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  • This show is just great!

    I really like this show and I started watching it in 2006 and it was really funny. Especilly the episode when they do the bet. I really like Drake Bell and he plays the Guitar and he ROCKS! at it. I don't know why Nickelodeon took this show off of air and I really miss new episodes and there are still some episodes that haven't aired yet and I don't know why. Nick use to be really good now it isn't so good like it use to be two years ago. I really want Nick to bring Drake & Josh back.
  • Pretty good show

    This show is probably nick's best show(besides Avatar).
    The show admittidly started off a little slow but quickly became one of my favorites. Even though the premise might not be the most original, every episode is unique and pretty funny and the characters(with the exception of Megan and sometimes Drake) are likeable. Compared to most other shows on nick this is a diamond it the rough. I don't know what else to say except that you should watch this show. Even though its not outstanding, it is above average, conistantly good, and definately worth watching. Also I hope that nick cancels the naked brothers band, just saying.
  • Drake & Josh are SOOO FUNNY! They really crack me up!

    Nickelodeon's best show ever!
    This show is so funny and is better every season. I love it!!
    All the episodes are hilarious.
    Drake´s personality is so funny always with a girl, making out. And is so silly in the most of times. And is a cool dude that sings and plays guitar, and always having something to do. He never makes his homework. Mrs. Hayfer hates him and he knows it.
    Josh is the opposite, kind of nerd. Likes magic and is funny and constantly annoyed with his 'big head'. He likes Oprah. (And not fat anymore)
    This personalities becomes brothers and good friends at last.
    Megan that is always playing pranks on them. Not only that, she´s so evil and mean! All she wants is to torture Drake and Josh.
    This show is excellent, I hope it keeps the same way or better.
    10 to Drake & Josh. You gonna laugh!
    And if is this supposed to be a spin-off from Kenan & Kel, it is an excellent competition, because franctly I like more Drake & Josh, I find this funnier than Kenan & Kel. Replete of good jokes, and excellent sense of humor.
  • This show, unlike others is funny, interesting, and great for the whole family to watch. Even I enjoy this show.

    One of my personal favorite TV Shows that no one never get too old to watch.

    Featuring Megan Parker (played by Miranda Cosgrove) an evil little sister to Josh Nicoles (played by Josh Peck), Drake Parker (player by Drake Bell).

    Although in the last 2 seasons it seems that Megan calms down and doesn't play that many jokes. I don't really like the way the writers shaped Megan's personality. I liked the first shows better where she played funnier pranks on Drake and Josh. I really think this is a great show for kids and adults of all ages. (More of a family type show that everyone can enjoy).
  • Two completely opp sites of teenage boys become step brothers and create amazingly hilarious situations.

    Drake and Josh has got to be one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. It's about when Drake, a cool, guitar playing chick magnet, and Josh, a dorky, excited boy, move into the same house when Josh's dad and Drake's mom get married. They also have a mischievious little sister named Megan who always plays pranks and gets them in trouble. Drake and Josh is so fun to watch and I crack up at everything. The funniest parts to watch are- Crazy Steve, Drake and Josh getting into trouble, Josh freaking out, Craig and Eric-the local nerds, and lots more. This show is so hilarious and entertaining! I wish they were still making episodes!
  • 2 bothers, Drake and Josh get into loads of trouble. But at the end of most episodes everything seems to turn out well.

    What's "not" to like about this show? It's funny, and some episodes teach you good lessons. Like how you shouldn't take advantage of, or fight with your siblings. (even though i still do) Drake Bell and Josh Peck are some good actors. Everytime i watch Drake i feel i can do anything I want, (and get away with it) Overall, this is a great show for all anyone who loves comedy. I mean, sure it might be a bad example to some kids who thinks what people do on tv is always okay, but hey....what else is new to comedy shows these days huh? The show is great. It's something i would reccomend for people who love comedy. But if your a serious guy who loves to follow the rules......just stick with CSI. I love this show. I hope it continues to air.
  • The Drake and Josh sow, or D&J. They are so funny! I like Guitars and I like Girls! Greatness and awesomeness put together!

