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  • I enjoy this show more than any other.

    This show always brings a smile to me whether i'm happy or really sad. I enjoy this show mainly because of Josh's sarcasm. The show is about Drake & Josh (sound familiar?) and they go through a 1/2 hour worth of trouble or dealing with their younger sister Megan. Megan always tries to pull pranks on the two and they avoid them as much as possible. Josh works at "The Premiere" which is a movie theater and works under the management of Helen (the boss). Helen typically treats Josh like crap but, thats what makes the show funny. Drake is the out-going type of guy who gets all the girls and generally gives Josh a hard time and gets him into trouble. Josh is the kind of guy who does his homework and tries to ace his class. Some time into the series Josh hooked up with a girls named Mindy. Mindy always tries to beat Josh at everything up until they started going out. Josh prefers to stay with Mindy as oppose of drake going out with three girls in one day. Their parents are just there the keep them under control their names are Walter and Audrey. Walter is the weather man of the local news station and the family finds him kind of weird/awkward.
  • Drake and Josh are two stepbrothers who are complete opposites who get in trouble and get out.

    As you can see on my profile, I am a fan of comedy. Comedy's great! It relieves stress and gives you a reason to be happy.

    Drake and Josh is no exception. Unlike some Disney shows -eyes their sitcoms-, the humor in Drake and Josh doesn't feel forced. While it is mildly surreal, it's funny and entertaining and gives you a reason to turn it on.

    But there are two characters that really motivate me to watch Drake and Josh. First, their's Megan, played by who else other than Miranda Cosgrove. With her dry sense of humor and evilness, she makes everybody laugh. The other character that makes me laugh is Crazy Steve, played by one of my favorites, Jerry Trainor. His humor isn't dry and sarcastic, but comes from his neurotic and crazy personality.

    But everyone else makes me laugh as well, don't you forget that!

    So this show is a prime example of comedy and how it should be. Not forced yet delightfully surreal, like any good comedy...
  • haha!

    Drake and Josh is about two step-brothers who are complete opposites and always get into strange situations. Its a funny show! My favorite characters are Drake, Josh and Mindy they are great. I don't like Megan though she's kinda annoying but the shows still funny, not the best show but still pretty good.
  • A funny show worth watching

    The show is really good. I think Drake and Josh are both good actors, and the show/s storylines are always funny and original. It/s one of the few Teen Nick shows worth watching. I enjoy seeing how the two brothers grow closer every season, and how their little sister still plays cruel and outrageous pranks on them. Definitely a classic. It/s too bad that this is the last season being aired. I never get tired of Drake/s stupidity or Josh/s lack of social skills. The show gets better every season, and it/s something to watch if you/re looking for a good laugh. One of my personal favorites.
  • Drake & Josh show.

    this show is hilarious. I like it a lot. Drake Bell is so hot and I love his songs, and him and Josh put together makes it so funny. They have really good story lines in most of the episodes.
    Megan is smarter than both of them, and she always has good ideas to make them fight. She is fun to watch, and she's mean to both of them. They shows are always good, and they are never that boring. Drake and Josh get into a lot of trouble together, but that makes it even funnier. I think that this is definitely one of nicks best shows so far.
  • One of the greatest on Nick, so far!!

    This show is one of the most funniest in the history of televison. Drake is the coolest, because he can be silly, too! Not just a rockstar! They always get into trouble and do silly things that's sure to make anybody laugh! Megan is like the mini version of the devil to me, because she's so evil, but she has things that I wish I had, so I could torment my brothers! DandJ is a great show, period!
  • It is an awesome show.

    It is a great show. Its about two brothers that are funny on t.v. Its very funny and hilarious. One brother is Drake and Josh. Its one of the best shows ever on t.v. Its so good. I like this. I like this show a lot. If it is on I will watch it. It is the coolest show ever. It is so funny. It is hilarious. Also it is hysterrically great. It is so awesomely funny. It is such a nice show, It is very excellent show. Its is a fantastic show. Also, it is an amazing show greatly.
  • Drake and Josh show

    personally i love this show, it is one of those shows that as long as you know the characters you can just watch the show and be able to under stand it. i think it is really funny and always worth watching. i love how far megan goes to such great lengths to get to drake and josh. and i love seeing all the crazy things josh and drake do that gets them in trouble all the time. and i really love watching it especially because drake bell is so hot and i love his music. overall this is a really good show for anyone that likes a short comedy that they can just turn on a watch
  • Drake and Josh is about two parents who fall in love with each other and get married. So drake and Josh become step brothers. They are always getting pranked by their little sister Megan who they believe is a little demon.

    Drake and Josh is one of my personal favorites. Its one of the funniest shows on nick. its a very great show for the kids to watch and teens too. It is also a music show because drake is in a band and he can actually sing pretty well. When I first saw this show I just thought it was gonna be another stupid family show but when I saw the plot about the brothers it was genious. Drake and Josh is one of the only shows thats keeping nickelodeon standing. I am really looking foward to seeing the movie Drake and Josh really big shrimp I think it will be the funniest episode yet but well just have to see. For now im giving drake josh a 9.5.
  • best teens show ever

    I like this show.I used to hate it but I like It now.mabye becuase they are funny!you could tell Its funny.whenever I watch this show Im glued to the tv.This Is going to my favirotes!becuase It's to funny and It's not stupid like those other rip-off shows like mr.meaty.or dragon tales.I mean look how high the score for this show is.9.0 nice score.so If you are a teen then mabye you should watch this show.It may laugh your @$$ off.And also has great humor and storyline.the jokes are sometimes funny and this show has a great point.so my overall is 10/10!
  • Great show!

