Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 21

Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Merry Christmas Drake and Josh
Drake and Josh get jobs at the mall, one as Santa Claus and the other as his assistant. While working, they meet a less-fortunate girl and makes her a promise that this will be the best Christmas ever.

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  • Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

    A few years ago when I found out that Nickelodeon was making a Drake and Josh Christmas Movie, I was very excited to see it. Drake and Josh ended in 2007 and Nickelodeon decides to bring them back one more time to make a Christmas movie in 2008. Drake and Josh will always be my favorite Nickelodeon sitcom and after this Christmas movie ended, I said to myself "Bring back Drake and Josh". The whole movie was excellent and also got heartwarming towards the end of the movie, I remember crying through some of the parts the first time I saw this movie. I kinda still do whenever I watch this movie every year. It's great that Nickelodeon didn't forget one character in this movie. Anyways, let me get the review, Josh is still the hilarious and goofy self which I liked. Kimbo Slice was also very funny in this movie. The scene with Drake and Josh being naked in public was hilarious. Crazy Steve's part in this movie really made me laugh hard except he did add a few adult humor along the way. Still don't like Helen though because she is still mean to Josh. It was nice of Drake and Josh to give Officer Gilbert a monkey for Christmas which made him from a Christmas hater to a Christmas lover. Bailee Madison who is a cute little girl did a well done job with this movie. Everything in this movie was pretty much hilarious and heartwarming. Overall, good to see Drake and Josh one last time and Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. 10/10moreless
  • Excellent Drake & Josh Christmas special!

    I watched this movie ast night when it premiered. I really liked it! I thought it was a fine example of a Christmas special gone aray. I think Drake & Josh did an excellent job creating this movie. They did most of the work. Although to me there was a problem. The only problem was Megan. She in my mind was just acting so cold and heartless. Megan looked like she did not care what would happen to Drake & Josh, or Perry, the annoying police officer. The funniest part in the movie to me is the one where Drake "a.k.a. Santa" was kissing a girl, but when a overweight girl comes in to kiss Santa, Drake runs away all over the place. The mission was successful in bringing Mary Alice the best Christmas ever :). I liked it when Bludge came down the chimney and gave everyone presents. Good guy. Overall, excellent Drake & Josh movie, bring Mary Alice the best Christmas ever, or else go to jail, Megan was cold and heartless, funny dialogue, and unforgetable movie :).moreless
  • One of the best Christmas specials ever.

    What got me liking this movie was a YouTube clip, when Drake, Josh & the kids performed my favorite Christmas carol, the 12 Days of Christmas.

    However, it was mean for that parole officer to fine them everywhere they went. Surprised Helen wasn't with them after Josh sang, so they could tack a $200 fine against his singing.

    I enjoyed the gags, especially two of them...

    1). The little boy asking Crazy Stave about Santa & then gets yelled at later. Raymond Ochoa played him & last year, he did a Betty Crocker holiday commercial where he catches his dad eating Santa's cookies.

    2). Crazy Steve driving a DeLorean, complete with spinning license plate (CRAZY1), pays homage to Back To The Future.

    With all the abuse Josh had, I'm surprised they didn't have this ending.

    One of the kids tells the officer says yes, he had a great Christmas with Drake, not Josh. The officers take him back to jail, Megan pays the kid off. Then Megan hops in Crazy Steve's DeLorean and travel down I-5 North, to Seattle, Washington where they get new identities as brother sister. Wait! That's another show.moreless
  • 421

    "Merry Christmas Drake and Josh" the series finale for the show turned out to be a colossal failure. Outside of an incredibly random and unnecessary appearance by poor MMA fighter Kimbo Slice there was very little to chuckle out during this show. I liked the one kid's rant about how little sense it made for Santa Claus to go down the chimney, but there were just too many bad jokes to even wrap my head around. The show was never that great, but it worked in the multi-camera format... it did not work in a single-camera format less a laugh track.moreless
  • I like Drake and Josh, but I was not pleased one bit when I saw this special.

    Ok, so let's just get straight to the point, josh is put in jail AGAIN for something he didn't do. Why is he always treated like crap!! And still no hahas came out of my mouth when I saw the fake lawyer. And I don't care if it's a christmas promise even if it is you shouldn't be put in jail even if it's broken. That's just one of the main things that has to be changed in Drake & Josh Josh always getting arrested im sick of it I hated Theater Thug and I also hated this special. I mean if you hate people you don't have to pay someone 50 bucks to steal their clothes I hated that part. So to sum up this review, I hated this special and Drake & Josh could get MUCH better stuff than this.moreless
Camille Goldstein

Camille Goldstein


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Cosette Goldstein

Cosette Goldstein


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Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison

Mary Alice

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Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown


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Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Mindy Crenshaw

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Scott Halberstadt

Scott Halberstadt


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Josh falls in the back of a pick-up truck, the song the trucker's are singing to is "Christmas Wrapping" sung by Miranda Cosgrove.

    • When Drake, Josh, and the kids all go out into the woods to chop down a tree to use as their Christmas Tree, before the camera turns over to them, on the top left corner is the giant snowman that Megan cut from attachment using butterfly scissors.

