Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 8

The Storm

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The whole gang has gathered at Drake and Josh's house before Drake's big concert, but thanks to Walter's poor weather predictions they end up stuck in the house due to severe rain. Sure, it's raining outside, but the real storm for Drake to weather is when his new girlfriend meets his exes.moreless

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  • One of my favorite episodes

    The ending was great with them singing "We Will Rock You"
  • Could've Been A Lot Better

    The Storm is one of the Drake and Josh episodes I remember the most. Honestly, this episode is a crumbled mess and a waste of potential. It does have a few moments where it's good. Crazy Steve, while being a horribly offensive depiction of a mentally disabled "moron", something in which I have absolutely no tolerance for in a sitcom, is funny in this episode because he spends the whole time communicating with a Dora The Explorer episode while forcing a nerd to operate the rare crank-able TV. Some of the dialogue with him produces some very wealthy chuckles from me. However, this episode suffers a lot because of the plot. It's set up that Drake has an important gig with his band, but there is a huge rainstorm that prevents the band from playing. However, it doesn't resolve that issue because the rest of the end of the episode is of the people at the pre-concert party singing the overrated Queen song "We Will Rock You". We never know if Drake actually gets to perform his important gig with his band, or if the concert has been postponed or cancelled. We also never get to know if Josh, who strangely vanished at the start of the episode, or the father, who's doing a news broadcast in heavy rain, are going to come back or not. Even worse, there's several side plots that are going on that are completely distracting from the main plot, one including a trio of girls who are laughing at Drake because he's cute. I'm sorry, but there's more to an episode of a TV show than just how funny some of the stuff that happens is. If you want to make a good episode of a TV show, you've got to give us a plot that is resolved while throwing out jokes that are actually funny and not just randomly placed. Overall, this episode starts out promising, but then goes downhill really fast. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but, this episode deserves to be left out in the rain.moreless
  • Due to a sever rainstorm, everyone is stuck in Drake and Josh's house

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" that makes me laugh pretty hard. I realized that this is the first episode where Josh had a short role. Josh was only in the very beginning of this episode. Oh well, it was still hilarious. One of Drake's friends having a foot tattoo on his chest was absolutely hilarious. Drake's friend wearing Megan's panda shirt was also funny. Drake being suspicious on what his two ex-girlfriends and one girlfriend are talking about was funny. Crazy Steve's part in this episode was absolutely hilarious. Crazy Steve watching "Dora the Explorer" was absolutely hilarious. Drake convincing Eric to fix the leak in the roof was very funny. Walter's weather predictions being wrong was very funny. Gavin hitting on Audrey was absolutely hilarious. Walter doing his weather news report when the rainstorm is sever was absolutely hilarious. I also loved everyone singing "We Will Rock You" at the very end of the episode. Overall, this was an absolutely hilarious episode of "Drake and Josh" and always makes me laugh. 10/10moreless
  • perfect

    What I liked: everyone at the end singing "We Will Rock You", Crazy Steve yelling at Dora the Explorer, Walter on live TV and those men attack him, Drake's ex-girlfriends asking him which one of them was the best kisser, Eric dangling from the roof, Gavin hitting on Audrey, amongst other things.

    This is a time-filler, but unlike other time-fillers, this was absolutely hilarious. When I first saw this episode I was convinced this was one of their funniest episodes, and even today when I watch a rewatch of it, I still think it holds up well. There's not really a plot to this one, it's just a bunch of people gathered at Drake and Josh's house because of a storm (Drake was going to have a concert). A+ definitelymoreless
  • My favorite season 4 episode!

    I loved this one! I found myself wondering where Josh disappeared to by the end, but it was still great! Many parts had me laughing hard, like the guy who was wearing his sister's shirt and had the tattoo of the foot on his chest and Craig's line about the "rain fairy". I also thought Gavin trying to hit on Audrey was hilarious, and this episode really featured Crazy Steve at his best! I just loved the fact that he was watching Dora the Explorer! Lol. The ending was sort of pointless when everyone started singing "We Will Rock You" but that was still awesome and fun to watch! My overall grade for this episode is definitely an A+! Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This episode marks Josh's shortest span of on-screentime ever on the show due to the fact that he only appears in the opening comment and the first scene of this episode, and is absent for the rest of the episode.

    • Walter thinks the word touché is pronounced "toosh". Walter made the same mistake in the episode "Driver's License".

    • Despite the fact that Walter's inaccurate weather prediction,shouldn't Mr. Galloway be fired for putting an employee weatherman's health at risk when he told Walter to stand outside in the heavy rain and do a weather report? Because of this, Walter could catch the flu or get pnuemonia from the rain and, the fact that he was out there for a long time and he was declothed by the two guys which would definitely put him at risk for not only getting wet, but getting sick. Shouldn't there be some kind of weatherman work violation or something that Mr. Galloway is breaking?

