Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 6

Smart Girl

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake meets a smart girl from school named Michelle that he really likes. Now, Drake is not the smartest kid in school, so he gets Josh to teach him things to impress Michelle. But things go too far when he accidentally says yes to an offer of joining the Academic Team. Meanwhile, Josh has had enough with Megan's pranks and tries to get back at her.moreless

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  • superb

    what i liked- Josh trying to prank Megan, but she pranks him, Josh helping Drake, "She wants to examine your mind? How long do you think that will take, like 45 seconds?" amongst other things.

    Decent. It's not one of my favorites but it did have a nice plot of Josh helping his brother, and it had some funny parts, so B is my final grade for this episode.
  • This was a Great Episode!

    Drake learns that its cool to be himself and not be someone who is not himself by being really Smart and Intellectual. He has Josh help him out in the Trivia Game in his School by Drake having an Ear-Phone and Josh whispering into a Walkie-Talkie with what he believes is the right Answer, so Drake was trying to impress Michelle but the happy ending is that Michelle likes drake for who he is and doesn't care if he's not really Smart. In the meantime, Megan keeps having drake and Josh's Butts stuck to their Chairs, which gets them very annoyed. And Josh does whatever he can to try to Prank Megan back, but alas, always fails. Drake discovers how Megan is catching on so well by inspecting the Cactus she gave them for Christmas, and realizes Megan's been Spying on them by listening to their Words by an attached bug to their Cactus, so Drake plucks it off to try to lose Signal with Megan. Overall this was a good Episode and taught the moral to not be someone you're not, so the Writers did a good job with this one. I hope Nick can make more good Shows like this since it stopped Production of new Episodes all of a sudden now, but hey at least there's iCarly for me to enjoy watching.moreless
  • Geat episode!!

    In this episode Drake meets a girl named Michelle who is captain of the academic team at the Premiere. He couldn't understand what she's saying because she is so smart. So Drake makes Josh teach him stuff after Michelle says she wants to explore his mind. In the meantime Josh tries every willpower in him to give Megan a taste of her own medicine. So he tries many failed attempts to prank her back by: Filling the hall closet with underwear and dropping a goo filled water balloon on her but she always seems to prank back just as well by: Exploding ice pops and purposely spilling goo into Josh's face. Drake goes on a date with Michelle and he accidentally says yes to an offer on joining the Academic Bowl thinking it was going to be a kiss. So Drake must figure out a way to answer the questions without actually answering the questions. So he borrows some of Megan's gadgets and uses it to compete in the Bowl with Josh giving him the answers through earphone. But Mega Burger gets a sale on curly fries and the earphone picks up radio interference making Drake gets some wrong answers. So Drake calls a break and he gets into an argument with Josh. Josh quits giving him the answers and leaves. When they reach the final question Drake actually knows the answer so he wins the Academic Bowl. Then he tells Michelle the truth and finds out Michelle liked him even if he wasn't really smart. Drake gets back home and apologizes to Josh.

    good episode watch it =)

  • Another amazing episode..!!!

    I love this episod!!Drake was trying to impress this cute girl that he met at the premiere,while Josh is trying to get back at Megan for all the pranks that she pulled on Josh..Then Drake accidentally said yes to join the academic bowl just so that he can hang out with Michelle..With the help of Megan's gadgets and Josh telling him the answers..It was all going well until some radio interference disturbed them..Anyways it was a great episode and it was also hilarious like the one in the end when Megan glued their butts on the chair in the kitchen..You should watch this episode..You won't regret it even a single bit..moreless
  • drake is interested in this cute brainy girl, but he doesnt know what shes saying and accidentally gets put on the academic team so josh has to help him; meanwhile, josh and megan are in an all-out prank warmoreless

    this ep was so funny and i am relieved to have finally seen the whole thing..yay and it was worth the wait..and yay drake..he got the last question right all on his own..b/c of the method josh taught him..w/ his guitar..that was so cool..i love it..and it was so cute and funny how he tried to impress her..and then whoo whee nice kiss in the closet just then lol..i also love how megan kept being a step ahead of josh..the whipped cream thing was such a classic..we did that when we were kids..and the balloon and pops and stuff..all so cute..and then the end is so awesome..megan gets both of them by gluing their butts to the kitchen chairs..so funny and classicmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The questioneer person in this episode is actually the Acting/Dialouge coach for Drake and Josh and Zoey 101.

    • How could Josh know the answer to every question? Even the academic team members didn't know them all. If so, wouldn't Josh be on the team.

    • Michelle aka The Smart Girl told Drake that she had to kick George Doty off the Academic Team.

      George Doty is a writer on "Drake & Josh".

  • QUOTES (23)

    • (after Drake talked with the smart girl, Michelle)
      Josh: So, did you two make a date?
      Drake: I think so.
      Josh: Cool, what'd she say?
      Drake: (in a dreamy tone) I have no idea...

