Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 14

Steered Straight

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After the boys get in trouble for using Fake ID's, Audrey and Walter fear they will fall to a life of crime and sign them up for a “Steered Straight” program. But things start skidding out-of-control when a real criminal befriends them.

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  • This episode is very funny except for one thing

    In my opinion, this was a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". However, there was one thing that bugged me about this episode and it lowered my score just a little. I didn't like Walter and Audrey putting Drake and Josh in the "Steered Straight" program. Seriously? I know that it was wrong of Drake and Josh to get a fake I.D. but that was just horrible that they did that. They actually think that Drake and Josh are gonna be criminals in the future. Wow, these parents obviously don't trust Drake and Josh. Also, they blame Josh that he causes trouble. Drake causes more trouble than Josh and but Drake puts Josh in these situations. Yeah, they trust that horrible Megan but they don't trust Drake and Josh actually think they're gonna turn into a life of crime in the future? What a bunch of selfish jerks... I swear, I just want to punch both of them sometimes. Anyways, despite that one thing that lowered my score a little, this episode was enjoyable. That criminal named "Blaze" escaping out of jail and taking the police car (with Drake and Josh still in the police car) was very funny. It was hilarious when Blaze made Josh put his grapefruit in Josh's mouth. I was also laughing hard that Blaze actually brought himself sugar to put on the grapefruit. Josh dialing the phone and then sneezing on it was pretty funny. Blaze bringing a bunch of his criminal friends because Drake made a lie about him and Josh kidnapping the governor was very funny. The most hilarious part of this episode that always makes me laugh was when Drake and Josh used the fake blood set and pretend they're in a fist fight and Josh uses a banana and pretends to hit Drake with it which scares away Blaze and his criminal friends was hilarious. That part is absolutely the funniest part out of this whole episode and still makes me laugh hard. Drake and Josh also tying up Walter and putting him in the closet is funny. Overall, a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". 9/10moreless
  • great

    Drake and Josh get in trouble when they use fake Ids. Their parents sign them up for a "Steered Straight" Program, but things go out of control then they befriend an actual criminal. What will they do? Will they be able to get themselves out of this one?

    Good episode, but the second half is pretty boring. The first half was decent and had good parts, but when they met and befriended that one criminal, it went downhill, and so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is going to be a B- or so, methinks. Not terrible but not stupendous eithermoreless
  • WOW! What a hilarious episode!

    Can you noticed the superiority of the episode? This was totally insane and also stupid! My God, this episode was a total crack-up from beginnig to ending, and so full of jokes, I couldn´t stop laughing since Walter was seen in that red dress and Megan wasn't surprised of it. Such a hilarious episode. The intro is great as always. Taylor was a fantastic add to the comedy. I also cracked up when Drake held the phone on his back and tells Josh to dial it. When Walter yells them to get inside the closet, always makes me laugh. When Blaze gets them inside of the house. Or when Drake gives Walter some yarn to play. The deal of the sugar and the grapefruits is funny as well.

    And other than that, we can clearly see how silly were Drake and Josh to manage the whole situation, plus that thief added so much humor to the episode. I laughed so much when Drake were saying all that crazy plans. First, to use the fake ID's of Jefferson Steelflags, or something like that, and Alvin Yakatori, to get in the Reptile Room, with churros, to listen Joshie's favorite band the 'Hell Stones'. They got in serious trouble, and Audrey thinks they've grounded them enough, and signs them in the "STEERED STRAIGHT" thing. So, the police arrests the boys while Walter wears a dress. While the boys are in the car, some thief steals the car. Then, Drake tells to the thief to rob on their own house (of a stupid family they didn't know) hahaha. Next, to call his group and kidnap the governor. Then, that thief called his group, and Drake decides to take charge of Walter, they shutted his mouth, handcuffed him and left him in the closet. And there Drake sees Josh's magic kit wich has make-up and fake blood. Finally, the ending is as great as it gets, the faked fight with Jefferson beating up Alvin with a banana was sooo hilarious.

    And they forgot about Walter in the closet, while having dinner in some restaurant. It was awesome!

    This could be the funniest episode of the series, I totally loved it, is my #1 top favorite episode. It´s to laugh out loud!moreless
  • Drake and Josh are going to jail!

    I can't tell you how much I love this episode. It was so funny and it would have to be one of my favorites. In this episode, Drake and Josh use fake ID's to get into an adult club. Only problem is, they soon get caught. Their parents sign them up for the "Steered Straight Program" to teach them what could happen if they get into real trouble. Soon, a criminal joins them getting them into big trouble. I liked the interviews they had at the begginning. I also loved it when their father was in that dress. That cracked me up. I also laughed when they were getting arrested. That was very funny. My favorite part of this episode was when the criminal came in their car. All the quotes they said were extremely funny, especially when Blaze told them their name and when Josh freaked out. When they got back to the house and Josh sneezed on the phone, that was hillarious. I'm glad it was all a happy ending. I really recomend this episode to all Drake and Josh fans.moreless
  • good episode but kinda shady for nickelodeon.

    i liked this episode, it was funny and entertaining. i did think that the plot surrounding the fact that the boys had fake IDs can send a bad message to some of the younger audience. i also thought that the wrong doers that drake and josh encounter could also potentially set a bad example for young viewers. for the episdoe having a more serious side to it, it was done very well and it was given a comdeic side to it that made it a less of a serious topic to discuss. i liked the ending where they all forgot about walter in the closet and how when drake and josh remember that he was in there, they all dont care and continue eating chinese food. overall a good episode :)moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Megan informs her parents of the "Speeding ticket" Josh got in Drivers License, but it was not a speeding ticket. It was for running a stop sign.

