Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 1

The Bet

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Series classic

    I loved this episode, one of my favorite episodes. Drake eats too much junkfood and Josh plays too much video games. Audrey asks them to pick up Megan from her friends house but don't listen because of addiction to video games/ junkfood, so they make a bet, whoever loses had to dye their hair pink. The bet was that Drake not too eat junk food, and josh can't play video games. This episode made me laugh from start to finish. Josh playing with the microwave was funny, and Drake talking to his food was funny as well. The ending where Audrey and Walter bet who will win the bet between Drake and Josh as well. The ending where Drake and Josh torture each other in the room full of candy and Drake playing the new "GameSphere" then Drake and Josh fighting in the pool full of chocolate. Overall great season opener and episode of Drake and Josh.
  • Great episode but it's not my favorite Drake and Josh episode

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Drake and Josh". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great in my opinion. I didn't like that Audrey punished Drake and Josh at the beginning of the episode just because one of them didn't pick up Megan from her friend's house. The ending was funny but I didn't like it when Megan was laughing at Audrey, Walter, Drake, and Josh for having pink hair. Drake and Josh were also kind of obnoxious over their bet in this episode. Those were my dislikes about this episode and now I'm going to my likes of this episode. I thought it was hilarious when Josh wants to play his new game console that Grammy sent him but he can't because of the bet. It was just plain hilarious when Drake had those rashes on his face. It was hilarious when Drake and Josh's teacher felt sick when she saw Drake's face full of rashes. It was also very funny when Drake and Josh were pushing their bet to the next level and then Drake and Josh fight in a pool full of chocolate. Overall, this isn't my favorite episode but it was overall a great episode. 8.5/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • A typical, teen show plot, but amusing nonetheless.

    When Drake and Josh end up in trouble for forgetting to pick up Megan, they make a bet to see who can last the longest without their favourite thing. Drake has to give up his junk food and Josh has to give up his video games, the reasons for their neglecting Megan. In the end, they both end up cracking and having to die their hair pink.

    Like I said, it's a pretty typical, common plot, but they manage to hold my attention. The most amusing part was that Drake's body was reacting to his sudden cut off of junk food.
  • Bet

    Drake and Josh bet: Drake can go longer without junk food than Josh can playing video games. At first it seems easy, but soon it becomes apparent that they both need these things. Will Drake win? Will Josh? Will they both end up losing? Meanwhile, the parents make a bet on whom they think will win, Josh or Drake. In the end, everyone loses, because Josh and drake both caved. As a result all of them dye their hair pink.

    A good episode, one of my personal favorites from the first couple seasons, my overall grade is an easy A+
  • A great episode

    This is the first really great episode of Drake and Josh. For starters, it's the first time that both Drake and Josh are in a ridiculous situation together for the whole episode, instead of only one of them being in a situation. In this episode, they really act like brothers by betting each other and then going crazy trying to sabotage each other. It's hilarious that Drake gets a facial rash from the lack of sugar and Josh gets a gift of the new video game system. The scene with Josh turning the room into candy and junk food is hilarious, and Drake won't give in and taunts him with his new video games. When they finally cave, they fight each other, but of course Megan wins at the end. Or does Drake? Well, they are truly brother and sister, so of course they do. All in all a great episode.
  • One of the Greatest Drake vs. Josh moments

