Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 1

The Bet

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake bets Josh that he can't go longer without junk food than Josh can without video games. So they decide to make a bet and the loser must dye his hair pink. They soon figure out the troubles of quitting their freetime activies. The parents get in on the action as well. But who will have to dye their hair pink in the end?moreless

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  • Series classic

    I loved this episode, one of my favorite episodes. Drake eats too much junkfood and Josh plays too much video games. Audrey asks them to pick up Megan from her friends house but don't listen because of addiction to video games/ junkfood, so they make a bet, whoever loses had to dye their hair pink. The bet was that Drake not too eat junk food, and josh can't play video games. This episode made me laugh from start to finish. Josh playing with the microwave was funny, and Drake talking to his food was funny as well. The ending where Audrey and Walter bet who will win the bet between Drake and Josh as well. The ending where Drake and Josh torture each other in the room full of candy and Drake playing the new "GameSphere" then Drake and Josh fighting in the pool full of chocolate. Overall great season opener and episode of Drake and Josh.moreless
  • Great episode but it's not my favorite Drake and Josh episode

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Drake and Josh". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great in my opinion. I didn't like that Audrey punished Drake and Josh at the beginning of the episode just because one of them didn't pick up Megan from her friend's house. The ending was funny but I didn't like it when Megan was laughing at Audrey, Walter, Drake, and Josh for having pink hair. Drake and Josh were also kind of obnoxious over their bet in this episode. Those were my dislikes about this episode and now I'm going to my likes of this episode. I thought it was hilarious when Josh wants to play his new game console that Grammy sent him but he can't because of the bet. It was just plain hilarious when Drake had those rashes on his face. It was hilarious when Drake and Josh's teacher felt sick when she saw Drake's face full of rashes. It was also very funny when Drake and Josh were pushing their bet to the next level and then Drake and Josh fight in a pool full of chocolate. Overall, this isn't my favorite episode but it was overall a great episode. 8.5/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.moreless
  • A typical, teen show plot, but amusing nonetheless.

    When Drake and Josh end up in trouble for forgetting to pick up Megan, they make a bet to see who can last the longest without their favourite thing. Drake has to give up his junk food and Josh has to give up his video games, the reasons for their neglecting Megan. In the end, they both end up cracking and having to die their hair pink.

    Like I said, it's a pretty typical, common plot, but they manage to hold my attention. The most amusing part was that Drake's body was reacting to his sudden cut off of junk food.moreless
  • Bet

    Drake and Josh bet: Drake can go longer without junk food than Josh can playing video games. At first it seems easy, but soon it becomes apparent that they both need these things. Will Drake win? Will Josh? Will they both end up losing? Meanwhile, the parents make a bet on whom they think will win, Josh or Drake. In the end, everyone loses, because Josh and drake both caved. As a result all of them dye their hair pink.

    A good episode, one of my personal favorites from the first couple seasons, my overall grade is an easy A+moreless
  • A great episode

    This is the first really great episode of Drake and Josh. For starters, it's the first time that both Drake and Josh are in a ridiculous situation together for the whole episode, instead of only one of them being in a situation. In this episode, they really act like brothers by betting each other and then going crazy trying to sabotage each other. It's hilarious that Drake gets a facial rash from the lack of sugar and Josh gets a gift of the new video game system. The scene with Josh turning the room into candy and junk food is hilarious, and Drake won't give in and taunts him with his new video games. When they finally cave, they fight each other, but of course Megan wins at the end. Or does Drake? Well, they are truly brother and sister, so of course they do. All in all a great episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • At the beginning of the episode, the cereal Drake is eating is called Fruit and Frosted.

    • Josh had on a hat very similar to Willy Wonka when he was trying to sabotage Drake.

    • If you look carefully, you can see that Drake did actually cave first. When he and Josh were fighting in the room, Drake grabbed the bag of candy and started eating it instantly, before Josh went to play the Game Sphere.

    • Drake says "first one to cave loses" While in the contract it says whoever caves loses.

    • How could Drake get hold of a wireless controller for the Game Sphere when he himself claimed earlier the actual system wasn't supposed to be released for another three months?

    • The contract says "loser dyes his hair pink." Drake, Josh, and their parents at first think it says "dies," but that couldn't be because "dies" means leave Earth and "dyes" means turn a different color. They are spelled differently.

