Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 11

Sheep Thrills

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 22, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Megan buys a pregnant sheep and makes Drake and Josh take care of it, if Megan Promises to not pull any pranks on Drake and Josh for awhile. But when they see what a pregnant sheep can do, they don't want it much anymore.

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  • Megan buys a sheep on the internet and askes Drake and Josh to hide her because she said she won't pull any pranks on them for 3 months. But, when the sheep becomes pregnant, and gives birth, the boys must hide the sheep and the lamb from their parents.moreless

    This was an okay episode. It wasn't too funny or too entertaining, but it wasn't bad either. One thing that this episode did have was a great plot. Only Dan could think of this kind of episode. It made you want to watch it for it's uniqueness. It's a very one of a kind episode that not a lot of other television shows have! That's what's great about it! This episode had it's funny moments and it's entertaining, but all in all, it wasn't too much of either. This episode of Drake and Josh earns a 7.9 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • great

    What I liked- Drake brushing his teeth and rinsing it out with soda, the ending where Megan has a zebra and Drake and Josh just walk away, the sheep giving birth on Drake's bed, Josh letting the car roof drop on Walter, Drake and Josh's various ways to try and make sure that their parents were not suspicious, etc.

    Good episode. Megan kind of annoyed me at the ending when she let Drake and Josh take the heat, but stuff like this is to be expected of her, way before this point in the series. It was still a really funny episode though, and as such, even though Megan annoyed me a little, my final grade is going to be a B or so, I think is fair for this episode.moreless
  • megan buys a sheep and drake and josh find out and are sworn to secrecy but things go downhill from there

    the ep was funny but not one of my favs..i mean there were some funny parts like walter under the hood getting stuck while josh holds it and then when it falls on him and he gets stuck..i also like the fact that the sheeps name is baab..so cute and funny when drake and josh say it..then when they get in trouble for the sheep..megan is so good..the funniest part i think was when they heard another noise and they go to the garage to find a zebra they just turn and walk away..that was so funny..but i just didnt like this ep too much..i dont know what it was..but it wasnt my favmoreless
  • Every episode of Drake and Josh is entertaining. This one is one of my favorites, because it is the funniest. It revolves around Megan bring home a sheep which Drake and Josh take care of....then things start to go...wrong!moreless

    Sheep Thrills is without a doubt the absolute funniest episode of Drake and Josh I have ever seen. Even the beginning, when the two boys talk in their little squares is hilarious (won't give anything away though).

    One of the many reasons I adore this episode is that it is about a sheep. Drake, Josh and a sheep. What could be funnier? My favorite part is the last 10 minutes of this episode, because so much is happening at once and all of it is so ridiculous that it cracks me up. There are also a few surprises in store for the viewers in the episode, which I won't get into, but it's very very cute! I highly reccomend this Episode to all Drake and Josh fans. EVen if you're not a fan yet, you will be after you watch this!moreless
  • When Drake and Josh hide a sheep on their house so Megan won't prank them for a whole month. This really is a funny one!

    This episode is hilarious, I don't know what did you see on it, but personally I laughed a lot. Maybe is just for the ending when Megan denies the sheeps when the episode was weak, but for the rest... I suggest you to don't mind too much on the ending and watch the first 21 minutes. Hilarious episode in its most part. I liked a lot the intro story about Josh talking about his gold fish, that was funny stuff. Sheep thrills is full of hilarious scenes every minute. The comedy of the show is amazing. How this episode is overlooked is amazing because it's hilarious, and well is one of the funniest of the show. Just thinking this episode is considered under average, the best ones really are FUNNY. Great jokes, great prank, hilarious scenes, funny plot and fun everywhere. Maybe it should be more appreciated.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • If Drake and Josh had only told Dr. Glazer not to mention the sheep to their parents, that doesn't mean that they can't ask him about it. Drake and Josh should have asked him, because Megan even said to him it was her sheep.

    • When the boys parents find the sheep in their room, the lamb that Drake is holding repeatedly changes position. In one shot it is facing left, the next it's facing right, the left again. This happens several times throughout the scene.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Josh: Well, come on, Bob.
      Drake: (serious) Hey, hey, hey! His name is Baaaab. (Josh sprays deodorant in his face)
      Drake: Right...

    • Josh: Where'd you get the sheep?
      Megan: I bought him on the internet.
      Josh: Well, excuse me for not being familiar with SHEEP STORE DOT COM!

    • Josh: We better go wake up Dad.
      Drake: Yeah, good idea, Josh, but I don't think a robber's gonna be afraid of a weatherman wearing footsie pajamas.

    • Walter: I keep hearing this pinging sound from the-
      Josh: (After seeing sheep in garage Yaaaaaah!
      Walter: What?!
      Josh: I'm just... so alarmed by the pinging sound your car is making.

    • Drake and Josh: (After noticing Baaab in the kitchen) Yaaaaaa!
      Audrey: What?
      Drake: Something in my eye!
      Josh: Somethin' in his eye!
      Audrey: Let me take a look.
      Drake: Yes, yes, you look.
      Josh: And I'll (Looking for excuse to go into kitchen) ... go make smoothies!

    • Drake: Do you know what it's like to go 2 weeks without girls?
      Josh: Yes. Yes I do.

    • Josh: Moca Cola!? You're gonna feed soda to the baby sheep!?
      Drake: Diet soda.

    • Baby sheep: Baaaaa.
      Drake: Yeah, I know.

    • Dr. Glazer: Yes, well I am not a vet, but if you want my diagnosis, I'd say that Baaab was pregnant. Was. Pregnant. That's 100 dollars.
      Megan: Aww, look at the baby! Aww.
      Drake: All right, we'll pay you 100 bucks, but can you do us a favor and -
      Josh: (Continiued) Not mention this to our parents?
      Dr. Glazer: Fine. 150.

    • Dr. Glazer: (Reluctantly) All right. Bring the Wheat Squares.
      Josh: For the sheep?
      Dr. Glazer: No, I'm hungry.

    • Dr. Glazer: (To Drake) You told me your father fell down the stairs again.
      Drake: Well, if you just go and check on the sheep, I promise I'll push him down the stairs later.

    • Megan: (Angry) What took you so long?
      Dr. Glazer: I was eating my Wheat Squares.

    • Josh: Baaab left me a little surprise in my bed.
      Megan: Aww, good Baaab.

    • Megan: Drake, can you help me with something?
      Drake: I can't, I'm doing my homework.
      Megan: You're watching TV.
      Drake: Well, that explains why I;m failing math, doesn't it?

    • Audrey: Now why would there be smoothie stuff in the garage? (Turns around)
      Drake: (Quickly) Ow, ow, my eye, oh, the pain!

    • Drake: Uh oh. Soumds like smoothie trouble. Be back in a sec.
      Audrey: (Long pause) Smoothie trouble!?

    • Megan: See this boombox?
      Drake: Yeah.
      Megan: It's not really a boombox.

    • Josh: Where did you get sheep named Bob?
      Megan: His name isn't Bob, it's Baaab!
      Drake: Did you heard that? His name isn't Bob, it's Baaaab. (Josh stares at him)
      Josh: ...I have ears.

    • Megan: If I was gonna pull the prank on you, would I tell you about it?
      Drake: Well, no. I guess not.
      Megan: See, it's fun to use your brain.

  • NOTES (1)