Drake & Josh

Season 2 Episode 12

The Gary Grill

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Gary Grill
Drake & Josh are approached by two salesmen who offer them a one-time deal, Gary Grills. Drake and Josh quickly become attached to them and sell them acceptionally. But they don't realize that these Grills come with a price.

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Gary Coleman's appearance (Everything he said in his appearance was comedy gold), "I've heard about jail. It ain't nice", Megan convincing that woman at the Premiere that Walter makes her sleep in the yard, Megan helping Drake and Josh, amongst other things.

    Pretty funny. Gary Coleman was absolutely hilarious in this episode, too bad he was only in it for like 3 minutes. The rest was great as well, so my final grade is going to be an A+ for this episodemoreless
  • Drake and Josh start to sell The Gary Coleman Grill after 2 guys discover their sales talent. Not knowing that selling the grills was illegal, Drake and Josh accept. When they discover it is illegal, they get put into jail, but Megan gets them out of it.moreless

    This was such a great episode! Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Miranda Cosgrove all out-did themselves in this episode. I really liked the guys names that discovered Drake and Josh's sales talents by binding the truth. Only Dan could have thought of "Buddy and Guy". That is just plain genius! I also loved how Megan got them out of it! She finally helped her brothers out! Amazing! I think that this was just one of Drake and Josh's best episodes! It's funny and it has a really great plot. This episode of Drake and Josh earns a 9.8 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Hilarious..!!!

    This is one of my favorite episodes..I really enjoyed watching it over and over again..It was really funny from start to finish..Drake and Josh were selling these grills from two men..They really made a big business by selling these grills..But one day,two cops came and saw the boys selling the stolen grills..Because of this,the cops thought that they stole the grills and they arrest them both..So now,they decide to call mom and dad but it was Megan who answered the phone..At first,Megan didn't believe that they were both in jail..So it was up to her to save his two brothers..She met with the real thieves and got them to admit that they stole the grills..Police then immediately surrounded them and released Drake and Josh from prison..moreless
  • drake and josh start selling grills and are making quite a profit until they get into trouble because the grills were stolen

    this whole ep was so hilarious..spoiler..i love how we get to see more of drake going thats right buy the grills in just his thats right deceptive and manipulative tone..i love the way they sold the grills too..it was so funny..and that really was gary coleman..what u talking about willis..lol..so funny..then they end up in jail and it gets funnier with the thugs they encounter..megan had a really good plan and it worked very nicely in helping the boys..poor drake and josh always getting into a situation..and poor drake..they make him seem so stupid lol..the ep was so great..i always love watching itmoreless
  • Really funny!!!!

    Drake & Josh are approached by two salesmen who offer them a one-time deal, Gary Grills. Drake and Josh quickly become attached to them and sell them acceptionally. But they don't realize that these Grills come with a price. Another episode that was really funny. How could you possibly not like this episode at all??? I loved this episode even though I have seen it like twenty times. Not matter how many times I see this episode it never gets old with these amazing jokes. I loved this episode pretty much as number 3 or 4 in this season. Give it a watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Look Closely: When Drake & Josh get arrested at the premier look at when they are led away. One of Josh's cuffs are dangling opened when he should be fully cuffed. The same thing happens when Buddy and Guy get arrested.

    • There is no cash on the floor after the cash fight.

    • Even though Drake and Josh get to keep the chair it is not seen in other episodes.

    • In Latin America, the thieves names were "Ricky" & "Martin", instead of "Guy" & "Buddy". So, the police thought they meant the singer. They even made jokes asking for Cheyenne & Thalia (other Latin singers), instead of "Pal" & "Dude".

    • When Drake is dialing their house number on the pay phone in jail, you can tell that he is pressing the number '2' button over and over again.

    • When Drake and Josh are selling grills at school everyone crowds around to get one and starts giving them money, but they never stated a price.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Josh: Well, I don't belong in prison. Prison is for scum and lowlifes!
      (Three jail mates look at Drake and Josh)
      Josh: Except for you guys.

