Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 8

The Storm

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of my favorite episodes

    The ending was great with them singing "We Will Rock You"
  • Could've Been A Lot Better

    The Storm is one of the Drake and Josh episodes I remember the most. Honestly, this episode is a crumbled mess and a waste of potential. It does have a few moments where it's good. Crazy Steve, while being a horribly offensive depiction of a mentally disabled "moron", something in which I have absolutely no tolerance for in a sitcom, is funny in this episode because he spends the whole time communicating with a Dora The Explorer episode while forcing a nerd to operate the rare crank-able TV. Some of the dialogue with him produces some very wealthy chuckles from me. However, this episode suffers a lot because of the plot. It's set up that Drake has an important gig with his band, but there is a huge rainstorm that prevents the band from playing. However, it doesn't resolve that issue because the rest of the end of the episode is of the people at the pre-concert party singing the overrated Queen song "We Will Rock You". We never know if Drake actually gets to perform his important gig with his band, or if the concert has been postponed or cancelled. We also never get to know if Josh, who strangely vanished at the start of the episode, or the father, who's doing a news broadcast in heavy rain, are going to come back or not. Even worse, there's several side plots that are going on that are completely distracting from the main plot, one including a trio of girls who are laughing at Drake because he's cute. I'm sorry, but there's more to an episode of a TV show than just how funny some of the stuff that happens is. If you want to make a good episode of a TV show, you've got to give us a plot that is resolved while throwing out jokes that are actually funny and not just randomly placed. Overall, this episode starts out promising, but then goes downhill really fast. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but, this episode deserves to be left out in the rain.
  • Due to a sever rainstorm, everyone is stuck in Drake and Josh's house

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" that makes me laugh pretty hard. I realized that this is the first episode where Josh had a short role. Josh was only in the very beginning of this episode. Oh well, it was still hilarious. One of Drake's friends having a foot tattoo on his chest was absolutely hilarious. Drake's friend wearing Megan's panda shirt was also funny. Drake being suspicious on what his two ex-girlfriends and one girlfriend are talking about was funny. Crazy Steve's part in this episode was absolutely hilarious. Crazy Steve watching "Dora the Explorer" was absolutely hilarious. Drake convincing Eric to fix the leak in the roof was very funny. Walter's weather predictions being wrong was very funny. Gavin hitting on Audrey was absolutely hilarious. Walter doing his weather news report when the rainstorm is sever was absolutely hilarious. I also loved everyone singing "We Will Rock You" at the very end of the episode. Overall, this was an absolutely hilarious episode of "Drake and Josh" and always makes me laugh. 10/10
  • perfect

    What I liked: everyone at the end singing "We Will Rock You", Crazy Steve yelling at Dora the Explorer, Walter on live TV and those men attack him, Drake's ex-girlfriends asking him which one of them was the best kisser, Eric dangling from the roof, Gavin hitting on Audrey, amongst other things.

    This is a time-filler, but unlike other time-fillers, this was absolutely hilarious. When I first saw this episode I was convinced this was one of their funniest episodes, and even today when I watch a rewatch of it, I still think it holds up well. There's not really a plot to this one, it's just a bunch of people gathered at Drake and Josh's house because of a storm (Drake was going to have a concert). A+ definitely
  • My favorite season 4 episode!

    I loved this one! I found myself wondering where Josh disappeared to by the end, but it was still great! Many parts had me laughing hard, like the guy who was wearing his sister's shirt and had the tattoo of the foot on his chest and Craig's line about the "rain fairy". I also thought Gavin trying to hit on Audrey was hilarious, and this episode really featured Crazy Steve at his best! I just loved the fact that he was watching Dora the Explorer! Lol. The ending was sort of pointless when everyone started singing "We Will Rock You" but that was still awesome and fun to watch! My overall grade for this episode is definitely an A+! Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • Loved this!

    Although i had no idea where Josh went in the end of the episode, this has to be the one of the best or even the best Drake and Josh episode ever! Youve just gotta love crazy steve in this episode. when he was talking or shouting... to dora, man, that part was hilarious. Anyway, this episode was full of jokes, fun, laughter and rain. Youve just gotta love this episode. wow, i still have a long way to go. okay, all of you should have watched but...

