Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 1

The Drake and Josh Inn

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 02, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Audrey and Walter go out of town for spring break they leave Drake, Josh, and Megan at home by themselves. When they are at the Premiere they overhear a couple saying that they don't have a place to stay. Drake and Josh take advantage of this opportunity and say that their vacant house is a hotel.moreless

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  • Drake and Josh turn their house into a hotel while Audrey and Walter out of town

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". It's not my favorite episode but I did enjoy it for the most part. I thought it was very funny when Drake and Josh spent $200 which was the money to buy food for Megan but instead they go shopping with it. I thought it was funny when Drake got the popcorn out of the trashcan and Josh finds a can inside there. It was hilarious when Drake played that Mexian Robot Toy which had lines such as "por favor" and one or two more. I thought it was funny when Drake and Josh's house turned into a house full of party college students. I thought it was hilarious when Drake was rubbing creams all over people's back and then the guy with a hairy back came and then Drake says "hehe and we just ran out". It was also funny when Drake, Josh, and Megan came up with some gas to get rid of all of the party college students in their house. It was hilarious when Josh was warning everyone that their was a gas in the house and that guy says "Oh, I'm sorry, I think that was me". My only dislike was that Helen was partying with the other college students instead of trying to get rid of everyone for Drake and Josh. Overall, a superb episode of "Drake and Josh". 9/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.moreless
  • great

    It's Spring break, and walter and Audrey have left the house to go to a hotel. Drake and Josh, at the Premiere, hear a couple say they have nowhere to go, and so they pretend their house is a Hotel. But things go from bad to worse when more and more people come. Better check in at the Drake and Josh Inn.

    It was pretty good. Started off strong but got kind of boring near the middle and stayed that way till the end. But it wasn't a total disaster. My final grade for this episode would probably be somewhere in the "B" Range, it wasn't a perfect episode but it wasn't terriblemoreless
  • In this eposide Eric accidentatly punches Drake but everyone thinks that Eric beats him up. And Josh has a problem that his ex has her cousin to visit but Josh deosn't know that.moreless

    So in the eposide by Eric not making Drake look like a weakling he gotten Gregs help to make Eric unpopular. And Josh solves his problem by having his spazz attack on Mindie and Mindie tells him the truth. So really that is all the eposide and the eposide has good acting in it and great sound effect. This eposide deserves a 9.0 outta 10. Because of the awesome acting, the comedy, and the sound effect. So really that is all of the episode and it was a funny eposide as well. This eposide could of been better if they had a little more sound effect.moreless
  • While their parents are away, Drake & Josh baby-sit Megan. Since it is Spring Break, Drake & Josh decide to make their house a bed and breakfast. When their house gets to over-crowded, Drake & Josh go to Megan for help to get the guests out of there.moreless

    This was an okay episode. Nothing to big and funny happened. But, there was a few funny moments that I enjoyed. Even though I wasn't particualry found of this episode, every time they did something funny, it was some of the funniest things! So, that was the plus side! The down side was that nothing awesome really happended in this episode. It was kind of like they're baby-sitting, Drake gets a crazy idea to turn there house into a bed and breakfast after he blows their money for the weekend, the house gets over crowded, and then the boys and Megan get all of the crazy guests out. Like I said, not exactly the best plot. This episode isn't going to be memorable like some other the other Drake and Josh episodes. This episode earns a 7.9 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Great..!!!

    Another great Drake and Josh episode..This is absolutely one of the finest..Drake and Josh are home alone with Megan while their parents are out of town for the spring break..After Drake spent all of their money,they overheard a couple who have no place to stay for spring break..So they turned their home into a fine bed and breakfast they call the "Drake and Josh Inn"..It gets out of control when Drake invited some college kids to stay and made a big mess..And to make matters worse,the party was televised by MTV,and their parents were watching..They made a phone call that they were coming home so now Drake,Josh and Megan needs to find a way to get these people out..With the use of a gas,they were able to manage to make the people leave the house and cleaned up the place just in time..It was really hilarious and exciting at the same time..Truly one of the best episodes that this show has to offer..moreless
Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider

Mr. Oldman

Guest Star

Steven Hill (II)

Steven Hill (II)

MTV Reporter

Guest Star

John Ducey

John Ducey

Hotel Guest

Guest Star

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Walter and Audrey are talking about the things that they saw on the TV in their hotel, they talk about some crazy lady singing R&B tunes. This was Helen, who is Josh's boss. Wouldn't have Josh's parents eventually see his boss before this and recognized her.

    • Dan Schneider also played Mr. Oldman on several episodes of The Amanda Show.

    • If you look closely at Josh's orange and blue polo in this episode, you can see the American Eagle symbol.

    • When Megan realizes what her brothers have done they talk to her in the kitchen and she is yelling at the top of her lungs. Wouldn't the couple, who were dining at the table in the living room, have heard her? And if they had heard her, wouldn't they figure out this wasn't a real inn?

    • When a kid does a belly flop a small splash is show in a millisecond. But Josh gets doused with alot of water. One can assume that a bucket of water is thrown on Josh.

    • While Josh is downstairs, you can hear a wave up in the top room. But when he is up there, not a single drop is outside of the pool.

    • If the phone was in Josh's pants, it couldn't have rang if it was off the hook in the first place.

