Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 12

Megan's New Teacher

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hilarious episode of Drake and Josh and I laughed non-stop.

    First of all, the plot is very great, considering it is a comedy. Very Funny how in coincidence Josh happens to teach Megan's class. Very Funny. I said enough.
  • One of the best episode in the entire series.

    In this episode, Josh (Josh Peck) becomes part of a program which lets high school students teach a class of younger students. Ironically, Josh is assigned to teach the class of his younger sister, Megan (Miranda Cosgrove). Including these students are Katie (Tara Lynne Barr), a sassy eleven-year-old, and Neil (Ridge Canipe), an eleven-year-old who can play the drums like a maniac. Drake (Drake Bell), looking for a drummer to play in his band, discover Neil's talents and immediately pleads him to be in the band. Like most eleven-year-old children would, Neil accepts to invitation with a grin upon his face. Josh starts teaching the children college material, which leads to an unhappy class, which then produces an angry Megan. The class becomes angry at Megan because her brother game them a pop quiz in which they all failed. Then, Neil sadly admits to Drake that he is unable to play in his band because he failed the quiz. Therefore, Megan and Drake become extremely angered toward Josh. In order to get their payback, Megan breaks into the classroom. The rest, however, I certainly won't spoil.

    This episode is very funny; I would give it a ten if it weren't for the fact the cruelty Megan and Drake have toward Josh. It seems to get a bit overboard; They are a tad bit too mean. Overall, though, most Drake and Josh fans should enjoy this episode.
  • Megan's New Teacher

    Josh gets to be a student-teacher for Megan's class. He tries to be cool, but when nobody does homework, Josh gives them all a quiz, and they all fail. Now the whole class is mad at him, and they also treat Megan badly because Josh is HER brother. So Megan and Drake {who is also mad because he was going to use one of the kids in the class to be a drummer in his band, because he needed one and the kid was good} scheme to get Josh fired, and their plan works.

    A decent episode, not great, just good. Overall grade- B-
  • josh teaches megan's class and noone likes him as a teacher, drake looks for a new drummer for his band, and the premiere celebrates its 3rd anniversary.

    ok this ep was decent..there were so many parts on this ep that were just too hilarious but then other parts kinda dragged on..the first part was good..ill explain the parts in a minute..the coach that retired was so funny..all the mumbling and stuff lol...i also loved when drake was trying to play the guitar and drums at the same time..it was so hilarious especially when he was hitting his head on the symbols..and drake and megan actually teamed up in this one and it was funny too...josh's teaching was ok but the pinata had to be the best part of that little plot
  • Fantastic and Hilarious!

    Megan's New Teacher is an amazing episode! It is so funny! Megan's friend Katie is hilarious! Josh nabs a student teaching job in Megan's classroom where Drake discovers an amazing kid drummer. But when the class revolts against teen taskmaster Josh, Drake rushes in to help Megan discredit him - - perchance to snare the drummer for his band. This episode was sooo good! I enjoyed it a lot and it made me laugh a lot. Megan was great in this episode, like always. The kid drummer was a good drummer, but his voice is annoying. Excellent episode and extremely recommended!
  • Great.

    Drake and Josh,
    In this episode Josh becomes Megans new teacher. In the show Josh starts given the kids something from a junior level to learn. To chanlenge there minds. Although they are in the fourth grade. The kids shun Megan because she is realated{not really though} So megan and Drake{more megan} come up with a plot to get rid of Josh from teaching. Very funny how it unravled.
  • I really like this episode and I really thought it was a great episode.

    I really learned a lot from this episode even though I happen to have a friend that is a teacher and her name is Allyson.She is kind of like Josh but not that much like Josh she just acts like Josh but she doesn`t reapeat things for emphsis.She is a teacher and she is a way better student teacher than Josh.Allyson doesn`t boss her students around like Josh did to Megan and her friends and her other classmates.Allyson thinks about their feelings too not like Josh did in this episode.I still really like this episode and it has tought me a lot about working poeople.
  • An episode where you see Josh as Megan's teacher.... let the chaos thirve!!!

    This episode was so funny. Josh actually gets to be Megans teacher. Then when he does so much wrong and Megan gets treated unfairly she tricks him and gets him fired. I loved the part where Drake says that her smile is full of evil and she says what else is there to smile about. Another funny part is when Josh demands respect from Megan and she pulls his pants down and gets her Nintendo GS(which was a Nintendo DS.) Josh was also mistaken as a hobo in an Albert Einstien costume. That would've sounded really weird if I didm't watch the episode.
  • An episode when Josh becomes teacher of Megan just can\'t be better!

    I liked a lot this episode. Josh enters to an organization and have to teach younger kids, but he becames teacher of Megan! Meanwhile, Drake is looking for a drumber for his band because the other drumber leave the band to play in the church, jajaja! that was really funny!! Drake tries to help Josh and in the class he founds his \"drumber\". Josh is very strict with the kids, givieng them secuanday things and no one make the homework, the class go against Josh! and everybody is mad with Megan! Drake\'s drumber can\'t go on with the band because he did not make Josh\'s homework! so Drake and Megan are playing a prank on Josh!
  • Booooo, Mr. Nichols!!!!!

    From the start of Josh being a teacher, I knew something would go wrong. I just hated it how he was teaching the fifth graders stuff he was learning in high school right now, but it was still funny. Including how tons of people thought Josh dressed as Albert Einstein was a hobo, even the teacher!! (Who I thought was pretty crazy) But still, Josh didn't look like a hobo. Hobos don't dress up as nice, they're not as smart, and they're all dirty. But, oh well. I liked it in this episode how Megan and Drake were on the same team together for like the third to fifth time in this series. And you know what!?! I didn't feel sorry for Josh. I felt more sorry for Drake, Megan and her classmates. How dare, Mr. Nichols!
  • very funny

    the josh pinata was funny and so was the explosion and the broken faucet josh opens an umbrela. and drakes song at the end. the entire episode wasen't perfectly plotted but still good. i also enjoyed all the kids in this episode and the acting of the charachters they sure know how to hate Josh. the begining was funny well thats all i have to say unfortunately it dosen't cover all 100 words so... Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, Josh is funny, josh is funny
  • In this episode Josh becomes Megan\'s student teacher. Josh starts being tough on the class, so Megan tricks josh,which makes the teacher fire him.

    I love this episode it was so funny. My favorite part of this episode was when Josh mixed the two chemicals together and it blew up. I also thought that when they were hitting the Josh pinata and the head got hit off that it was funny. This was the best and funniest episode I ever saw.
  • This when josh is megans teacher.

    I think that this show is funny because well in the beginning josh is harsh on the class then the teacher is mad at him because all his expiraments backfire on him. This show was funny the whole way through not like half funny then half boring. It was nothing like that. I really injoyed this episode.