Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 21

Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

    A few years ago when I found out that Nickelodeon was making a Drake and Josh Christmas Movie, I was very excited to see it. Drake and Josh ended in 2007 and Nickelodeon decides to bring them back one more time to make a Christmas movie in 2008. Drake and Josh will always be my favorite Nickelodeon sitcom and after this Christmas movie ended, I said to myself "Bring back Drake and Josh". The whole movie was excellent and also got heartwarming towards the end of the movie, I remember crying through some of the parts the first time I saw this movie. I kinda still do whenever I watch this movie every year. It's great that Nickelodeon didn't forget one character in this movie. Anyways, let me get the review, Josh is still the hilarious and goofy self which I liked. Kimbo Slice was also very funny in this movie. The scene with Drake and Josh being naked in public was hilarious. Crazy Steve's part in this movie really made me laugh hard except he did add a few adult humor along the way. Still don't like Helen though because she is still mean to Josh. It was nice of Drake and Josh to give Officer Gilbert a monkey for Christmas which made him from a Christmas hater to a Christmas lover. Bailee Madison who is a cute little girl did a well done job with this movie. Everything in this movie was pretty much hilarious and heartwarming. Overall, good to see Drake and Josh one last time and Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. 10/10