    Drake is sooooo addicted to junk food and Josh is sooooo addicted to video games. You should see Drake putting soda and sugar on his cereal(a junk food freak would do that). Josh was playing with his playstation right before he was playing with his gameboy sp(wat a video game freak XD) but yea like him i'm a video game person. Then, his mom asked them to get an umbrella for Megan but they never got off(they are sooooooo addicted XD). Then Megan came to the house all wet from walking in the rain and they were still eating junk food and playing video games even when she called out for them. But when their mom came to the house and saw Megan wet, she grabbed a bag of chips and turned off the video game(Josh was totally shocked) She grounded them for the night and sent them upstairs. Drake said its Josh's fault because he couldn't get off video games for ten minutes and Josh does not agree. Drake said Josh is addicted to video games and Josh said Drake is addicted to junk food. Drake bets Josh that he can quit junk food alot easier than Josh can quit video games and loser dyes his hair pink. And in the morning, Megan had the boys sign the contract and the bet is on. Josh tries to find something to find video games so he pressed the microwave buttons and blender buttons at the same time and Drake called Josh pathetic and when Josh walks out of the kitchen, Drake sweet talks cupcakes and Josh calls him pathetic and laughs at him. Then one night, Drake got a rash all over his body XD the doctor said that it results from not eating junk food(which is really wierd) and told Drake to eat some and charged $300 on his parents. Josh got really excited and rubbed it in on Drake's face until he got a package from Grammy and the gift inside the package was a Game Sphere the most sophisticated game system ever created by humans and its spherical!! But the bet is still on and if Josh plays it he loses the bet and Drake still has the rash and he has to eat junk food but Drake refused and Josh refused to play his Game Sphere until the bet is over. Drake and Josh had a really embarrassing day at school, Drake covered his face with his book and Josh was daydreaming about a princess being locked in a dragon's castle(classic storyline in a video game) The princess tells Josh to press E and Josh continued to press the table and the princess in his imagination was really his science teacher in real life. Josh calls her princess and the class laughs(embarrasing i know lol) the teacher told Drake to put the book down so he did and she saw his face covered in rash and the teacher runs away in disgust. Megan told the boys that they have to sabotage each other in order to win the bet. Josh fills their room with candy and junk food but Drake still isn't eating junk food and brings out his Game Sphere and he walked around the room playing it while Josh ate some junk food so they caved and Drake and Josh argued about who caved first and they wrestle each other on a tub of chocolate milk XD that part was so funny. Megan stopped the fight and told them it didn't matter who caved first they both caved so they both have to do it. Mom bet on Josh and Dad bet on Drake and they made the same deal as Drake and Josh and they have to do it too. All four of them wore pink hair and it was revealed at the end that Drake didn't dye it he wore a wig and took it off when no one looked. Clever Drake very clever :D

    This episode is really great and really funny and it shows that when someone is addicted to something, They would just die to stick with it XD
  • In my mind, best Drake and Josh ever!

    This is my first favorite episode of Drake, and Josh. This episode is when Drake, and Josh are so addicted to their favorite things, that they are too lazy to pick up Megan from her friend's house. Megan comes back soakin' wet. Their Mom comes home, and sees Megan wet. Drake, and Josh get grounded for the night. After Drake, and Josh impersonate each other's activities, they agree on a bet to see who can go longer without his favorite activity. The one who loses must dye his hair pink. Drake, and Josh sign the contract. Drake develops a hideous facial rash, and Josh goes completely nuts. Their parents get in on the bet. One day, Josh sabotizes Drake by decorating their room in junk food. Drake sabotizes Josh by playing the GameSphere. After several words, they both lose the bet, and fight in a tub of chocolate milk. Their parents lose the bet also, so everyone has to dye their hair pink, except Megan. Everyone leaves, and Drake takes off the wig, so his hair is not pink. I really like impersonating Drake, and Josh from this episode. The lines they say are so funny! Have fun with the review. Bye.
  • Great episode!!

    In the first episode of the second season Drake and Josh are sitting on the couch and Drake is eating junk food and Josh playing video games. When they should be picking Megan up from playing at her friend's house. So when Audrey gets home she grounds the two of them for not picking her up. They both decide to make a bet to see which can go longer without their addictive activities. Whoever caves must dye his hair pink. The first day of the bet is proven hard enough but the day after Drake gets a facial rash from quitting junk food. At the same time Josh gets a new Gamesphere from Grammy. This proves harder than ever for the boys to pull through the bet without caving. Soon Audrey and Walter make a bet when they both think their other son is going to win. So Megan tells both Drake and Josh that they must make the other crack first. Josh turns the whole room onto a junk food room, with cotton candy pillows, a pool of chocolate milk, etc. So to make Josh cave first Drake plays the Gamesphere. So when they both attempt this they both crack at the exact same time. So the entire Parker-Nichols family except Megan had to dye their hair pink. But it turns out Drake still doesn't play by the rules and he was wearing a pink wig. good episode. Watch it =)

  • Drake and Josh have a bet to see who can go longer without a certain item. Drake can no longer eat junk food and just can't play video games. It starts to drive them insane when Drake gets a rash and Josh gets a game sphere. It has a great surprise in it.

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It truly is why I watch this series! My favorite apart is when the boys just began to fall apart and try to, as they put it, "sabatouge" one another with the ultimate weaknesses. I also liked it when they fought in chocolate milk and they both (and their parents) had to dye their hair pink! And of course, Drake being Drake, doesn't really dye his hair pink at all! That was really no surprise to me! Drake Bell and Josh Peck, once again, have out-done themselves! This episode earns a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Drake and Josh bet on who can go longer without doing their favorite activities..!!!

