Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 4

Mindy Loves Josh

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

While working on their project for the Science Fair, Mindy tells Josh that she loves him. This catches Josh off guard. Drake says to Josh that he thinks she's just saying that to beat him in the Science Fair again. Meanwhile, Drake gets a rare skin disease and must find a cure. The best cure? Sypholic acid, also found in lizard pee.moreless

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  • great

    The seriousness of the last few minutes was really well done. Near the beginning of the episode, Mindy tells Josh she 'loves him,' and he is really surprised. Drake tells him this is a rouse to get him distracted so Mindy can win at the science fair. However, near the end we find out it wasn't a rouse. The scene where we find this out is a really good. When Mindy lets Josh win because her invention was better, but she makes it not as good as Josh's during the actual thing. And the ending was nice, too. This episode showed some nice emotion, something we do not get from the show a lot, and it makes me happy.

    There's also a sub plot that's pretty gross, where Megan tricks Drake into thinking he has some disease, and the only cure is sticking his hands and feet in lizard urine.

    B+ or so is going to be my final grademoreless
  • Mindy tells Josh she loves him.

    The actor who plays Mindy is really talented, I loved her facial expressions and how they matched her dialogue very well. Uh, so Mindy tells Josh she loves him but Drake thinks its just a plot of hers to win the science fair, so Josh acts on Drake's thoughts and ends up ruining their relationship, and at the end, they break up. However, at least we got to see really cool lasers. The subplot was when Megan (yay) spray painted Drake's hands and feet green, and then he (believing it was the only cure) put his feet and hands in lizard pee(ew). This was a really emotional episode, but putting Megan and Drake's subplot helped balance things out.moreless
  • mindy and josh are getting serious and mindy says she loves josh..drake gets on megan's nerves so she makes him think he has a rare illness and he has to do something horrible to resolve his issue..mindy and josh compete in the science fairmoreless

    this ep was so funny..i was rofl like the entire ep and the ep includes like my fav funny moment of all time..i so love it..mindy and josh were great and josh's reaction to the whole "i love you" situation was so great..then when drake hit him w/ whatever was in the slingshot that was great..then to make the ep even better megan does like her best revenge of all and this will stay in my mind for years after the show stops airing eps...the lizard pee..that was so hilarious..it was great..and then the whole u got something on your upper lip..oh my gosh..that was like the best moment ever..and josh was so sweet w/ mindy..i just wish they didnt break upmoreless
  • WOW, they show this episode alot.

    They show this episode WAY too much, and I didn't even really like it when it premiered! Well, yeah, it was funny, but the jokes got old. If I reviewed it the day after it came out, this might be a 9.0, but, I didn't and I'm reviewing it now. It was funny with the laser blasting through the wall and the paint guy saying, "I give up" or "Thats it, I'm done." or "I'm done here," I don't remember. Still, an 8 is "great" on the rating thing, so to me this episode was "great". But, it's a low kinda great.moreless
  • Mindy tells Josh she loves him and when he can't answer, gives him the weekend to think about it. After the weekend is the science fair and Drake's convinces Josh that Mindy is trying to take his mind off it.moreless

    This episode is so cute! I like it a lot, it was really sweet and just really good. I love this show so much!

    Mindy breaking up with Josh at the end...I have a feeling like a hundred people were like...um NO! lol, but whatever, everyone knows they'll get back together...in fact they do! This episode is really cute and I guess it looks at how annoying mind games can be, because Mindy wasn't even doing anything and it was just Drake using his stupid girl psychology which is so stupid but I love him, he's hilarious. Yeps, that's a hundred words.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the scene where Megan sprays Drake when he is sleeping, his right sleeve is not rolled up. But in the next scene, it's rolled up.

    • Kevin was disqualified for doing a watermelon lamp two years in a row, but Josh did a big magnet for two years in a row the last science fair. Why wasn't Josh disqualified?

    • When Josh is about to leave their room one time, he turns to slap Drake. But you can see his hand made no contact with Drake at all.

    • You can tell the marshmellows Drake is stacking at the beginning are glued together already, because they all stay when he holds only the top one.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Drake: So you guys are still going to hang out, but you're not going to make out anymore?
      Josh: Yeah.
      Drake: Yeah, and I'm the dumb one.

    • Mindy: (After sying goodbye to Josh) I love you.
      (Josh gets all nervous)
      Josh: (waves his arm) See ya in chemistry!
      (Smashes door in Mindy's face)
      Josh: Drake!!!!

    • (Drake has lizard pee on his hands)
      Megan: You've got something on your lip.
      Drake: My lip? (touches lip) Aww! Blech! (spits) Wait!
      Megan: Yeah?
      Drake: Is it gone?

    • Drake: (Puts hands and feet in lizard pee) Man, I so should have turned the TV on first.

    • Drake: Whatswrongwithmybody.com?
      Josh: I have it bookmarked. . .

    • Judge: Ok, Kevin let´s see your project.
      Kevin: My project is a watermelon lamp!
      Judge: But you did that last year.
      Kevin: Well, see, this one is seedless.
      Judge: Mmmm... disqualified.
      Kevin: Aww, man.

    • Megan: (about Drake's "disease") Or, you know, there is another cure.
      Drake: What?
      Megan: Next time, don't eat my big cookie.
      Drake: What are you saying?
      Megan: That I tricked you into thinking you had a rare skin disease by dying your hands and feet green while you slept. And that you were stupid enough to actually fall for it and stick your hands and feet in buckets of lizard pee. That's what I'm saying.

    • Drake: Hey, I got the lizards!
      Josh: And the pee?
      Drake: That would be up to the lizards. Hey, and talking about cold-blooded animals, how's it going with Mindy?

    • Mindy: Your zipper is down.
      Josh: Huh?! (looks his pants and then he zips it)
      Drake: Dude, check your zipper.
      Josh: Oh man, what is WRONG with this thing? (leaves hallway) It keeps slipping down!

    • Drake: Hey, Josh, what's that doing here?
      Josh: What's what doing here?
      Drake: That thing in a skirt.
      Mindy: What, the lizard pee?
      Drake: Funny.
      Drake's Mom: Drake, I found these buckets in your room. What's in them?
      Drake: That's lizard pee.

    • Megan: Can you give me the link to this skin disease website?
      Mindy: Are you going to do something bad to Drake?
      Megan: Probably.
      Mindy: Excellent.

    • Drake's Mom: Drake, what is in these buckets I found in your room?
      Drake: Lizard Pee.
      Drake's Mom: Counseling, two times a week.
      Drake: But Mom, Dr. Stain makes me talk to puppets!

    • Megan: What are you eating?
      Drake: Big cookie.
      Megan: That's my big cookie!
      (Drake spits it out.)
      Drake: Want it back?

  • NOTES (1)

    • whatswrongwithmybody.com (the website Josh goes on to see what's wrong with Drake's skin) actually takes you to the Zoey 101 page on nick.com. Although right now, it takes you to a show listing page with spongebob highlighting. I believe it used to take you to the Drake and Josh page, and now takes you to random nick pages.