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  • Like the classification I picked says.

    It is so terrible, and not funny at all. It is a childrens sitcom, so of course it's not going to be funny. There has not been a funny nick show since Kenen and Kel, this is just one more sign that nickelodeon is starting to jump the shark as a tv channel.
  • Seriously, don't watch this show. It's ridiculous!!

    I cant stand this show. It is amusing in an odd way, but who wants to watch a show about two boys??!! It's insane!!! My only favorite charachter is Megan, because she does exactly what I'd like to do. I think we'd be friends. I will give it a 0.1 for managing to attract some people.
  • Laughter for all the family. Excuse me? I think not. 8.4/10 what a crying joke.

    Whoever writes Drake and Josh's storylines needs to be shot. I must tell you this, Drake and Josh is the most unoriginal show ever to grace a channel which usually broadcasts the same crap every week.
    I dont get all this canned laughter after every seemingly innocent sentence. Each 'so called' joke seems to have been regurgitated dozens of time so we end up with the same worthless drivel every week.


    Josh- This thing shows longitude and latitude
    Josh- LATITUDE!!!!
    Drake- Whats Latitude?
    Josh- I DONT KNOW!!!!!

    These kids are mentally retarded and think they are funny. But they are not. Even Jorge's better.
  • This Kenan and Kel knock off is more of a knock down!

    Another example of how low Nick will go to get ratings. If this is suppoesed to be a Kenan and Kel spin-off, I think Kenan and Kel should demand that Nick pull this show! Too many things are wrong with this poor excuse of a show. First of all, the main charaters get away with everything, everyone except Josh. Poor Josh constantly has to take the heat for his brother's behavior. Not only that he gets in trouble for everything wrong he does (what little trouble he gets into) while his brother gets off the hook everytime because of his "charm". The only time Drake gets in trouble is when it involves Meagan, which brings me to my next point. Meagan may be smart, but the only reason she NEVER gets in trouble is because her parents are the biggest idiots in the world! Both think she is perfect while she's planning to frame her brothers! And the dialogue......cheesy at best. This show needs to go and replaced with something worth watching.
  • Unforgivably Poor

    Giving this show a "1" admittedly was generous (I was considering a .4 but decided to be charitable). That same generous nature was what made me decide to watch two episodes of it in a row again the other day with my step-daughter, who wasn't feeling well. Till the second episode mercifully came to a close, I was the one who was ill.

    This show's worst fault, besides its poor acting and pathetic plot lines, is its perpetual predictability. It isn't just that the endings are obvious...each action and each "twist" is foreseeable as well. This was me sitting on the sofa, eyes crossed, watching: {to myself} Okay, they're going to get kicked out of line now that they're finally close to getting on the ride...{right-o}...[a few minutes elapse, scene changes back] {bet another fight ensues and they get kicked out of line again}...[YEP]...{couldn't just happen twice, they insist on boring us to death a third time}...[sure enough]...If an entire episode has to center around the plot of these kids wanting to board a ride and never getting on, couldn't they at least have found some other means of making the plot turn rather than security hoisting them three times to the end of the line? Wouldn't they be recognized and kicked out of the entire park after the second occurrence? {yes, I know. who cares?}

    Pity that wooden acting and transparent writing is all it takes to entertain teens and 'tweens nowadays. I am barely out of my twenties myself, but I find myself shaking my head like a staid old maid in dismay at the satisfaction in today's youth culture with the mediocre, and even the downright bad.
  • about as funny as having glass stuck in youre eye

    okay I am normally fair when reviwing but this show is crap it's about a fat kid and a skinny kid both of which spend a disturbing amount of time together it made me depressed that so many people whatch it they should just kick it off the air. please di the world a favour
  • Kenan & Kel rip off

    This is by far the worst show that Nick has ever shoved down the throats of American teens and tweens. Two very untalented "actors", that Ed Wood would turn away if the were at one of his casting calls, make the core of this show. and the rest of the cast seems dragged down by them.

    This show is nothing but a rip off of another GREAT Nick show, Kenan and Kel. The difference between the two besides one cast being white and the other black is that Kenan Thompson (Now starring on Saturday Night Live) and Kel Mitchell (Mystery Men) could do something that Drake and Josh can't: ACT.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this show like the plague. Go rent Good Burger instead
  • Used to like it but now I find it overated

    Seriously I did used to like this show but then looking back the only actuall reason I watched this was because I was waiting for Ned's Declassified to come on,then after it got cancelled,I then realized how repetitive and boring it was.Ok Megan needs to punished,Drake needs more disipline,Josh isn't funny,I can see why it's cancelled,it's the same formula every episode:Megan plays a prank on Drake and Josh,they come up with a scheme to pay her out,it backfires,Megan gets them in trouble for something that wasn't their fault,and then it's continued for next future episodes.It makes me question why I liked this
  • so so bad

    Drake and Josh is so bad it makes your eyes hurt. The jokes are not funny and they happen every few seconds. also the constant canned laughter is painful. All the characters in it are so cliched. Its like the writers of this show wrote this awful piece of tv in twenty minutes. i mean did they just sit around a table and think "hmmmm maybe one of the characters should be fat and stupid and then we could try and just make 50 episodes out of how fat and stupid he is also we will put so many bad jokes in it and so much canned laughter that no one will really notice how bad it is"
  • I hate this show! I do not even get why they still air this!

