Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 12

Megan's New Teacher

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Josh nabs a student teaching job in Megan’s classroom where Drake discovers an amazing kid drummer. But when the class revolts against teen taskmaster Josh, Drake rushes in to help Megan discredit him -- perchance to snare the drummer for his band.

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    • Mrs. Hunter: Class, say hello to your new student teacher, Josh Nachos.
      Josh: Nichols.
      Mrs. Hunter: Nichols.
      Josh: Good morning, students. I'm very excited that I'll be able to- (Josh sees Megan). Megan?
      Megan: I swear, I've never seen him before in my life.

    • Adam: This is a college textbook!
      Josh: (proudly) Yeaahh...
      Megan: Hey, boob.
      Josh: Hey, I'm Your Teacher!
      Megan: Sorry Mr. Boob. This stuff is like way to hard for us.
      Josh: Hey! I think that kids are way more capable then your giving credit for.
      Boy: Kevin's eating glue!
      Josh: Don't you know your not supposed to eat glue!?
      Kevin: (just mumbles trying to talk with his mouth full of glue)

    • Drake: You got an F? Welcome to my club!
      Megan: I don't wanna be part of the "F club"!
      Drake: Well!

    • (Josh is dressed like Einstein and the teacher enters to class)
      Teacher: Oh, No.. Security!!! Theres another hobo in the classroom!!
      Josh: Oh no, I'm not a hobo! I'm the teacher. Please, I'm not a hobo! Aahhhh!
      (the security guard sprays pepper on Josh and he starts to scream on the floor)

    • Josh: Why do you want me to come with you, I thought you hated me?
      Katie: We hate you both...but in different ways.
      Boy: Yeah, but as a person you're almost cool.
      Josh: (smiles proudly and turns to Gavin) Haha, they think I'm cool!
      Gavin: I heard almost.

    • (Drake throws a celery with peanut butter on it and it sticks in Josh's face)
      Josh: I don´t care... I like it on my face!

    • Megan: (to Josh) Everybody hates me because of you!
      Drake: (thinking she was talking to him) I wanted one piece of cake!

    • Josh: Ok, today we're going to learn about the atom.
      Adam: (excited, raises his hand) Ooooh, my name's Adam!

    • Drake: (breaking in to school, throws rope out window for Megan) Ok I'm in!
      Megan: (walking in through classroom door) Ya me too.
      Drake: How did you get in?
      Megan: Through the front door, it's a school Drake, not a bank.

    • Josh: Hey, guys how you doing?
      Megan: Do you hear something, Drake?
      Drake: Yeah I heard a sound... annoying.
      Megan: Right, it´s annoying and boob.

    • Josh: (dressed as Albert Einstein) Ok, can somebody tell me who am I?
      (a boy raise the hand)
      Josh: Yes?
      Boy: A hobo!
      Josh: No. I´m not a hobo. Someone else? I give you a hint: I´m a scientist.
      Girl: Oh I know, Harry Potter!
      Josh: No! Harry Potter is a wizard, and I´m a German scientist.
      Tom: A hobo!
      Josh: No, I´m dressed as Albert Einstein. It was on your homework yesterday. Oh no, nobody did their homework, did you?
      (everybody silence)

    • Drake: Oh I like that smile. That's a smile full of evil.
      Megan: Is there any other reason to smile?

    • Helen: Oh, Drake Parker, your music makes me wiggle and giggle.

    • Katie: I couldn't figure it out, so I asked my mom to help me.
      Josh: And?
      Katie: She couldn't figure out either. So she asked my dad, and then he got mad and went to a motel.

    • Megan: Strike three and you're out.

    • Megan: Yo, Boob.
      Josh: Megan, I am your teacher now, so I want you to call me by me proper name.
      Megan: Sorry. Mr. Boob.

    • Josh: I am your teacher and you will show me some respect.
      (Megan pulls Josh's pants down)
      Drake: Hehe, you got pants'd.

    • Drake: Lohan.
      Josh: Duff.
      Drake: Lohan.
      Josh: Duff.
      Drake: Lohan!
      Josh: Duff!
      Drake: Helen, who would win in a slap-fight Lohan or Duff?
      Helen: Ohh no contest, Lohan.
      Josh: Hey Helen...
      Helen: Duff can't take a punch!

    • Helen: Oh, Drake Parker, your music makes me wiggle and giggle.

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