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  • When you think of awesome, funny sitcom.

    This is the first thing that comes to my head. It's such a shame that Scheider has gone down the drain lately, other than that. This show is fantastic, following Drake and his step-brother, Josh. The plots center around typical teenage stuff, but they manage to not make it cliche at all! They throw in a bunch of funny gags and twists. It's a great show with great characters, with Drake being the arrogant one and Josh being kind-hearted and innocent one.. They also have a little sister, Megan, who is basically the demon of the family, but her parents are completely oblivious to her schemes, which is a little cliche, but she makes for some great comedy. Her appearance in the show doesn't bother me because she's only there for a couple of slapstick jokes, and they hit bulls-eye!

    Overall: 10/10 - recommended for anyone that wants a great laugh
  • This is so Funny. Oh, I Often Watch It.

    I Love talking from and watching this show. It is so HILAIRIOUS!
  • Drake and Josh Review

    Drake and Josh is an amazing show. It had pretty good characters, clever writing and astounding humor. Honestly there are a lot of episode where I could not stop laughing. It was one of favorite shows back when Nickelodeon was good. This is one of Dan schneider's best TV shows that he produced. I was really sad to see it go mainly because Miranda Cosgrove wanted to do her own show "iCarly", but I still love this show either way. That goes for iCarly, too. My only downside with this show is the Character Megan. I couldn't stand Megan on this show. I hated how she always tortures her brothers. Aside from me hating that Megan character, Drake and Josh is an amazing show. Dan schneider did a good job producing and writing this show. Overall i give Drake and Josh a 9 out of 10.
  • The Best of Schneider's Shows

    This show just did everything perfectly. The jokes were great, the execution was flawless, and the pacing was great. I can't name a single bad episode out of the whole show. This beats every sitcom I've ever watched. If Nickelodeon wants better ratings, they should air this more often.
  • The Childhood Nostalgia

    Drake & Josh was a very funny show with episode that had good plots and characters that were well played. I loved how Megan always got the two titular characters in trouble and got away with it. I also think that Drake and Josh made a great duo. In conclusion, Drake & Josh is a great show for all ages and it is sad that it has ended.
  • Dan Schneider's finest

    This show is so timeless and I will always love re watching the episodes. Dan Schneider always manages to pull off hilarious children's sitcoms and Drake and Josh takes the metal for the funniest. (Icarly is also extremely hilarious!)
  • just perfect

    the only person i don't like in this show is miranda cosgrove. she made nickelodeon turn into a pile of poop. but drake and josh are good.
  • Yay, this show is always funny...

    This show is always funny....

    This show had so much to offer, like the characters were likable and the plots were very creative and funny. Like the one episode where Josh was trying to bribe Drake to eat some candy from his room, but Drake couldn't cause he and Josh were in a bet. It was so funny. NICK IF YOU WANT YOUR FANS BACK BRING THE OLD SHOWS BACK! :)
  • Bring it back.

    Spongebob may be the longest nickelodeon nicktoon but Drake and Josh was the best comedy show on Nickelodeon. Never aged a bit, never lost quality, PLEASE BRING DRAKE AND JOSH BACK TO NICKELODEON!!!!!
  • One of the best shows Nickelodeon has offered

    Josh Peck was awesome and my favorite character. Wish they bring back new episodes.
  • Fuck you, Nickelodeon.

    This show... was a big part of my childhood. It was funny, the plots were original, and Josh Peck is like the best actor ever.
  • Bring Josh Peck Back 2 a TV Sitcom, Please! Sign the petition on FB!

    FB- bringJoshPeckBack2aTVsitcom

    We miss him on TV. We need him back.
  • this was the best show!

    I wish they would make new episode to this day on the internet instead of tv so that the producer can upload it on a website so anyone can see. who agrees if I said this 3 years ago before they got super old!
  • Wonderful, family friendly, and unforgettable show!

