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  • This show is really funny! I think it's better than Kenen and Kel.


    I loved this show back then. When it first aired the episodes were okay, they've gotten better. The cast is awesome and I liked Miranda more on this than iCarly. Well I'm not really a fan of iCarly though. I think they should cancel iCarly and bring back Drake and Josh. I wonder if there's a way for making new episodes of a show that's already been cancelled...Well this show is extremely funny and is one of Nickelodeon's best shows!

  • This is the FUNNIEST Nick show ever!

    What's not to love about this show? It's about a cool idiot named Drake, and a smart spaz called Josh thus comes the title, "Drake and Josh". Two step brothers living together, now that's an idea. This is one of the Nick shows that really impresses me! It always has something new and fresh and doesn't use the same old plot again and again like most of Nick's shows. It's funny and entertaining! Who WOULDN't love this, it's so much fun to watch that it's hard not to stop watching it. This is seriously pure comedy genius totally for sure!
  • I hate this show! I do not even get why they still air this!

    I actually did sort of like the first season, just a very little bit, but every time they start a new season i just hate it even more! This show has no reason to still be aired! it is so boring! Who ever thought to make this show is crazy! Some people think it is funny, nope, it is not funny at all! they may do funny things, but they are not if you actually think about it. Another thing, the show is completly unrealistic! it does not make sense to me! But like i said, the very first season was not TOO bad but i still didnt care for it and every season is going downhill x100!!! I absolutely hate this show!
  • It was alright.

    From the creators, producers, and actors of the Amanda Show, comes a new show: Drake and Josh. Even though the Amanda Show was much better, this is still a decent show. Even though most of actors do great jobs for their characters, I can't stand Miranda Cosgrove. I don't know whether it's her terrible acting or her very irritating character, but I just don't like her at all. Most of the storylines are good and comedic, while others are just boring and unfunny. It's a shame that this show ended and got replaced with that dreadful iCarly, which will be a heck of a lot worse than any show on Nick.
  • This is the worst show on Nicklodeon along with As told by Ginger

    Man, this show is Superbad. But still, there are some good episodes. But, most of the time, I hate it. Why? Megan is cruel and, I just want to kill her. Everyone's cruel to Josh. Drake wins in every episode (Exept when, Megan's in the episode) The rest of the time. It's simply horrible. Drake. Always cheating himself out. Like in the pink haired episode. It was just am wig! I really, really, really, really, really hate this show. And, you people could disagree with this review. But, just remember me as the guy who hates this show really, really badly!
  • Please don't disagree with this review. I'm a fan. You can read. But, don't disagree.

    Okay, don't get me wrong. But, this show is good. But, the writers are constantly making Josh's life bad. Also, they made Megan made her the Josh hurter. That's two reasons I don't like this show that much. Now, for a history.

    When it premered, I watched it all the time

    Some episode I watched was bad to Josh. So I stoped.

    Then, I went back. So, now I'm a fan. I only watch episodes I'm confortable with. But, that episode. "Prevein Puff Pepper" That's one I will not watch!

    So, please don't disagree. I like this show. It's really good. But, there are some things that I don't like.

    Final Score: C, 6
  • A show about 2 brothers, filled with all the comedy sitcom cliches...

