Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 9

My Dinner With Bobo

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The boys are tired of sharing a ride and get money to buy a car. But all goes bananas when Drake buys an orangutan named Bobo instead. Soon they think they can make some money off their new friend. The problem is, things get hairy when they find out the man who purchased him may be an evil doctor.moreless

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  • Phantom of the... Doctor?

    Did anyone else notice that the doctor who bought Bobo was in the performance of the Phantom of the Opera? My sister and I watched the performance, then this episode. We were freaking out! Haha.
  • Ehh..I wasn't a huge fan of this one.

    In this episode, after getting tired of fighting over Walter's car, Drake and Josh decide to buy their own. Drake spends the money for the car on Bobo, a monkey, though, and from there craziness ensues. I don't know why, but this episode just seemed a little too far-fetched to me. First of all, why would Drake rather buy a monkey instead of just buying the car? I know that was needed for the plot, but still...it just didn't make a lot of sense to me. Secondly, they included a guy who EATS monkeys in the story? That aspect of the episode just seemed way too far-fetched, but that's just my opinion. I also didn't like the ending when Megan ended up getting her own way. I do admit, though, Bobo the monkey was very cute, and there were some funny moments, like the scene at the car place near the beginning and Walter's part. Overall, though, unfortunately, this isn't one of the better episodes I've seen. Grade: C. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • a monkey

    I hate to admit it, but this episode was not that bad. I often criticize the show but Drake and Josh got me a few times in what was not a terrible installment, despite the ludicrous notion of the titular character buying an orangutan.

    The used car dealer was funny in his brief cameo and I wish we saw the scene where Drake bought the monkey from him.

    The idea of a man eating the monkey seemed a little graphic for Nickelodeon and I was actually shocked to see that nearly happen. We knew it wasn't going to, but even to tease us with it could've traumatized some kids.moreless
  • Not my all-time favorite episode but it was superb

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". It's not like my all-time favorite episode but it was very enjoyable. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was how Drake lied to the Josh and just took the car and the ending of the episode when Drake and Josh bought the car that Megan wanted. So pretty much, the only thing I disliked was the beginning and the end of this episode. It was very funny how Drake decided to buy Bobo the monkey instead of a car for both Drake and Josh to use. I also thought that Bobo the monkey was very cute. Bobo the monkey swinging on Drake and Josh's room definitely made me laugh hard. Drake charging people at the Movie Premiere to either dance, kiss, or get a picture of Bobo to raise the money was very funny. Walter's part in this episode was hilarious as well. Drake and Josh sold Bobo to that doctor who happens to "consume primates" meaning that he eats monkeys was very interesting. The doctor was very funny because he was little weird in my opinion. The doctor tricking Drake and Josh into going inside his closet and then locking it was funny. The doctor running away from the police was pretty funny as well. The doctor's line "Oh crud" after the cop caught him with Bob just had to make me laugh. Overall, not my all-time favorite episode but it was overall superb in my opinion. 9/10moreless
  • great

    Drake and Josh want to buy a new car, but Drake instead goes out and buys a monkey. They try to make money, letting people see the monkey, and play with it, but they sell the monkey to a man with a secret- he eats monkeys. Will Drake and Josh be able to save their monkey?

    Good episode. The evil doctor was kind of… weird but overall it was a pretty nice episode, I thought. Not terrible not fantastic. So because of all of this I think my final grade for this episode will fall in the "B" range.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • This episode has never aired in Europe.

    • Drake and Josh said that Walter promised both of them to use his car on the same night, and Walter agreed with them. But Walter never promised the car to Drake, all that Drake did was he told Walter where he was going then ate his burger.

    • Josh says that they only made $20 in 3 hours, which meant that they made $40 (Helen took half). If this took 3 hours, then how come we watch them make $35 of the money. This would mean that in about 3 hours, only one person payed them.

    • Drake didn't really need a new car of his own because in Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, Drake already had his own car that had a lot of junk, including his dead bird Tweeter and Josh's Ge-O. After the criminals were captured, Tony Hawk's manager let Drake and Josh keep Tony's viper because he has two more, so Drake should have two of his own cars.

    • When Drake and Josh are doing their "10,000 dance" in the movie theater, a camera is clearly visible on the left of the screen.

    • Fancy Cat is a parody of Cat Fancy.

    • $1200 is the same amount as Josh spent on buying Drake's Stratocaster when he accidentally made Drake's other one explode.

    • When Walter runs away to escape Drake and Josh from asking him about the car, he drops his burger on the table and runs away. When we see Drake and Josh again, the burger is reset on the plate Walter was using. This shows that the two scenes were filmed apart.

