Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 17

Really Big Shrimp, Part 1

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake gets a music deal to perform a song for a commercial, but Josh manages to screw it up by signing over creative control. Meanwhile, Helen, without warning, names Mindy assistant manager as she prepares for her wedding, upsetting Josh, who has wanted the job for a long time.moreless

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  • perfec

    I dont' know
  • Part 1 of Drake and Josh Really Bug Shrimp

    This ep was funny. Josh was mesmorized by the giant shrimp, and i think Josh and Walter had a convo in the Pilot about Really big Shrimp but i dont rember. i thouht it was funny that Megan toke over Their room and they had to sleep on a single air mattress. this ep revealed that Mindy is still smarter then Josh cause she fixed the corn dog machine in about 10 seconds and it took Josh like forever. Drake did a great job directing this ep cause it was very original and funny. So i give this ep 10/10.moreless
  • I wonder why it was called really big shrimp. I mean, it wasn't really about shrimp.

    I wonder why it was called really bis shrimp. I mean, it wasn't really about shrimp, it just had shrimp in it. Anyway, it was so funny. I loved the part where Josh switched the song and when Drake had the box full of fruit flies. Anyway, when Josh switched the song, I thought it was kinda cool. I think it was really great that Drake performed a song at the premier. I love the song 'Makes me Happy'. It makes me feel like I was swept away from my home to a wonderland out of nowhere. Anyway, that's my story.moreless
  • after josh gets a big time record company producer to come hear drake's song, drake is heading to the big time, but he runs into a couple of problems along the way; josh is the cause of this problem so now josh has two problems to deal withmoreless

    this was such a great ep (well tv movie i know but im only talking about part one right now so im considering it an ep unless both parts are talked about at the same time)...and i squealed..i didnt watch it when it first came out but ive watched it like a million times since..i caught on right away to it saying drake bell directed the first part and im like yay..the ep was so wonderful and hilarious...i love the part w/ crazy steve and the enchilada and the boys fainting or falling slowly out of their seats whenever a record deal is talked about..also megan moving into their room was awesome and helen's grandma..such a good comic relief..i laugh until i cry at this ep..and yay im finally learning his song so i sing along to it and of course dance at the same time..yay makes me happy makes me smile like for an hr after i hear it and im still smiling after this movie..yay...i love it..and could talk about it all nite but ill save u from that lolmoreless
  • Could have been better.

    This and the second part weren't that good. It didn't have good jokes, it was annoying at some parts, and Megan was so stinkin' annoying and mean. I mean she decorated their room with a bunch of girly stuff and made them sleep in a corner, then she ate some sushi off of Drake's guitar. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!! Plus, the song was extremely short and Helen and her grandma were so darn annoying that I wanted to destroy the TV with an atomic powered missle launcher (sorry, that was wierd.)

    Anyway, the episode was mildly enjoyable and not that entertaining. That's all I'm going to say.moreless
Brenda Vivian

Brenda Vivian


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Joseph Will

Joseph Will

Alan Krim

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Jay Bontatibus

Jay Bontatibus

Nick Matteo

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Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Mindy Crenshaw

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Jerry Trainor

Jerry Trainor

Crazy Steve

Recurring Role

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • If you notice of the Premier sign it says Robin and Joe Robin is the name of Drake's mom and Joe is his Dad and one of his brothers names.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Josh said that there was no note that the enchilada belonged to Crazy Steve. Josh shouldn't be taking anything that didn't come from his house anyway.

    • When Helen's grandmother comes to visit, Megan says something about her (Helen's grandmother) staying in the guest room. Walter mentions that Lula will be staying in Megan's room and Megan will have to stay in Drake & Josh's room, which she hates. Why don't Walter and Audrey put Megan in the guest room instead of forcing her to move in with Drake & Josh for the week?

    • The beginning of this episode when they are telling a story is almost exactly like the beginning story of the first episode of the series, Pilot.

    • Drake Bell directed the first half of the Really Big Shrimp movie.

    • At the end of "Really Big Shrimp", Drake plays "Makes Me Happy". He was playing it by himself, but you also hear drums when he plays it.

    • At the end of the episode, a clip from "The Amanda Show" where Drake and Josh are fighting over shrimp is shown.

    • In this episode, Drake performs his song "Makes Me Happy", which is on his new album "It's Only Time".

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Crazy Steve: Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in...
      Helen's grandma: (yelling) I know how to breathe!
      Crazy Steve: (yelling) Just do what I say!
      Helen's grandma: (scared) Okay.

    • Helen's Grandma: (yelling) Where's the bathroom?
      Audrey: Did you just knock down our front door?
      Helen's Grandma: I rang the doorbell, waited 25 seconds, what was I supposed to do.
      Josh: I don't know maybe ring it again.
      Helen's Grandma: Who's the boy with the big head. He looks like a toothpick with a watermelon on top of it.
      (Megan laughs and then Josh looks at her)
      Megan: What are we going to pretend that wasn't funny.

