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  • Good show? definitely! Is it as good as everyone thinks it is? I don't think so.

    Now I'll start off this review by stating the good things about this show. It's funny. some episodes are funnier than others but all in all you'd be hard press not to find yourself bursting out with laughter at at least one or two moments during an episode.

    The jokes are for the most part clever which is pretty rare for a kids show now a days. Most kids shows rely heavily on randomness, over the top stupidity and just letting the actors and writers talk down to kids. I hate that. It's as if to say "we shouldn't try to make a good show because kids watch crap so we can afford to be lazy." Do kids watch a lot of Crap? yeah, I think if we look back at our childhood and take the nostalgia goggles off we can find at least one thing that we just shake our heads in embarrassment at that we enjoyed. But kids are people and they deserve the option of good entertainment too and in a world full of crappy kids shows I can truly say 'drake and josh' has some wit to it. adults can sit next to their kids, watch it and not be bored.

    I honestly love some of the references they make to other great comedic shows, like 'I love Lucy' or 'SNL' which is a good segway into the problem I have with this show that prevents me from giving it the great score that I've seen other reviewers give it. Is this show for kids?

    If you haven't guessed by now I care about what kids take in. This is the time when they can be easily influenced, and I think that 'drake and Josh' sends some bad messages for kids. Just one example is that josh is the nice guy who works hard and bad things happen to him, while Drake slacks off, uses women and good things always comes his way. that's just one example. The whole show just has an air of mean spiritedness to it, and that includes Josh's relationship to his girlfriend who always seemed awfully rude to me even when she was portrayed as nice. Which wouldn't bug me at all if it weren't for the fact that impressional viewers are this show's target audience.

    Now I know what you're thinking, if you don't want kids to watch it, monitor what your kids watch, well that becomes increasingly difficult when the program is entirely advertised for kids, is played during the time slot and channel as other kids show blocks and is given a somewhat undeserving G rating.

    Like I said I do find it a funny show and is a step above other shows for kids, but it deserves a PG rating and to be advertised to an audience who won't take the messages of this show to heart the way that I fear younger viewers would, and because I feel like a younger audience wouldn't understand many of the reference jokes anyway.