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  • This show is for any girl who just wants to see a hot guy guy every week. Drake Bell is my favorite performer and oh yeah!! The show!! Its about two step-brothers who suddenly move in together b/c of thier parents. It is the best show b/c its HILARIOUS!!

    I\'ve seen just about every episode and Its awesome. It\'s non-stop laughing and hot guys!! Drake Bell is the best actor and the best guitarist/ singer in the world!! anyone who needs a Favorite show needs to check this show out!!
    Luv, Krystyna a.k.a.
  • This show is about two opposite people personality wise, who become step-brothers.

    This show is so funny and the girls that Drake knows are so hot. I find wvery episode funny. Helen is my favorite character not in the cast. She is so funny when she loves Drake but hates Josh. I do wish that the parents would be in the show more.
  • Here is my summary for the Nick show "Drake & Josh": Hug Me, Brotha!!

    The reason I picked "Guilty Pleasure" for my classification is because I'm way out of the demographic for Nick's "Drake & Josh", but I don't care, I love the show anyway. I wish I had brothers.

    Drake Bell (Drake Parker) and Josh Peck (Josh Nichols) have a great chemistry together. It's hard to believe that they didn't like each other when they first met.

    They don't show the parents often, but Audrey Parker-Nichols (Nancy Sullivan) and Walter Nichols (Jonathan Goldstien) do a great job as the average American parents in the suburbs. I wish the writers would give them more to do since they are capable actors and not just props for the younger stars to interact with on occasion.

    Sure some of the plotlines are silly and the sometimes character growth is slow, but this is a great sitcom that the whole family can watch.

    Some high points include:
    *Any episode where Josh blows his top at Drake.
    *Any musical episode that showcases not only Drake Parker's talents but the real life Drake Bell.
    *Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) is a hoot and plays her role as the "evil" Megan Parker to the hilt.

    For the young and young-at-heart. I recommend this show.
  • A gorgeous perons named Drake lives with his Step brother Josh. Yep.

    Drake Bell is Gorgeous, The show is fantastically funny. Drake has fabulous hair, and Josh is funny. Chicken, Turkey, BBQ sauce. Drake is WOndErfuL and a half. I have to make this 50 words for some reason so I'm writing pointless stuff... Cheese tastes good.

    *Drake Bell is Gorgeous*
  • A new Kenan & Kel!

    A new Kenan & Kel!

    Not as funny as Kenan & Kel but nick has definetly found there new duo if nick were smart they would have Kenan & Kel come back to nick for one final good bye in crossover wih Drake & Josh but nick would never even consider that but oh well I guess I can always dream.
  • Drake and Josh is a Programme about one cool popular guy and one geeky person who then become stepbrothers, Drake finds it hard to hide Josh from his friends and tries to make Josh cooler.

    Drake and Josh is my faveourate programme the only thing i wanna know it y is it only on digital t.v. I mean come on now i have to search the internet to download the episodes!I can\\\'t wait till I find a Drake and Josh episode to download ut now i gota keep looking.
  • While not the greatest show on Nick, Drake & Josh offers some quality TV time.

    Lately, Nick has become overly interested in expanding their Teenick show lineup. Most of the added shows, for lack of a better word, stink. However, Nick managed to uncover a few decent shows out of this stampede of premieres, and I'm happy to say Drake & Josh is among them.

    Drake & Josh (starring actors of the same name as their characters) revolves around two boys whose formerly single parents have married each other. The boys- cool, smooth Drake, and bumbling, goofy and smart Josh- are polar opposites in practically every way. Many times they drive each other crazy, getting each other in crazy jams (neither boy is too good at avoiding trouble themselves, either). But at the end of the day, they're always still brothers (or stepbrothers...) and friends.

    Drake & Josh relies heavily on its comedy, since the jokes (and the laughing audience) zip through one after another for the whole showed. The humor is a mixed bag. Much of it is extrememly funny, but at times it seems like they are overdoing it, and some jokes seem a little forced. However, the substantial funny jokes more than make up for the lacking ones, and the sheer lightheartedness of the show and script will make you just want to laugh. Most of the stars aren't bad, either. (Though some of the guest actors leave a lot to be desired).

    Most of the sets and some situations are somewhat cheesy, but perhaps it's intentional, considering the type of show this is. It might bother some people, though. The show also has a tendency to dip in quality at points. The laughing audience can get obnoxious, as it's overdone at parts.

    Drake & Josh is a good show, one of Nick's best Teenick offerings. Some of the slightly cheesy/predictable humor, plots and sets could turn a few people off, but generally, the show, while not breakthrough, is worth a laugh or two, although it probably won't end up a personal favorite.
  • guitarwolf13 is very wrong about this show.

    I love this show, it is about 2 step brothers who are so different from each other, Drake is the cool guy, he is the one who plays the guitar and has his own music band, and he is one that gets the girls. Josh is the one who likes to be tidy and likes to be smart and loves his granny, his favourite thing to do is play video games or do some very bad magic tricks, it is a shame he cant juggle too like uncle NH. Anyway this could turn out to be the new Kenan and Kel and that is cool. If they produce more episodes they may be on the way to be one of the funniest kids comedy ever.

