Drake & Josh

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake Parker and Josh Nichols become brothers when there parents get married, something that Drake is not too happy about. After living together for a couple of weeks, Drake walks in on Josh wearing a dress. Josh reveals himself as Ms. Nancy, a character who writes a column for the school newsletter. Drake tries to help one of Josh's submitters, a beautiful girl whose boyfriend Buck ends up thinking Josh has tried to steal her from him. Josh enrolls in a Karate class to try and take on Buck.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Pilot for Drake and Josh

    This was certainly not the greatest episode of this wonderful show. Although this was a very clever episode with a lot of different things happening so it did catch my attention so I can enjoy this episode but I feel like if I watch this episode a lot that it will get tiring and old fast But since they don't give it much that's not a problem. Overall this was a descent episode for my favorite TV show considering it did give me a few laughs like when the dude was threatning Josh how he was going to beat him up. That was funny. So for all of that, I give the Pilot a 6.5 out of 10. Good pilot for Drake and Josh.moreless
  • Pefect!

    When 2 completely different teenagers are forced to move in together,things take an unexspected twist.

    A great way to start out the first season and the entire series
  • superb

    What I liked- Josh taking karate (And being terrible at it), Josh as Miss Nancy, Drake helping Josh realize he does not need to dress like a woman to give good advice for his Miss Nancy article, amongst other things.

    Pretty good. It's not quite a perfect series premiere, but it did do a good job at introducing a lot of the characters we are going to see for the next 4 seasons, so my final grade is a B- or so, i think is fairmoreless
  • Perfect pilot for my favorite show "Drake and Josh"

    I thought that this was a perfect pilot of "Drake and Josh" and it made me laugh very hard. I thought it was hilarious when Drake and Josh find out that Drake's mom and Josh's dad are getting married and then Josh hugs Drake while Drake is screaming. I thought it was hilarious when Josh's dad said "And now it's time for me to kiss you", then Drake's mom says "And now it's time for me to kiss you", then Drake responds "And now it's time for me to throw up". I thought it was freakin' hilarious when Drake was screaming and freaking out when he saw that Josh was in a dress and Drake also found out that Josh is "Ms. Nancy". It was also funny that the bully of a girl that Drake is dating was threatening to beat up Josh and then Josh gets scared. I normally don't like Megan but I thought it was so funny when she put hot sauce on Drake and Josh's drinks and it burns their tongue and they're trying to find the water to cool their tongue down. Josh taking a karate class to be prepared for the fight with the bully made me laugh so hard. I also thought that the karate teacher was hilarious in this episode. The bully punched Josh with only one punch and Josh (of course) lost the fight. I thought it was very sweet at the end of the episode when Drake said "Friends, no way... we're brothers" and then Josh hugs Drake. Overall, a perfect pilot for the my favorite show "Drake and Josh". 10/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite series starters on television.

    This episode easily compares Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, and it flawlessly shows their differences... but at the same time, their similarities.

    Drake Parker is a happy-go-lucky rebel who plays the guitar, loves rock music, and makes out with every hot girl he sees and likes. He lives with his mother and his little sister, Megan, and he's happy that way. He doesn't think that he has much in common with anyone that has a lower social status than the one he has... and nor does he RESPECT anyone with a lower social status than he has. And Drake Parker is VERY popular. But he does very poorly in school; most teachers absolutely hate him.

    Josh Nichols is a goofy, clumsy nerd with a bunch of medical problems who likes participating in science fairs, loves school with a passion, and is very successful in school. He would love to get to know his new brother, Drake, and just does not understand why Drake treats him sourly. But he respects everyone, and even kisses up to adults unconsciously on some occasions.

    But little did they know that they'd become brothers.

    This series explains the journey that Drake and Josh go on to get to know each other. This episode starts off with the parents announcing their marriage... and the fact that Drake and Josh have to be in the same family!!! Share the same room!!! Share the same lives!!! Drake thinks this is gross... Josh, on the other hand, would be glad to be a part of Drake's family and get to know him and Megan better.

    Really, I'm not giving anything else away, because I want for you to see the episode yourself. It's one of my favorite episodes in the series, that's the truth, and I really think that you should watch it instead of me telling you much about it. All I'm going to say now is that it's one of my all-time favorite episodes.moreless
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Toshi Toda

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Drake first walks in, we can see Josh's black hair coming out of the Miss Nancy wig, but when Drake is trying to keep the letter away from Josh, Josh's hair is completely in the wig. When Drake heads towards the window, we can see Josh's black hair again coming out of the wig.

    • Goof: Why is it when Buck was threatening Josh, he said he was a vegetarian, when in later episodes he talks about meat and eats meat?

    • In Latin America, the translating voice of Nancy Sullivan is the same as the one who translated her on The Amanda Show.