    • What kind of mother would make their son go on the roof in the middle of a thunderstorm like Drake's mother did? Not only would the roof be wet making a high risk of falling off, but bring on the roof would also put Drake in danger of getting hit by lightning! Certainly the cost of fixing a bit of ceiling wouldn't be nearly the cost of the hospital bill if he fell or was struck by lightening. Also, there's no way it would equal the cost of Drake's life if he died, which would have been a very real possibility had he gone on the roof.

    • Why on earth would two men without so much as a mask rob a newscaster during a live broadcast? That news is being broadcast to the whole town, so everyone would be able to know what they look like. Even with the power out, the news station would easily be able to produce a tape for the police.

    • Drake has a different band in every season.

    • Getabus.org used to take you to a link on nick.com which gives you information about the character of Zoey Brooks, but now it redirects to iCarly.com.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Band Guy: Where did you get a bus?
      Josh: Getabus.org.

    • Drake: (sees his girlfriend with two of his ex's, walks over) Hey Carlie!
      Carlie: Hey you!
      Drake: Lucy, Christine
      Lucy: How goes it Drake?
      Drake: Well it's been...
      Christine: Did you cut your hair different?
      Lucy: Yeah he did, didn't he?
      Drake: I gotta talk to Megan about the onion dip (pushes Megan into the kitchen)
      Megan: Problem?
      Drake: I told you to keep them apart!
      Megan: I know.
      Drake: Then what happened?
      Megan: I got them all together.
      Drake: You're an evil, evil little girl.
      Megan: Hey, look who's catching on. (leaves)

    • (watching Dora the Explorer)
      Crazy Steve: What kind of exploradora ARE you?

    • Drake: I think it's letting up.
      (Drake goes outside for a few seconds and comes back in soaking wet)
      Drake: I got wet.

    • (Thunder explodes)
      Gary: This concert's not going to happen.
      Crowd: Yeah, man. That thunder is scary!
      Drake: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on! Come on! We still have a lot of time before the concert starts and Walter promised this storm would blow over! Now if we could...
      (Thunder explodes again and electricity goes completely out)
      Drake: Oh, Walter.

    • (Watching thugs harass Walter on T.V.)
      Audrey: Why doesn't someone help him?!
      Crazy Steve: YES! WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

    • Drake: (to band member) You were two beats behind the whole song, (to another band member) You were playing an A minor, not an A7, (to drummer) and you, dude, you're wearing a woman's shirt.
      Gary: It's called a blouse. It's my sister's, Okay. All my clothes were dirty.

    • Drake: Why is there a tattoo of a foot on your chest?
      Gary: ... I don't know!

    • Gavin: What up with your hair?
      Walter: What up with yours?
      Gavin: "Touche".
      Walter: It's touché.

    • Helen: Alright, let's give it up for the young musician Drake Parker, and his band whose names I do not know!
      (Drake and his band walk in, followed by Megan
      Megan: Hey! Is that my shirt?
      Drake: Yea.
      Gary: It fits me nicely.
      Megan: Why didn't you let him borrow one of your shirts?
      Drake: Because he wanted one with a panda on it.
      Megan: Just burn it after he's done with it.

    • (Craig is cranking the T.V.)
      Craig: My arm's tired -- I need a break.

    • Gavin: Hey Drake.
      Drake: Sup Gavin.
      Gavin: Your mom is hot.
      Drake: DUDE!
      Gavin: How tall is she like 5'2? 5'10?
      Drake: I'll measure her and let you know.
      Gavin: Don't forget.

    • Band Member: Do you have any sunblock?
      Drake: What?!?!
      Band Member: Were playing outside.
      Drake: At night!
      Band member: You just dont want to share your sun block.

    • Drake: (grabbing Craig) You're a nerd! You tell me how to stop the rain!
      Craig: You can't.
      Drake: Don't say can't! The rain's gotta stop!
      Craig: Hold on a minute. Let me get the rain fairy on the phone.

    • Guest: Drake, it's drizzling outside.
      Drake: What do you mean drizzling?!?!
      Megan: It means a light rain.
      Drake: I know what drizzle means!

  • NOTES (1)


    • When the girls ask Drake which one of them is the best kisser it is similar to an event in Greek mythology when a boy named Paris is given a golden apple and is told to give it to the pretiest of three goddesses. Except that Drake never answers the question.

    • When Crazy Steve was watching TV, he was watching Dora the Explorer, which is a Nick show shown on Nick Jr.

    • In Gavin's statement to Drake's mom that later they could go to B.F. Wangs after the storm, it is obvious that this came from the popular Chinese restaurant P.F. Changs.