  • Best show on Nick.

    This is the best show on Nick other than Spongebob.Great humor about to step-brothers and anoying sister trying to survive life in High School.Drake the handsome and charming guitar player and lead singer of his band thinks he can get away with anything.Whil their is Josh a smart clumsy kid who just wants to win the science fair and stay out of trouble.And then thier is Megan the youngest,and probaly favorite child of thier parents.She always is thinking of new ways to torture Drake and Josh.If your ever bored and this show is on it is the show to watch.
  • This show is about 2 kids whose parents marry and they become step brothers, even though they are 2 completely different people with differnt personalities.

    This show is great! The show is about 2 kids, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, whose parents get married, therefore making them stepbrothers, even though they have 2 completely different personalities. Josh believes in doing well in school and following the rules where Drake believes in blowing off school and dating girls. Then there's Josh's sweating problem and "the twitch", which screwed him over in a newscast. Also, there's Drake's sister Megan, the little hell-raiser and the most "evil girl in the world." Her crazy antics at hurting Drake and Josh never get old. This got a 9.9 because there are reruns every day. Keep Watching!
  • A great show for everybody!

    This show, Drake and Josh, is good for anybody of any age. It is funny and the way that they make you laugh is real. The acting is even better. The two stars just seem to get better and better. I hope this show makes it very far and attracts more people with every episode. My friend's little brother watched this and they were asking him when it would be on again. That just shows that anybody likes Drake & Josh. Clearly, this will be one of my favorites and I will remember for a long time. This is suitable for all ages.
  • Great show which offers laughs for any age

    The show is a classic. Drake and Josh both play their parts well and they prove that children can be good actors. There are so many great aspects of the show including the jokes, acting, and Drake's guitar riffs. Although it can be sketchy in some areas, i believe that anybody who watches this program is in for some guaranteed laughs.
  • This show the best

    Drake and Josh both play their parts well and they prove that children can be good actors.Megan jokes are funny and she does not get in trouble.Minda is in this show in more epsiode good thing Minda Josh girlfriend and she is the best. I hope Megan has more good tricks and show more her in a lot appearce
  • It's about two Lads Called Drake and Josh who are step Brother and they became brothers when Drake's Mum Married Josh's Dad. Drake Has a younger sister called Megan who is a pain the neck and Drake Is a Singer who has a band and he always has girlfriends.

    I really like Drake and Josh because It's Funny and also drakes Fit and Josh Is so ever so funny. The theme song is sung by Drake and it's called found away. I would rate Drake and Josh 10 Out Of 10 for being a great show. I try to watch it when I can.
  • A great show for everyone.

    This show is great. The two young actors amaze me everytime I watch this show. The mixture of comedy and real life situations make this show quite enjoyable. The shows actors have great chemistry together which makes the show even more believable. The writing is flawless in every aspect of jokes and plot lines. I amhoping that this show continues the way it is and doesn't start to go downhill. I recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy(especialy slapstick) and a great story. Drake and Josh has great potential to become one of the best programs on television. Continue the great work!
  • Great, refreshing, and a visual delight!

    The best show on television in a long time. These kids are funny and interesting to watch. The show is well done and very watchable more than I can say for most of the shows on the four major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX. It just works, what a gem to come out of the 21 century already.

    Great, refreshing, and a visual delight!
  • A teen comedy about Drake and Josh which sometimes gets really immature.

    Drake and Josh is a comedy about their parents marrying each other so they become a family. Drake a super-cool and smooth hottie to all the girls, while Josh is a super-smart person who doesn't quite appeal to any girl.

    The episodes are fun to watch... but some of the jokes get quite immature and just simply unfunny. However, it is a light-hearted watch to calm your mind.
  • I love to watch this show!my favorite character is josh.But i also love drake,miranda and "parents".they all really important parts.The sister megan(miranda)loves to play evil tricks on them.josh is the smart, responble one with one girlfriend,but drake i

    Drake and josh is a very funny show. It's about two guys who are oppisite and becuase of their parents getting married are now step brothers!!! this show is great, especially for today's teens who want to have a good laugh and watch two hot guys goof off! go4 it
  • It's not awesome, but it has its good moments.

    I would say this is an OK show. Most of the plots are stable, and the actors are good. The jokes are funny, but I really don't like the jokes that Megan plays on Drake and Josh. Megan's actually pretty annoying, and she's always mean to her brothers, even though they never really did anything to her. The episodes are mostly original, but there are a few that could be improved. Also, I don't like how Josh is the one who has a job, gets good grades, and rarely gets into trouble, but Drake is the one who usually get all the credit.

    With just a few changes, this could be a great show!
  • I think Drake and Josh Is a cool show.

    I think Drake and Josh Is a cool show because it has alot of comedy.Everone like funny show.Drake Bell & Josh Peck make a great team together.I think Miranda Cosgrove is a good actress.She so funny whenever she plays tricks on her brothers.It is especially funny with her because her charcter is a devil in disgise.I mean her parents think of her as such an angel.But... she really is bad towards her brothers.And she always able to trick them to do stuff to get them in trouble.That's way this show is awesome.
  • This show is show is great for any age group and is one of the bright spots of nick

    This show is about 2 kids named Drake and josh and their parents get married making them step brothers they are not like each other at all but they always seem to help each other out when they are down.

