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  • This is the best show ever.

    Drake makes Josh mad all the time and Josh doesnt like it. Josh is so funny and he says things funny he is the best on the show. Megan thinks of very good tricks for Drake and Josh and they get very mad. There Mom and Dad dont ever believe them and Megan always gets her way. I like the movie Drake and Josh go Hollywood. It is cool in Hollywood when they are with those bad guys. Megan helps them by going to the place and calling the cops. I like how Drake and Josh do the things with there hands. I love this show.
  • seriously cool and funny

    I see Drake and Josh as a show that i can always get a laugh out of. Ny favorite episodes are "Helicopter" and "The Demonator." Another thing I like about this show is that it never strays from the original point: Two completely opposite brothers living in the same house and the chaos that it ensues. Unlike Zoey101, which has about 1 or 2 episodes a season that don't stray, every episode keeps true. Im a little sad for it to be ending, but I know that they'll be showing Drake and Josh for a very long time, and iCarly looks cool too.
  • This is an Classic!

    I been watching Drake & Josh since the very frist episode.
    Even when the played on (All That) that was funny as well but then i heard that they was going to have their own show i couldn't wait to see it. On season 4 Josh got skinny but funnyer. Lol i remember when they frist found out that their parents was getting marrie they was so suprise that they was going to be step brothers lol Drake didt'n even wanted to hang out with him. But as the season moved along they become really good frieand's can't wait for season 5.
  • A show about two brothers and their horrible sister, Megan.

    I'd say that this is one of the best shows that Nick has put because it stars two brothers that usually get in trouble and their sister, Megan, who likes to tease them and cause them pain. I like this show because the characters are really funny because Drake doesn't usually pay attention, Josh acts like a spaz all the time and Megan is a devil in an angel's costume! And I also like how she calls Drake and Josh "boobs". I also like Crazy Steve because he's...well...crazy!
    I will think that anyone who watches it will seriously die of laughter.
  • ABSOULTILY FUNNY!!! That show makes me laugh out loud at. AWESOME SHOW!!!

    Drake and Josh show rules. It's hilarous!!!!! Abousltly funny. those 2 clumsy boys. Please Nickelodeon keep it on TV FOREVER!!! So I can keep laughing. This show is like iCarly. Awesome. I like Drake the Most. He is a cool rockstar. I soooooooooo won't stop watching this show. Go drake and josh. go drake and josh. go drake and josh. oh yeah, uh-huh. That show is the most funny. this show is the funniest show I ever seen on nick. Awesome indeed. josh is cool too. he's the most funniest person. i'm gonna pee and i'm gonna die and gonna die before to pee!!! very funny drake. you guys rock!!!!
  • this show is soo funny. it is a normal show about 2 teenage boys that get into a lot of trouble but manage to pull though in the end

    This show could be called a comedy, but it is more of a reality show. Drake and Josh are 2 brothers, drake is the popular one that gets all the girls, is skilled at guitar but not very bright. Josh has a lot of academic talents, is more adult friendly, and is drake's band manager, but they get forced together when their parents marry. there is also their little sister megan, who pulls pranks on them all the time 8) they clash a lot and get each other into trouble but they manage to pull out with teamwork. this is defenatly the best show on nick. I can't believe it is getting canceled due to icarly. oh well, there is no drake and josh without Megan.
  • This show is best ever!

    Drake and Josh is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. What happened was that Drake's mom and Josh's dad have been dating and had gotten married- not to Drake's joy and Drake and Josh become stepbrothers. Drake is a lazy, girl magnet and is not in math. Josh is a very smart in everything except talking to girls excepting his girlfriend Mindy Crenshaw. Drake's mom is just a funny kid like addition to the show. Josh's dad is just like Drake's mom a funny kid like addition to the show. Drake's sister Megan is an evil demon that always plays pranks on Drake and Josh. This show is mainly about Drake and Josh getting into silly teenage problems and the turmoil they get into. This show is the best and please people who don't like it, don't spoil it for other people.
  • The terrible megan

    To be honest i do not like drake and josh to much but...the little sisiter of drake...she is a BAD GIRL she love make josh fieel bad and she just..maniac..i love the show for her she is a good example of the abuse we suffer of a little sister or little brothe .It is strange but i want be like her she now how make you cry ,i hope that one day i make the something with my older sister.in genera the show is fun and it is a tipical show of2to brothes that
    like pass good time but the thing that the like to do are..ok i dont going to say nothing.just wacht the show it is good.
  • One of my favorite Nick shows well make that my favorite.