    This show is underappreciated! This is a wonderful show for anyone of any age! I remember when this show first came out i thought this show wasnt something i'd like to watch but boy was i wrong! I watch this show pretty much all the time. They came out with a movie last year or so..it was called "Drake and Josh go Hollywood" and that movie was wonderful! Drake and Josh are wonderful actors. They seem to get along great as step brothers and friends. The writers and producers are doing a wonderful job! I love Drake and Joshes crazy stunts!!
  • Drake and Josh

    Drake and Josh is the best show! I like it because it is SO funny! All you gotta do is watch an episode and you fall on the floor laughing! Seriously! My favorite ones are Girlpower, Playing the Field and The Mean Teacher! It is my favorite TV show really the only one I watch other than ones on DVD's like the simpsons. Please do me a favor and WATCH an episode! And help make Drake and Josh a more popular show! I promise you will like it if you watch an episode cause of all the hilarious plots and MEGAN!
  • This show RULZ!!

    I mainly started watching it when Season 2 started. It is a superb show and keeps TEENick running.

    15-year-old Drake, who is one of those cool guys who gets all the girls, lives with his Mum and devilish, little sister, Megan, while Josh, who is the same age and a little dorky, lives with his Dad (who is a local weatherman).

    However, when Drake's Mum and Josh's Dad get married, Josh moves into Drake's house. Now Drake & Josh must share everything from their bedroom to their little, prank-pulling sister.

    Together these 2, teenage boys have the most weirdest adventures imaginable.
  • A great, hilarious and out-right funny show about two stepbrothers: Drake Parker and Josh Nichols

    When I first saw this show, I really enjoyed it. I remember seeing Drake Bell and Josh Peck in "The Amanda Show" when they were younger and they were really funny! This show always makes me laugh whenever I see an episode. I also love Drake Bell's songs and he's cute! Josh Peck is awesome too, I love how he adds emphasis to words, EMPHASIS!:lol: I also love the character Meghan, the evil little sister of Drake and Josh who plays pranks on them numerous times during the show. She is one of my fave characters. I hope Nick keeps this show going for a long time and I can't wait for the new movie called: Really Big Shrimp, odd title but it's going to be an awesome movie. All in all, "Drake and Josh" is a perfect 10 in my book!
  • I really like this show. Its just so funny to watch. Drake Bell and Josh Peck are a great comedy duo. I'm addicted.

    Drake and Josh are two high schoolers. Drake is very popular and gets all the girls. Josh is quite smart and a bit of a goof. So Drakes schocked when he finds out his mom is marrying Josh's dad! Together as Step-brothers they get into all sorts of wacky situations.
  • I love watching this show it is a kewl show.

    15-year-old Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are schoolmates, but not close friends. Drake views Josh as weird and a bit of a goof. So, imagine Drake's shock when he finds out that this "goof" is about to become his new step-brother and roommate when his mother marries Josh's father.Do you think a cool jkid can accually be a step-brother to a goffy kid? Of course not but drake has to pull it off. Drake is horible at school but his step-brother is like the best in school and drake makes him do his homework. Thats why i especially love this show.
  • Drake and Josh is a funny show to watch!

    I love watching Drake and Josh! It's so funny. To me the most funniest character is Crazy Steve. He is so funny,"What happened to the picture?!" Lol! That is so funny....Josh would come in second place to be the most funniest. I love this quote that he said,"Headaches! You give me headaches!" Isn't that funny? And I really like the movie,"Drake and Josh Go Hollywood". Drake's song on TRL was great! But they stole Tony Hawk's car? Wow. I was really surprised. I wasn't expecting Tony Hawk to be appearing in the movie. I really enjoy watching Drake & Josh.
  • Really funny!!

    I know this sounds weird but when ever I want to take a nap this is the show that I turn on. I don't turn it on because it is boring or anything it just helps me get to sleep. Kind of weird I know. Drake and Josh are complete opposites but I love how they have learned to love each other like real brothers. Their little sister, Megan, brings in alot of comedy by out smarting her two older brothers constantly. Their parents are also really funny in their scenes. They face problems every day and by the end of the day they still are a great family! I think thats why it helps me go to sleep. It's kind of peaceful.
  • D & J rule!!

    this show is very funny. I saw it for the first time and laughed my pants off! D & J were funny in the Amanda Show. Now they are hilarious in their own show. this show, in my opinion, is better than Hannah Montana (sometimes).watch it and I guarrantee u will end up in stitches.
  • Very funny

