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  • Great Funny Classic

    GFC great funny classic I loved this because it had the right amount of humor and like other sitcom it dosnt stick to one set I remember acually this show had 4 sets Im mean I really liked that which is weird but I think that everyone could agree that a show would be boring with out more than 3 sets so and plus they had more during other episodes so but this show is funny everyone loved it
  • Best Nickelodeon Live-Action Sitcom (Along With The 1990's All That, And Ned's Declassified)! I Cant Believe This Wonderful Show Got Cancelled For IF******Suck (I Mean ICarly!)

    This Show is About Two Brother Named Drake And Josh Who Fight A lot and Have A evil Little Sister Named Megan And They Go On Funny Exciting Adventures Trough Teenage Years! And I'm Not A Fan Of Teenage Sitcoms But This One Was Hilarious!! And I Can Believe This Show Got Canned For IS***! Here Is My Review in a scale from 1-10: Plot- 9.5

    Humor- 10

    romance- 9.0

    better than most nick sitcoms: 10

    Action- IT'S A FLICKING SITCOM!! 1.0

    OVERALL-10 Drake and Josh!Drake and Josh!Drake and Josh! Drake and Josh! Drake And Josh! Drake and Josh! Rules!
    drake and josh!drake and josh!drake and josh!drake and josh!drake and josh! RULES!
  • Best teen show ever!

    I am a huge fan of anything Dan Schneider creates and Drake and Josh is the best thing he ever made. Almost every episode he brings gives us good laughs and lets us enjoy the episode. They had great plots that never gets old and I wish they would bring the show back. This show deserves a perfect 10 score.
  • This show along with Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, is one of the greatest Teen Nick shows ever made

    Although it did suffer from a few flaws here and there, Drake and Josh is by far the greatest Teen Nick ever made since Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The show centers around two boys named Drake and Josh, whose parents marry each other and they are forced to live together. Drake is a lazy teenager who has a band and loves hot girls, and Josh is a ace student who works at the movies, and loves to study on Saturdays. Together they have to get over each others differences and have fun times together that get them into trouble. The cast all do a great job with acting. The cast all gave great performances and seemed to fit the personalities the characters were supposed to be like. Josh Pecker did a great job playing as an overreacting teen who goes nuts a lot, and Drake Bell does a brilliant job playing the slacker. The show is also very funny and has jokes that are brilliant and original, if not inspired. The jokes also seemed to get better in each episode. There is of course that annoying laugh track, but unlike iCarly or True Jackson VP, Drake and Josh don't play it every 5 seconds. The plots are great and even though some of them are rehashes, there are new elements added to them to make them more interesting, and are great. If I had anything to say ad about this show, its Megan. I despise her so much and do not like her. Some people say she does it for humor, but there is a fine line between humor, and just plain cruel, and Megan definitely crosses that line too many times. She is cruel to Drake and Josh so much. What did they ever do to her anyway? Not once in this series did I see Drake and Josh do anything so bad to Megan she wanted to hurt them forever. We don't even get back story as to why she does this, she is just generic cruel little sibling who acts innocent, and she gives younger siblings a bad name, and I am a younger brother. Thanks for promoting stereotypes Megan. Also the parents are complete idiots. They never ever listen to Drake and Josh and think they are liars, but they always believe Megan. They also give them the boys the cruelest punishments for dumb reasons. I really wish these parents would have gotten a clue and start listening to their sons, and not think their daughter is a saint. If maybe Megan got her comeuppance every episode now and then, she wouldn't be so bad, but she never gets into trouble at all. Aside from the stupid parents and Megan, Drake and Josh is one fun show that is guaranteed to give you plenty of laughs and is a fun show to watch. I wish though that this show was still on and didn't last so shortly.
  • Amazing

    I think Drake & Josh is a really funny show. I like it a lot. It's one of my favorite show.
  • Love It.

    I Was Little When The Show Came Out So I Dont Rember All The Episodes But It Was So Funny!