    Just amazing..And to think this is still episode #1 for this season!!It started when they got grounded just because they couldn't stop playing video games and eating junkfood and give Megan her umbrella..Because of this they decided to make a bet on who can go longer without doing what they love to do most..Josh with his video games or Drake with his eating of junk with the loser dying his hair pink..Then both their parents join in the bet thinking the other is going to win..They started out pretty well until Drake gets a rash for not eating any junkfoods..Then Josh gets a package from grammy which is a gamesphere..Then they decide to trick the other to crave first..Josh decorated the whole room with sweets and everything and Drake playing the new gamesphere..Then both of them loss because they both crave..Then the whole Parker-Nichols family (except for Megan) dyed their hair pink..It was really a great episode that the whole family would enjoy watching..
  • after getting grounded for not giving up their activities to take their sister an umbrella, drake and josh bet each other that they can't stop their activity longer than the other

    this was such a great ep..oh my gosh..how wonderful was it? lol..i know you can't talk back to me lol..j/k..anyways this was like such a great way to start the season...and season 2 was awesome anyways..but back on topic and specifically on this ep..it was just too good..the beginning was awesome..drake had the ideal breakfast..all ppl want a breakfast like that...and lots and lots of sugar..and josh was just silly w/ his video games...and then when the bet came up it just got better..drake and josh were both having withdrawals...i felt bad for both of them but they had a funny way w/ coping..josh w/ the microwave and blender and he started that whole name of person likey thing lol..and drake talked to snacks..then it jsut kept getting better when drake got the rash and was so worried about his face and then to make it better josh got like the coolest video game ever..it was so funny when both of them were sitting in the living room worrying over josh the game and drake his face..then the parents got in on the action..when megan made them sabotage each other it just got so much better..poor drake when josh kept throwing candy and junk food like literally in his face and drake used the graphics and wonders of the video game to get josh back..then they both caved and went in no other than the chocolate pool..and then every1 except megan ends up w/ pink hair and it was hilarious..drake was smart tho..he didnt actually dye his hair but instead had a wig lol
  • One of my favorites!

    Josh and Drake make a bet. They ask Megan for help setting it up. The loser must dye their hair pink. Drake can't eat junk food and Josh can't play video games. They have a really hard time. Walter and Audrey bet on who will cave first. They also sign a contract with Megan. They finally both cave after days of torture. Megan reads the contract more clearly to them. It said whoever caves must dye their hair pink and they both caved. Now, everyone must dye their hair pink.

    This episode was great! It was the first episode I saw of Drake and Josh! I loved it! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • One of my all-time favorite episodes from this series...

    Drake bets Josh that he can't go longer without junk food than Josh can without video games. So they decide to make a bet and the loser must dye his hair pink. They soon figure out the troubles of quiting their freetime activies. This episode had it all a great trick ending, hilarious comedy, and a situation that we could all relate to. This episode never stopped entertaining me in the least. If you are a first time watcher of this show you should watch this episode to see just how good Drake and Josh can be. In the end a series classic.
  • Drake Tells Josh That He Could Quit Eating Junk Food Much Easier Than Josh Could Quit Playing Video Games. So They Made A Bet Where The First One To Give In Has To Dye Their Hair Pink.

    "The Bet" Is One Of The Best Drake And Josh Episodes I Have Ever Seen. The Bet Drake And Josh Had Was Seriously Stupid. I Mean Drake Is Hooked On Junk Food Where As Josh Is Hooked On Video Games And Those Habits Will Probably Never Be Broken.
    I Absolutely Loved The Part Where Drake Tortured Josh With The Game Sphere And Josh Tortured Drake With The Mirror. Oh And The Part Towards The End With All The Candy In Drake And Josh's Room Was Pretty Funny Too. But The Funniest Part Of All Was When They All Came Out With Their Pink Hair. (What A Riot.) Drake Was Smart To Buy A Wig.
  • This episode was so funny!

    This episode is about Drake and Josh placing bets on who can overcome their addictions to junk food and video games first. But it doesn't really work out in the end, because they end up sabotaging each other. "I'm tellin' y'all it's a sabotage!", as said by the Beastie Boys in their 1994 hit. This episode was really funny, especially when Drake, Josh, Audrey and Walter all came into the living room with their hair pink and Megan's all laughing and saying "This is the best day of my life" upon seeing everyone's hair pink. And I'd like a GameSphere because "It's Spherical!"
  • Drake is sick of Josh being addicted to video games and josh is sick of Drake being addicted to junk food so they have a bet to see who can survive the longest. But things dont go so well soon after.

