Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 4

Mindy's Back

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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It's the time for the Science Fair. Josh is confident that he'll win first prize, until Mindy Crenshaw returns! Josh comes in second like every year, but he turns out to have a change of heart. After the Science Fair, he develops a liking of Mindy who also has a liking of him. Right before they know it, they're boyfriend and girlfriend!moreless

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  • mindy's back

    A setting stone for Josh's character, his first girlfriend, who is none other than Mindy Crenshaw? Their relationship seemed a bit forced in the beginning, considering they have been known to despise each other, and I was honestly waiting for it to all be some sort of prank on Mindy, or Mindy pranking Josh after her conversation with Megan, but it surprisingly wasn't.

    Mindy & Josh are actually a couple, this couple might not seem too appealing, but Josh Peck & Allison Scagliotti-Smith's dynamic is great, and I found myself laughing through most of their scenes. It was quite a surprise though that Mindy & Josh got together which is why this is such an eventful episode.

    The spotlight was taken off Drake in this episode, usually that doesn't bode well for the show, but in this case, it worked out pretty well. A great eventful episode of Drake & Josh, commendable continuity too!moreless
  • Mindy, the girl who tried to get Drake in big trouble, comes back & wins against Josh in the science fair. When Josh & Mindy get paired together for a project, Josh develops feeling for Mindy & begins to date her, but is afraid of what Drake will think.moreless

    I really thought that this episode was really good! Josh is concerned with what Drake will think about him while he's dating a rival, Mindy Crenshaw (the girl who tried to get Drake suspended in the season 2 episode "Honor Council"). But, once Josh talks to Drake about it, the sensitive side of Drake shows. Drake tells Josh that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about who he's dating. So, after that, Drake must help Josh get Mindy back together with him. This episode was very entertaining! The actors were awesome and I really liked the plot! It took me by surprise when Josh started to like Mindy though. This episode earns a 9.6 our of 10 from me!moreless
  • Great episode..!!!

    This episode is really awesome and hilarious as well..Josh is so excited for the science fair since he has a great chance to finally win first prize..During the science fair everything was going well until Mindy Crenshaw returns..Mindy won first prize again and Josh second..Next day,they were assigned to choose a partner for a project and Mindy choose Josh..Then later that night Mindy admits that she likes Josh and Josh also feels the same way to Mindy..They became boyfriend and girlfriend..But this relationship soon comes to an end when Josh wasn't able to tell Drake about them dating..Mindy ends the relationship right then..Soon after Josh tells Drake the truth..Drake then helps with his brother's relationship..They went to her house and talked to Mindy during midnight..Josh tells her that he told Drake about them..They kissed and got back together again..It was really an amazing episode as Josh finally has a relationship..moreless
  • josh has to deal with mindy again when she comes back for the science fair, but things actually go in a favorable direction

    i loved this ep..it started out so funny w/ the awesome story of the guys i guess when they met in fourth grade b/c thats been brought up several times but im not entirely sure..anyways that was hilarious w/ them both bein squeaky..then it got funnier when josh was so excited about the science fair and drake could care less..the science fair was funny w/ josh and getting stuck on the magnet thanks to drake lol..then mindy was so mean and made a deal (sort of) w/ megan..but then she ends up w/ josh..and it was funny w/ all the scenarios when drake would find out about josh and mindy..the thing at her house was like one of the funniest..poor drake and then poor josh and mindy too but they end up together againmoreless
  • A great episode

    It's the time for the Science Fair. Josh is confident that he'll win first prize, until Mindy Crenshaw returns! Josh comes in second like every year, but he turns out to have a change of heart. After the Science Fair, he develops a liking of Mindy who also has a liking of him. Right before they know it, they're boyfriend and girlfriend! This episode was without a doubt a great episode to say the absolute least. How you could not like such an amazing episode is beyond me. A must see for all Drake and Josh fans. Season 3 does it again.moreless
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Stacie Chan


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Ted Lange

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Allison Scagliotti

Mindy Crenshaw

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In a later episode, "Mindy Loves Josh," Ethan gets disqualified in the Science Fair for making a watermelon lamp two years in a row. So in this episode, wouldn't Josh have been disqualified for making a giant magnet two years in a row?

    • At Mindy's house, when Josh climbs the flower fence like it's a ladder, Josh falls back, and they both fall on fake grass that looks like a cushion to prevent the actors from being harmed in the making of this film. It can be seen the moment they fall.

    • In their experiments, both Josh and Mindy use electromagnets to pick up cans of soda. However, soda cans are made of aluminum, which isn't attracted to magnets.

    • when Josh and Drake fall from the wall Josh does not land on Drake however when the camera is on them Josh is on top of Drake.

    • When Mindy and Josh fall out the window, you can clearly see the extra padding on the ground.

    • Josh says that Mindy's parents are asleep because its after mindnight - yet every window in her house is lit up.

    • When Josh finally tells Drake that he and Mindy are dating, the sun is out. Then, when they get to Mindy's house, it's suddenly dark outside.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Josh: Mindy Crenshaw is ruining my life!
      Megan: They let her out of the wacky shack?

    • Josh: (after he and Drake fall from the window) Yeah, that's good...for the spine!