    • Megan's computer has a pear logo on the back, wich is also used on another Nick show , Zoey 101, is a parody of Apple Inc. (the original logo is an apple), this is another electronic product in the series (counting the movie), the products parodied were Nintendo DS, Sony's PlayStation Portable, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance SP, the iPod and the Nintendo GameCube.

    • When we first see Walter reading Fancy Cat magazine, there is a page that we can see the reverse side of. The page has multicolored items on it. Later when Walter is on the couch, you can see the multicolored items in the same spot on the same page. This reveals that he has not turned the page in the day or so that Drake and Josh were looking at cars.

    • The $10,000 check that Drake and Josh received from selling Bobo (to Doctor Adiran Favisham) could have easily been retrieved. After Doctor Favisham was arrested, he left the check on the counter, next to Bobo's cage. Drake and Josh easily could have taken it with them and bought another car for themself (other than Megan's Volkswagen Beetle). But that would just be mean, so instead they just exit without the money.

    • Drake took the extra money from Josh's 'special box' in their bedroom. But Drake couldn't have accessed it, because he took the money from the hatch and went straight out the door.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Drake: (after Josh hands over his cellphone) Nice going, Bluetooth!

    • Drake: (points at a monkey) Hey, Bobo! Aw, I love this guy! (picks up Bobo)
      Stan: He seems to take a liking to you too!
      Drake: Aw, he's awesome.
      Megan: Yeah, maybe he can tutor you in math.

    • Josh: I'm going to take a bath; Dad, Did you bring me my bath salts?
      Walter: Yeah, they are in the table, I got country daisy and lavender breeze.
      Josh: Awesome! Lavender Breeze, take me away! (Runs to the bathroom)

    • Drake: Have I ever let you down?
      Josh: Uhh... yeah, let me see, oh-uh yeah. Consistently!!!

    • Girl: Ahh, he spit on my mouth!
      Drake: (counting money) Yeah, you gotta read the signs.
      (the sign is focused in on and it says "Caution: Bobo might spit on your mouth")

    • (Josh attacking Drake for the keys)
      Drake: I got a whole bucket of creamed corn waiting for me at a women's prison!

    • Drake: You better let us out!
      Josh: Ya, we have a cell phone in here!
      Doctor: You have no cell phone.
      Josh: Do to!
      Doctor: Fine then play me a ringtone.
      Josh: What?!?!
      Doctor: Play me a ringtone.
      (Josh plays ringtone)
      Doctor: Does it have blue tooth?
      Josh: What?!?!
      Doctor: Your cell phone, does it have blue tooth?
      Josh: Ya, dude it has blue tooth.
      Doctor: Prove it.
      Josh: Fine open the door!
      (Doctor opens door, takes phone, and locks door again)

    • Drake: I got a gig at the San Diego Womens' Correction Facility.
      Walter: That's a prison!
      Drake: A womens' prison.

    • Walter: Good, my chequebook is...
      Drake: ...yeah, I know where it is.

    • Josh: You took that money, didn't you?
      Drake: Yes.
      Josh: Oh, yes you did.
      Drake: I did.
      Josh: I know you took it.
      Drake: OK, I don't know how to be any clearer.

    • Drake (with Bobo): He's awesome.
      Megan: Yeah, maybe he can tutor you in Math.

    • Megan: Dad said I could help with the car.
      Drake: Yes, and thank you for helping us decide we're not getting this one.

    • Josh: They sang Show Toons the whole way.
      Drake: You love Show Toons.
      Josh: When I'm singing.

    • Drake: We wanna buy our own car.
      Walter: You had your own car.
      Drake: Which I lost...

    • (Drake and Josh are fighting over the car keys)
      Drake: Dad said I could use the car tonight!
      Josh: Well tough noodles, Dad said I could use the car tonight!
      Drake: Dad said I could use the car tonight and no-one says tough noodles!

    • (Josh falls)
      Drake: Yeah, we should get those stairs carpeted.

    • Josh: I've seen your adverts: "You need a car, you need a van? Come see Stan the car man!".
      Drake (quickly): Who also sells trucks and vans.
      Stan: Yeah... I hate it when people imitate me.
      Josh: I'm sorry.
      Drake (quickly): I am also sorry.

    • Josh: You promised me the car.
      Walter: Ah-huh.
      Drake: But you promised me the car!
      Walter: That is also true.

  • NOTES (0)


    • The magazine that Walter is reading is called Fancy Cat. This is a parody of the magazine Cat Fancy.

    • Episode Title: My Dinner With Bobo

      This is an allusion to the 1981 film, My Dinner With Andre, starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.

    • The magic place Josh refers to is a parody of a real place named the Magic Castle in Las Vegas. The place is where magicians come to and perform shows.