    The Bet is one of those Drake and Josh episodes where there is a possibe situation but they exagerrate it so much to make it funny. Other episodes like this include "Sheep Thrills" and 'We're Married" The bet includes crazy stuff like Drake getting a rash because he didnt eat any junk food for a while and Josh making their room filled with junk food along with him wearing a ridiculous willy wonka suit. But these insane antics make the episode all the better, in fact without these crazy things happening the episode would be soooooo boring!!!
    so this is why i gave this one an awesome rating!
  • Drake and Josh make a bet in this episode.

    This episode is when Drake and Josh make a bet on who can stop doing their habits the longest. Drake has to stop eating junk food and Josh has to stop playing video games. Whoever caves is the loser of the bet. When Audrey and Walter here, they decide to make a bet on who is going to win Drake and Josh's bet. Audrey says Josh will win and Walter says that Drake will win. At the end, Drake and Josh both lose because they caved and they have to dye their hair pink. So they both caved and that means that Audrey and Walter had to dye their hair pink too. When Josh leaves for school and Walter and Audrey leave with Megan, Drake takes off his hair and reveals that the pink hair was actually a wig. That's my review of the episode "The Bet".
  • drake and josh have a rivalry contest

    this was the most hilarious episode. clever little began gets them in the end. or so she thinks she got drake, lol. drake and josh have a stupid bet over who will crack first, drake and junk food or josh on video games. if i were either one of them i wouldn't have lasted an hour. the part where drake gets all those pimples from not eating junk food was so unrealistic, but it was funny nevertheless. this is the beginning to a lot of bets between the two brothers, some of them turning out worse than others. the adventures of drake and josh must continue.!
  • funny

    Drake and Josh make a bet to see who can hold off without their favorite things to do. The loser has to die his hair pink. Drake loves junk food. Josh loves video games. They both want back the junk food and the video games but they don't want to have to die their hair pink. After a while without junk food, Drake gets a rash. The doctor says that it's because he hasn't eaten junk food, and his body is so used to him eating all of it. Josh gets a gamesphere from his grandma and it doesn't come out for a couple more weeks, so Josh really wants to play the videogame. Drake plays with Josh's gamesphere, but Josh has a whole kiddy pool filled with chocolate milk. Their whole room is a junk food paradise. They both give in and have to die their hair pink. Their parents made a bet also, so they have to die their hair pink along with Drake and Josh. Josh thinks that Drake's hair is really pink, but Drake is only wearing a pink wig.
    I absolutely loved this episode. It was hilarious to see who would give in first, and they kept taunting each other, so the one would give in and have to die their hair.
  • A very funny episode and we learn Drake and Josh's addictions.

    Meg gets so tired of Drake and Josh's addictions, so she decides to make a bet on who caves in first must dye..................................his hair pink. It seems like a fair bet, but when Drake recieves a horrible rash from not eating junk food and Josh receives his "sphereical" GameSphere, chaos erupts. This has got to be one of the funniest episodes of Drake & Josh especially when they say, "It's sphereical!" and when they think when they lose the bet, they think they must die and then they figure out they must dye their hair pink. I would highly recommend this to any D&J fan.
  • one of the best episodes

    This episode is one of the best "drake and josh" episodes out there. It has a lot of humor and a good storyline. Josh bets Drake he can't go for an entire week without getting junkfood while Drake bets Josh he can't go for an entire week without playing video games. The plot only thickens when Drake and Josh begin to feel pressure with Josh getting a new game console and Drake getting a rash from not eating junkfood. Even their parents get in on the bet. In the end, everyone (except Megan) loses the bet and they all have to dye their hair pink, except Drake who faked it. Hehehe.
  • Drake is addicted to junkfood. Josh is addicted to playing videogames. If they make a bet to see who can go without the longest, who will crack first?

    This episode is really funny! A great example of all that is Drake & Josh. The best scene of this episode is when Drake is playing the brand new wireless battle pack with the Gamesphere ("Spherical!") in their bedroom, which Josh had set up to be a sort of Willy Wonka paradise. "Chocolate milk." "So?"
    "Chocolate cup."
  • Funny.

