Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 3

Movie Job

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 28, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Josh and Drake both get a job at the movie theater. Josh does a bunch of work, but Drake slacks off and gets all the credit. When Drake becomes Josh's boss, Josh is fed up, because he was doing all of Drake's work for him.

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  • Movie Job

    Drake and Josh gets jobs at the movie theater, but Josh is doing all the work, while Drake is slacking. But Helen thinks it is the opposite, and as such, she promotes Drake, making him Josh's manager. This infuriates him, who makes a plan to make Helen see how responsible he is. But when the plan backfires, Josh is fired. Heartbroken because of how much he wanted the job, Drake lies and says it was his idea, and so Helen is forced to fire him. And then Josh gets the job back.

    A good episode that shows how much Drake and Josh can love each othermoreless
  • Geat episode!

    In this episode Drake and Josh are at The Premiere Movie Theater. After they see a movie Josh meets a guy who works there named Crazy Steve. Josh tells Crazy Steve that there is a cup holder loose. Crazy Steve gets all fed up on the nitpick and quits. He hands his red vest to Josh and people starts asking him questions. Helen the owner of the movie theater comes over and decides to hire Josh. The next day Josh tells Drake that he got paid and bought all kinds of awesome gadgets with his work money. Drake soon decides to get a job instead of just selling Josh's stuff. On the first day of being work buddies Josh is a reliable worker while Drake is quite the opposite. Josh helps Drake with his work but Helen believes Drake did his work well and Josh didn't. Soon Helen thinks Drake such a reliable worker that he becomes promoted to assistant manager. Josh wanted the job as assistant manager so he decides to impress Helen. He does this by storing golden balls into 10 lucky buckets of popcorn. Any moviegoer who finds one will win free movies for a month. Everyone fights over the golden balls and they all get hurt. So the medics had to come and bring everyone to the hospital. Helen is extremely angry about the whole popcorn idea so she sentences Josh to her office. Josh decides to admit the truth and tell her it was his idea, but then Drake jumps in and said it was his idea. Then Drake gets fired and goes home. Drake tells Josh that he took the blame because Josh loved working there more than him. So he decided to go back to selling Josh's possessions. Great episode watch it =)

  • Josh gets a job at a movie theater because of his knowledge of movies & Drake gets a job there too. Josh works hard & Drake slacks off. Drake becomes assistent manager & Josh is mad. Josh has a plan that doesn't go right & Drake takes the blame for Josh.moreless

    This was a really great episode! It was another one of those episodes that shows how great of a guy Drake can really be. I thought it was so sweet when Drake took the blame for what Josh did, just so Josh could keep his job at The Premiere Movie Theater. But, this episode also shows how mad Josh can get at his brother for just being himself. That's how Drake is, and something tells me that Drake really can't help it. This episode was great and entertaining! It made me want to keep watching so I could see what happens next! It earns a 9.7 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • josh gets a job at their favorite movie theater because of his knowledge of movies while drake simply asks and gets the job; josh works hard and drake slacks off

    i love this ep..it may not have been my fav or absolutely one of the best eps ever..i liked it tho..it had just the right amount of comedy in it..ive seen this ep so many times and im actually going to watch it in a few minutes anyways..but im gonna do the best i can lol..i liked it..josh was funny when he got the job and all drake did was ask..josh was so stunned but happy at the same time..then it was funny how drake slacked off and got away w/ it and charmed helen and everything..i was laughing so hard..w/ josh's huh thing..so funny and drake gets the job as assistant manager and this is even funnier..then drake does the sweetest thing by taking the blame and josh keeps his cool job at the movies..very cutemoreless
  • Joshe gets a movie theater job!!!!!

    Josh and Drake both get a job at the movie theater. Josh does a bunch of work, but Drake slacks off and gets all the credit. When Drake becomes Josh's boss, Josh is fed up, because he was doing all of Drake's work for him. This episode never disappointed at all because of its great humor. This episode is very important for one major reason it introduces a character that will one day be big in this show, Helen. My favorite part was when there was a riot to find the golden balls inside of the popcorn containers. In the end I thought that it was very nice of Drake to take the hit for Josh.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After watching a movie, Josh makes Crazy Steve, an employee at the Premeire,'quit'. But, Crazy Steve still works at the Premeire in later episodes of Drake and Josh.

    • When Drake was playing videogames, he was playing with a "Playstation" controller.

    • When Drake says that he's sold Josh's CD player, Josh uses the remote to try and switch it on, but the CD player isn't there. If Drake had really sold the CD player, wouldn't the remote have gone as well? Also, in the first episode (Pilot), before Josh moves in to Drake's room, the CD player is already there, and in later episodes the same CD player is back.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Helen: Do you have a job?
      Josh: No.
      Helen: Are you, uh, alright in the head?
      Josh: I think so.
      Helen: Congratulations. You're hired.
      Josh: What?
      Helen: Get to work!

    • Plumber: (going through the drain) Oh here's the problem. You had a beef rib stuck in there. (starts eating it) ... No, actually, it's pork. (keeps eating) ... Yep. Definitely pork. (keeps eating and chuckles)
      (Drake & Josh chuckle nervously)

      Drake: MOM!
      Josh: DAD!

