Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 17

Really Big Shrimp, Part 1

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • It was okay.

    So this is the second Drake & Josh TV movie special. It was okay, but the title did seem disturbing. I thought it was gonna be some retarded special where they do dumb things on purpose to try and make a joke. But then agian this was Drake & Josh, so it ended up being great! The story starts off withDrake getting this record deal with that guy they met in Hollywood in the previous TV movie special. So Drake and Josh go back to Hollywood and Josh signs them up for a contrct. This mean that the record comapny now owns Drake's song. They presuade Josh into signing the contract with a "really big shrimp." Oh I could make thousands of jokes off that, but now, the story. Next the record comapny says they are gonna use his song in a Super Bowl commercial. Drake listens to what they did to his song and is baffled. He gets very pissed off at Josh and that leads to a brother fued. So to get Drake happy, Josh replaces the song the record company made of Drake's song and puts in his regular song. The record comapny first is very angry at that, but after hearing that a lot of fans like it, they change their mind. This is a happy ending. As an extra, it also shows Helen's wedding. The nerds who were video taping the wedding make an accidental fire and that leads everyone out side where the wedding goes on and Drake performs his song. And as a sappy ending Josh ends up back with Mindy. P.S. They say that the show's creator got the idea for this show by seeing Drake Bell and Josh Peck fight over shrimp in real life, like in the special. That's some trivia for ya.