    • Mindy: You may hug me.
      Josh: Sweet.

    • Drake: (about Mindy) So I don't like her; big deal. I don't like half the girls I date.

    • Josh: Hey world, Josh Nichols is gonna win the...(falls out the window)
      Drake: So, your project's about gravity?

    • Teacher: Your next project could be about the World War I, the World War II or the war that makes you happy.
      Craig: Is this project gonna be in pairs? Cause I want go with Eric!
      Eric: What?! I´m tired of you!
      Teacher: Eric, who do you want as your partner?
      Eric: I want to go with Melanie.
      Craig: Melanie?! But she does not appreciate you!

    • Drake: Josh, I don't hate you!
      Josh: But you must think I'm an idiot for dating Mindy.
      Drake: No, that's not why I think you're an idiot...

    • Mindy: I like your shirt.
      Josh: I like your face.

    • Megan: Why need girls when you can just sit alone in your room doing that!

    • Josh: Welcome to my magnetic field of dreams!

    • Josh: I thought you were locked up in the cocoo hut!
      Mindy: It was a mental rehabilitation clinic...

    • Mindy: I guess we're girlfriend and boyfriend!
      Josh: Fine, on one condition!
      Mindy: What?
      Josh: I get to be the boyfriend!

    • (after touching Megan's shoulder)
      Drake: Hey! Get your hands off my sister´s shoulder... I don't want her clothes infested with Mindy germs.
      Mindy: Wow, Drake. I'm just impressed you knew the word "infested" and used it properly in a sentence.
      Drake: Let´s go, Megan. To burn your shirt.

    • Josh: (wakes up and screams) Oh, Drake. Your head's fine.
      Drake: (confused) And you have...pretty eyes...

    • Mindy: Josh... I've been, er, researching some relationship timing models on the web and sometime in the next 3-5 days we should... ah... be having our... first kiss.
      Josh: You know, you don't have to convince me, I'm down with the whole kissing thang.

    • Josh: This project is going to be hardest on my smallish eyes, cause they have to look at you. There, I said it.
      Mindy: Actually, the human eyes are just receptors that do not comprehend the images the see until they are inteprted by the brain, which in your case is smallish.

    • Mindy: Hello, Josh.
      Josh: MINDY?!? How the... What in the... Why the...
      Mindy: Are you planning on finishing any of these questions?
      Josh: How you get back from the cuckoo hut?

    • Mindy: Oh just kiss me.
      (Drake, Josh and Mindy falls)
      Josh: That was awesome.

    • (Door Bell Rings)
      Josh: It's my girlfriend.
      Josh: Hey pretty lady.
      Mindy: Hey cupcake.

    • Mindy: Hi, I'm Mindy!
      Megan: I know who you are.
      Mindy: I'm here to see Josh.
      Megan: I know why you're here.
      Mindy: Is there a problem between us?

    • Drake: If you ate soup with a fork the liquid would just. . .
      Josh: (Screaming) I know!

    • Josh: Gooood Morning brotha! (Dancing) Wake up!

    • Megan: If it makes you feel any better, I hate Mindy just as much as you do.
      Josh: Really? Why?
      Megan: Because she makes your life miserable . . . And thats my job

    • Josh: (Nervously) Hey, Drake. Pretty, pretty, ah . . . pants.
      Drake: Thank you?

    • Josh: Hi, Mindy!
      Mindy: Uh, hi. . . what are you doing at my window?

    • Mindy: Hey, Josh.
      Josh: You are the truck in my life, therefore I avoid you.

    • Megan: Here's a riddle for you. If a truck is headed for you, what do you do?
      Josh: A spoon!

    • Megan: Why was Josh screaming? Have the eggs hatched yet!?
      Josh: What eggs?
      Megan: Oh, nothing . . .
      (both Drake and Josh got up form the beds and looked around)

    • Drake: Josh, did you show Mindy your yo-yo collection? I told you that's not cool!

    • Mindy: Who says I think you're dumb, maybe I happen to think you're really smart. Maybe I just . . . Maybe I just like you.
      Josh: Well, maybe I like you too. Maybe I've likes you for a really time, only I didn't know it cause I hated you so much.

    • Mindy: Oh, Josh. Don´t you ever learn that I can outsmart you at anytime I want?
      Josh: Oh yeah?
      Mindy: Yeah. Say Fort.
      Josh: Fort.
      Mindy: Say fort three times.
      Josh: Fort, fort, fort.
      Mindy: Spell it twice.
      Josh: F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T.
      Mindy: Say it two more times.
      Josh: Fort Fort.
      Mindy: Now, what do you eat soup with?
      Josh: With a Fork! Ha!
      Mindy: Really? Because I eat my soup with a spoon.
      Drake: Yeah, cause if you eat soup with a fork, all the liquid would just fall down from the-
      Josh: (screaming) I KNOW!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Josh introduces his science project by saying, "Welcome to my magnetic field...of dreams" This is an allusion to the 1989 Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams.

    • At the beginning of this episode, when Drake and Josh talk of their first meeting, a vintage Illinois lisence plate dated June of 1986 is shown. This is the same month that Drake Bell was born in.