    OMG, this show reminds me when I was 6 years old. It was so funny. MUH BETTER THAN THAY SHIT SHOW iCARLY. Crazy Steve was da bomb.
  • Love this show

    This show was hilarious. Miranda Cosgrove was very funny in this show unlike the show ICarly that she's in now, which is not funny. All the characters are funny and the plots were very good. This was an amazing show.
  • oh my god this show is so great

    I love this show in so many ways. My favorite character is Josh, I love his voice and ho he repeats things for emphasis. Like for example, in the helicopter episode, Drake said "We're on E!" And Josh was just like "WELL MAYBE "E" MEANS EXTRA FUEL!" I love how he tried to be an optimist. And another example is how he makes s'mores and he takes them out of the oven and he's like "Hello S'mores!" And he touches the pan and he says, "HELLO, PAIN!". Oh and to Spongeyfan, how is this a rip off of spongebob? What you said didn't even make any sense. A rip-off is how a show COPIES another show. How is Drake and Josh just like SBSP? Drake and Josh is like a White Kenan & Kel. Except it wasn't really a rip off, because every character had their own personality and it was funny in their own way. Now if it wasa rip off, both of the boys would behave exactly like Kenan & Kel. Plus, Drake and Josh is a good reality show, while Spongebob Squarepants is a good cartoon. Don't use the word "Rip off" If you don't know how to use it and if you don't know what it means. I think you're just mad because it seems you're obsessed with spongebob, as your username is "Spongeyfan", yes? Exactly.
  • The old iCarly

    Why did they have to cancel this show?It was funny the way it is.It's about two brothers named Drake and Josh doing a bunch of stuff.I really hate Megan.She's a huge pain and is a combine of D.W and Sarah.But this is basically a white Kenan and Kel,which is great because I love that show.My favorite episodes are Helicopter,The Bet,Dune Buggy,Guitar,Josh Runs into Oprah and Eric punches Drake.But I hate Sheep Thrills and Perivian Puff Pepper.Megan Nearly ruins the entire show.Score:
    Humor:It's not one of those shows that try to cuss
    Voices:Great lines.
    This is way better than iCarly because it's funnier
  • Ahh the best Nickelodeon live action show!

    I love Drake and Josh. Two brothers, one get's the girls and one's smart, who's evil younger sister does evil crazy pranks on them and never get caught. That's awesome! I love how the episodes got better and better as the show was growing! The best episode would probably have to be when Josh misses his test because of Drake, Josh stops hanging out with Drake, he then has the best week ever while Drake gets the worse, and he realizes he can't live without his brother Josh! That episode is sad too. I love Drake and Josh, it's the best live action show to air on Nickelodeon, actually it's my favorite show on Nickelodeon! And it will always be!
  • Why did they have to cancel D&J?

    Drake and Josh was a great show, it was very funny and I was sad when they canceled it for iCarly, because mainly I don't really like iCarly.

    I liked Miranda better in D&J, anyways.

  • A fun sicom that is truely missed on Nick

    This show is many things, funny, heartfelt, entertaining and truly relatable. The movies they show are good too, unlike so many Nick TV Show spin off movies. This show is one of the best shows around in the 2000's.
  • A legendary sitcom.

    One of the greatest shows ever, Drake & Josh. This shows follows about two brothers, named Drake & Josh. Each episode has wild things! Their sister is somewhat a little downside to the show for me.
  • A classic.

    This show was one of the funniest kid's/teen acted shows I have seen to date. The acting was always spot on, the characters were well developed, and the stories hilarious. I laughed so much it makes me sad that the show was ended. However, it had an excellent run, and I still watch re-runs. Bravo.
  • Hilarious show

    I love this show and it was one of the most hilarious shows to ever air on Nick. I wish they didn't end this show for "iCarly". "iCarly" is an okay show but "Drake and Josh" is definitely better than "iCarly". I would crack up so hard watching this show. The only character I don't like in this show is Megan because she always pranks Drake and Josh and would always get on my nerves but I'll let that slide and won't take away any points. I just wished that Megan was finally busted in the series finale... that would have been the best series finale ever. Anyways, Josh cracks me up really hard and Drake also makes me laugh hard as well. I don't like Drake sometimes because Drake causes trouble and Josh has to be involved in it. Anyways, if you really need a good laugh then watch "Drake and Josh" because I promise that it will make you laugh so hard to the extreme. I recommend this show big time. "Drake and Josh" will always be remembered as one of the most hilarious shows I've seen on Nick and I wish it never ended. Overall, one of the most hilarious shows to ever air on Nick. 10/10
  • Took Off Some Marks Because the Last Season Wasn't Great

    Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are step brothers when Drake's Mom marries Josh's dad, a weatherman. With this, Josh gets a new step-sister also, Megan, who constantly makes life nightmarish for him and Drake.

