Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 2

Peruvian Puff Pepper

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Drake and Josh enter a salsa contest so they can win a 45 inch high depth Yatzubishi plasma screen TV. But they won't let Megan join their team, so she decides to play dirty. After she gets the boys in trouble twice and she makes her own salsa, she buys the ultimate target for Drake and Josh. The Peruvian Puff Pepper.moreless

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  • Not a great episode, but at least it was funny

    I love the jokes in this episode but the stuff with Megan being innocent did get a little annoying. I understand it's part of her character like texas123g said, but it went too far this episode I think. In an episode like "Sheep Thrills" yeah sure Megan did get Drake and Josh in trouble, but that was only for a joke at the end and Megan wasn't acting like she didn't do anything wrong all throughout. The ending also was a slap in the face where Megan got away it. The ending should've been like in an episode like "Pool Shark" where Drake was hustling but learned a lesson at the end, but here it wasn't the case. Like I said not that good, but the episode doesn't stop me from loving the show(unlike SpongeBob).moreless
  • Awesome Episode!

    Why is everyone down on this episode because of Megan? That's just who she is, that's her character, that's what makes the show so funny. And NO, Audrey & Walter do not HATE Drake & Josh, they just had no fucking clue that it was Megan who made the salsa explode. She's eleven fucking years old, no one's ever gonna believe the kind of pranks that she pulls.
  • very funny

    this episode was very funny especialy the salsa explosion i enjoyed the episode the plot and the charachters. tha basic plot was funny but where did Megan get enough money to pay the guy for the peppers and if megaan is so evil and full of gadgets why dosen't she have survalene of her room. Meghan had a big plot in this episode such as destroying their chance at winning the huge plasma screen. Megans genius desguise system saved her butt this time but i shall fail in the future, thank you for reading my reviewmoreless
  • I actually liked this episode

    In my opinion, this episode was pretty well thought out, at least the first part was. I know some people didn't like this episode but I did. It shows that Megan is a way better actor than Drake and Josh are. Megan shows some impressive acting when she was fake crying about Drake and Josh acting "crazy" while Josh and Drake were acting totally fake when they told Megan they didn't know about the Puff Peppers. But I too am angry at Audrey and Walter for being so dumb and thinking Drake and Josh are "blaming" Megan for what she did. They sounded like they actually meant it when they said "Megan!" after the salsa splattered everywhere. Ooh, I think this episode would have been better with Drake and Josh doing a dance-and-sing number after they found Megan's hi-tech gadgets and now they were gonna prove to Audrey and Walter that she was evil. But overall, I think this was a good episode. It probably goes back further than any Drake and Josh episode out there. I give it an A-.moreless
  • The biggest reason of why I hate Megan.

    If you just read my Drake and Josh review,you know how much I can't stand Megan. Well,this episode proves me right. Of course it starts off with Josh making salsa by a instructional tape,but Drake impersonates the narrator and tricks Josh into smashing the tomato on his face,which was hilrailous. So they both make salsa,and Megan wants to join,but they deny it.But Megan puts something in there for revenge that makes the salsa explode all over the kitchen. When they try to tell their parents,they don't believe them,and believe Megan is innocent. She's even trying to act innocent by playing with dolls. "Ahh,look at her play with dolls". Are you kidding me? These parents are gullible morons if they are going to believe that. And there was another hilrailous scene where Drake uses the salsa on Josh to put on his chip. So they try to get proof that Megan is evil. They go in her room,and find out that there are video cameras and gadgets under the picture frame in Megan's room. They try to get their parents to believe them,and Megan acts sweet again. "Look mom,I made you a sweater." UGGHHH!!! But it turns out,it's gone. Then we get another one of Megan acting sweet. "Mommy,they knocked over my poster!" Someone get me a gun,I'm going to shoot Megan. But it turns out,it was hidden beneath the wall,and was revealed by a button under one of Megan's pictures,and sees Drake and Josh getting yelled at. What a jerk. Megan then gets a pepper named the Peruvian Puff Pepper,that is known as the best type of pepper ever. They steal from her for a plan. And in that scene,Drake saves the episode again by mispronouncing "South America". So Megan discovers that the pepper is stolen,and tires to get it back,but they get away with it. At the salsa competition,Drake and Josh win,but get disqualified because Peruvian Puff Pepper is illegal. So Megan wins the contest,and ends up winning a flatscreen TV in her room. At the end,she sees Drake and Josh cleaning the kitchen,and Megan says "My Favorite show,Boob and Boober". Seriously,this has got to be the worst Drake and Josh episode of all time. Megan didn't deserve all the sympathy she was getting,and I want to destroy that TV. Not only did she ruin this episode,the parents,Audrey and Walter,were complete idiots who never gave Drake and Josh a chance. Never watch this episode,because you know how bad it is.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Josh said hes been making salsa for years. If he has, why was he listening to "How To Make Salsa" at the beginning of the episode?

    • This is the first time Drake and Josh have seriously attempted to turn one of Megan's pranks back on her.

    • Drake and Josh's hallway has changed slightly since it was last seen in "Guitar." Generally it looks the same, but it's slightly wider and the doors are further apart. The bookcase has also gone from the back.