    Drake is a popular kid who is involed with a billion girls prety much one in each episode. he plays the guatair and is past the years of hanging out with his parents.Does bad in school but he makes through it with a d average.He almost always never gets in trouble.

    Josh is more of a puggy kid who does magic tricks and plays video games.He always gets in trouble no matter what he does.He is more hyper and making a fool of himself.He is one of the smartest kids in his school not by studying (unlike Drake)

    Both these kids are totaly different but live under the same roof.

    And then comes the satan possess girl there sister megan.Her #1 goal in life is to torcher drake and josh and look like an angel to there parents.From puttin hot sause in there food to sticking there butts to a chair all trying to make both there lives miserable.

    so this is drake and josh a show that the whole family can see
  • This show brings two total opposites under one roof to bond as brothers

    Drake and JOsh is a total hit! I love it that they have a total hottie with girls all over him brothers with a not so attractive smart interesting guy. They're like total opposites but they're also pretty good friends and close brothers. I dont't know what I like better, the older season or thee new season. The new season is a lot about Josh getting into girls now and him getting a boyfriend. I can never catch the new new episodes though so I dont really know wats better. But anyways, I hope they dont cancel the show. Its really great!
  • A hit comedy series set in San Deigo, California about 2 totally different teenagers who are forced to live together

    I am a Drake and Josh addict! I have watched almost all of the episodes and I'm even a Josh impersonator (Along with my freind, a Drake impersonater, we act out parts of episodes together.) This show is a comedy and a suspense in some episodes that go unusually well together.
  • Drake and Josh lives in a house with a small park, they live with its parents and its heavy herman the one which always the bothersome one. Drake is one of those but popular of its school while Josh one of the less popular ones of the same one.

    One afternoon the paderes of Drake AND Josh sles warn to these that left for an entire sam,ana end with their smaller sister. They in the night took place. I arrive the hour of uq the parents they leave they tell him that the grandmother goes go to take care of them I/you/he/she sews that they didn't want. Drake hates the grandmother since he/she says that him for screaming and insulting but Josh if he/she wants it. Drake wanted to go to a concert but its parents didn't leave him I ask them for it finishes time and they said that nr. left and soon after I arrive the grandmother. That nochese went Drake with its friend to a restaurant but its grandmother not the dejha thinking that he/she went to the concert and that he/she was deceiving her and the grandmother decides that I/you/he/she would challenge it in ball basket, they play and Drake wins and at once he/she leaves but when he/she left its friends they arrive and they tell him to go to the concert and they told him that it was not obedient and that it was the one he/she goes and when netregar the voletos was falsosy they are stopped. Drake calls the grandmother and her taenia that to pay a deposit of two hundred dollars and the grandmother tells him that juegen another patido of ball basket and if Drake won he/she didn't say anything to its parents but if the grandmother won the taenia that to be said it. And the grandmother wins and at once llegansus parents Drake will tell them, the grandmother sees her intention and they don't tell him anything.
  • A series about two friends whose parents marry eachother and they become brothers

    Drake and Josh is a great show. It's original, funny, and there's some great acting in it. I like to watch the series becaus I can relate to it. This comedy has a lot of different episodes with a lot of different main ideas, another reason why I like it. Check it out, you won't be sorry!!!!!!!
  • It's like Kenan and Kel only it's been atacked by 10 year olds.

    This show has me wondering if nickelodeon even cares about their shows anymore this is nothing but a Kenana and Kel rip off only instead of making you laugh it has a laugh track do it for you. The sad part is the new genration of kids fall for it and don't relize how much better the show could be. The charecters are 2 dimensional and have little depth and do the same things over and over. I know it's a kids show but sponge bob has more depth than this.
  • Its funny

    The show makes me laugh every time I watch it. I think it has a great storyline. Drake's mom marries Josh's dad. They become stepbrothers who are totally oppisite from each other. Along with Drakes mistivious sister Megan they make one great family. Know matter how much Drake and Josh are different they manage to work things out. Mostly in a funny and odd way. Drake and Josh is funny.
  • can two step brothers get along if they are pretty much oppisets

    Can two brothers get along if they have nothing in cumin. Maybe but it sure is a great show. Drake Bell is a guitar player who's in to girls and also likes to sell Josh's stuff on line. He is also pretty popular in school. Josh is a teen who enjoys playing video games and has a job at a movie place. He also likes watching tv and likes his grandma. Josh is not nearly as popular as drake is. Then their's maygan who is their little sister. She love
  • Yeah it is pretty funny!

    Drake and Josh is a really funny show! Just how everything is put together makes it hilarous! They don't air the show enough though. I don't know if other people watch it alot. It is so funny how Megan tormends Drake and Josh, and as much as they try, they cannot do anything about it!

    I love this show. Its my favorite show in the world. It rocks out loud. I already bought the first DVD for it and im going to buy the new one when it comes out in September. I cant wait till it comes out on DVD. Oh man this show rocks!!! I love it!!!
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