    Throughout the series Drake and Josh get into a lot of compromising situations but they always get out of them. They might not act like it, but they really do love each other and will always help each other with any trouble they might have.

    I definitely recommend this show to anyone who would want to just sit back and relax. The last season isn't as good as the first 3 overall, but the whole show is pretty good
  • This will forever be Nick's best TeenNick show ever.

    Dan Schnieder made a big mistake canceling this for iCarly. I just want to know how he can make a good show like this,and make a bad show like iCarly. Drake and Josh is about two friends named well,Drake Parker and Josh Nicolas,and their parents end up getting married,and end up as brothers,so they have to put up with each other. It was done a million times before,but this uses the premise pretty well. The characters are all hilrailous and have something about them selves. Drake is a person who always gets girls,hates school and is in a band. Josh is the opposite of Drake. He cares about school,loves video games and has a crush on Oprah. Crazy Steve is a worker at where Josh works at,the premiere. He always yells,is crazy and is hilrailous. Eric and Craig are two jewish nerds who always gets mistaken for the wrong identity.(Like how Eric is mistaken for Craig) Helen is the boss at the premiere,and is hilrailous. Mindy is Josh's enemy,or girlfriend now,and is a show-off at times. However,the only bad character who is wrecking the show is (You guessed it),Megan. She always tortures Drake and Josh for no reason,and if they tell their parents,Megan acts like a 5-year old. Geez,what a idiot. Also,their parents just suck. I mean,they never believe Drake or Josh,always punish them and believe Megan instead. She even ruined a few episodes like Perevian Puff Pepper,Sheep Thrills and Treehouse. However,She's better as Megan than as Carly. The humor is great,the laugh track doesn't play 98% of the time,and most of them don't rely on hobos. There are a few hobo jokes in the show,but it's funny this time. "Can I come over to your house?" "NO!Leave me alone,Hobo!". You see,it's actually funny this time. However,it has ended for stinking iCarly now. Seriously,bring this show back and cancel iCarly.

    we miss drake n josh BRING EM BACK !

  • Unforgivably Poor

    Giving this show a "1" admittedly was generous (I was considering a .4 but decided to be charitable). That same generous nature was what made me decide to watch two episodes of it in a row again the other day with my step-daughter, who wasn't feeling well. Till the second episode mercifully came to a close, I was the one who was ill.

    This show's worst fault, besides its poor acting and pathetic plot lines, is its perpetual predictability. It isn't just that the endings are obvious...each action and each "twist" is foreseeable as well. This was me sitting on the sofa, eyes crossed, watching: {to myself} Okay, they're going to get kicked out of line now that they're finally close to getting on the ride...{right-o}...[a few minutes elapse, scene changes back] {bet another fight ensues and they get kicked out of line again}...[YEP]...{couldn't just happen twice, they insist on boring us to death a third time}...[sure enough]...If an entire episode has to center around the plot of these kids wanting to board a ride and never getting on, couldn't they at least have found some other means of making the plot turn rather than security hoisting them three times to the end of the line? Wouldn't they be recognized and kicked out of the entire park after the second occurrence? {yes, I know. who cares?}

    Pity that wooden acting and transparent writing is all it takes to entertain teens and 'tweens nowadays. I am barely out of my twenties myself, but I find myself shaking my head like a staid old maid in dismay at the satisfaction in today's youth culture with the mediocre, and even the downright bad.
  • This show is like iCarly but i enjoy iCarly a little bit better.

    Now i used to watch when it aired but the reason its not that good is because of Megan being super annoying and sometimes the boys are really stupid and it irritates me. Now like in Spongebob the ones ones are better like when the Christmas movie came out i was excited but it was disappointing an kind of boring. Anyway i would rather watch ICarly than this. Overall 7/10.
  • Like IT!

    I like this show although Icarly is my favourite show nick! But I will recomend it!
  • Hilarious Show! Good Job Dan!

    Hahaha.... An old classic. 2 step brothers that are completely the opposites have to live together. They have some hilarious, pathetic, and emotional moments. LOL 10/10
  • Stupid but hilariously funny

    The show is definitly my favorite show in nickelodean history, its stupidley funny. I use to always come directly home from school attend to watch it because it just made me feel good. I will never compare it to icarly, icarly is o.........Kay, I can watch it everyonce in a while, but just not as good. Two opposite brother living together, what more could you ask for........"avatar" I don't think so. It might be might favorite show behind man vs. Wild and supernatural.
  • This show was great but not anymore


    This show is not that great. This show has not had any new episodes in years. The only ok episode was the Merry Christmas episode with the kid who cant speak english. This is not a good show. This show is not one of the best and it is not even close to being one of the best.