    • FBI Man 2: Drake Parker and Josh Nichols?
      Josh: Yes.
      FBI Man: We understand you are selling these Gary Grills.
      Josh: Yep. How many do you want?
      FBI Man 2: We want them all.
      Josh: Great, over there please.
      Drake: Only cash, please.
      FBI Man: I think you don't understand. FBI (shows them the badge)
      Drake: Dude, cash only.

    • Josh: (Laughing to jail mate when outside of the cell) Try and hurt me now!
      (Jailmate gives Josh wedgie)
      Josh: He hurt me with my own underwear!

    • (Someone knocks on the door)
      Drake: Oh! That must be our 4:00 massages (he opens the door, and a hot girl enters followed by a big woman)
      Josh: Wonder which ones mine.....

    • Guard: Gimme your shoes.
      Josh: I´m not going to give you my shoes.
      Guard: I said gimme your shoes!
      Josh: No!
      Drake: Josh, give him your shoes.
      Josh: No, they have a support arch!

    • Josh: Drake?
      Drake: Yeah?
      Josh: I've read about prison.
      Drake: And?
      Josh: It ain't fun...

    • Drake: Forgot the hockey table...
      Gary Coleman: I want the hockey table.

    • Drake: Why don't you buy six?
      Audrey: Because I'm not an idiot.
      Audrey: Look, honey, I just bought a Gary Coleman grill!
      Walter: Great! Now we have seven!

    • Old Lady: That medical report you boys mentioned, did it say anything about nachos?

    • 1st Jail guy: Oh yeah? Well what are the name's of the two guy's?
      Drake: Well, one of them was...Guy.
      2nd Jail Guy: Yeah, Guy. And what was his buddy's name?
      Drake: Buddy.
      2nd Jail Guy: Right, and was there a third partner named Pal?
      1st Jail Guy: How about dude?! Was dude in it too?

    • Lady: (to Walter) Excuse me, but are you this little girl's father?
      Walter: Yes, I am!
      Lady: How dare you make her sleep in the backyard?! (slaps him)

    • Josh: Wait, can we at least keep the funky chair?
      Gary Coleman: Did you sit in it?
      Josh: Yeah.
      Gary Coleman: Keep it!

    • Guy in jail: Do you know what color your guts are?
      Josh: No...
      Guy in jail: I do.
      Josh:: Is it because your dad is a surgeon?

    • Drake: (to Josh) Never use the word "butt" and "snack" in the same sentence.
      Josh: (points to his head) HEADACHE!

    • Josh: I'm with a customer, Drake!
      Drake: But this is important!
      Josh: Okay.
      Drake: Check it out! The gummy bears are making out! (Josh slaps gummy bears out of Drake's hand; Drake looks offended) Dude, you slapped my bears!

    • Guy in jail: (To Gary) Hey, give me your shoes.
      Gary: Back off!
      Guy in jail: Sorry.

    • Megan: Wait, Josh!
      Josh: Yeah?
      Megan: Do ponies lay eggs?

    • Police Officer: Witnesess reported seeing two caucasian males
      Drake: HA! See. we're not caucasian. we're white guys!
      Josh: (Whispers in his ear that Caucasian is white)
      Drake: Ohh!!

    • Megan: Fine. But just remember, I'm younger than you. Some day, you'll be old and sick, that's when you'll need me. But I'll be in Europe laughing my head off while you both are sick in bed gagging on your salivia. (Leaves)
      Josh: Well that was cheerful.

    • Drake: Let's see, the grills are about 40 bucks, right? We keep twenty percent, we'd make (calculates amount in the air) 800 dollars a grill!
      Josh: No, move the decimal.
      Drake: Oh, right! (moves decimal with his mind) 8000 dollars a grill!
      Josh: Eight dollars a grill!

  • NOTES (3)