    All in all I think that this show scores well and is a ood one! I'd say that at least 75% of the episodes are good ones and are worth watching! My top ten favorite ROCKIN' episodes are: Alien Invasion, Drake and Josh go Hollywood, The Dance Contest, Who's Got Game, Girl Power, Smart Girl, Helen's Surgery, The Great Doheni, Helicopter, and Really Big Shrimp. Drake and MJosh can be quite amusing and they can get in to some crazy situations plus their sister enjoys pranking them and tricking them, etc. I can see how a lot of ladies would like Drake. Josh is cool too. He's also responsible at school whereas Drake likes to slack off. I can see how he doesn't like homework because I'm sure most people can't stand it! Drake is also a good guitar player and can rock out with any song he pleases and play anything till his heart's content! In the show Mindy loves Josh which is so cute! I think Mindy is pretty and smart too. I like how Really Big Shrimp ends, It was a classic! This has been the EXCITING review posted. Toodles!
  • Drake and Josh has got to be a personal favorite!!

    Drake and Josh has got to be a Teen Nick Favorite. It can be interesting at times, but sometimes its really funny! I did see a big difference in both of Drake and Josh's acting. They are both talented boys. But about the show its good, yeah its good, funny too. So its cool. It can get a little old, but hey, its just the reruns maybe, ha. But its a cool show, and yeah im glad it stopped, i guess it was getting too old. But that doesnt mean it cant still be a great show! But im also glad that Miranda got her own show, that would help her in the acting career. But Drake and Josh is a fun show
  • drake and josh are two completely different ppl going the same school and having to join as one family when their parents get married. the show follows their adjustments and new life as stepbrothers

    this is like my all-time fav show on nick today..i know it ended but i love it anyways..back when it was all that and the amanda show but in todays times this is my fav comedy show counting ugly betty more as a drama lol..every ep gets better and better and they are such a great comedy duo..they bring in interesting toys and make fun of each other and drake sings which is awesome and josh attempts to sing..the talent show was awesome and then dance contest..all the movies have been wonderful..they really are great actors and bring so much to the show either b/c they have that bond from working together since the amanda show or b/c theyre friends in real life..no matter they make the show enjoyable and i am always on the floor laughing at every ep..there are some that are not as great as others but seriously i can never give any ep of this show lower than a 9.
  • Drake & Josh is a funny show in which two very unlike people suddenly become stepbrothers.

    Well, first off, this show is pretty well thought of, it's funny, fresh, original, etc. But they have not been doing so well as their last episode was filmed in September of last year, so I'm pretty sure they're ready to end the show. It is funny most of the time, but not always, (probaly because all they show now are reruns.) But I do enjoy this show. (Has anybody else noticed that in the first season Drake and Josh's door was toward the camera, and thgen in the later seasons it was on the side of their wall?) I've noticed that ever since they did it, but I always wondered why?
  • Drake and Josh is a TV show about 2 teens that suddenly become step-brothers. Along the way of adult hood the teens experience romance,bets, and lots more. Drake and Josh is a perfect show for all ages and is personally recommended by me! A definite 10!

    This show is absolutely amazing! It is my all time favorite show. Drake Bell and Josh Peck are amazing and they are my favorite actors! Even though the show is over, I hope that one day they will re-unite and do another Drake and Josh movie! Both of them are so amazingly talented. Josh is super funny, the kind of funny that makes you just want to fall off your seat and laugh, but is also very kind at the same time. Drake, on the other hand, is wild and crazy and just wants to have fun! He's basically the annoyer of Josh and is what holds them together! I just really hope that they both will continue acting for as long as they can. Hopefully, we will see another Drake and Josh movie!
  • Its an awesome show!

    i used to love this show too bad theres no more episodes, My favorite character would have to be Megan i loved all the pranks she pulled on Drake and Josh she was a big part of how i pulled my pranks! anyway helen is also one of my favorite characters she would be mad a t Josh for no reason! Mindy ohh im so like mindy shes the smart yet mean girl, she is alot like megan in some ways but not i loved the love/hate relationship she had with josh! All in all i loved the show and i just wish it wouls come back!
  • Drake Parker and Josh Nichos were both 15 year olds who went to the same school and the same class but never talked to each other, why? They're exact opposites!! So imagine their reactions when they heard that they're going to be step brothers soon!!