  • funny show on nick


    funny show on nick. i love this show. it used to be my favorite show on nick. i have a problem with one character Megan. she's annoying, funny, and mean. i decided to keep my score at a 10 because she is kind of funny. the best thing that makes Drake and Josh funny is that they get into a lot of trouble. it's hillarious. the show is WAY better than Icarly. Why dosen't it come on nick any more. but i love the movie i watch it every year. overal the best show ever on nick (besides Victiorus)

  • Start's off funny but get's boring.

    Like what I said in the summary you may enjoy Drake and Josh one minute but the next minute you won't. It's just one of those teen shows where any of it's charm quickly wears off. That and when I watch it I can't help but feel as though I'm watching the white equivilent of Kenan and Kel, and I don't even like that show much anymore. The character of Megan slowly get's boring. It's funny to see Drake and Josh getting into trouble for something they didn't do once but after a while it gets annoying. I mean, come on, they have to win some time or another! Overall while it's not my type of show if you enjoy this type of teen humour then it's definately the show for you.
  • Hmm...


    I kind of like this. This about two 16 year old boys named drake bell and josh peck who have carly shay. But, then they sometimes have a bad plot like in iCarly sometimes, that's why I give it a 5. Although this show is related to iCarly, I kind of like this show.

    My rating: 5.0

  • Out of the many sitcoms I have seen this is the best.


    Drake and Josh, a T.V. show about two teenage boys getting their selves into trouble. This show isn't just watching Drake and Josh getting yelled at. In some episodes they actually get rewarded. I like this sitcom simply because

    1: It has a greatsenseof humor.

    2: It isrelatable

    3: Veryentertaining

    Some funny moments for example, Crazy Steve flipping out like he does is hilarious, when people tell Josh he has a big head, sometimes the random craziness, and when they get beat up by people sometimes. I think this was a very good put together sitcom and I wish they still made new episodes for it. I recommend to anyone that likes sitcoms to watch this one. You will love it.^.^

  • For one minute, lets all just forget about The Troop, and True Jackson VP, and remember Drake and Josh, a.k.a the most loved sit-com on Nickelodeon.


    One of the oldest sit-coms by Dan Schinieder that aired on Nick, Drake and Josh was a fantastic show with interesting characters, hilarious plots, and not tacky like ICarly and Victoriuos. It was just the normal life of two brothers. I have many compliments for this show, but Im just going to say the major ones.

    Compliment #1 Megan Parker- Megan Parker (played by Miranda Cosgrove), was Drake's little sister, who loved to pull pranks on Drake and Josh. Without Megan, almost half of this shows hilarity is dead, so shes obviously important. The funny part is, that the parents never beleive Drake and Josh that Megan is "evil".

    Compliment #2 Situations- Through this whole entire series, Drake and Josh are put into some of the most original and hilarious situations on TV. In one episode, Drake, Josh, and Megan have to wait in a long line to ride a coaster called "The Demonator". Because of Josh's "tiny bladder" Drake and Megan get thrown to the back of the long line with Josh. This is just one example of the hilarious antics of Drake and Josh.

    Ok, well i have 3 problems with this show... but dont let that make you not like the show. Id just rather warn you of all the problems, rather than go on about all thegood stuff. So, here the problems:

    Problem #1 Josh's "Spazzes"- By "spazzes", I mean when Josh gets all upset at Drake... and starts annoyingly freaking out. His voice gets all raspy, and his eyes screw up. I know it's to be funny, but the last season or so, he does it sooo much, and it annoys the pluck out of me.

    Problem #2 How Kreg and Eric are Treated- Kreg and Eric are the stereotypical "nerds" In the series. I hate that stereotype. I dont look like them at all, but I hate how Eric has nice hair, and glasses, and his treated like dirt by Drake. I'm not mad how its mean, its just rude! It will probably annoy you to.

    Problem #3 Megan gets away with everything- Megan, the pranker, definatley makes this show funny as heck, but in the last season, the parents still dont know its happening. I just get uncomfortable, and feel bad for Drake and Josh. I love the pranks, but will the parents ever know? It leaves with an uncomfortable hanger...

    Ignore the awful sterotypes, and random anger spazzes, and you've got a great show! If you have a sibling, this show is perfect for you.

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