    • When they jump into the pool of chocolate milk, it doesn't make a big splash all over the room, it just makes a wave and spills all over the floor.

    • When Josh and Drake jump into the pool of chocolate milk, a huge wave of milk goes flying all over the room. No console yet is water proof, so wouldn't the Game Sphere be destroyed?

    • Audrey could have taken advantage of a loophole in the contract; It says whoever loses must die HIS hair pink, so she could have escaped by pointing out that fact, as she's female.

    • Well if you watch very close, Drake puts candy in his mouth before Josh uses the controller, therefore, Josh wins the bet and so does their mother.

      The bet was "Whoever caves!" not who caved first. That is explained in the episode.

    • When Drake dumps out the snacks on the table with Josh's Puzzle on it, he knocks the Puzzle box off the table, but when Drake says "The mean man is gone" the Puzzle box is back on the table.

    • You can tell that the game systems used in the episode are a Playstation2, and a and a Gameboy SP. Also the controler's are a Playstation, XBox, and a Nintendo64 controller with a memory card and a network antenna.

    • When Drake and Josh are in the classroom the teacher draws a circle on the chalkboard to represent the eye when the shot goes back to the chalkboard there is a smaller circle inside and the eye parts are labeled.

    • When Josh is using the microwave and the blender to replace video games. He grabs the blender when DRAKE walks in and you can tell it was never plugged in.

    • When Drake and Josh go into the science room, Drake is hiding his face behind a book covered with paper bag labled science. Then, when Josh is pounding the desk, you can see the corner of the book Drake is holding, which is now black. And then at the end of the of class, Drake is again holding the paper covered book.

    • When Drake and Josh are reading through the contract they get to the bottom of the page where it says 'the loser must dye'and on the next page 'his hair pink.' Josh comments on the must dye' bit as in death but if it meant death it would be spealt 'die' not 'dye.' Megan was also supposed to have spellchecked it.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Josh: (drinks the milk) MMM! Chocolate milk!
      Drake: (trying to ignore Josh)
      Josh: (eats the cup) MMM! Chocolate cup!

    • Drake: Is this noticeable? (points to rash with face cream covering the spots)

    • Josh: I miss video games so, so much!
      Princess: Josh, the evil dragon has locked me in the castle. Press E to save me, Josh! Press E-E-E-E!

    • Josh: (pushes mirror in Drake's face)
      Drake: Oh! (pushes Josh's head towards the Game Sphere)
      Josh: Oh! (pushes mirror towards Drake's head again)
      Drake: Oh! (pushes Josh's head toward the Game Sphere again)
      Josh: Oh!

    • Drake: No way, man! Ain't gonna happen!

    • Drake: (singing) It's spherical!

    • Drake: (talking to snacks) Oh, sweet, sweet cupcakes! You are so nice! I can't eat you now, but don't worry we'll be together again soon!
      Josh: Yeah, I'm pathetic! (laughs)
      Drake: (still talking to snacks) It's ok, little snacks! The mean man is gone!

    • Drake: What about my hideous facial rash?

    • Teacher: Enough! There is nothing disgusting about the human body. Drake, put that book down! (sees Drake's rash and retches as she runs out of the classroom).

    • Drake: (pours whole container of sugar into cereal) Sweet!!!

    • Josh: Switching to hand-held.

    • Josh: Everybody loves gummy bears!

    • Josh: Yes! Bring in the junk food! (Singing) Joshy won the bet! Drake's gonna have pink hair! La la la la la la! La la la la la la!
      Megan: Yo, spaz. This package just came for you.

    • Josh: Its spherical. SPHERICAL!

    • (finding something to do instead of video games)
      Josh: ...Microwave. (presses button)... Josh likie!

    • Drake: A GameSphere? No way! That doesn't come out for another two months.
      Josh: Never underestimate the power of Grammy!

    • Drake: (talking about his orange face) I can't believe this! This makes me... almost look unattractive.

    • Drake: I'll catch up with you at school. (takes wig off while entering kitchen) Idiots.

    • (Drake enters the room surprised)
      Drake: Josh, what did you do? Everything's all candy and junk food.
      Josh: Yeah. I suppose it is.
      Drake: But, Josh, how did you.....
      (Josh raises big candy cane infront of Drake)
      Josh: Don't ask. (Josh eats a piece of candy) Just enjoy.

