Drake & Josh

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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    Drake and Josh is an amazing show. It had pretty good characters, clever writing and astounding humor. Honestly there are a lot of episode where I could not stop laughing. It was one of favorite shows back when Nickelodeon was good. This is one of Dan schneider's best TV shows that he produced. I was really sad to see it go mainly because Miranda Cosgrove wanted to do her own show "iCarly", but I still love this show either way. That goes for iCarly, too. My only downside with this show is the Character Megan. I couldn't stand Megan on this show. I hated how she always tortures her brothers. Aside from me hating that Megan character, Drake and Josh is an amazing show. Dan schneider did a good job producing and writing this show. Overall i give Drake and Josh a 9 out of 10.