    THis show is fantastic it has comedy, music and good acting. First of all this show is hilarious all the brother-brother moments are priceless from quick hugs that are more like pats to when they throw themselves at each other. I love the fact that they have clashing personalities it keeps the show interesting and you can never expect what will happen when these two are together. I love Megans role in the show because she really is unexpected. She always pulls random crazy stunts on her brothers who of course NEVER see them coming. I also really enjoy the music by Drake Bell in this show. I would never have listened to his music if it wasny for Drake and Josh. It adds to the shows unique style and it wouldnt be the same without it.
  • This is a great series and I have no idea why someone wouldn't watch it.

    If you choose to watch this series, the episodes I would recomend are:
    Josh is Done,
    Theater Thug,
    The Storm.

    Drake and Josh is about two boys from school, (who's aren't very good freinds. When Drake's mom and Josh's dad get married Drake and Josh have to move into the same room!
    They have crazy adventures, usually involving Drake's little sister, MEGAN! The evil demon! Drake doesn't do that well at school, but is smooth with the ladies. All he does is sit around playing his guitar all day. Josh, not to good with the ladies, but is great at school and his favourite Teacher is Mrs. Hafer. To Drake she is The meanest teacher in the school. To sum up, Drake and Josh is my favourite series on Nick!
  • My 3rd favorite show.

    This show is like one of the funniest show I've ever watcehd. Its comedy level is really high since you get a huge laugh during the whole entire show. It started when Josh Nichols and Drake Parker's parents get married. Josh moves with his dad, Walter, into Audrey's house (Drake's Mom). Audrey has one son, Drake, and a daughter, Meagan. They all have to go through a lot of trouble and crazy adventures. The weird thing is that Drake and Josh's real names are Drake and Josh. This show premiered on 2004 and it is sadly ending in a month or two.
  • This is not only one of the best comedies to ever hit Nicklodeon, but one of the best on television.

    In an era of short-lived and poor comedies, Drake and Josh stands out as an amazing and halarious show. The acting is really good and the scipt and jokes are really good. This show makes you laugh and at the same time, entertains you with a good plot in each episode. The characters in this show are really funny and sometimes just plain weird, in a good way. It's a shame that there aren't more comedies like these; a comedy with good jokes, good characters, a good plot, and originality. Watching the re-runs is also fun however I really do wish that they should would continue. This has grown to be one of my favorites.
  • Tell me one good reason someone can hate this show and I'll dye my hair pink!

    Drake and Josh has everything a good show can have. Straight up, I love all the episodes. It's mainly about two step brothers named Drake and Josh. This show isn't like the feel good disney channel shows but it still has it's lessons without making it too geeky. The movies were as great as the shows themselfs. Even the first season was funny. Anyway, Drake and Josh has comedy, drama, some action sometimes, and great actors. The main actors are the best. Drake and Josh play the same parts as they did in the Amanda show so fans of that show will maybe like this one. I would recomend it to almost anyone.
  • My faviorite character is megan because she always tricks drake and josh.I would do that to because its fun.SHE'S also smart and stronger then them.

    I like this show because it's funny and cool at the same time.It's also about lots of different things,like birthdays,music,and getting tricked by megan in different ways.Drake isn't smart or strong but megan is and josh is a boob.There mom and dad never found out that megan was so cruel and they will probably never find out.Thats what I dont like about this show.Their parents never find out about the real megan.I wish they did but they will probably not.Most of these shows are about girls and megan.It always gets funnier every episode.I cant wait till the next new episode.The movie was as great as the first one.
  • This show is really good.

    I'm not that into nick but when i am on that station i like to watch this show, zoey 101, unfablous, and just jordan. Its about to end soon. Hopefully the main stars stay busy. I know Drake has a cd out and some people like his music. The girl that plays megan is gonna have her own show on nick pretty soon. Just when shows gets the best the show just has to end. I can't stand that but it had to end some time though. There one of the top shows on nick and with good reason, nice show.
  • Two teens growing up in a family that is blended, and all characters are different. Josh is the smart geeky one, Drake is the dumb cool one, and Megan is the smart evil genius one.

    This show is really good. It's very funny, and a good show to watch. I do admit it isn't my personal favorite, I do like it though. Drake is so dumb sometimes its funny. The show is good, and I don't know what else to say about it really. Drake and Josh make an interesting pair, and Megan is the best little sister there is. I would so like to be like her. An evil genius, I love it!!! I can't wait for Miranda Cosgrove's new show Icarly. It will be good, and I hope Drake and Josh doesn't end anytime soon.
  • Seeing the teens grow up.

    Drake and Josh is a comedy about 2 step-brothers who have to deal with situatutions but in a funny way. The have always made me laugh wether it's falling into their little sister, Megan's traps or schemes or trying to beat each other out. In the real world, Drake Bell and Josh Peck are two guys who grew up together acting. I remeber watching them in the Amanda Show but this show shows them and how they are funny. I hope they keep making people laugh and smile. Drake and Josh is funny and sometimes they do it without knowing it.
  • One of the best Teen Shows in History!

    Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are two 15 year old Students who go to the same School. However, Drake is a Cool Ladies Man, and Josh is a Geeky, Smart Laughing Stock. Drake see's Josh as a wierdo who he'd rather avoid, and Josh see's Drake as a cool guy. The two eventually find out that their Parents are dating eachother, and when the news that they're getting married rings in their ears, Drake cries, whilst Josh gets excited to finally have a Mother and, at last, some siblings. From that day forth Drake has won over Josh in his favour, and Josh has earnt Drake's acceptance. Through 4 thrilling Seasons... the Half-Brothers have taken on amazing adventures, cruel intentions from Megan and has entered the real World as a unit.
  • Drake & Josh are step-brothers, trying to live a life, while avoiding their evil sister, Megan

    The show is downright hilarious! The kids, Megan, Josh, and Drake always call their dad Walter instead of dad, the dad is always the victim somehow, and none of the kids (or the wife) watch his weather forecasts. Then, there's the characters at the Premiere. There's Helen, who loves Drake, but hates Josh. Then there's Gavin, who's really weird. And there's Crazy Steve, who is awesome and crazy, hence his name. Next, school characters, like Mrs. Hayfer, who is the comlete opposite of Helen (she likes Josh and hates Drake), and Mindy (Josh's girlfriend). Add in Megan's schemes and you've got one heck'va show!
  • This show displays the chaotic relationship between two teenage stepbrothers.

    As you can see on my profile, I am a fan of comedy. It relieves stress and gives you a reason to be happy.

    Drake and Josh is no exception. Unlike some Disney shows -eyes their sitcoms-, the humor in Drake and Josh doesn't feel forced. While it is mildly surreal, it's funny and entertaining and gives you a reason to turn it on.

    But there are two characters that really motivate me to watch Drake and Josh. First, their's Megan, played by who else other than Miranda Cosgrove. With her dry sense of humor and evilness, she makes everybody laugh. The other character that makes me laugh is Crazy Steve, played by one of my favorites, Jerry Trainor. His humor isn't dry and sarcastic, but comes from his neurotic and crazy personality.

    But everyone else makes me laugh as well, don't you forget that!

    So this show is a prime example of comedy and how it should be. Not forced yet delightfully surreal, like any good comedy should be...
  • One of the best shows on.

    This is my favorite show to watch on Nick!They really made a good show to watch.Season 4 is my favorite season.My favorite episode is Really Big Shrimp.Here are 5 reasons I like this show.

    1.This show is funny.
    2.They have really good episodes.
    3.The episodes get funnier every season.
    4.The idea of two brothers living together is funny.
    5.Whenever Drake and Josh get into stuff,it urns out crazy.

    Here's what this show is about:When Drake's mom and Josh's dad gets married,they have to share a room.And when these two brothers get into something,things turn...interesting.
    Plus,they have a little sister,Megan,who always keeps pulling pranks on the boys!

    This is my #1 show on TV!I hope it never ends!
  • Two brothers about their daily lives, along with their annoying little sister, Megan, trying to mess everything up for them.

    This is the best show on Nickelodeon to me currently, and many people agree with me. Anybody of any age watches this show, including my 19 year old sister. This show has Drake Bell and Josh peck in a sitcom with their own names for the title, and they are great actors. There are however some downfalls to me: The last three episodes that have aired have pretty much changed the entire series. The series really was about a 'sitcom' , but now it's more like a drama, because all I've seen the last few episodes is complaining, yelling, and stuff a drama would have, the episodes are still great and all, but to me it seems like the show MAY be coming to an end sometime soon. Another thing that makes me a little ticked is that stupid little sister of theirs, Megan. There are just so many episodes she gets away with stuff, why can't they prove their parents that she's a demon? One episode when I first saw it ( The Peruvian Puff Pepper episode ) I thought they could really finally prove it to their parents, but go figure, Megan had a little trick. Anyways this show is still one of the best on the air, so cheers to a great show, and many years of Drake and Josh.
  • A wonderful show, that you can't stop watching.

    This is a show about how two teenage boys, Drake and Josh, become step brothers once Drake's mom, and Josh's dad get married. This show is perfect for any kid or any teen. It's very comical with a little bit of romance. You couldn't ask anything more from a show. Drake has a little sister, Megan, who pulls pranks on Drake and Josh through the series. You'll never get bored, and you'll be very glad you watched it. It entertains, makes you laugh, and it was created by the one and only Dan Schneider, who had made other fantasic shows such as What I Like About You, Zoey 101, and a brand new show, iCarly!
  • I love this show!.

    OMG! loves this show! Drake && Josh are awesomeness in the the show! They r both very funny dudes && very good looking! They r also both amazing actors && there both great at && i likey them for that! They seem like very koolio dudes to be with && be arounds && have a fun time! ily ! yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yuppy yupp yupp yupp yupp [ [ yupp + y = yuppy ] ] ! ily ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i love them! yea!
  • Drake and Josh is a funny all around good show.