    Ahh.. Drake and Josh. Arguably the most popular live-action show on Nickelodeon, the show stars 2 Amanda Show alumni, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, playing 2 teenage boys who become stepbrothers when their single parents marry each other. At first, it seems that Drake and Josh are complete opposites: Drake is cool, handsome, popular with everybody, and is also an aspiring musician. Josh is overweight, shy, unpopular, and somewhat childish. Eventually, the step-brothers become great friends, despite the differences.
    The show ran for 4 seasons, but it was clear that after season 2 the show went downhill in terms of quality. Seasons 1 and 2 were fresh and great. Sure, the jokes were somewhat corny and the storylines a bit shallow, but the characters were pleasant to look at. All that changed with season 3. Josh lost weight, and with that the childish charm, and simply became nagging and annoying. Drake, we get it, you're hot. Stop it. Earlier in the show he was cool in a good way, filling the golden-hearted jock/popular kid mold nicely. But later, he became arrogant, too careless, almost indifferent. Megan, transformed from a mischievous, clever girl to a sadistic, tech-smart, cruel tween whose main purpose in life was to torture Drake and Josh. The parents, Audrey and Walter, got less screen time, looked like blithering idiots at their blindness to Megan's evil, and Walter became just an... idiot! The supporting characters were split between bad and good. Crazy Steve was awesome. Period. Craig and Eric were good, but it would've been better if they got a positive scene once in a while. Mindy was the hot geek chic. Yeah. However, others weren't so good. Helen long became annoying with her I-love-Drake-and-hate-Josh speech. And Drake's band members always change. What's up with that? By the end of the show, the episodes were too repetitive: Drake and Josh get tricked by Megan, Megan lies, Drake and Josh do something hard and grueling, the parents teach them a lesson, and Megan gets away with it. Boooooring!
    Long story short, a good idea, some good episodes, and early on the characters were great, but it would've been better if something went Josh's way, Drake got rejected, no laugh track, and last but not least, Megan get caught. Once and for all!
  • Two step brothers trying to live their lives together despite being on totally different ends of the spectrum.

    Drake and Josh is an average show, not because of the writing or the characters but basically everything as a whole. There's no draw and the humour is very childish and slapstick. There is no depth to the characters and often times the very talented Josh Peck is made to act extremely insane. It can be mildly entertaining at times but the writing is poor and it can become rather predictable and even taxing at times. The characters are not developed at all, including the parents and sister Miranda Cosgrove, who totally wasted away on the show. The show has potential but it seems to be stuck in a dry rut of slapstick.
  • Two boys become brothers. It's not that simple.

    In Nickelodeon's hit television show Drake Bell plays Drake Parker, the laid back cool guy musician, and Josh Peck plays Josh Nichols, the nerdy kid. This show is about when these boys become stepbrothers. The comedy is amazing as is how well Drake and Josh work off each other's performances. Plus Miranda Cosgrove is a great part of the show as Megan, the evil sister of Drake. This show shows how well Drake and Josh are able to get along, though of course they fight a lot and sometimes hate each other, they're brothers. this show also showcases Drake Bell's music, a blend of pop and classic rock that is awesome. If you want a good comedy this is the show for you.
  • Next to Kenan & Kel, this has to be the best Nickelodeon sitcom ever.

    The reason I'm not giving this a 10/10 is because the first season was horrible. The first season is filled with things you'll see in Icarly. Example, in the first season you will see alot of unfunny jokes, the acting was horrible, and the laugh track was ridiculous. Though atleast that season only had 6 episodes.

    I was about to quit the show until I saw the second season, that season improved A bit, and it was worth watching. The third season is when the series started getting really funny. Seasons 4 and 5 were the best seasons in the show. Though the thing that bothered me was Megan. She was funny from seasons 1-3, though when seasons 4 $ 5 came she became annoying. And it got tiring when Drake & Josh's parents didn't believe them when they said Megan was evil. I'm still going to miss the show. Icarly will never replace this show.
  • This show is really funny.

    This is in my mind, the best reality/comedy on Nickelodeon. This show won the Kid's Choice Awards "Favorite Show" category this year. My favorite character in this show is Crazy Steve, played by Jerry Trainor who would later play Spencer Sha in iCarly. Crazy Steve is the funniest character in Drake and Josh. In my mind, the show was at its best during the 1st-3rd seasons. Then during the 4th season, the show started to go south. I personally like the Old Josh alot more than the New Josh. The Old Josh was really funny, and had good humor. Josh then decided to lose weight, which is good, and the New Josh started being a reincarnation of Drake, which is bad. It seemed in my mind that Josh was losing his comedy, and becoming a showoff the more episodes went by. Drake on the other hand, was his normal, cool self thoughout the series. I will always remember the good times, and bad times of the show.
  • Here are 10 good reasons for Drake & Josh to be your favourite show!

