Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 5

The Affair

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 21, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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When Walter is always coming home late and talking to another woman, Drake and Josh believe Walter is cheating on Audrey and they start snooping. Drake and Josh try all types of plans to keep them together.

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  • I'm afraid I have to agree that it was all Walter's fault.

    Long story short, Drake and Josh believe that their father is having an affair with another woman and they do everything they can to drive her away. Once they succeed, though, Walter points out that the woman is actually the head of the most popular news program in America. Thus, she was trying to persuade him to become more well-known by becoming the weatherman on her show, which could have also been the start of a better life for him and his family, and now he has to punish his sons by making them dump food all over themselves. One review on here pointed out that it was Walter's fault for being secretive about the whole thing, and I'm afraid I have to agree. I just don't see how keeping it a secret could be "protecting" his family when it's only leading to the revelation of him having an affair. Furthermore, while I will agree that Drake and Josh shouldn't have been snooping around, I should point out that had they been doing so from the start, they would have already gotten in trouble. Bottom line: it's undeniably Walter's fault.moreless
  • Good

    Some people might be mad at Walter because of how he got mad at Drake and Josh, and they might think that Walter should have told his family about what was happening ("I didn't wanna get their hopes up") and then the lady basically saying "It's a sure thing." Things can change, the lady SAID it was a "sure thing", but something could have gone wrong. IMO, Walter was protecting his family and I actually support it. Drake and Josh on the other hand I didn't think should have gone around snooping. Did they honestly think their own FATHER would CHEAT on their mom?moreless

    I really don't get why Walter's so mad at Drake and Josh.....the whole thing was his fault in the first place! If he hadn't been so secretive about the whole ordeal, Drake and Josh wouldn't have been so suspicious. But no, he's all "i don't wanna get them all excited for nothing." The lady told him if he wanted the job, it was his. How would this let anyone down?! Granted Drake and Josh shouldn't have been so nosy, but if I thought one of my parents was having an affair, I'd react the same way! If Walter had just told them the truth from the beginning, none of this would've happened. As I said before, IT'S ALL WALTER'S FAULT!!!!!moreless
  • Drake & Josh begin to think that Walter is cheating on Audrey. So, in order to try to prove this theory, they snoop around. They discover that Walter is having luch with a girl. Drake and Josh think that the girl is hitting on Walter and try to stop it.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode! Drake and Josh really need to stop getting into other people's business because they will wind up having to dump food all over themselves in a public place! If Drake and Josh would have minded their own business, none of that would have ever happended! But, I'm glad that they did. It was really funny and entertaining to watching Drake and Josh dump food all over themselves! Drake Bell and Josh peck were outstanding in this episode! Dan also out-did himself! One thing I loved about this episode is that Walter and Josh's computer password is....."password". You would think Josh, as smart as he is, would think of somethin a little smarter than "password" for his password! The episode of Drake and Josh earns a 9.3 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Very funny..!!!

    This is one of my favorite episodes so far..It was really funny from start to finish..It started out when Drake overheard Walter on a phone conversation thinking that he was dating another woman..Drake and Josh caught Walter doing things in a strange behavior..They tried many things so that they can still remain a perfect family to no avail..This leads them to go to the restaurant thinking that they were on a date..With their father out of the way they told the woman to back off and dump food on her..It was really hilarious..This made her mad and she leaves..The boys were happy until Walter told them who the woman was..She was meeting with Walter so that he can be promoted to a better tv station..As punishment,Drake and Josh pour food all over them..It was really funny and it was a great story..Clearly one of the best Drake and Josh episodes..moreless

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    • Josh:...the attention span... of a squirrel!

    • Megan: Hey, mom! Hey, boob!
      Drake: Don't call me a boob!
      Megan: Sorry, boob!

    • Drake: I'm gonna get a snack.
      Megan: Bring me something.
      Drake: No.
      Audrey: Drake!
      Drake: (unhappily) I'll bring her something.

    • Megan: When will the lobster be ready?
      Drake: Yeah, I'm starving!
      Josh: Well, excuse me. I don't control the speed in which lobsters die!

    • Drake: Look, I think Walter is dating another woman.
      Josh: Whaa-? My dad cannot be dating another woman! I mean, he's married to our mom!!! (starts laughing)
      (Drake just stares at him)
      Josh: (stops laughing) Oooohh!

    • Josh: Does anyone wants a "tangello"?
      Drake: Uhmm, tangello!
      Josh: It is a tangerine, and also a... an 'ello.
      Drake: (with british accent) 'Ello!

    • Megan: Well, Drake teach me. I wanna learn about geometry.
      Drake: (slowly) Well, the geometry is all about shapes. Like the square, the triangle or the circle, which is circular so as other shapes... and that contributes us to the roundness of them.

    • Audrey: When I go for my morning shower, I appreciate not having to pick up a hamster!

    • Josh: You put cumin in the waffle!?
      Drake: You said to put cumin in them.
      Josh: I said cinnamon. Cinnamon!
      Drake: What's the difference?
      Josh: Everything! Cinnamon is sweet and delicious. Cumin is a Mexican spice! You were flavouring a waffle, not a chimichanga!

    • Walter: I think i was just hit by a meatball.

    • Drake: Are my thumbs the same size? (Holds up thumbs; Drake and Josh examine them)
      Josh: (Sarcastically) Ooh, one looks thicker!

    • Drake: Josh! I think Dad's having... women problems.
      Josh: Dad has cramps?

    • Walter: Sorry Josh, I can't make it to career day on Wedensday.
      Josh: Why not?
      Walter: I have a conference to go to that day, about clouds... it's a cloud conference... we call it a "CC."
      Drake: You are an exiting man.

    • Josh: (Yelling at drake) No, we already have detention for skipping school, and you mucked up my perfect atendance record you--you-- you mucker!
      Drake: Mucker?
      Josh: One, who mucks!

    • Josh: (To Walter) So you got up at midnight, put on a suit, drove out and bought some milk, and drank the entire carton on the way home?

    • Drake: I think Dad's seeing another woman.
      Josh: Seeing another woman to do what?

    • Josh: OUCH!
      Drake: Where's the lobster bite you?!
      Josh: Is Megan still in the room?
      Drake: Yeah!
      Josh: Tell you later!

    • Audrey: Josh is making lobster for dinner.
      Megan: Gross!
      Drake: Lobster isn't gross.
      Megan: I meant Josh.

    • Josh: How do you know that?
      Megan:: I read Dad's e-mail.
      Josh:: How'd you get his password?
      Megan: It wasn't that hard. His password is "password".
      Drake: Oh, THAT is dumb!
      Megan: It's a new kind of dumb.
      Josh: Yeah it is. (Walks over to his computer)
      Drake: You wanna change your password?
      Josh: Maybe.

    • Drake: What happened?!?!
      Josh: I caught him sneeking him in and when I'd asked him where he'd been he was all like "I was out buying milk, but I drank it all on the way home!"
      Drake: That's bad.
      Josh: Yeah---
      Drake: We really needed some milk.

    • Drake: Josh,can I talk to you for a minute?
      Josh: I can't, I'm watching Extreme Housewives. OOOH! Malanda's gettin' a tummy tuck!

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