Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 17

Really Big Shrimp, Part 1

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Lol. Just watch me get yelled at for thinking that this was a bad episode. XD

    I'm still debating what I want to rate this episode. It was pretty bad and didn't make much sense. There were a lot of things in this episode that just didn't make much sense to me or didn't seem right. First of all, the acting was pretty awful. XD Sorry Drake and Josh, but it was. The scene where Josh was signing the contract and got sidetracked with the really big shrimp....I just didn't get it. One minute he's about to sign the contract, then out of the blue he just looks over at the shrimp and becomes hypnotizes by them. Idk. Maybe it's just me, but it was a really weird scene. Next, how did the company know that Josh had switched the CD? It could have been a mix-up. But w/e. Then the president of the company fired that man for ruining Drake song. Ok....if the man's job is to modify song the way he sees fit, why he is getting fired for it? (But he was a jerk.) *sigh* Ok, enough of the bad stuff. Don't get me wrong. There were some good parts in the episode. Crazy Steve was pretty funny, it was sweet how Mindy took that job to spend more time with Josh, and I was glad that Josh finally got the gold vest. And Drake's song was alright. So this wasn't the worst episode, but it was far from good.
  • Could have been better.

    This and the second part weren't that good. It didn't have good jokes, it was annoying at some parts, and Megan was so stinkin' annoying and mean. I mean she decorated their room with a bunch of girly stuff and made them sleep in a corner, then she ate some sushi off of Drake's guitar. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!! Plus, the song was extremely short and Helen and her grandma were so darn annoying that I wanted to destroy the TV with an atomic powered missle launcher (sorry, that was wierd.)
    Anyway, the episode was mildly enjoyable and not that entertaining. That's all I'm going to say.
  • It was pretty good.

    This episode was pretty good.It had action(somehow),comedy,and......Burning questions!Drake finally gets a record deal But as usual,something goes wrong.Josh gets "mesmerized" by giant shrimp.So he doesn't read the contract.Which allows the company complete control over how the song sounds.But Josh switches the songs which is well,illegal.Drake and Josh were going to get sued for 5,000,000 dollars and possibly 2 years in prison.

    But everything always works out in the end.Drake's song becomes a hit,Helen gets married,Josh and Mindy get back together,and Crazy Steve is still crazy.This episode deserves a 8.7 out of 10 on the rating scale.Well,see ya everybody!Till my next review.
  • You Ate My Enchalada!! =D

    Heheee, I loved this episode!!

    My favourite quote from it was "You Ate My Enchalada!" Screamed by Crazy Steve. He is so funny!! =D

    Helens mother was so annoying though! No wonder Helen has so much craziness! Though her mother is worse, But she was quite funny :P

    I liked the song drake sang it was really good, much better then the edited version.

    I liked the bit where Josh ate Steve's enchalada and he thought Steve was gonna be mad and he wasn't because it wasn't time and Josh says, so whens it time? And then Later his watch beeps and goes "Its Time!" and he goes absoloutly bazerk at Josh going, "You ate my enchalada!" Josh: "You didn't leave a note!" Ahahaha, it was soo funny.

    This was a great episode but part 2 was even better! I am going to review it now...
  • i loved the fist part and second part of this movie

    i liked part 1 and 2 of this movie it was real cool. well part 1 is about drake is going to get a record deal and drake and josh are very excited but the only problem is that the directors of the song changed the song and drake dident like it so now hes mad at josh for sighning the contract without even reading it so part 1 was preety good some parts are funny and cool but still i think i like part 2 better cause it has more parts. so yeah i like the episode and a give it a 9.0/10 col episode
  • Drake finally gets a record deal

    This was another great movie of Drake and Josh! Drake finally gets a record deal in this episode, Helen gets married, Josh FINANLLY becomes assistant manager, and Mindy and Josh finally get back together. I think it's a bit strange though that Josh only though Mindy started working at the Premiere just so she could beat him at something again. It shows he still hasn't gotten over that. This episode answered many questions and of course still has the Drake and Josh humor that we know and love. This is a very special movie and definately makes the list of a series classic!
  • This two parter had everything.