    I LOVE the show Drake & Josh! It's hilarious! I'll give you a couple reasons that Drake & Josh should be your FAVOURITE show.

    1.) It's really, really funny.

    2.) Megan's pranks on Drake & Josh are fun to see.

    3.) It's fun to watch Drake and his band perform.

    4.) Josh and his two nerdy friends are hilarious to see.

    5.) Oh... And don't forget to see the new episodes because the newer the funnier!

    6.) The movies are even better than the episodes! (Mainly because they're longer and the more Drake & Josh, the better!)

    7.) It's fun to watch them grow from being about 12 or 13 and now 15, 16, or 17.

    8.) The theme song is good.

    9.) The movies when they do something cool like go to Hollywood or eat really big shrimp are really funny. And it'd be nice to live in that hotel from Drake & Josh find Megan at in Hollywood.

    10.) Drake & Josh RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show but I hate Megan!

    This show features two step brothers trying to deal with each other and their little sister Megan. I personally don't like many live action shows but this is one of my favorites! I just can't stand Megan she never gets in trouble, she gets worse in every episode. If the show continues I hope they make an episode were Drake and Josh finally get Megan busted. But anyway this show is great and I also usually feel bad for Josh when he gets in his 'situations', but sometimes that's what makes it funny.

    This is a great show and Nick needs to continue it no matter how old they are, or no matter how many viewers watch it.
  • Drake and Josh is about 2 step-brothers who are always getting into situations and trouble.

    If I would have to say, this show is probably the best sitcom Nick has ever produced. Everything is great. For one, take the acting. The actor for Drake Bell does a fantastic job on acting as a slacker. The actor Josh Peck does a good job as playing a spazz no doubt about it. The story lines to this show are amazing as well. It shows you that the directors and producers of this show actually took their time to make a well-balanced, and high quality story line. The jokes are always cracking me up as well. Every episode is filled with hysterical jokes that you will definitely be laughing at.Throughout the whole series, the show was always amazing. It really made me sad when the show ended after Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. And then they continue to produce other disgusting crap like "The Troop" and "True Jackson VP". This show will always be one of Nicks best. I just don't see how the same directors that made this made iCarly. Really? iCarly is decent, but this show is superb. And although the series is over, Nick will continue to show replays for years to come.

    Overall, Drake and Josh is one of Nick's best.

    Side Note: After Merry Christmas Drake and Josh, the show was supposed to have 6 or 7 more episodes ordered. Such episodes included Megan's Birthday Party, an episode where it had Drake's dad and Josh's mom, and a couple other episodes.
  • Best show (That's not a cartoon) I have ever seen in my entire life!

    A couple years ago, I thought Drake and Josh sucked. I was entirely wrong. You see, I was mad because I only liked Cartoons, but that was the past. I watched an episode of Drake and Josh, and I was astounded, in a good way. Too bad Miranda Cosgrove wanted to move to another show, which astounded me-- in a BAD way. It's about a girl who's about fourteen years old, followed by her brother, Spencer, AKA Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh. Why, Miranda Cosgrove, why?!! Because of her, she ruined one of the three good shows! Two years ago, when I watched the Merry Christmas Drake and Josh, I got really mad that Miranda quit the job as Megan..

    Plot:10/10 It's about two brothers, Drake and Josh. Drake is a singer for a band, and Josh is the one who works at a theater. Like most shows, it's a Sicom.

    Acting:10/10 Drake has the perfect job as a singer. It's also funny how Drake gets all the girls when Josh gets left behind. Heh. That sounds like Mario and Luigi.

    Overall:10/10 I wish I could rate this show a higher score! The best show I have ever watched and seen in my whole entire life.
  • Nick's best live action show.