    • Josh: Drake and I had a contest to see who could hold their breath longer.
      Drake: I won.
      Josh: I lost...consciousness.

    • Audrey: Can one of you boys do me a favor?
      Drake and Josh: Uh. . .
      Audrey: Megan is playing at Eddie's house and it's going to rain.
      Drake and Josh: Uh. . .
      Audrey: Can one of you take this umbrella and walk her home?
      Drake and Josh: Uh. . .

    • Drake: I'm really glad someone invented pizza. Oh and bikinis, yeah bikinis are cool.

    • Drake: You do realize this is you're fault?
      Josh: No, I do not realize that.
      Drake: You couldn't stop you're video game for 10 minutes to take her the stupid umbrella?
      Josh: Ok, number 1, that umbrella is not stupid; my uncle bought it for me at Sea World.

    • Drake: Food is an nessecity. Video games have no value.
      Josh: Video games teach hand-eye cordination, which is now why I have cat-like reflexes!
      (Drake throws a ball at Josh, hitting him in the head)
      Drake: Yeah, dead cat-like reflexes.

    • Audrey: You signed a contract. You made a commitment.
      Walter: You have to honor a commitment.
      Megan: Yeah, about that...Mom, you bet on Josh, Dad, you bet on Drake. They both lost.
      Walter and Audrey: (start to defend themselves)
      Drake: You made a commitment.
      Josh: You have to honor a commitment.

    • Josh: (Reading the contract) Loser must die?!
      Drake: Must die?!
      (Megan flips a page on the contract)
      Drake & Josh: His hair pink. Oh.

    • Audrey: One thing! I asked you guys to do one thing for me, look at Megan.
      (the boys look at Megan)
      Josh: She's wet.
      Megan: Everyone can see I'm wet, you boob.

    • Megan: Hey, Josh how's the bet coming?
      Josh: Horrible, I've got to find something to replace video games or I'm gonna explode
      Megan: Try exercising?
      Josh: This is no time for jokes, Megan

    • Drake: Oh, candy. Sweet sweet candy. Don't worry, we'll be together soon.
      Josh: Yeah, I'm pathetic. (Laughs)
      Drake: It's okay, little snacks, the mean man is gone.

    • Drake: (Mocking Josh)Ooh, look at me, I'm Josh I play video games all day long, Girls? No thank you ma'am. I've got me a video game.
      Josh: (Mocking Drake) Ooh, I'm Drake. Nutrition? Not for me! I'm just gonna eat me a big old bag of cheese balls!
      Drake: Which your allergic to.
      Josh: (spitting)

    • Drake: Oh, just face it Josh, you're addicted to video games.
      Josh: I am not addicted to them, I am in love with them.

    • Audrey: You were too busy to go get your sister, but you weren't too busy to play video games all day
      Drake: Josh!
      Audrey: Or to sit around swallowing 20 pounds of junk food.
      Josh: Drake!
      Megan: I keep telling you they're bad people.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Josh: (Playing Gameboy Advance) Oh, red turtle shell, Joshie's gonna get you!; I'll Jump the Mushroom when it's mushroom jumping time!

      Josh is obviusly playing the original platforming game Super Mario Bros. released for the NES in 1985. He wasn't playing the NES version, but he is playing a version Nintendo realeased for Gameboy Advance in 2004 called "Super Mario Bros. Classic NES Series" For Gameboy Advance. Josh also referenced the Super Mushrooms ans Red Koopa Troopas.

    • Wireless Battle Pad: Form.
      The Wireless Battle Pad looks alot like an N64 controller and the regular "Game Sphere" controller looks like an Xbox controller.

    • Josh: Appareance of Room
      Drake and Josh's room seems to mirror a scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.The group of kids walk into a room made with everything sugar seems to confirm this. In addition, Josh's top hat and candy cane is very similiar to Willy Wonka's.

    • Josh: You got the Wireless Battle Pad!
      The Wireless Battle Pad is a spoof off of Nintendo's Wavebird wireless controller.

    • Game Sphere: Name
      The Game Sphere seems to be a parody of the Nintendo Gamecube.