    • It is shown that Josh likes churros. Audrey also mistakes them for being Mexican. Even though Mexican people speak Spanish, churros actually originate from Spain.

    • When Blaise pulled Drake through the window the door was closed but when Blaise was going to scope out the downstairs the door was already cracked open.

    • The Police car should have a protected cage between the police officer and the criminal.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Blaise: So what did you two get busted for?
      Josh: Uhh...you know, a...crime.
      Drake: Yeah, we...uh...robbed a store! Ooh, robbed that store good.

    • Josh: Churros?

    • Josh: You'd be superfluous.
      Drake: Superfluous?
      Josh: What? It's on my word of the day calendar...THAT I STOLE!

    • Josh: Well, shut your mouth!
      Drake: It's open!

    • Criminal: It's some goofy-looking dude in a really bad shirt.
      Josh: Dad.
      Drake: Walter.

    • Cop: Mm, this grapefruit is good. A little sour though. Either of you boys have any sugar?
      Josh: No!
      Drake: Who carries their own sugar?

    • Megan: This doesn't surprise me.
      Walter: I'm helping your mother.
      Megan: Uh-huh.

    • Criminal: Come on. Don't beat the boy with a banana.

    • Josh: How are we going to get in? You need to be over 21...
      Drake: Not a problem, Mr... YAKITORI.
      Josh: Oh, dude, what are those?
      Drake: ID's.
      Josh: Oh, cool. (Looks at ID's then quickly turns away) You want us to sneak into a club posing as... (reads ID's then looks away again) Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakitori.
      Drake: Yeeeah, made the names up myself--
      Josh: (totally sarcastic) OH, REH-LEH?!

    • Walter: (to Drake and Josh) You've been getting into a lot of trouble lately.
      Josh: Like what?
      Audrey: The fake ID's.
      Walter: Burning down our neighbor's treehouse.
      Audrey: The counterfit grills.
      Megan: The speeding ticket.
      Audrey: Speeding ticket?!
      Walter: You got a speeding ticket?!
      Drake: Oh, yeah, thank you, Megan!

    • Josh: (crying) I don't wanna kidnap the governor!
      Walter: (muffled) Kidnap the governor?!

    • Officer: Hold my grapfruit.
      Josh: How? I'm handcuffed how do you expect me to hold your grape---
      (Officer puts his grapefruit in Josh's mouth)

    • Drake: I'll hold the phone behind my back and you dial it with your nose.
      Josh: I'm not sticking my nose down there!
      Drake: Would you rather take your chances with a vicious criminal?
      Josh: I think so!

    • Blaise: (to Josh after he has pulled him through the window) You've got a big head.
      Josh: Yeah, old news dude.

    • Drake: (to Walter after he and Josh locked him in the closet) Here. Play with this yarn.

    • Blaze: Alright who sneezed on the phone?
      Josh: It's allergy season!

    • Josh: Why do they call you Blaze?
      Blaze: BE QUIET!!
      Josh: I see.

    • Walter It's time you act like men!
      (the police man, Drake and Josh stare at Walter's dress)
      Walter: It's for a prom.
      Officer: Yes, Ma'am.
      Walter: Sir!

    • Josh: And now, we are grounded in this room!
      Drake: Well, see ya. (climbs out of the window)
      Josh: I should've known cows weren´t ticklish.
      Drake: I knew cows weren´t ticklish.

    • Police Officer: Can I talk with you for a second?
      Walter: Sure. Both of you in the closet.
      Drake: The closet?
      Walter: In the closet!

    • (after getting caught, the parents read their I.Ds)
      Audrey: 'Jefferson Steelflex'?
      Walter: 'Alvin Yakatori'?
      Drake: They could be real names!
      Josh: Yeah... ON PLANET CRAZYTRON!

    • Cop: Tonight you guys will know what it's like to be arrested, booked, jailed, and processed.
      Josh: Jailed?!
      Drake: Processed?!

    • Police Officer: This grapefruit is excellent. A little sour though. Do any of you boys carry around sugar?
      Josh: No.
      Drake: What kind of person carry sugar with him?
      Police Officer: Well see, when you are a police officer you see a lot of things.

    • (Megan was talking in the phone, suddenly she takes Josh's laptop)
      Josh: Hey! I was doing my homework!
      Megan: I´m talking on the phone! (leaves)
      Josh: And, there again I'm "laptopless".

    • Thief: What is this?
      Josh: That's a grapefruit.
      Thief: (Takes bite) A little sour. Good thing I always carry around a little sugar with me!

    • Josh: He tempted me with churros!
      Audrey: That's your excuse?!?! A fried Mexican pastry?
      Josh: Have you ever tasted one?

    • Josh: It's illegal to use fake ID's.
      Drake: Well, it's illegal to rob banks but people do it.
      Josh: Yes, people who are bank robbers!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The cop asks Walter if he is the weatherman from Channel 2. But in "I Love Sushi", an officer asked Drake and Josh if he (Walter) was the weatherman on Channel 7. Also, on various other episodes such as "Blues Brothers" Walter is the weatherman on Channel 6.


    • The restaurant that Josh, Drake, Audrey, and Megan go to at the end of the episode is called B.F. Wangs, which is an allusion to the Chinese chain P.F. Chang's.

    • G-Corn is an allusion to Jennifer Lopez's nickname, J-Lo.

    • Thug: I left right in the middle of American Idol for this.
      American Idol Is an American show, where contestants sing to win a record deal.

    • The club the boys try to go into at the beginning of the episode is called "The Reptile Room", a reference to the Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events book, "The Reptile Room", Book 2 in the series.