    • Josh: Yes. I would love to work here.
      Helen: Good. Bring me a hotdog!
      Josh: Do you want me to put mustard on it?
      Helen: It's not going to put mustard on itself

    • Helen: Every time the paramedics are called someone must be fired.

    • Megan: No! Don't touch the drain! There are monsters in there! (screams)
      Josh: (to Drake) Ha! Good call, letting her see that movie.

    • Drake: It's not that I have a problem with working, I just... choose not to.

    • (Drake and Josh talking about Cavemom 2)
      Josh: Oh. I loved the way the director used light as a symbol for redemption.
      Drake: I loved the way the director used hot girls as a symbol for... hot girls.
      (Some girls pass by)
      Drake: And speaking of hot girls...

    • (Drake and Josh just coming out of the movie theater)
      Josh: Wow! Cavemom 2. How awesome!
      Drake: So awesome!

    • Josh: To me, getting a job done and done well, just feels good. I like doing dishes...
      Drake; I like sleeping...
      Josh: Raking leaves...
      Drake: Playing guitar...
      Josh: Doing homework...
      Drake: Tricking Josh into doing my homework.

    • Drake: So after dinner tonight, mom tells me and Josh to do the dishes.
      Josh: You know, Drake is supposed to be helping me do these dishes, but I don't mind. I like working.

    • Helen: You.
      Josh: Me?
      Helen: That's your name, isn't it?

    • (after Megan & her friends con him into buying them tickets for a PG-13 movie)
      Josh: EVIL!!!!

    • Plumber: Hey, nice vest.
      Drake: Thanks. It´s gold!
      Plumber: Yeah, very nice. (to Josh) Hey, you should get one like those.

    • Josh: I have to tell you something about the popcorn incident
      Helen: I'm sorry, who are you?

    • Helen: (To Drake) In fact, how would you like to be promoted to assistant manager?
      Josh: (Loudly) Hah?

    • Josh: Uh, Drake? Your stack's a little askew.
      Drake: Um, Who a-cares?
      Josh: I do. Switch with me. I want everything to go well so Helen can--
      Helen: Drake! Nice stack! Josh, yours is askew!

    • Josh: Little, golden balls...So much trouble, from such little, golden balls!

    • Helen: You made Crazy Steve quit?
      Josh: You hired a guy named Crazy Steve?
      Helen: Had to.Long story. Not pretty.

    • Helen: Drake, did I just see you sell those little girls tickets to a PG13 movie?
      Drake: Yes, yes I did Helen. And I'll tell you why. I'm not going to lie to you Helen, those four kids are Norwegian.
      Josh: Huh?!
      Helen: That means, they´re from Norway.
      Drake: And as I'm sure you know Norway is on the metric system. So in Norway, PG13 is really PG9.
      Helen: Yeah, that´s right.
      Drake: So I didn't want to start an international incedent.
      Helen: Nice. Heads up move. I like your style, Drake.

    • Josh: We can be work buddies!
      Drake: yeah, don't say that again

    • Josh: Well, you'll have to talk to Helen the manager, but she doesn't hand out jobs to just anybody
      Drake: Helen, can I have a job?
      Helen: Sure, start tomorrow

    • Josh: And look at this! (takes something out of a bag)
      Drake: What is it?
      Josh: I don't know!

    • TV Fitness Instructor: And 1, and, 2, you feel the burn?
      Drake: Nope, but I feel the nacho cheese

    • Josh: Drake, where's my stereo?
      Drake: Wisconsin.

    • Drake: You know, Josh, I thought about it and I think you're right. I should get a job.
      Josh: Really? Why?
      Drake: You know it teaches responsibility, leadership, discipline -
      Josh: No, seriously, why?

    • Drake: I'm watching, when do I start learning?

    • Drake: Hello brother, hello plumber.

    • Josh: Well, dishes are done.
      Drake: That's enough guitar for one night.
      Josh: On to my next activity.
      Drake: Time for my next activity.
      Josh: Hello, broom.
      Drake: Hello, Michelle.

    • Drake: I love the way the director used hot girls as a symbol for uh...hot girls

    • Drake: Why are you wearing a vest?
      Josh: I work here.
      Drake: How long was I gone?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Drake tells Helen that he hates ketchup on a hotdog, but in the later episode, "The Wedding", Drake is eating a hotdog with ketchup on it at the beginning.

    • Running Gags.
      1) Helen asking Josh who he is.
      2) Josh complaining about Drake's work habits to people who he doesn't know.
      3) Josh doing all the work only for Drake to get all the credit.
      4) People asking Josh to get them a hot dog.
      5) People who ask Josh to get them a hot dog telling him that it isn't going to put mustard on itself.


    • Drake: I've been selling your stuff on Ebay.

      Ebay.com is a famous auctioning website, where people sell used items.

    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

      When Drake lets Megan into a PG-13 movie, he tells Helen they were from Norway, so it actually meant PG-9. This was a double reference to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, as the movie was originally rated M (Pg-13) in Australia, and was given a special rating of 9 in the Netherlands.

    • Josh: It detects your exact longitude! Longitude!
      The item that Josh was holding was a GPS navagator.

    • Drake: That's the new Ibot, it downloads like 30,000 songs
      The "Ibot" is a parody of the Apple Ipod.