    Drake and Josh is definetly a very fantastic show!! ^^
    I just love how random the episode plots are, yet they aren't utterly random like some other shows like Catrscratch, which really gives it a unique feel of comedy. And I also love how Drake and Josh don't rely on just one type of transfer in order to make the show funny, most comedies only rely on rememberable verbal quotes. But not Drake and Josh, it's verbally funny, physically hilarious and classically acted out!! The basic situations these two step brothers get themselves in to is enough to make anyone laugh, and that's not including the other stuff I mentioned before.

    The reason for the 9.9/10 instead of a perfect 10/10 score?
    There is one reason. You know sometimes when shows forget the original plot with suspense, drama and friendship because they get themselves too caught up in comedy? Well, Drake and josh is no exception, though rarely, in maybe a couple moments that appear once in a while, this does happen, and most people don't actually find it too funny.

    P.S. I love how Megan seems to be going through this whole 'character development' throughout the series.
  • I don't know why I like this show so much, but I do!

    I'm not sure when I even started liking this show. It's about two brothers, Drake and Josh, who get into outrageous mishaps. Drake is the cool and popular but dumb brother, and Josh is the smart and geeky but unpopular brother. There is also their little sister Megan, who is bent on playing dangerous pranks on her brothers. Josh is probably my favorite character, since he is the most nutty out of all of them. The jokes seem to get funnier every episode. Some episodes are a lot better than others, but this show is still enjoyable. I thought that Season 4 just didn't cut it as well, with the episodes not being as funny as the previous seasons. And it was shocking to see Josh so thin. But all in all, a pretty good show.
  • Drake And Josh

    I think Drake & Josh is one of the funniest things on the TV today. Drake & Josh make the show extra funny and Megan's pranks are just hilarious. Each season it just gets funnier and funnier with original storylines each episode.

    Josh is the lovable character who everyone wants to hug as he's so sweet and as for Drake he's so cute that everyone wants to be his girlfriend (including me)! I think Drake & Josh should last forever as the pure genius of it makes unmissable and a smashing comedy for everyone to enjoy. It's definately worth watching on Nickelodeon.
  • A very funny show.

    From the beginning, I knew Drake and Josh were hilarious in different obvious ways. Once the Amanda Show was cancelled, Drake and Josh came out with a sitcom, "Drake and Josh". From the start they had my falling out my seat laughing nonstop. I thought I would never stop laughing. Drake and Josh make a great pair when it comes to comedy. Drake is the usual sarcastic, irreverent and oddly dumb hilarious. Josh, the...cynical and usually weird. But, just as Drake Josh is hilarious. He always finds something thats wrong with the situation. Drake and Josh are outrageously comical. Drake and Josh are 100% good comedy.
  • Drake & Josh is an American sitcom shown on the Nickelodeon television network, which starred Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

    From the beginning, I knew Drake and Josh were hilarious in different obvisious ways. Once the Amanda Show was cancelled, Drake and Josh came out with a sitcom, "Drake and Josh". From the start they had my falling out my seat laughing nonstop. I thought I would never stop laughing. Drake and Josh make a great pair when it comes to comedy. Drake is the usual sarcastic, irreverant and oddly dimwittingly hilarious. Josh, the...cynical and usually weird. But, just as Drake Josh is hilarious. He always finds something thats wrong with the situation. Drake and Josh are outrageously comical. Drake and Josh are 100% good comedy.
  • Drake and Josh is a show about two teen-age stepbrothers living together and getting into alot of trouble!It is a comedy show!