    • This is the first episode where Josh's hair is straight.

      Walter's hair is also noticeably longer.

    • Josh looks slightly different and his voice is a bit deeper.
      Helen actually makes a reference as to how much he has changed since the series premiered when she explains to him why he cannot be Santa Claus.

    • At the end of the movie, if you look at the top of the screen, you can see the giant inflatable snowman from the beginning on the movie that Megan cut and let loose with a butterfly knife. Which is why it floated away.

    • When Josh is flipping through TV channels, one of the first channels shows Dan Schneider in the Zoey 101 Finale, Chasing Zoey.

    • Those cops had no business arresting Josh. Exactly what did he do? He was the one that called the police.

    • The URL mysweetmonkey.com redirects to Icarly.com.

    • Helen said that she was married for five weeks, so that means that this movie took place five weeks later.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Drake as Santa is making out with a teenage girl)
      Josh: (annoyed) That's not what Santa does!

    • (in a letter to Officer Gilbert)
      Josh: Merry Christmas from Josh...and Drake.
      Drake: Make it "Drake and Josh". It sounds weird the other way.

    • Steve: (singing) My head is full of pretty lumps.
      (Drake and Josh nervously look at each other)

    • (Steve notices Drake, Josh, and the kids on the best float in the parade)
      Steve: Whoo! Look at that sleigh, baby!
      Man: Excuse me, sir. You can't park here.
      Steve: Put the lime in the coconut!
      Mary Alice: What's wrong with that man?
      Drake: No one knows.

    • (Steve shows Drake and Josh a gallery of pictures of him and his machine, Sally)
      Drake: Uh, this is a machine.
      Steve: She is a wood chipper! And her name is Sally! She totally pulverizes anything I put in her! Anything.
      Josh: Well, I hope you and Sally are very happy together.
      Steve: Thanks, J. You're a sweet kid.

    • Boy: Hey. D'you know when Santa's supposed to be here?
      Steve: Well, you know, I heard Santa's reindeer needed to stop and get a cold drink. But I'll bet you ol' St. Nick's gonna be here real soon.
      (a customer walks up to him)
      Customer: Excuse me. I distinctly ordered a diet root beer, and this tastes like sh--
      Steve: (loudly) I'M TALKING TO CHILDREN!!!

    • Helen: You can't break a Christmas promise. (Drake gives her a look) Well you can't!

    • Josh: Meet my friend, mentor, and former cell mate, Bludge.

    • Josh: Mindy's gone.
      Drake: Ah, man. Well look on the bright side, she may never come back!

    • Josh: (to Drake) You lie, and I get a shoe in the nipple.

    • Josh:(while getting his prisoner photo taken)I...didn't......do anything.

      Police officer: Shut up!!!

  • NOTES (5)

    • There are many running gags from the show in this movie:
      - Josh being a "spaz"
      - Megan being somewhat "evil"
      - Megan calling someone a boob
      - Crazy Steve's hyperactive personality
      - Drake's obsession with girls
      - Girls' obsession with Drake
      - Megan's like for oboes
      - Helen's like for Drake
      - Helen's somewhat dislike for Josh
      - Gavin's random acts of laziness
      - Drake and Mindy's dislike for each other
      - Drake calling Craig and Eric nerds
      - Mrs. Hayfer exclaiming "I hate you Drake!"
      - Drake always thinking he's good looking
      - Drake being a little selfish
      - Walter's goofiness
      - Josh's love for "Grammy"
      - Josh's love of Oprah Winfrey
      - Josh being goofy
      - Drake being silly and immature
      - Josh's goofy dance
      - Helen's wacky personality

    • Crazy Steve's license plate is CRAZY 1.

    • Like Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, the laugh track is omitted.

    • This is the first Christmas special.

    • This is the first episode in over a year, mainly due to the cancellation.


    • When Drake and Josh are in the mall, a store in the background is called "Scheider's Secret". This a parody of Victoria Secret, while also being a reference to the show's creator Dan Schneider.

    • Before the snow report on the tv you can see a clip from the "popular" show Girly Cows. This show has been referenced alot on the Schneider shows like iCarly and Zoey 101.

    • : Officer Gilbert was reading a magazine called "Persons"

      This is obviously a spoof on the popular magazine "People"

    • When Drake and Josh are flipping through channels after the cab driver clip you can see the cooking lady from iCarly's "iGo to Japan".

    • When Crazy Steve drives off in his DeLorean, his license plate falls off and spins around. This is a reference to the visual joke seen on all three movies of Back to the Future.

    • When Drake and Josh are at home watching TV, before they get the idea of making it snow with Crazy Steve's wood chipper Sally, as they switch between channels, one of the channels shows the taxi driver from Zoey 101's Series Finale: 'Chasing Zoey' for less than a second.

    • Josh's jail number (NCC-1701) matches the ID number of the USS Enterprise.

    • Crazy Steve's car is similar to the DeLorean Time Machine from the Back to the Future Trilogy.