    I have always loved this show. It is full of good humor, a very spastic Josh, and has a good story to it. Sadly as you all know, this show was canceled. The last episode for the Christmas Special was very enjoyable and I'm glad they're still showing this show every now and then. It deserves to be on the air everyday instead of that infernal trash iCarly or Victorious. Nick really hasn't had very much good on the air ever since they canceled Drake and Josh, so I wonder where Nick will go now. They are breaking apart fast.
  • this is a good show

    Dan Schneider created this show and it is about 2 guys that become step-brothers meet Drake the awesome cool dude and Josh the less cool nerdy guy and these 2 brothers go on wacky adventures and we meet Megan drake's little sister and Josh's new step-sister that is one of those common charatcers that plays a sweet and pretents to be nice and she is a super smart mastermind that gets drake and josh in trouble but sometimes she helps then out and to know more about this show just keep watching it and learns more about drake and josh on their adventures
  • Without a doubt in my mind, I consider this Dan Schneider's best work.

    Although it does have some severe flaws to it (but most shows do anyway), Drake and Josh is not only one of my favorite Teen Nick shows, but it's also my favorite Dan Schneider show. For starters, the jokes are not only original, but they're also hilarious. I know there are plenty of times watching Drake and Josh where I'm laughing close to tears. The jokes blow me away, and I'm amazed at how funny the writers are able to make them. Of course, the acting helps. Unlike iCarly, this show has great actors who do a great job at their roles, particularly Josh Peck. They make the show even funnier than it already is which tells you how wonderful they are right then and there. I only have three problems with this show, which stops me from giving this show a perfect ten: the titles for the episodes, the parents, and Megan. The episodes' titles don't bother me too much, but I honestly wish Dan Schneider would work a little harder at coming up with creative titles instead of Eric Punches Drake, Josh Ran over Opera, Josh is Done, and so on. But it doesn't bother me too much. As for the parents, they are one of the worst ones on TV. They don't believe anything their sons say, yet they believe everything Megan says. They're also really harsh when it comes to their punishments, and when I say that, I mean they ground them for a stupid reason. It's funny once in a while, but it's annoying, at least for me, when it happens in, like, every episode. Lastly, Megan drives me INSANE! Worst sister ever! Okay, I don't know why she gets enjoyment out of making her brothers' lives a living hell, but she does…and she does a good job at it. She tortures them on a daily basis, and blames them for the rules she breaks. Occasionally, she's funny, but most of the time I just have a burning hatred towards her. All in all, ignoring those flaws, Drake and Josh was probably the best show to air on Teen Nick, and I wish it were still going on today.

    Drake and Josh, the greatest TV sictom I haver ever watched. It was probarly the last decent Nickelodeon before the TV and Video game apcolyspe came in 2006. It had great classic characters and jokes. I love, but hate Megan's character, which only a few people can create. Dan Schneider truly is a legend and he is absolutely genius. Drake is also a very intresting character. He goes out with thousands of girls and is great at guitar, but does very bad in school. Josh is my favoruite though. He is the exact oppissite. He has trouble picking up girls and he is very unpopular, but he plays by the rules and is extremely kind. Even the characters that have only one appearance are hillarious. I will never forget this or Kenan and Kel. Cancel iCarly and bring back Drake and Josh!!!
  • u guys are the best!!!

    heyy drake and josh, i am an actor that wouldnt mind to be on your show. if you bring me in and i preform in front of you im shore that u will like my work. i have been acting since i was a kid and i extremely love your show. if you choose to contact me my email is elias_anton69@hotmail.com. i have all of your seasons and i find you guys very funny. my favourite episode is 'number one'. keep up the good work. drake is too cool and i missed josh when he was fat. i also wish that josh would loosen up a little bit. hope to see you soon.
  • Funny!

    D & J are very funny actors with a great show about nobody is perfect. But they have opportunities to get revenge on Megan but the always take whatever she bribes them. Why did they cancel this show, bring it back! I give it an 8.5 (Great) for the humor and the message of fixing your mistakes. But I think it should be rated PG for Drake and Josh hugging and friendly, thankyou, brief kissing, uses of Oh My God, Oh God, and all they making out sex and kisses between characters. I wish Megan wasn't on the show because she ruins everything!
  • One of the last good Nickelodeon shows...