    I actually did sort of like the first season, just a very little bit, but every time they start a new season i just hate it even more! This show has no reason to still be aired! it is so boring! Who ever thought to make this show is crazy! Some people think it is funny, nope, it is not funny at all! they may do funny things, but they are not if you actually think about it. Another thing, the show is completly unrealistic! it does not make sense to me! But like i said, the very first season was not TOO bad but i still didnt care for it and every season is going downhill x100!!! I absolutely hate this show!
  • i dont get it

    i dont get it its not very funny after awhile it gets old fast, i guess i have nothing good to say about this show sorry every body but i just dont care 4 this show its just not my kinda show
    its fading fast, mebbe drake and josh should just stick to the amanda show :/
  • I really hate this show!

    OK I understand that a lot of people might like this show, my brother being one of them but I think that it is one of the worst shows ever. I really don't get it at all, I don't know what to say about it. Now I have given it many chances to get my attention but it never has. It is one of the few shows that I really hate.
  • Kenan & Kel Wanna-be

    When you really think about it, Drake & Josh is just A Kenan & Kel Wanna-be. Examples 1. The main characters use the actors real first names. 2. One character is in shape while the other is F.A.T. (Fabulous & Thick). 3. It's a spin-off of another Nickelodeon sketch comedy show. 4. This also had a tv about going to Hollywood by getting on the wrong flight. 5. The actors were friends before the started the show. This show is about a 90% rip-off of Kenan & Kel. The only difference was that the main characters are step-siblings instead of best friends and none of them love Orange Soda.
  • I don't really think much of this show.

    I really don't like this show. The jokes are not really very funny, and that Megan turns me off when she pulls her nasty tricks, and she always gets away with them. It might be a little bit better if she got her comeuppence for her awful pranks once in a while.
  • These two should've just stuck with the Amanda show.

    Drake & Josh is yet another unfunny, corny teen show. I am a teen, and I think this show reeks. I think these two should not have gotten their own show. The dialogue is corny, the story lines are mediocre to boring and the comical gestures aren't even funny. Drake Bell used to be funny when he co-starred on the Amanda show, but since then, I don't think he's as good as he used to be. And, he seriously needs a haircut. Overall, I gave this show a 2.0 because it doesn't appeal to me and I think this show is rediculous.
  • What a terible show.

    Drake and Josh is not a great show but for others they might love it but some dilike this show they should of stayed with the Amanda show they were a lot better this show is full of strange and half the jokes are not funny at all for to brothers to trry and beat each other at everthing.
  • Start's off funny but get's boring.

    Like what I said in the summary you may enjoy Drake and Josh one minute but the next minute you won't. It's just one of those teen shows where any of it's charm quickly wears off. That and when I watch it I can't help but feel as though I'm watching the white equivilent of Kenan and Kel, and I don't even like that show much anymore. The character of Megan slowly get's boring. It's funny to see Drake and Josh getting into trouble for something they didn't do once but after a while it gets annoying. I mean, come on, they have to win some time or another! Overall while it's not my type of show if you enjoy this type of teen humour then it's definately the show for you.
  • This is the worst show on Nicklodeon along with As told by Ginger

    Man, this show is Superbad. But still, there are some good episodes. But, most of the time, I hate it. Why? Megan is cruel and, I just want to kill her. Everyone's cruel to Josh. Drake wins in every episode (Exept when, Megan's in the episode) The rest of the time. It's simply horrible. Drake. Always cheating himself out. Like in the pink haired episode. It was just am wig! I really, really, really, really, really hate this show. And, you people could disagree with this review. But, just remember me as the guy who hates this show really, really badly!
  • Really all together not good!

    Drake and Josh are two actors from a show called "the amanda show" that was never really all that appealing. Drake and Josh is a television show with the two same actors from the amanda show. The show itself is supposed to be comic but i can't find anything funny about it except stupid jokes and bad acting. Probably more appealing to a younger audience i really wouldn't waste my time watching it again.
  • At first Drake And Josh is a good show but

    At first Drake and Josh is a good show and very funny but when when you see it twice its no good. At least what they could do is make more espisdodes to make people not want to watch it. I recommend watching a cat lick its self or the Info channel would be better and at least not as boring. I give this show 2 thumbs down and no less than a 6 thats why I gave it a 4. plesae find something better people your wasting your time !!!!!!! OTH rocked who can't see that??
  • This show was great but not anymore


    This show is not that great. This show has not had any new episodes in years. The only ok episode was the Merry Christmas episode with the kid who cant speak english. This is not a good show. This show is not one of the best and it is not even close to being one of the best.