    • Megan's plan all worked around the fact that she would come second. How could she be so sure? She couldn't have used the Peruvian Puff Pepper because it was still whole when they stole it from her. And if she was so sure she'd come second, isn't there a high change she could have beaten Drake and Josh anyway had they not of used the Puruvian Puff Pepper?

    • Drake says this is the first time he's been in Megan's room since she was 5, but in "The Dune Buggy", Audrey asks Drake to carry Megan up to her room, and in "Grammy", Drake takes Grammy's things into Megan's room.

    • The button that Megan uses behind the picture frame to slide the wall back to the two tv's is still open when Drake and Josh come to comfront her about her making salsa.

    • Just before the salsa explodes you can make out on the tv that they are watching Defending Dustin from Zoey 101.

    • When Megan puts some stuff in Drake and Josh's salsa, she stirs it and when she takes out the wooden spoon, it is clean. That must mean that there was nothing in the pot.

    • If you look at the kitchen table after the salsa exploded, you can see no salsa on the kitchen table.

    • In the episode, "Drake and Josh Inn," they got a new phone with caller ID, but in this episode, they have the old green phone.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Josh: Have you ever been in her room?
      Drake: Once when I was nine.
      Josh: What happened?
      Drake: She pushed me out the window and then told Mom I fell.

    • Audrey: Oh, my kitchen!

    • (As Drake and Josh are searching for proof that Megan's evil in her room)
      Drake: Man, there's nothing in here. It just looks like a normal girl's room.
      Josh: (Hears electrical blurb) Oh, you think? (Takes unicorn poster off wall to find a spy monitor behind it) Holy cheese! Look at all that equipment!
      Drake: So this is how she always knows what we're doing! What do you think this button does? (Presses button and it shocks Josh's butt)
      Josh: So that's why that's been happening! (Pause) I thought it was puberty.

    • Megan: Ok, I want my Peruvian Puff Peppers and I want them now!
      Josh: (looks like he's thinking) Peruvian Puff Peppers...
      Drake: Is that a new band? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with their work.

    • Megan: (changes channel to Drake and Josh in the kitchen) My favorite show. Boob and Boober.

    • (At the begining of the episode...)
      Drake: Sometimes when you plan to do one thing, something totally different happens.
      Josh: Once I planned to ride my bike to the mall... I hit a bus.
      Drake: Oh Oh and there was this one time I planned a surprise birthday party for Josh...
      Josh: And I'll never forget the surprise party Drake planned for my birthday...
      Drake: When he walked in we all yelled surprise...
      Josh: I just wasn't expecting to be surprised by all those people in our room.
      Drake: Josh was so shocked he threw a punch and nailed our aunt Barbara right in the jaw.
      Josh: I punched my aunt Barbara, uh but it was an accident.
      Drake: when she woke up, she was so mad she took the present she bought for josh, and ran over it in our driveway.
      Josh: And then She ran over my new Cellphone... with her truck.
      Drake: The whole thing was pretty Hysterical.
      Josh: The whole thing was pretty Disturbing.
      Drake: The point is.
      Josh: The point is.
      Drake: Whenever you plan Something...
      Josh: If you're gonna punch your aunt in the face...
      Drake: Don't be surprised if things take an unexpected twist.
      Josh: She just might run over your new Cellphone!
      Drake: Yup.
      Josh: (with sorrow) Yeah...

    • (Drake pretending to be the chef radio host with a Spanish accent)
      Drake: But first, you've got to smell your tomato.
      Josh: Smell my tomato?
      Drake: Inhale the aroma, by pressing it to your nose with great force!
      (Josh presses pushes tomato into his nose)

    • Pharnsworth: I've got a big date tonight.
      Megan: Dinner with your mom?
      Pharnsworth: (Quiet) Yes.

    • Josh: So how do we get the pepper?
      Drake: We can't; says here that there only availible in South "Ah' mer-eeka.". . .What?
      Josh: South America!!

    • Josh: Time to make some salsa!
      Salsa Chef Radio Host: Welcome to how to make salsa, with I Horatio Hidalgo.
      Josh: Hola!
      Horatio: First, you must take time to appreciate your ingredients as if they were a fine woman.
      Josh: (puts down the 2 tomatoes he was holding) Sorry Ma'am.

    • Pharnsworth: Young lady these are some of the rarest peppers of man kind, I'm afraid it's $50 or no deal
      Megan: 40.
      Pharnsworth: Deal.

    • Drake: Hey Josh, check out this family picture!
      Josh: What? What about it?
      Drake: I look good!

    • Josh: If I knew why it was bubbling, would I be wondering why it was bubbling?
      Drake: Bubbling. That's a funny word. (in bubbley voice) Bub-ling, bub-ling, bub-ling.

    • Josh: (About Megan) What if she's in our room doing something?
      Drake: What would she be doing in our room?
      Drake: . . . . . Megan!
      Josh: Get out of our room!

    • Josh: You know, if you want you can be my uh, salsa partner.
      Drake: Really? Really? I can? Wow! cause that's-- not gonna happen.

    • Drake: Who is that?
      Megan: None of your bees-guts!

    • Josh: We swear! There was a monitor... and.. uh, uh uh ... radio, and uhh buttons! And a button that hurt my bottom!

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