    I love Drake and Josh!It is so funny!Sometimes so funny that I fall on the floor because of my laughter!(Drake and Josh is a show about two teen-age stepbrothers living together and getting into alot of trouble!It is a comedy show!)They have an evil little sister that is very smart and plays extremely crazy pranks and traps on them!Drake is a musician that gets hot girls easily.He goes out with them and brakes up withthem in a blink of an eye!Josh is the shyand quiet one.He is smart and helpful!He also has a girlfriend that he stays with for a long time!They both go to highschool!This show is extremely hilarious and its for all ages!It only appears in Nickelodeon, I think! I just love it!
  • I don't know what to say.

    Drake and josh is a great show on Nikelodeon with Drake,Josh,and there sister Megan who allways does bad stuff to them.Drake and josh are step brothers and I think use to go to the same school.Anyway Josh is the good student and Drake is a slacker who always dates somebody.Drake plas guitar and Josh is a fan of Oprah and Josh studies.Drake is in a band and plays eletric guitar and Josh works at a movie theater.He always gives people pop.They both hate there little sister Megan who I think is in 6th or7th grade.Anyway the show is goodand I would watch it if I were you.
  • This show is about a kid named Josh this is kind of nerdy, having to live with the cool-kid Drake, because their parents get married. They start to become friends and have many adventures together.

    This is my favorite real-people TV show. Josh's clumsyness and Drake's "coolness" is what makes this show good. This show needs more episodes than it has, because it is really good! The only thing that starts to get on my nerves about it is that the same episodes are always on TV! It get annoying because I wanted to see some Season 2 or 1 episodes. The only Season 1 episode they ever air is "Grammy". However, I still like this show a lot. Not just for the funny quotes that usually pop up unexpectedly, but for the silliness of it too.
  • Drake and Josh is a really good show for all ages. It has comedy, romance and some action. Every episode you will laugh atleast once and you'll want to watch it again.

    Im hoping to see this show return ever since the dance contest. I saw they added Drake and Josh in New York on the episode list and i saw these episodes too.
    Megen's Birthday
    The Return of Milo
    Drake's Dad and Josh's Mom
    Which i really want to see that episode. I loved the 4th season of the show. 1st was ok but short. 2nd was better but not that great. 3rd and 4th were my favorites. I liked those episodes. Im hoping that this show will come back soon and not in 2009 or 2000 whatever. I love this show and you should too!
  • drake and josh is a comedy series about two boys who become stepbrothers and one is all cool and the other one is very weird and a little geeky

    drake and josh is a comedy series about to 15 year old boys whose mum and dad marry each other drake is all smooth and cool and always gets away with things but on the other hand josh is the exact opposite he's weird, geeky and when he rarely does something wrong e.g when he puts his feet up he gets told off and gets caught. drake plays the guitar and dates loads and loads of girls while josh has trouble even talking to girls. josh rarely gets girlfriends he's only had one proper girlfriend who is mindy crenshaw, in season 2 mindy is joshes rival but his giirllfriend in sseason 3 they break up in the b4eginning of season4 but get back together in really big shrimp.
  • Really funny

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!


    Drake and Josh is really funny due to the fact that one brother is a nerd and the other is really popular. Both of them have there likes and dislikes . . . although both of them have alot of differences ! ! ! I recommend watching drake and josh. all - around good show.
  • So funny, very interesting, and some romance. This show rocks

    Although I've only seen about 1/5 of all the episodes, i still really like this show. It's really funny, has great music, good characters, and helps you learn about coping with change, and siblings. Here is my favorit quote:

    Josh: Such big evil in such little girl!

    Josh is probably my favorite, and Megan is just so funny to watch. Drake is also really funny. Here is the main relation thing: Josh's Dad Married Drake's Mom, so Now Josh is Drake's step-brother. Megan is Drake's bio-sister, and Josh's Step-sister. and she is evil. But so funny to watch.