    Drake and Josh,
    Very funny of Drake and Josh. We find Drake and Josh getting grounded after failing to pick Megan up from her friends. While it was raining. Because they were to busy eating juck food and playing video games. Drake and Josh bet one of the either can last longer with out these two. And who ever caves first must dye thier hair pink. In the end they both loose and have to dye their hair pink. Although Drake didn't. Funny scene while they are in the bedroom.
  • Drake And Josh have a bet to see who could longest without something they love

    The episode begins by showing Josh being addicted to video games and Drake being addicted to junk food and they forget to give Megan an umbrella even though it was pouring with rain. They both get grounded and they make a bet. They had to see how long Josh could live without video games and Drake without junk food. Whoever loses has to dye their hair pink. However, rivarly and sabotage begin to settle in when they go to drastic measures to make the other crack. It was hilarious when Drake and Josh jump in the choclate pool and when everyone had to dye their hair pink when Drake was wearing a wig!

    :lol: XD
  • Drake and Josh both have a bet to not do their favourite things such as not eating junk food(Drake)and not playing any kinds of video games .But when their parents knew this they also went for a bet.

    The Bet was funny to watch especially because Drake&Josh had to give up the things they liked best like playing video games or eating junk food.Because of this bet Drake had problems with his skin and had a rash and then was told by the doctor that he had this rash because of not eating junk food!!!When Josh heard this he began celebrating but just then a package came from his grammy which had the gamesphere a gamepad which wasn\\\'t supposed to be released before three months. Josh plugged it in but when drake said that he would loose the bet if he played it . But Megan told both his brothers that the only to win the bet is to saboutage them .
  • A great episode.

    Drake and Josh make a bet: Josh has to stop playing video games. Drake has to stop eating junk food. A classic! It was very funny how they kept trying to sabotage each other.

    Drake: everything\'s candy and junk food.
    Josh: yes I suppose it is.

    The room then was just like on willy wonka.

    At the end they both lost and had to die their hair pink.
  • Drake and Josh are more \"Out of their Minds\" In this Episode

    This episode is where Drake and Josh are both Goofs. It is not a surprise for Josh bur it was a big suprise that Drake was acting goofy. I thought Drake was a bit out of character in this Episode. Usually drake has flawless skin but the facial rash was just ridiculous for flawless skin. some things Drake did was also out of his character like hiding his face in his book and slamming it on joshs fingers was ver goofy. Their were two real crack up parts in this episode. One was when Drake and Josh did not Pick up Megan and when drake and Josh get in a brawl where drake points joshs face toward the Gamesphere at the same time josh tries to put the mirror in drakes face( Shortly after Dr.Glazer Leaves about Drakes Facial Rash)
  • If I could only pick one Drake & Josh episode to summarize the entire show, it would just have to be this one. I LOVE this episode.

    If I could only pick one Drake & Josh episode to summarize the whole show, it would just have to be this one. This episode is to me the funniest one, and I've watched it over and over so many times that I can seriously quote you the entire thing.

    What can I say? It's just a perfect demo of both "Drake Parker" & "Josh Nichol"'s personalities on the show.

    The storyline is that Josh thinks Drake is addicted to junk food, and Drake thinks Josh is addicted to videogames (which are both very very true). They argue that they could outlast eachother without either video games or junk food, and alas, they start up a bet.

    As they try to get throught the bet, their parents also make a bet about which one they think will cave first, under the same stakes:

    "Who ever caves must dye his hair pink."

    The rest that follows is simply hilarious-- the personal battles of restraint, the sabotage, etc. Until... they both cave.

    As only Drake & Josh would, they fight about who caved first (including a bout in a kiddy pool filled with chocolate milk!) until Megan comes in and verifies that the contract that they had signed states whoever CAVES must dye his hair pink... not who caves FIRST. So they must BOTH dye their hair pink... as well as their parents!

    Anyway, it's a really funny episode and again I say that if you could only watch one Drake & Josh episode, watch this one!
  • drake and josh make a bet

    after megan comes home soaking wet, drakes mom punishes him and josh for not going to get her. then, they make a bet. josh cant play video games, and drake cant eat junk food. who ever caves first loses. drake gets a rash from not eating junk food, and josh gets a new gamesphere. this makes it tough for either one of them to win the bet...
  • Drake and Josh have a bet (obviously) fueled by Megan. Drake can\'t eat junk food and Josh can\'t play video games. Whoever caves first must dye... their hair pink...

    hehe chocolate milk... chocolate cup?????

    High Point: Just some of the conversations where they were trying not to cave... it was so funny... and at the end when they all had pink hair it was so obvious that Drake\'s was a wig but you could also tell everybody elses was a wig too.

    Low Point: When Drake got the rash.... awwwww his beautiful face lol

    Funniest Bit: When they were at school and the since teacher was seriously holding an eyeball and then when she told Drake to put down the book she was like practically gagging!!!!
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