    Here's the best scenes I liked from this two part episode.

    When Megan places sushi on Drake's guitar & eats it. Drake got upset over that. Megan should've told him she bought the sushi that came from the Ball & Vance Fish Corp.

    Lula throwing a tantrum over a board game! I'd expect that from Eunice (Carol Burnett Show) when she loses @ Sorry.

    But the best part goes to Josh! He tames Crazy Steve by singing "She'll Be Comin Round The Mountain." Guess they liked the ridiculous tranquilizer ideas the Three Stooges would use to calm Curly down (Moe, Larry, the Cheese!).
  • Drake And Josh: The Really Big Shrimp

    I really liked this movie. It was great and it wasn't boring through the whole hour. So Drake gets a record label. Drake's song will be in a commercial during the SuperBowl. Josh is Drake's manager. While Drake is in the recording studio, Josh gets like mezmorized by the huge shrimp, so he signs a contract saying that the record label could do anything they wanted to Drake's song. They make it sound all like retro/bubblegum kind of music so Drake fires Josh and he gets all mad at him. Then Josh switches the song for the superbowl commerical to Drake's original version, and everything is all good again.

    Helen, Josh's boss, get's married. But the while they're filming the wedding, the nerds catch the movie theater, which is where they're getting married, on fire. Everything ends up okay, and Drake's song becomes a hit.

    I really liked this tv/movie. It was great and funny.
  • It was okay.

    So this is the second Drake & Josh TV movie special. It was okay, but the title did seem disturbing. I thought it was gonna be some retarded special where they do dumb things on purpose to try and make a joke. But then agian this was Drake & Josh, so it ended up being great! The story starts off withDrake getting this record deal with that guy they met in Hollywood in the previous TV movie special. So Drake and Josh go back to Hollywood and Josh signs them up for a contrct. This mean that the record comapny now owns Drake's song. They presuade Josh into signing the contract with a "really big shrimp." Oh I could make thousands of jokes off that, but now, the story. Next the record comapny says they are gonna use his song in a Super Bowl commercial. Drake listens to what they did to his song and is baffled. He gets very pissed off at Josh and that leads to a brother fued. So to get Drake happy, Josh replaces the song the record company made of Drake's song and puts in his regular song. The record comapny first is very angry at that, but after hearing that a lot of fans like it, they change their mind. This is a happy ending. As an extra, it also shows Helen's wedding. The nerds who were video taping the wedding make an accidental fire and that leads everyone out side where the wedding goes on and Drake performs his song. And as a sappy ending Josh ends up back with Mindy. P.S. They say that the show's creator got the idea for this show by seeing Drake Bell and Josh Peck fight over shrimp in real life, like in the special. That's some trivia for ya.
  • it was what i expected

    lets see... drake writes a song. it blows some guys underpants off... they go to LA... drake sings the song, josh signs a contract... doesn't read it because of shrimp... they change drakes song... they get mad... josh changes the cds... the commercal has drakes song... they get sued for 5 million... josh and mindy get back together... they go back to LA... the song will become a number 1 hit... some guy gets fired for changing a song... wtf! thats not fair... any way Helen gets married... the theater starts on fire.... josh gets a gold vest... a millions of kids are bored...
  • perfec

    I dont' know
  • Part 1 of Drake and Josh Really Bug Shrimp

    This ep was funny. Josh was mesmorized by the giant shrimp, and i think Josh and Walter had a convo in the Pilot about Really big Shrimp but i dont rember. i thouht it was funny that Megan toke over Their room and they had to sleep on a single air mattress. this ep revealed that Mindy is still smarter then Josh cause she fixed the corn dog machine in about 10 seconds and it took Josh like forever. Drake did a great job directing this ep cause it was very original and funny. So i give this ep 10/10.
  • I wonder why it was called really big shrimp. I mean, it wasn't really about shrimp.