    • Drake: You're the best evil little sister ever!
      Megan: I know.

    • (Drake drops gummy bears)
      Drake: (eats a gummy bear) ICKK! (spits gummy bear out)
      Josh: What?
      Drake: (wrinkles nose) Carpet flavored...

    • Josh: You remember the closet of the hall?
      Drake: The hall closet.
      Josh: That one. See, I stuffed it up with cloth, so when she open it her little evil face gonna be buried under dirty underwear.
      Drake: Eww. Yours?
      Josh: Dad's!
      Drake: Ewwier!

    • Drake: Whoa! Who is she?
      Josh: She is Michelle Johnson. She is from the Academic School Team of Belleview. They are competing against-
      Drake: Uhh, your words bore me. But her body interests me. (takes some candies)
      Josh: Hey!
      Drake:Relax, they are for a good cause.
      (spills them all over the floor)
      Drake: Oh, my gummies, they are all over the floor.
      Michelle: Oh, here, take your gummies. But you better like the carpet flavour.
      Drake: Haha, thanks-
      Michelle: Michelle.
      Drake: Drake. So you just saw that movie-
      Michelle: "Lu Fromage". Yeah, and you?
      Drake: "Doggy Prom". I just love dogs in tuxedo.

    • Michelle: I had to left George Doty out of the team. Here, listen this: he couldn´t name the 206 bones of the human body!
      Drake: Tfft! What a moron!

    • Michelle: I like how you think. We should go out.
      Drake: Sure. Movies?
      Michelle: No, it´s impersonal. Let´s go somewhere we can talk.
      Drake: Talk?
      Michelle: Yeah. I would like to explore your mind.
      (the next scene)
      Josh: (laughs) Does she really want to explore your mind? How long she gonna take, like 45 seconds?

    • Josh: Hey, Drake. How was the movie?
      Drake: So dumb... I love it!

    • (Josh was teaching to Drake, suddenly a big spitball falls on the board)
      Josh: (turns around)
      Drake: (playing the innocent and holding a straw) Not me.

    • Josh: Let´s start with Chemistry. Chemistry is the science of all the matter. The matter can be divided in organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Now, the organic chemistry studies any living thing.
      Drake: Really? That´s awesome!
      Josh: Yeah! it is... (turns around, and Drake is talking on his phone)
      Drake: Awesome! Josh, Trevor's got another cobra pet and he is going to make both fight each other!

    • Drake: Josh I have the solution for this problem. You will whisper the answers, in my ear! Eh?!
      Josh: How could I do that without people seeing me?
      Drake: I´ll wear a very HUGE coat.

    • Michelle: I'm so happy you're on the Academic team!
      Drake: Huh?
      Michelle: You're going to help us compete in the state finals! I'm so happy!
      Drake: ....Back in a sec (Runs to Josh)
      Josh: What do you need to know now?
      Drake: EVERYTHING!!!

    • Josh: (tries to get up but is stuck)
      Drake: She glue your butt to the chair?
      Josh: I don't wanna talk about it!

    • Drake: Sure, you can have a sip of my H20. (Pauses) That's chemistry for water.
      Michelle: So I've heard.

    • Josh: Oh, is my fault Mega Burger's havin' a sale on curly fries?! I can't control radio interference!
      Drake: Well, why didn't you pull up your antenna?
      Josh: (furiously) I'll pull your antenna!!
      Drake: Look, you listen to me!
      Josh: No, you listen to me! I quit! I'm outta here! Good-bye!
      Drake: Fine! Next time you get your foot stuck in the toilet, I'm flushing!

    • Eric: I told you boys can't be handsome and smart.

    • Megan: Hey Josh look up!
      Josh: Hey Megan how'd you get up on the roof? (Slime/Paint falls on Josh)
      Drake: You have a little.....
      Josh: (Screaming) I know!
      (Josh wipes face with underwear)
      Drake: Underwear.
      Josh: Ahhhh!

    • Michelle: So, whose your favorite author?
      Drake: My leg fell asleep, I gotta go wake it up.

    • Josh: Hey, you wanna go play some Gamesphere?
      Drake: Sure!
      (They try to get up from their seats but can't)
      Drake and Josh:(Screaming): Megan!

    • Drake: I helped you when you got your foot stuck in the toilet.
      Josh: No you didn't you laughed and took digital pictures.

    • Josh: You better love me for this! (Drake kisses him)--Not that kind of love!

    • Josh: And she (Megan) will never see it coming
      Megan: (Walks in Drake and Josh's room) Oh I think I will (Leaves)
      Drake: I think she heard you.
      Josh: I know!

    • Josh: I don't know Drake, all this cheating makes me feel (Shivers) dirty.
      Drake: Well, take a bath when you get home.

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