    This show is about 2 step brothers getting into unwanted trouble. getting constantly pranked by their sister, and typical life situations. Josh, always getting into unwanted trouble because of his step brother Drake, who has a lack of common sense and gets into trouble a lot of the time, and always going out with girls as well as getting bad marks in school. All the characters in this show are very likeable, and this show always makes me laugh no matter how much I watch an episode. Shame it had to end, iCarly in my opinion was no where near this masterpiece
  • Superb Series!

    Drake and Josh embodies all that an amazing show should!
  • I love you!

    ill never forget this show great actors great humor !
  • Not Fantastic.

    Good show. The Only thing that bugged me was the whole pranking the brothers thing. Some of Megan pranks were just uncalled for and could actually seriously injure drake or josh. And the fact that Megan manipulated and twisted her parents into getting Drake and Josh in trouble all the time.
  • Not Perfect

    Yeah, it's a good show. Some funny jokes, and nice characters, not counting Drake and Josh. Don't get me wrong, they are likable, but their "crazy-for-girls-and-kisses-and-dating" personality is really annoying, specially because of Drake, who kisses a girl per episode. Also, some episode plots aren't original, so I feel it's like a 7/10.
  • What an awesome show this was!

    The boys's lines were so funny and catchy! It was great. I still watch repeats of the show.
  • OK, not perfect, but definitely better than iCarly. Then again, anything is.

    I think sometimes it's a little stupid, but it's had a few good jokes. Could have been better in my opinion. Like, some things Megan did just annoyed me and I really didn't find it all that funny. Yet, the whole "Megan pranks Drake and Josh" thing was used so much. But it's OK.
  • Awesome show!

    This show is one of the best shows, I have ever watched!

    This show was the best show nick had to offer in tv history!
    It was even better than SpongeBob! Okay, that doesn't say anything, but I can't think of any tv-program that is better than D&J at the moment. There're both great actors. I really wish they could get on with the show, but our heroes seems to get a little old to play schoolboys. There wasn't a single bad episode! The show was really clever written Good job, Dan Schneider!
    I wish they'd make season set's... O,well, thanks to this show I'm a huge fan of Drake's music now!

    Was it...
  • Great!

    This show is very interesting and funny. It is based on two best friends named Drake and Josh, who gets unexpected news that they are both becoming brothers. Drake, who is the kind of guy that likes to have fun, and is also smooth with girls, while Josh is the kind of guy who likes his Grammy, and isn't to hot with girls.

    Classic, original, funny. this show is awesome. with the severe downfall on nick, drake and josh is the only good live action show that still gets aired. now there's this show called the "Amanda Show" and I really hate it because it's too overly wacky and weird but I have to give it credit for making Drake and Josh its offspring. many of u my be confused I mentioned the Amanda Show its offspring over Kenan and Kel but that's just because the episodes featured drake bell and josh peck. let's talk more in depth

    if it's a really good show I have less to say because I don't have disciplines (except for one thing). drake is awesome who's cool, yet stupid. josh is awesome who's smart, yet spazzy. but what really catches my eye about this show is both characters have the same equality of positives and negatives. that's what many live action shows these days fail to do.

    I love the acting, now see, in the 90's, many shows had acting that was funny and quirky, although not realistic enough to actually seem to come into existence. drake and josh (I guess u could consider it a 90's show) was one of the first live action series where the acting was actually believable. it had good build up with icarly and victorious.

    the only thing I didn't like about this series was the final movie "Merry Christmas Drake and Josh". and it was really all josh which didn't appeal to me. like I said before, the two characters had an equality of positives and negatives so u never really knew who's side to take, but in this movie I took drake's side. josh had been flanderized to the point of just shear spazziness which wrecked up a bit of the plot. sure drake did stupid things but I mean josh needed to take a chill pill at various times. in the movie "Drake and Josh go to Hollywood" the characters acted like themselves. I liked that movie a lot better.

    that was my review, please leave a like but u probably won't read this whole thing.
  • Good show? definitely! Is it as good as everyone thinks it is? I don't think so.