    • Eric: Josh, where should I put this microphone?

    • Drake: How could you sign away creative control of my song?
      Josh: I was mesmerized by giant shrimp!

    • Helen: Who's the dude?
      Audrey: This is my husband, Walter.
      Walter: We've met, like five times!
      Helen: Well, I do not remember you.
      Megan: No one does.

    • Megan: We're decorating cakes for the seventh grade bake sale.
      Josh: Why can't you do this in the kitchen?
      Megan: Why can't you fall down a well?

    • Drake: Why is my bed wearing a skirt?
      Megan: It's a dust ruffle.
      Drake: I hate it.
      Megan: Well, if dust ruffles had feelings I'm sure it would hate you too.

    • Alex Kreim: Drake Parker, you just blew my underpants off!
      Josh: Uh-uh.

    • Audrey: (hears doorbell; talking about Helen and Lula) Walter, they're here.
      Walter: Ooh. (walks before the front door)
      Megan: Dad, are you sure about this?
      Walter: Yes. And we are doing a very nice thing for a sweet old lady. (Lula breaks the door in)
      Lula: Where's the bathroom?!
      Audrey: Did you just break our door in?!
      Lula: I rang the doorbell, waited 25 seconds, no one answered, what I supposed to do?
      Josh: You could've rang the doorbell, again.
      Lula: (to Helen) Who's that boy with a big head that looks like a tooth pick with a cantaloupe on top? (Megan laughs and Josh give her a mean look)
      Megan: What, am I going to pretend that wasn't funny?
      Helen: That's Josh, (introduces everyone else) That's Drake, I prefer him. That's Megan, that's Audrey, and this is...(forgets who Walter is)
      Walter: Walter!
      Lula: Great, now where's the bathroom?!
      Audrey: Right through that door.
      Lula: Well, thank you for finally giving me that information! (walks into bathroom and slams door)
      Audrey: Is she always so-
      Helen: Buh-bye! (goes away)
      Megan: I can't believe that lady is staying in our guest room for a week.
      Walter: No, she's staying in your room.
      Megan: What?!
      Audrey: You'll be staying in the boys' room.
      Drake, Josh and Megan: What?!
      Walter: (to Drake and Josh) Your room is huge. All of you will be able to sleep in there for a week.
      Lula: Oh, no! (walks out of the bathroom) You guys need a new toilet!

    • (While playing a game... Helen's grandma rolls the dice and moves the indicated number of spaces...)
      Audrey and Walter: Ohhh...
      Walter: You're in the dog house!
      Lula: (throws the game board in the air) Who's in the dog house now?!

    • Josh: Stupid shrimp. This is all your fault.
      (Takes shrimp, bites it, then spits it out on the ground.)
      Josh: Tell your friends!

    • Crazy Steve: I think of every stain as my father. This is for making me do Mom's laundry!

    • Drake and Josh: Hey Lula.
      Lula: Drink, Juice.
      Drake: Did she just call us drink and juice?

    • Megan: Fine I'll tell him. Josh, Molly thinks you're cute.
      Rest of Girls in the room: Eww!
      (Josh walks out of the room)
      Molly: Call Me!!
      Rest of Girls in the room: Eww!
      (Josh peeks his head back through the door)

    • (after Josh and Mindy kiss)
      Josh: So, wanna get back together?
      Mindy: OK, but I get to be the girlfriend!

    • Megan:(talking to Drake and Josh) Okay, now leave!
      Molly: No, don't make them leave, one of them is cute.

    • Josh: Rules are the foundation of a gentle society.

    • Josh: (holding shrimp in someone's face) Have you ever seen one this big?

    • (Crazy Steve looks at watch)
      Crazy Steve: Its time!
      (Crazy Steve steals old man's cane and starts chasing Josh)
      Crazy Steve: You ate my enchilada!
      Josh: There was no note!
      Crazy Steve: You eat my enchilada!
      Josh: There was no note!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Crazy Steve could be an allusion to Crazy Courtney on The Amanda Show.

    • The movie poster with the title 40 Year Old Baby is a reference to the movie, 40 Year Old Virgin.

    • In the movie theatre, there is a movie poster for a movie called "The Blue Legume" which is an obvious parody of a series of films called "The Blue Lagoon" which is based on a book by the same name.

    • Josh: You wanna get back together?
      Mindy: Okay . . . but I get to be the girlfriend.

      This is a reference to the episode "Mindy's Back," in which Josh says he will only go out with Mindy if he gets to be the boyfriend.

    • At the wedding, Megan was playing Clarinet, which she played at the start of School of Rock, in the scene where Jack Black noticed their musical abilities.

    • Before the Scene of Crazy Steve Working on A Monday the theater sign reads "Four Great Seasons" which is saying they've had 4 great seasons on the Drake and Josh set.

    • On the movie theater entrance, it has a movie entitled "Now She's Carly", meaning now Miranda Cosgrove is iCarly.