  • Hmm...


    I kind of like this. This about two 16 year old boys named drake bell and josh peck who have carly shay. But, then they sometimes have a bad plot like in iCarly sometimes, that's why I give it a 5. Although this show is related to iCarly, I kind of like this show.

    My rating: 5.0

  • And It Also Qualifies For A "Better Every Season",

    Drake just writes a few simple lyrics and now he's really famous or something.

    At first, the show was stupid, and they once had pink hair and at the end Drake pulls off a pink wig, and his red hair is back to normal, but seriously, you could tell that they all had wigs on.

    And he treats his new brother like a slave, ordering him where to drive, and Josh really isn't that big! I saw him on U-Pick, and he looked a lot different.

    Megan's okay, and I can't remember the name of Josh's girlfriend, but ever since they have had her on the show, they switched to markerboards. Great Job.
  • Pretty entertaining and I must admit I watch it sometimes, but when you think about it, the show is pretty bad.

    I'm going to do a cut-and-dry review for this one.
    Good: -Megan is pretty funny. The plot for some reason is always pretty interesting and keeps you watching.
    -The script. All the jokes are reused jokes from other shows, every line is a ridiculous cliche.
    -Drake. We get it dude. You're cute or whatever. Every girl in the show will drop her whole life and fall into your arms. How degrading is this show towards women? Every woman in the show is completely air-headed and no one ever denies Drake. It gets taken a little too far.
    -Josh. He only has 2 joke-types: 1] Sarcasm 2] Saying things in a weird voice. That said, they both get old fast. And that's basically it. This show is really unoriginal and the jokes are not funny at all. If you're a teen or adult, skip it for sure. Kids, however, will enjoy the cheesy jokes because you appreciate that kinda stuff when you're little.
  • This story can be discribed good and bad. 50/50 for me. The best two good parts are when Drake buys the ipod, ipod holder, and a sparky CD; and when they even hold the bet. The two worst parts are Josh dating the old lady, and Josh dating the goth woman.

    This episode was made for the fans to tell you that Josh is also good with the ladies. But not qite. He dated a oth woman, a women that wouldn\'t stop kissing him, an old lady, and a regular girl. The bet was to see who can date the most girls in a week. Drake would win, but with his first date he fell in love. I really dont see why he would call off the bet, he does want to keep his bed, when the trophy, and he never actually fell in love with a girl; he just asked out the ones he thought were qute. I rate it a 50/50.
  • Funny at times, but really screws up due to one person(READ ON)

    Drake and Josh can be a funny show at times, but one person really screws the show, MEGAN!!!!. Yes, her. I don\'t mean to insult the person who plays her or anyone who like that character, but it\'s true. She makes this show more childish than the show being in the teen catagory. I mean, while it wouldn\'t be the same without her, I just one some more episodes where Megan isn\'t being mean to her brothers. She has all the gadgets which is another reason why it\'s more childish. At some episodes, she makes Drake look like an idiot(which he isn\'t smart but seriously, it makes the show childish)
  • A new Kenan & Kel!

    A new Kenan & Kel!

    Not as funny as Kenan & Kel but nick has definetly found there new duo if nick were smart they would have Kenan & Kel come back to nick for one final good bye in crossover wih Drake & Josh but nick would never even consider that but oh well I guess I can always dream.
  • dont know why everyoen likes this show

    everyone says this show is funny but i dont see anything funyn about it. its not well written the characters arent great and the places where its filmed are not very good. its a failure they probably tried to make a sit-com then turned it into one o fthose non-funny shows that everyoen thinks is funny but it isnt. i dont see anything in this show i really only watchit when im bored. people wake up it isnt funny. i applaud them for trying but they failed that guy shcneider has made some good shows but this was one of his failures.
  • rip of kenan and kel

    i thought the first and second season was fantastic but then then came season 3. the plot was messed up. joshs hair was bad he lost weight (i liked him fat and goofy) kenan and kel was the same old kenan and same old kel forever. that's why it's Sooooooo much better than drake and josh. getting to the point, it became a mess after seasons 1 and 2 that were superb. now it's just mediocre. this review is coming to you live from ikes bedroom and I leave my drake and josh review with the point score of... .... 5.9 mediocre rating.
  • OK, not perfect, but definitely better than iCarly. Then again, anything is.

    I think sometimes it's a little stupid, but it's had a few good jokes. Could have been better in my opinion. Like, some things Megan did just annoyed me and I really didn't find it all that funny. Yet, the whole "Megan pranks Drake and Josh" thing was used so much. But it's OK.
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