed as a mean sister, and its nice to see her as someone new. i thought it was so weird how that guy gave japanese candy to both girls and made such a big deal out of it. i thought that was just stupid, for him. my favorite part was probably drake and josh in megan's hallway at school when all the hallway monators were flicking ruberbands at them.
    that was funny.
  • Megan gets in her first relationship but the brothers ruin it.

    This was a pretty good episode of Drake and Josh. The episode was well written, and I think they did a good job on here. The part where they held the little kids up to disguise themselves was hilarious, as was the part where they dressed up like "two men from Ireland." Although the part where Drake and Josh brought Cory's other girlfriend into the picture, Megan could have assumed that she used to be his girlfriend, before they went out, if Cory hadn't acted strange. Overall this episode was funny and well written, I give it two thumbs up.
  • Drake and Josh keep their eyes on Megans new beau, they know he isnt what he seems!

    This episode was funny.Especially when Drake and Josh dress up as Orthodox Jewish Rabbi's that have Irish accents..Perfect sillyness for this show! Thats what its all about!It was also nice to see Megan nice to the boys for once...At the end when Drake and Josh attempt to beat up the bad boyfriend, they in turn get thier butts kicked!She failed to mention that he boyfriend/ex boyfriend knew Kung Fu!Poor kids! But Megan is grateful and shows them how much she really cares about them by cleaning up their bruises.All in all a heart warming,belly busting episode with classic Drake and Josh hilarity!
  • The Irish talk was just funny!

    i mean, pip pip the doodaly do. thas funny as a mug. I dont know why. That was all apart of the secretive plan that Drake and Josh had to sneek in on their sisters rendesvous with her new little boy friend at the movie theater. Their sister spots them out and their plan is unvieled. Thier dad makes them make it up to thier sister by getting the boy who broke up with megan back together. By getting blackmaled by the boy, he accepts Drake and Joshs request and get back with megan. Drake and Josh finds out that he was cheating with a nother girl and reveals this to megan while her and the boy are on the date.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes.

    Okay Megan has a boy friend and no body knows expect her friend and her 2 brothers that found by following her. But her brothers find out that the boy has a another girl friend. Also the fact that he thinks drake and josh are weird and doesn't want to see her any more. Which of course makes megan mad and drake and josh try to prove to her that there telling the truth not just because they don't like there little sister dating guys yet. So they proved they were right and almost had a happy family kinda moment.
  • its bout time she got a boyfriend.

    i think this episode is really fun because i like tv love casue for some reason its awsome to me. but i dont think this was veary nice love. i mean seriously, its not cool that megan gets a boyfriend then he cheats on her. that is seriously messed up. but still, all is good at the end, veary end. i think it shows love and care in this episode becasue drake and josh just want whats best for megan and megan doesnt apreciate what there doing untill they ruin her relationship then fix it. anyone who doesnt think this episode is totally awsome is a fool to me. well by my opinion of course.
  • One of my faves!

    Megan's First Kiss was so good! Megan's been extremely secretive and Drake and Josh investigate to find out what she's up to. The clues lead up to a new boyfriend and all seems wonderful until they find out that Megan's beau may be trouble. I thought this episode was wonderful, except some parts were annoying. Like the hall monitor. He was so annoying. The boys were funny when the dressed up as "Irish Men" to spy on Megan. Ha Ha Ha!! It was very sweet when Megan kissed Drake and Josh. Aww! Overall, I loved this episode and it is one of the best.
  • Finally Megan's getting some action.

    Everything about this episode was perfect except the fact that Megan didn't get to lock lips. From the opening credits I knew that this was going to be a hilarious episode. The part when Drake was so excited to tell Josh about the clackers, the hottest toy in the Netherlands, was hilarious. It makes me want some. Megan played her part well in this episode. When she was trying to keep Drake and Josh from finding out I laughed my butt off. When they were dressed as Irish people at the movies, there was some funny moments. Especially when Drake made up "pip pip doodly doo" or something like that. Helen said she was gonna start saying that and I could've died laughing. I really thought Megan was gonna kiss him though but it's kinda good that she didn't because he was two timing her. At the end when Megan kissed them and said thanks, that was a classic moment because it's so rare. And it ended in a funny note because a tear fell out of Josh's eye because he got kicked in the throat. Drake and Josh still has it and don't show any sign of jumping the shark. Why does this have to be the last season?