    Now I'll start off this review by stating the good things about this show. It's funny. some episodes are funnier than others but all in all you'd be hard press not to find yourself bursting out with laughter at at least one or two moments during an episode.

    The jokes are for the most part clever which is pretty rare for a kids show now a days. Most kids shows rely heavily on randomness, over the top stupidity and just letting the actors and writers talk down to kids. I hate that. It's as if to say "we shouldn't try to make a good show because kids watch crap so we can afford to be lazy." Do kids watch a lot of Crap? yeah, I think if we look back at our childhood and take the nostalgia goggles off we can find at least one thing that we just shake our heads in embarrassment at that we enjoyed. But kids are people and they deserve the option of good entertainment too and in a world full of crappy kids shows I can truly say 'drake and josh' has some wit to it. adults can sit next to their kids, watch it and not be bored.

    I honestly love some of the references they make to other great comedic shows, like 'I love Lucy' or 'SNL' which is a good segway into the problem I have with this show that prevents me from giving it the great score that I've seen other reviewers give it. Is this show for kids?

    If you haven't guessed by now I care about what kids take in. This is the time when they can be easily influenced, and I think that 'drake and Josh' sends some bad messages for kids. Just one example is that josh is the nice guy who works hard and bad things happen to him, while Drake slacks off, uses women and good things always comes his way. that's just one example. The whole show just has an air of mean spiritedness to it, and that includes Josh's relationship to his girlfriend who always seemed awfully rude to me even when she was portrayed as nice. Which wouldn't bug me at all if it weren't for the fact that impressional viewers are this show's target audience.

    Now I know what you're thinking, if you don't want kids to watch it, monitor what your kids watch, well that becomes increasingly difficult when the program is entirely advertised for kids, is played during the time slot and channel as other kids show blocks and is given a somewhat undeserving G rating.

    Like I said I do find it a funny show and is a step above other shows for kids, but it deserves a PG rating and to be advertised to an audience who won't take the messages of this show to heart the way that I fear younger viewers would, and because I feel like a younger audience wouldn't understand many of the reference jokes anyway.
  • Best Show Ever

    Literally my favorite show, mostly original jokes, actually funny, perfect plot and combination of actors/actresses.
  • x100 Times better than iCarly

    I like iCarly alot along with this, but when you compare iCarly with this show, Drake and Josh are sure to win. Drake and Josh shows the life of two adolescent teenagers with an evil sister who pranks them and gets away with it. Nickelodeon bearly plays D&J anymore, only once in a blue moon, it re runs some episodes. I wish they had the series on dvd, but Nickelodeon doesn't listen to their viewers anymore, they hate us. The christmas movie was a perfect idea for a series finale for this show, I was sad when it ended. I hope Dan Schneider can come up with a new show in the future like this one and he can stop making that Victorious junk. Final Grade: A+
  • Great!

    Drake and Josh are REALLY funny. Drake may seem like a horrible brother but at the end his relationship with Josh is the best thing in their lives. :) Everything is GREAT.
  • This Kenan and Kel knock off is more of a knock down!

    Another example of how low Nick will go to get ratings. If this is suppoesed to be a Kenan and Kel spin-off, I think Kenan and Kel should demand that Nick pull this show! Too many things are wrong with this poor excuse of a show. First of all, the main charaters get away with everything, everyone except Josh. Poor Josh constantly has to take the heat for his brother's behavior. Not only that he gets in trouble for everything wrong he does (what little trouble he gets into) while his brother gets off the hook everytime because of his "charm". The only time Drake gets in trouble is when it involves Meagan, which brings me to my next point. Meagan may be smart, but the only reason she NEVER gets in trouble is because her parents are the biggest idiots in the world! Both think she is perfect while she's planning to frame her brothers! And the dialogue......cheesy at best. This show needs to go and replaced with something worth watching.
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