    I recomend this show to people in the 12-up range, because it deals with teen life and problems, and has humor little kid's probably wouldn't understand.
  • Best Show ever

    Drake and Josh is about a boy named Drake Parker who suddenly becomes brothers with a boy named Josh nichols. Drake is cool but not to smart and Josh is a bit of a dork but really smart. Drakes Mischievious little sister Megan dosen't make it any easier. The brothers get into so much trouble during the series. The show gets better and better throughout the series.

    I love this show and I highly recommend this show if you need a laugh. Out of the two main characters I think Josh is the funniest. This show just gets better and better.
  • Nickeldeon Top Rated Shows!

    Have you heard the names Drake Bell and Josh Peck.If you haven't there one of the best reality tv stars.Drake And Josh Are About Two Step-Brothers With a younger sister named Megan.While they all try to screw each others life real promblems come in there way.But its all about Josh's Big head and Drake's Love For Girls.But This Is Hilariouse way to get your mood up.But The Promblem is There is no point To some of The Shows.Its like they are putting garbage in the show for the sake of it.But I wont stop loving this show.Thank you and this is my review!
  • One of Nick's better shows.

    Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are schoolmates, but not close friends. Drake views Josh as weird and a bit of a goof. Drake is shocked when he finds out that Josh is about to become his new step-brother and roommate when his mother marries Josh's father. This show mostly centers around Josh and Drakes relationship and how they deal with eachother and their sister Megan. I really enjoy this show and think it is funny because Josh and Drake are always getting into trouble and Drake always seems to get out of it but Josh always has takes the blame. I think Josh is the funnier of the two but Drake always seem to get all the girls.
  • Drake and josh is about 2 people who become brothers and are almost forced to compete against each other and they have a little sister who likes to interveen with their lives at every given oppertunity

    drake and josh is amazing everyone can watch this and relate to it it reminds adults of when they were teenagers and tells teenagers to have fun in life, and also shows children how fun it will be to be a teenager and drive cars meet girls and make out with them.

    Josh is a broader more inteligent build than drake, drake is failing most of his school subjects whereas josh passes whith playing colours each time except one which you will have to watch the show to find out about. In the later series josh dates his rival mindy who is slightly better off than joshs family and chalenges him at every turn.

    In conclusion drake and josh is a fantastic show that should be aired on more channels than it already is
  • Drake Bell and Josh Peck were originally featured on the Amanda show before starring in their comedy show Drake and Josh.Drake and Josh is one of the most outstanding shows on Nickelodeon.

    Drake and Josh,has developed into one of the best comedy shows on Nickelodeon. In 2004, right after the Amanda show ended the idea was to make a show about the two actors from the Amanda show and put them in their own show. Drake and Josh's characters are step-brothers have little or nothing in common.
    Drake's character is a laid back,girl getting underachiever while Josh's character is a stressed out, geeky, and kind of awkward. Their sister Megan tortures them mostly every day of their lives everyday of which their parents are completely oblivious of, thinking she's a "sweet" girl when she is not even close to that. Drake and Josh get into many situations and find ways to get out of them... or maybe not. Throughout the seasons, their characters have changed , specially Josh, who actually got a girlfriend. This is, unfortunately , ending since Amanda Cosgrove has the show iCarly and Drake and Josh are doing other things,but this show is always going to be regarded as a really good show.
  • Two very different teenage boys become steb brothers and get into some sticky situations together. Read my review.

    Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are two stepbrothers who are very different. Their opinions of each other make the show hilarious. I say Really Big Shrimp was great. But Dance Contest did not live up to the hype at all. I wonder when the last three episodes will air. Drake and Josh are constantly pranked by Megan Parker, Drake's bratty little sister who matures through the show alot. Megan once locked Drake and Josh in a tree house then sent two nerds to socialize with their hot twin dates, sinister.

    But Drake Bell had decided to not do season five, as well as Miranda Cosgrove who filmed her new show iCarly, so the show only has three more episodes set to air.
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