    Drake and Josh is about two step brothers and all of the trouble they get into and out of. Drake is all about music and girls whil Josh likes cheese and studying. Drake Bell does a very good job and is very good looking. Josh is a little over weight.
    Miranda Cosgrove plays ther evil little sister who is always schemeing against them. She adds tons of humor to the show. I can't wait to see what her new one is like. It will be hard to live up to Drake and Josh but it could be good. Drake and Josh is the best show on Nickolodien. As a matter of fact one of the two shows on that channel that I watch.
    Drake and Josh apples to little children adn older ones. Don't miss out!
  • Show about two kids who go to high school together and their parents end up marrying each other. They become brothers. Dilemmas, problems, and overall...FUN!

    It seems that Nickeloden is taking over my life. That or it just has good shows! Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Drake and Josh, and Spongebob. Nothing better. Much like Ned's Decclassified, the show got better as it progressed. It's best episdoes are its final ones. Yep, teh show is coming to an end, but will always be with us. There was Drake and Josh go Hollywodd, Drake and Josh Really Big Shrimp, and the unknown theaters movie, Drake and Josh go New York. Everything is great about the show. Drake and Josh have evolved into icons! A perfect 10! YEA!
  • simply hiliarious

    I never really noticed how funny this show is until a couple weeks ago, so i added it to my shows. This show is one of my favorites on Nick, and I think it is the funniest show that has ever been on Nick. The episodes just keep getting better with every episode. I love the tv movies of this show too, and i really hope thay keep airing this show. I like the story lines even if they are far fetched...
    I think that this will always be one of the better shows Nick will ever have! I cant wait for the next episode!
  • Nickelodeon did great this time...

    At a time when television is dominated by crappy reality show and the family hour is almost extinct, this NICKELODEON sitcom that stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck is a truly pleasant escape from all that. I really have not heard of this sitcom until Drake Bell's appearance in the 2005 version of "Yous, Mine and Ours". But the first time I saw it, I was immediately hooked on it. Josh Peck is my favorite on the show. I highly recommend it. Sometime in the near future, hopefully, Paramount and Nick will come out with the complete first season of Drake and Josh on DVD Box Set.
  • Drake & Josh is a Nickelodeon sitcom that stars Drake Bell as Drake Parker and Josh Peck as Josh Nichols.

    DRAKE & JOSH suddenly become brothers when their parents get married. Drake (Drake Bell), a guitar-playing dude who cruises for chicks and uses hair product, is the cooler of the two, while Josh (Josh Peck) is the smart, awkward one who loves his grandmother and helps his stepbrother with his homework.

    Whether these two very different types of teenage boys would actually get along as well as Drake and Josh do isn't really the point of this show (which is a spin-off of Nickelodeon's popular The Amanda Show). More important is their willingness to try. Drake helps Josh to be "smooth with the ladies," while Josh helps his new brother to be smart with the ladies.

    The boys' parents are peripheral characters with lighthearted attitudes. (It's hard not to wonder how rules are set and followed in the household.) However, when Josh's Grammy (Randee Heller) shows up, a sterner, though jovial, role model appears. Grammy clearly wears the pants in the family, which might explain Josh's inherent self-confidence even when he's struggling with his self-esteem. Most self-proclaimed "dorks" wouldn't approach life with so much humor, or willingness to try new things ("How do we de-dorkify me?" he asks.)

    Drake's female foil is his little sister, Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) -- the smarty pants in the family -- who is cleverer and possibly cooler than her older brother. In other words, the boys are kept in check by strong female characters who don't apologize for their strength.

    Drake & Josh certainly wins fans with its heart. That's a step in the right direction for Nickelodeon, which often depends on gross or violent jokes to fetch laughs.
  • it stinks they ended it

    Dude its gay that they ended it with that episode the big shrimp when it stinks when it shows how there left off drake has 1 song big whoop he is famouse i'll lick at his feet they need to show like an album and he already has been on tv and did not get famouse in drake and josh go hollywood he made 1 song and was on tv but did not get famous when in "The big shrimp" he makes 1 song and gets a little known but they will not show his aftermath what happends next!!!!!!!!!!!! How about josh what about him and mindy getting back together 1 time again they do not show what happends next. and him with his golden vest that was his life long dream and at the end helen gives him the vest then drake sings his song then it ends and 1 time more no aftermath of there life exept they live a happy life but its dumb when the preimere just burned down sucks for josh
    poor merranda (megan) is left having her own show called Icarly with a couple of people from the set of drake and josh but she wont be that little evil one that u love!!!!
    Drake is already 21 and has an ugly wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Josh, to hell if I know what he is doing??????????????
    by the way his new hair sucks on him its strait and gay looking well thats it i guess? well um see ya later leave a good comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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