Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 6

Playing the Field

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake's "friend" Tori, who he has been dating for a while, calls him her boyfriend. Drake breaks up with her, because he thinks they both should see new people. Meanwhile, Josh grows a mustache and is determined to make Mindy kiss him again.

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  • great

    What I liked: Mindy paying Megan to shave Josh's mustache, and then learning later on she only shaved half of it, the ending of the episode, Josh liking the mustache because the guy said 'sup' to him.

    Good episode. I liked the Josh plot a lot more, in terms of humor and plot, but Drake's plot was entertaining to, so my final grade is going to be in the "B" range, I think is fair.moreless
  • This is when this show was at it's best.

    A really great episode, this is when this show was at it's best. The continuity wasn't awful, the show managed to have some ongoing arcs, there was no such thing as "forgotten" characters. This was a great installment to a great season.

    Josh has a mustache, and Mindy wants him to shave it off, Mindy ends up paying Megan to shave Josh's mustache, when she only shaves half, hilarity ensues. Meanwhile Drake breaks up with a past character, Tori, only to realize he still has feelings for her when he gets jealous when she starts to play the field. Tori continues to be on this show this season, and what I liked about this episode is that they didn't forget about Josh and Mindy's relationship, or Drake and Tori's relationship.

    Bottom line, a hilarious episode, that brought somewhat of development.moreless
  • It's one of the funniest episodes in the series.

    This episode is my third favorite of the Drake, and Josh series. This episode is when Drake's date Tory says that he is her boyfriend. Drake feels on edge about dating Tory, so Drake breaks up with her thinking that it would calm him down. It fails, and Drake tries to get her back. He dates Liza to try to make Tory jeaulous. The plan works, and Drake and Tory are back together again. Josh grows a mustache to up his cool. Mindy refuses to kiss him, and after Josh loses half of his mustache, he shaves off the other half, Mindy kisses him again. The funniest part in this episode was when Drake was practicing on what he would say to Tory. Josh was pretending to be Tory. That part was hilarious!!! It's so funny when Josh talks like a girl! That's about it. Bye.moreless
  • Drake breaks up with his girfriend, Tory. Later on, he realizes he made a mistake and wants her back. Meanwhile, Josh grows a mustache and Mindy will not kiss Josh again until Josh shaves his ugly mustache off. Drake uses another girl to get Toary back.moreless

    The was an okay episode. It was funny and sort of entertaining. But, it just wasn't my kind of episode. It was also kind of predictable too. I knew that Drake was going to use another girl to get Tory back and I also knew that Megan was somehow going to be involved with the shaving of the mustache. I also thought that Drake putting the other half of the mustache back on with a permanent marker was clever (for him), but that idea didn't work out too well. This episode of Drake and Josh earns a 8.2 out 10 from me!moreless
  • drake breaks up with his "girlfriend" but then realizes he made a mistake and tries to make her jealous; josh wont get rid of his mustache

    i did love this ep, but not quite enough to give it the well deserved 10 that most eps get..i mean the whole making her jealous and stuff was just using someone and i know thats typical drake and stuff but i dont think weve ever seen his character do it this bad..the stuff he does to josh is minor but this was kind of serious this time..i just didnt like it..it was very funny tho b/c he was more jealous of the guys tori was with than she was of the girl he was with and that was funny and just seeing his expressions..josh was so funny with the mustache and people making comments about it and finally the magic marker was the best after the half of the mustache cut offmoreless
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    • Drake: You're kind of a girl, right?
      Mindy: ...Well if not, I've been buying the wrong underwear.

    • Mindy: Tori gets you jealous by dating another boy, right?
      Drake: Yeah.
      Mindy: So, what you gotta do is...?
      Drake: ... place a stink bomb in her backpack!
      Mindy: No! Do I have to spell it out for you?
      Drake: Please?!
      Mindy:You date another girl to make Tori jealous!
      Drake:Ohh but, what I´d do with the stink bomb?
      Mindy: I´ll tell you where to place it!
      Josh: Mindy!

    • (Josh starts to run around the couch)
      Mindy: What are you doing?
      Josh: Running from my desires!
      (Drake enters)
      Drake: Running from his desires?

    • Drake: Hey, Tori.
      Josh: (in a very girly voice) Hey, Drake.
      Drake: I'm not going to continue if you keep talking like that.
      Josh: I´m a woman.
      Drake: Yeah? What woman have moustaches besides your Grammy?