    Well, I consider myself a critic, but that doesn't mean I can't like stuff, I consider this show funny, politically correct, with the right innuendos for the right ages, and well, everything is good balanced, 4 example, megan, she is funny and without her their life would be TOO good, and as proven in "josh is done", they need each other, well, drake is to irresponsible to go on itself, and josh wouldn't be miserable enough without drake, this is perfect, I just hate Dan Schneider to put references on every wall, name and mall XD wow, 101 frikin words xD!
  • I don't really think much of this show.

    I really don't like this show. The jokes are not really very funny, and that Megan turns me off when she pulls her nasty tricks, and she always gets away with them. It might be a little bit better if she got her comeuppence for her awful pranks once in a while.
  • about as funny as having glass stuck in youre eye

    okay I am normally fair when reviwing but this show is crap it's about a fat kid and a skinny kid both of which spend a disturbing amount of time together it made me depressed that so many people whatch it they should just kick it off the air. please di the world a favour
  • Like the classification I picked says.

    It is so terrible, and not funny at all. It is a childrens sitcom, so of course it's not going to be funny. There has not been a funny nick show since Kenen and Kel, this is just one more sign that nickelodeon is starting to jump the shark as a tv channel.
  • Why is Meagan Getting away with everything? I love this show better than family guy.

    This is Dumb Megan gets away with everything. Why Don't Drake and Josh Beat the crap out of her or at east tell on her D.U.H! instead of saying
    There Jokes aren't funny and thier really Stupid. Sorry if you don't agree but i don't like D&J that much some episodes are funny. Helen's Funny to me But Josh is Like and Drake
    Josh: this thing has Meatballs, MEATBALLS!!!!!!
    Drake:well i know how to make her Jealous Throw a stinkbomb at Her.
    Josh: Im running,RUNNING!!. Josh is Weak as heck and drake is Dumb as heck. This Show should be called Dumb&Dumber. Aha! Wow what a lie this show is the best. a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And It Also Qualifies For A "Better Every Season",

    Drake just writes a few simple lyrics and now he's really famous or something.

    At first, the show was stupid, and they once had pink hair and at the end Drake pulls off a pink wig, and his red hair is back to normal, but seriously, you could tell that they all had wigs on.

    And he treats his new brother like a slave, ordering him where to drive, and Josh really isn't that big! I saw him on U-Pick, and he looked a lot different.

    Megan's okay, and I can't remember the name of Josh's girlfriend, but ever since they have had her on the show, they switched to markerboards. Great Job.
  • Really all together not good!

    Drake and Josh are two actors from a show called "the amanda show" that was never really all that appealing. Drake and Josh is a television show with the two same actors from the amanda show. The show itself is supposed to be comic but i can't find anything funny about it except stupid jokes and bad acting. Probably more appealing to a younger audience i really wouldn't waste my time watching it again.
  • Laughter for all the family. Excuse me? I think not. 8.4/10 what a crying joke.

    Whoever writes Drake and Josh's storylines needs to be shot. I must tell you this, Drake and Josh is the most unoriginal show ever to grace a channel which usually broadcasts the same crap every week.
    I dont get all this canned laughter after every seemingly innocent sentence. Each 'so called' joke seems to have been regurgitated dozens of time so we end up with the same worthless drivel every week.


    Josh- This thing shows longitude and latitude
    Josh- LATITUDE!!!!
    Drake- Whats Latitude?
    Josh- I DONT KNOW!!!!!

    These kids are mentally retarded and think they are funny. But they are not. Even Jorge's better.
  • Seriously, don't watch this show. It's ridiculous!!

    I cant stand this show. It is amusing in an odd way, but who wants to watch a show about two boys??!! It's insane!!! My only favorite charachter is Megan, because she does exactly what I'd like to do. I think we'd be friends. I will give it a 0.1 for managing to attract some people.
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