    • Wouldn't their parents have heard them talking on the phone on the TV? And why didn't they see them walking around yelling at them all the other times?

    • The two poeple who were staying at the Drake and Josh Inn, said that the pool was dirty, but when you see a view of the pool, the pool is not dirty.

    • When the couple tells Josh to clean the pool, you hear the kid yell belly flop and then a splash, but when Josh gets there, the kid is just about to belly flop. Also, before the kid jumps, there are people in the pool.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Drake: We're going to be the boss of you.
      Josh: And you have to do what we say.
      Drake: Ha ha!
      Josh: Ha ha ha ha!
      Megan: Okay. (to Josh) You can't sing. (to Drake) And you're a moron.

    • Josh: Now lock it. Now hug me brotha!!!!!

    • Drake: All right, who wants some suntan lotion?
      (a man with a very hairy back approaches)
      Hairy-Back Man: I do. (shows his hairy back to Drake)
      Drake: (a little disgusted) And we just ran out.

    • Helen: Josh, I´m your employer, and I don´t think that it's my responsibility for me to involve myself into your personal problems.
      Josh: But-
      Helen: (uninterested) I am sorry Josh...
      Josh: No, no, your right. Well, better I get back, before those cannibals eat Drake-
      Helen: Drake's in trouble!? I'm coming Drake! (jumps the counter, and starts running)

    • Megan: Drake, I need new sheets for my bed.
      Drake: But we just sent up fresh sheets two hours ago, what happened to those?
      (a man in roller skates enters wearing sheets)
      Guy: Look at me, I´m Sheet Man!

    • Josh: I can't believe you talked me into spending our money. Money that was supposed to be for food!
      Drake: I bought gum! Gum is food!

    • Josh: Do not eat that cushion!

    • Lady: Can I have some honey for my coffee?
      Josh: Sure thing, Hunny! Mmmam!

    • Drake: Josh will take your bags upstairs!
      Josh: Drake!
      Drake: We will take your bags upstairs.

    • Drake: You heard that, Josh? They don´t have any place to stay.
      Josh: So?
      Drake: Well, while our parents are out, we could make them stay at our home.
      Josh: (very happy) Hey that idea is so so STUPID!

    • Megan: I was watching something!
      Josh: Umm...were!!!!
      Drake: Good one

    • Josh: A kid's got to know his limitations!
      Drake: It's fun locking Josh in closets!

    • Drake: (motions with hands) It's saying, "Spend me, Josh. Won't you spend me?"
      Josh: Money's not a puppet.

    • Drake: Can't talk. Gotta limbo!

    • (After checking the caller ID on the telephone)
      Drake: L.A.! Mom and Dad?
      Josh: Either them or Lindsay Lohan!

    • Helen: I do love the Music Television!

    • Helen: Josh, why aren't you working?
      Josh: I'm off today.
      Helen: That doesn't give you an excuse not to be working!

    • Drake: So, we'll tell them our house is a bed and breakfast.
      Josh: No!
      Robot: Porfavor?
      Josh: No!
      Robot: Porfavor?
      Josh: Alright!

    • Male hotel guest: So uh, where do we check in?
      Drake: Oh uh. . . right here. Just write your names down and. . . other hotel stuff and were good to go.

    • Josh: I'm sorry, but we have a serious gas leak in here!
      Fat Guy: Oh, sorry. I think that was me.

    • Megan: Listen to me! ...If you get on one of my nerves this weekend, you two will wake up tomorrow very confused in Cuba!

    • Josh: Drake, what are you doing?
      Drake: Oh this is Nicky.
      Nicky: Hi, I'm Nicky!
      Drake: She's in beauty school, so I'm letting her give me a haircut!
      Nicky: I brought my scissies!
      Josh: Oh, you brought your scissors? Cool!
      Nicky: I know!
      Josh: Now, go away!

    • Josh: You spent our money on gumballs, a wristwatch, a telescope, and a Mexican robot!
      Drake: C'mon man it's cool
      (Drake presses robot)
      Robot: Me llamo Roberto Roboto!
      Josh: That is pretty cool.
      Robot: Gracias!

    • Josh: I need your help!
      Helen: You wanna borrow my ointment?
      Josh: No. Look, I have 75 people at my house!
      Helen: How much ointment do you think I have?!

    • Megan: I want these people out of here!
      Drake: (while Toga Man is spinning him around) So do we!

    • Josh: (takes the phone and place it into his pants) Now you can´t use the phone!
      Megan: I wouldn't want that phone back if I were dying on the kitchen floor.
      (suddenly the phone rings, Drake and Megan leaves)
      Josh: (unzip his pants) Hello?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Starting from this episode, Josh loses weight, and has a new haircut.

    • From this episode on, the door to Drake and Josh's room is on the eastern wall in the corner, facing to the right side. In season one the door is facing forward on the southern side.

    • The name of the hotel in which the parents stay in the episode is "The Four Schneiders," after executive producer Dan Schneider.

    • The ClosedCaption's in Drake and Josh are now scrolling the spoken text rather than individual text.

    • The sequences in the new opening theme are from, Peruvian Puff Pepper, The Gary Grill, Blues Brothers, We're Married, #1 Fan, Drew and Jerry, The Bet, Little Diva, Smart Girl, Mean Teacher, The Affair, The Drake and Josh Inn, Playing the Field.


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