    • Drake: I can't handle it when a girl cries.
      Mindy: Sure you can... Now, Josh you're Tori, and you (Drake) are you.
      Josh: Oh, I wanted to be Drake!

    • Tori: (About Liza) What's her last name?
      Drake: Oh, John, juh, joh... jumbalaya.

    • Drake: And she's in the military.
      Liza: No, my dad's in the military.
      Drake: Shhhh.

    • Liza: Can you get me a -
      Drake: Aw, they're out of that.

    • Mindy: (To Megan) Listen, wanna make 30 bucks?
      Megan: Keep talking.
      Josh: I just woke up, and half of my moustache was gone.
      Mindy: Half? (To herself) That girl owes me 15 bucks.

    • Josh: There are more important things in life than kissing girls.
      Drake: Name two.
      Josh: I can't!

    • Mindy: What's this . . why, its my new lip gloss. Mmmmm, apricot, do you like the smell of apricots Josh?
      Josh: I say apericots . . .
      Mindy: Smell the gloss, Josh
      Josh: Oh!

    • Drake: (sighs) Tori . . .
      Tori: You're breaking up with me!?!
      Drake: Okay, how did you know that?
      Tori: Because guys just dont go "Ah, Tori." unless they're dumping you.
      Drake: I wouldn't say I'm dumping you.
      Tori: You're not dumping me?
      Drake: No, I am, I just wouldn't say it.

    • Drake: Tori is not my girlfriend. I'm gonna break up with her tomorrow at school.
      Josh: How come?
      Drake: You heard her call me her boyfriend, something has to be done!

    • Josh: I like my moushtase, I get more respect.
      Gavin: Josh, Helen wants you to go down to the basment and clean out the rat traps.
      Josh: See! Helen never let me do that before!

    • Tori: You're good.
      Drake: We also would have accepted extremely good.

    • Megan: Can I take a few pictures of you?
      Josh: Why?
      Megan: It's for a school paper, I'm writing about how facial hair makes some people look "attractive".
      Josh: Okay. (Poses)
      Megan: . . . . And how it makes others look more stupid.

    • Mindy: I'm sorry Josh, but I am not kissing you until you shave off that moustache.
      Josh: Fine, but I'm not shaving my stash till you kiss me.
      Mindy: Fine.
      Josh: Fine, but know this Mindy Crenshaw, I waited 15 years before kissing a girl, I can wait!

    • Megan: Good night sweet Josh, sleep tight, little boob.

    • Drake: You know I gotta tell you, I hate your girlfriend, but her idea to make Tori jealous was pretty smart.
      Josh: Not that smart, they've done it on every TV sitcom since 1950.

    • Tori: Drake?
      Drake: Tori? I didn't know you were going to be here!
      Tori: Yeah, I'm just here with my friend Brent!
      Drake: I'm just here with my friend Hot Liza!
      Liza: Huh?

    • Josh: And for dessert... shaving cream and a razor? (Mindy nods) Guess I'm gonna skip dessert!

    • Megan: So are you two like dating now?
      Mindy: Yeah.
      Megan: Why?
      Josh: I happen to find Mindy very appealing.
      Megan: Oh, I understand that, I'm trying to figure out whats wrong in her mind.

    • Drake: Hey Josh.
      (Josh motions at Mindy)
      Josh: Mindy's here.
      Drake: Right, I'll call the exterminator.

    • Josh: You hate my stash!
      Mindy: Hate is such a strong . . . accurate word.
      Josh: MINDY!
      Mindy: Kidding, I was kidding. I like it.
      Josh: Really?
      Mindy: Yeah, I'll give you 30 bucks to shave it off.

    • Drake: You have more facial hair than Granny has on her upper lip!
      Josh: Never make fun of Grammy's hormonal disorders!

    • Mindy: Josh, why do you have 1/2 a mustache...made of magic marker?
      Josh: Ahh I woke up yesterday and half my moustash was just gone.
      Mindy: Half? (to herself) That girl owes me 15 bucks.
      Josh: What?
      Mindy: Nothing, go on!

    • Drake: Oww, oww, oww. Don't say girlfriend.

    • Drake: Hey Josh... WHAAA!!!!
      Josh: Look, you can WHAA all you want. I'm like my 'stache.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Apparently, Drake now has a problem with using the word, "girlfriend," even though he had no problem calling Susan his girlfriend in Season 1.


    • Drake: You're a girl right?

      Ironically, the same exact thing was said to Allison Scaglotti Smith's (who plays Mindy) character on the TV seris Grounded for Life in the episode Racketman.