    I never expected this show to be as funny as the amanda show, but it rocks! I love the humor in it, and i'm a teen by the way, lol. But my sis and i love drakes stupid moments, and josh's spazzy moments, a plus megan's lines, lol. I didn't watch it a lot, but now i watch it whenever it comes on, which is cool. But nick has made a lot of good shows in the '04, '05, '06, area, but its all ending now, which is sad. But thats the world of teley. lol. I find everything about this show to be great, and they sneak in a bit of crude humor, that kids don't get (thank god) lol. But its pretty good.
  • funny

    i like it i guess but there are some other shows i would put in front of it. it is pretty old and had some great episodes i have to say bought they always do like the same episode re run and they never play the old ones i do not like that and it makes me bored. though i give it 2 thumbs up and a 9 point 9 drake bell is not a good singer though. that is all that i am gonna say and just leave this subject at that. DRAKE can not sing. got it? Good.
  • Very funny

    Drake and Josh is a pretty good comedy.Going through 4 straight seasons with each episode being funnier than the last.Each character's personality is diffrent,which causes them to sometimes clash verbally(arguing),or physically(fighting)!This show deserves a 9 on the scale.And I cannot wait for the future episodes to air on Nickelodeon.Bye Bye!
  • drake and josh parker are now brothers and have a little sister megan who is always up to something EVIL!!!!

    "sometimes i have dreams, and these dreams sometimes come true" sound familiar. the answer is it is from megan that little evil person with all the high tech gadgets and using them for no good.Well i have a sister that likes to repeat phrases evil or good characters say but not like megan. I cant believe how drake and josh can survive with her. always tying to play pranks or help them in the honors societys court room. Everyday there would be a prefect in my school, who always reminds me of josh as he always repeats what josh says or at leas t some funny moments, and we would sometimes run into each other and we can talk until recess ends then i would run up to class like mad and the same thing happens again and again and again.
  • Awesome!

    This is a good show for the whole family to enjoy! It's about two stepbrothers, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols (whom Drake's mom and Josh's dad have gotten married). In parentheses is how they became brothers. My younger brother watches this show all the time and it is so funny! He also taught me to like this show! Go Drake & Josh!
  • Awesome!

    This show is a good show for the whole family to enjoy. It's about two stepbrothers named Drake Parker and Josh Nichols (whom Drake's mom and Josh's dad have gotten married). My younger brother watches this show all the time, and it is so funny! My brother taught me to like this show. Go Drake & Josh!
  • Awesome!

    This show is a good show for the whole family to enjoy. It's about two stepbrothers named Drake Parker and Josh Nichols (whom Drake's mom and Josh's dad have gotten married). My younger brother watches this show all the time, and it is so funny! My brother taught me to like this show. Go Drake & Josh!
  • This show is about brothers Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, forced to be brought together because of their parents marrige.

    This show is a good one , but it could be much better ! My favorite character of all is Megan , Drake ' s sister at birth and Josh ' s new stepsister . She is so evil with Drake and Josh , yet so sweet with her parents , you can't help but wonder , what is the real Megan ? She always has new pranks up her sleeve , and that ' s what makes it hilarious ! You know that way, way, deep down she loves her big brothers, but when you see what she does to them you cant believe it!
  • " Two boys who just became brothers. Who hates that!!!

    "Drake and Josh is about two boys who
    weren't brothers before but because of their parents they became siblings.Drake and Josh have lots of differences. Drake likes girls. While Josh likes Video games. Drake seems to be cool. Well...Josh......not so much. They have this little annoying sister named Megan. She usually ruins their lives. Thats what makes this show hilarious!!
  • Drake and Josh can sometimes have meaningless plots, but this show is HILARIOUS!

    Drake and Josh are new stepbrothers after Josh's dad marries Drake's mom. Drake thinks Josh is a goof and Drake is like an idol to Josh. Drake is the cool one who gets all of the girls. Josh is the smart one who, doesn't, get the girls. There will only be a few episodes where Josh will get lucky. But again, most of the plots are silly and meaningless, but the 'hilariousness' makes up for it. There is also Megan, who pulls 4.7 pranks per episode on Drake & Josh. Walter, is Josh's dad. He is a weatherman who's predictions are wrong all the time and he always to compete with Bruce Wentiall, the other, more handsome weatherman in San Diego, California. Audrey is their mom on the show who doesn't get much attention by the audience. All of the other characters are kind of in the show in certain seasons. Craig and Eric are nerds at school. Crazy Steve is an employee at the Premeire where Josh works. Helen is Josh's boss. And again, this show is so silly. From Drake's hilarious dumbness, to Josh's funny sarcastic smartness. This show is awesome!
  • Why does this show almost always follow the same scheme?

    This show is really really redundant is really really redundant is really really redundant oh sorry about that I just got caught into a loop,I call "DrakandJoshasitus".I've watched this show since it began and a good majority of them go like this, Megan does something to Drake and Josh,they try to stop her mini tyrant antics,they get in trouble by there guilable*and sometime biased* parents,and end up in some crapedout situation that they have to clean up.The show should be called "Drake,Josh,and Megan: being that without her, a good 20-25 episodes would fall apart.Sometimes they pull away from this and have some quality episodes,but those "sometimes" are few and far between.If they started trying to make more stories than the aforementioned scheme then this will be a better show.
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