    • On this episode and throughout the rest of the first season, the door in their room is facing foward. In the second season, the door is on the side. This door is also the same one that was used in The Amanda Show sketch "The Dare Show."

    • Goof: When Drake is talking to Tiffany, the back of her hair it is completely straight. When the camera flicks back to the back of her head, her hair is messed up, then when the camera flicks back to the back of her head, her hair is all together, straight again.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Drake: Beauty... beauty... rhymes with... snooty? Fruity. Uh... beauty...
      Tiffany: What are you writing?
      Drake: Oh, nothing... just a... (pounds locker) POEM.

    • Drake: Uh, actually we're stepbrothers, (starts to mumble) and Josh isn't supposed to be here right now.
      Josh: (mumbling) I can't stay in the kitchen forever.
      Drake: Why not?
      Josh: I have to use the little boy's room.
      Drake: There's a sink in the kitchen.

    • Josh: Dude, these sheets match my jammies.

    • Audrey: Wait. Uh, Drake, quick get your sister.
      Drake: Megan!
      Megan: Are they done sucking face yet?

    • Buck:So, it's true. I turn my back and I find out you are dating this punk!
      Tiffany: I can date whoever I want.
      Buck: (yelling on Josh's face) Well, then you can´t date someone with no head!! (leaves)
      (Drake comes from the kitchen)
      Drake: Josh, I thought you had to pee.
      Josh: Done.

    • Drake: The school newspaper. What a load.
      Josh: A load of good!
      Drake: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah! Look at this -- A poem by Janitor Jones:
      The toilet
      Don't soil it
      Josh: That's clever!

    • Josh: I gave good advice... while wearing pants!

    • Theme Song Lyrics:

      And I never thought that it´d be so simple, but
      I found a way,
      I found a way.
      If you'll open up your mind,
      See what it´s inside

      It's gonna take some time,
      to realign,
      But if you look inside,
      I'm sure you'll find,
      Over your shoulder you know that I told ya I'd always be picking you up when you're down,
      So just turn around

    • Drake: Man, how much junk did you bring? Ew, who reads the school newspaper?

    • Audrey: We have some good news!
      Drake: (Worried) You got me a dirtbike?
      Audrey: No!
      (Audrey and Walter look at each other)
      Audrey and Walter: We're getting married!!!
      (Drake starts to feel sick)
      Drake: Me.... Me....
      Walter: Yup, we're gonna be a big ol' happy family.

    • Josh: If dressing up as a lady helps me help others, then dress like a lady I shall!

    • Drake: (Leaning out the window) People of the world, listen up! Josh Nichols is...(Josh closes window) AAGGHH!!!! AAAGGGHHH! MY SPINE!!!!!!

    • (Drake walks in living room)
      Walter: Now it's my turn to kiss you!
      Audrey: No it's my turn to kiss you!
      Drake: Now it's my turn to throw up.

    • Buck: So it's true!
      Josh: What? That I have a concussion?

    • Drake (to Josh): Why are you dressed like Queen Latifah?!

    • Josh: I'm Miss Na.....
      Drake: What?
      Josh: I'm Miss Nancy!
      (Drake laughs)

    • Audrey: Drake, Josh is downstairs.
      Drake: Oh really? 'Cause I was just writing a song about him. It's called 'I'm Not Sharing My Room With Josh.'

    • Josh: Hug me brother!
      (Josh picks up Drake)
      Drake: Ahhh!

    • Walter: Think fast!
      (Walter throws a basketball to a lamp. The lamp breaks)
      Drake: Lamps don't think that fast.

  • NOTES (8)

    • The opening credits read Drake Bell then Josh Peck, in the next episode it will read Josh Peck then Drake Bell. After that it will read Drake Bell then Josh Peck. Every episode it does this only for Drake and Josh till the end of the series.

    • Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Nancy Sullivan also appeared together on The Amanda Show.

    • The theme song for this program is "I Found a Way" which is a song of Drake Bell's and can be found on his first album Telegraph.

    • After its orginal airing, this episode was taken out of syndication on Nick US. Until the week before the first airing of Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, it was only shown twice.

    • The trailer of this episode was based upon how Drake and Josh become stepbrothers. In the tab, Buck finds out Drake was the guy dating Tiffany, so he punches Drake.

    • Drake and Josh's "Pilot" episode premiered at approximately 7:25pm on Sunday, January 11th, but then Nick announced that the Drake and Josh premiere would be at 8:00pm, then at that time the Pilot re-aired.

    • Right before this episode premiered, there was a clip of Drake and Josh goofing off and then realizing that their show was about to premiere.

    • The night before this episode aired, All That had a special clip of what Drake and Josh would be like. Also, Drake sang the theme song.