    I wonder why it was called really bis shrimp. I mean, it wasn't really about shrimp, it just had shrimp in it. Anyway, it was so funny. I loved the part where Josh switched the song and when Drake had the box full of fruit flies. Anyway, when Josh switched the song, I thought it was kinda cool. I think it was really great that Drake performed a song at the premier. I love the song 'Makes me Happy'. It makes me feel like I was swept away from my home to a wonderland out of nowhere. Anyway, that's my story.
  • after josh gets a big time record company producer to come hear drake's song, drake is heading to the big time, but he runs into a couple of problems along the way; josh is the cause of this problem so now josh has two problems to deal with

    this was such a great ep (well tv movie i know but im only talking about part one right now so im considering it an ep unless both parts are talked about at the same time)...and i squealed..i didnt watch it when it first came out but ive watched it like a million times since..i caught on right away to it saying drake bell directed the first part and im like yay..the ep was so wonderful and hilarious...i love the part w/ crazy steve and the enchilada and the boys fainting or falling slowly out of their seats whenever a record deal is talked about..also megan moving into their room was awesome and helen's grandma..such a good comic relief..i laugh until i cry at this ep..and yay im finally learning his song so i sing along to it and of course dance at the same time..yay makes me happy makes me smile like for an hr after i hear it and im still smiling after this movie..yay...i love it..and could talk about it all nite but ill save u from that lol
  • Crazy Steve was too funny in this episode.

    Okay so Helen is making plans for her wedding. She hired the nerds to do the pictures and the taping of the wedding and ripping them off by only paiding them 30 dollars. She also hired a assistant manager since she's gonna be spending more time with her husband. Josh and Mindy talk about how they feel and later Mindy tells him that she wishes that they never broke up. The record guy heard Drake play at movies. Then made Josh sign a contract with out even him really looking at him. By making him try the big shrimp he gets distracked.
  • Wow!!!

    The Really Big Shrimp was an awesome Drake and Josh movie! This was as good as the Hollywood movie! It was also hilarious. Megan's friend Molly was funny how she loved Josh. Ha ha!! And I love Drake's song, Makes Me Happy. It's really good. Helen also gets married in this episode. Crazy Steve was hilarious, and Helen gave Mindy the assistant manager job. But in the end, he and Mindy get back together and Josh gets the job. Also, Drake gets a record deal and his single was #1. So all in all, this movie was so awesome and hilarious!!!
  • Drake and Josh fight over shrimp and Josh signs Drakes rights to his song away, accidentally.

    This episode was good. It had very good comedy and it kept me interested through the entire hour. There was everything you want in a movie. Comedy, action, drama, romance. I kinda figured Mindy and Josh would gte back together, Josh would get his song back, and he would get a record deal, but all the same I was still pleased with the outcome. Crazy Steve has the best comedy in it, he was my favorite character on this episode. Overall the episode was great, two thumbs up for sure. Although it was kinda said when Drake and Josh started fighting I knew they'd work it out.
  • This episode was one of the best made...

    I have to admit this episode was amazing..the plot was perfect and the jokes were hilarious. Josh ends up getting Drake a record deal with Spin City Records, but things go very bad when Josh gets distracted by huge shrimp and ended up signing a contract that he didn't even read. And it turns out that the editor ends up changing Drakes hit song into a weird, pop, bubblegum type song. Meanwhile, Mindy gets an assistant manager job at the premier, a job that Josh has been trying get for over 3 years. This movie had me cracking up throughout the whole movie and I think that every Drake and Josh fan should see this movie over and over.
  • I think this episode is going to be very good! because. . .

    I think this episode is going to be pretty good because usually when an episodes story takes up two episodes it is very good. For instence, Achey Jakey Heart is one of my favorite episodes in Hannah Montana and it was a full hour. Some of this episode is shown in one of Drake's music videos and looks totally awesome! Drake has to give a live performance with his brother, and his sister and parents in the audience because it shows them dancing to the song "What makes me happy" I am definetly tunning in to this episode because it is going to be the best ever!