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    Classic, original, funny. this show is awesome. with the severe downfall on nick, drake and josh is the only good live action show that still gets aired. now there's this show called the "Amanda Show" and I really hate it because it's too overly wacky and weird but I have to give it credit for making Drake and Josh its offspring. many of u my be confused I mentioned the Amanda Show its offspring over Kenan and Kel but that's just because the episodes featured drake bell and josh peck. let's talk more in depth

    if it's a really good show I have less to say because I don't have disciplines (except for one thing). drake is awesome who's cool, yet stupid. josh is awesome who's smart, yet spazzy. but what really catches my eye about this show is both characters have the same equality of positives and negatives. that's what many live action shows these days fail to do.

    I love the acting, now see, in the 90's, many shows had acting that was funny and quirky, although not realistic enough to actually seem to come into existence. drake and josh (I guess u could consider it a 90's show) was one of the first live action series where the acting was actually believable. it had good build up with icarly and victorious.

    the only thing I didn't like about this series was the final movie "Merry Christmas Drake and Josh". and it was really all josh which didn't appeal to me. like I said before, the two characters had an equality of positives and negatives so u never really knew who's side to take, but in this movie I took drake's side. josh had been flanderized to the point of just shear spazziness which wrecked up a bit of the plot. sure drake did stupid things but I mean josh needed to take a chill pill at various times. in the movie "Drake and Josh go to Hollywood" the characters acted like themselves. I liked that movie a lot better.

    that was my review, please leave a like but u probably won't read this whole thing.
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