    Drake was suppose to perform in some outdoor concert but then it rained heavily so they had to cancel it. how are they gonna spend their day in Drake's house?
  • drake is getting ready for a very important gig, but there is just one problem: a terrible storm hits san diego that not even walter predicted and now they're stranded in drake's house w/ no power and nothing to do

    i absolutely love this ep..it may not be my fav (and i dont mean it in that tone all i mean is its not my absolute fav of season 4 b/c dance contest is) but its right up there w/ the greats of season 4 and even the greats of the other seasons...i was a little sad that josh wasnt in this ep too much but his funny dentist story from the beginning and his spastic and repetitive ways made up for the like 5 mins that he was in..i loved drake tho..he was awesome w/ the guy that was more stupid than him and everything..i also loved his shirt..and the thing w/ his girlfriend and ex-girlfriends was so funny when he kept trying to find out what they were talking about and then got a big head when he found out..i love that about him tho..i also love how he trusted walter at first but then it became a typical oh walter...and he went outside and came back in soaked and then simply stated i got wet..lol..i was rolling on the floor just when he came back in and then i lost it when he delivered that line..crazy steve was hilarious w/ the walter thing..and of course i love the end..on turbonick they do some blues thing which is cool but i like the we will rock u version so much better..its awesome and i totally have to do the rhythm too and i love it when drake sings and then even the nerds can kinda carry a tune..and again crazy steve was hilarious w/ shouting rock...i loved it
  • This is a very good season four episode!

    Drake and his band have a gig, and have been rehearsing for a long time. Josh (Band Manager) Get's a bus from getabus.org, and bring's all their freinds around for the gig. But unfortunatly, after Walter had predicted no rain, there is a storm and the gig is rained off. So everyone is stuck inside Drake and Josh's house untill the storm wears off, and all they have a small TV that has to be cranked. Unfortunatly for Drake, his current, Ex and other Ex girlfreind's are all at the house. Drake asks Megan to Keep them away from each other. But, ofcourse, she does the complete oppisite. Because of Walter's terrible prediction, his boss asked him to go downtown to do a live weather broadcast, ouside!! Crazy Steve is always watching Dora the Explora on the Tv, so that Audrey had to keep asking him to change the channel to watch Walter.
  • Crazy Steve at his greatest.

    Oh. . . My . . . Gosh! This was a great episode! Crazy Steve was SO funny when he kept on yelling, " DORA! DORA! " over and over and over again! It was Crazy Steve at his craziest. And, thats a good thing, but now for Drake and Josh! Drake's plot was pretty good, with the girlfriend problem. ANd, Eric on the roof was pretty funny, and Megan and everyone else calling Eric Craig and Craig Eric. Clas*sic. This is what every episode should be like. "Take it, Nerds!" was a funny line said by Helen, and that weird guy with the panda bear shirt was pretty funny, too. This episode is highly recommended by me!
  • Drake's gig get's canceled because his dad predicted the weather wrong.

    This show was definitely a series classic. One of the most best written episodes. I was pretty much laughing the entire time.

    Walter (D & J's Dad) doesn't really know how to predict weather correctly and as a result of this the weather is 100% opposite -he claimed it would be sunny through out California, instead it was poring rain with lightning strikes. Meanwhile Drake and his friends as suppose to play a concert (because it was going to be sunny) but as it turns out the whole stage is under water.

    The acting in this episode was also really well played out, it really looked believable. It was really quite funny to see Drake's friends being weird (which they are not usually like). One of them claimed he wanted to go on a date with Drake's mom and another enjoyed watching "Dora The Explorer" on a hand-crank TV and didn't understand why Dora was so "Stupid".

    This episode is well one of the series classics, hands down.
  • Good episode. Too bad Josh is only in the beginning.

    This a was a really good episode, one of my favorites. I watch it whenever its on. One thing I didn't like about this episode is that Josh was only in the beginnning. It would have been a lot better if he was in the rest of the episode especially in the ending. Crazy Steve was hilarious in this episode. In this episode, everyone is gathered at Drake and Josh's house before Drake's big concert. Because of a severe storm they are all stranded at their house with the power out. Two of Drake's ex-girlfriends meet his new girlfriend and become friends.
  • Best eppy this season.

    I did like Who's Got Game, and maybe another this season, but this one was the best of them all. It was like everybody was on a mission in this episode. Drake was on a mission to stop the rain, while also he was trying to figure out what the girls were talking about. Gavin was trying hook up with Drake's mom. Walter was trying a new hair-do to compete with Bruce Wentiell, or how ever you spell his name. Dora was trying to find her way to the banana tree, lol. Steve was trying to, help, Dora get to the banana tree. Craig was trying to get away from crazy Steve . . I think you get my point. And at the end how they all started singing, "We Will Rock You" at the end was cool. The only thing I didn't like was Josh wasn't in the show for only about one minute.
  • A pretty funny episode.

    Drake and his band are to go on a bus to a concert, but it gets rained out and everyone is stuck inside Drake's house. The power goes out and now everyone has to watch TV on a small crank-up TV. Walter then has to do a live broadcast in the pouring rain. It doesn't go well for him. He gets mugged and is stuck out in the pouring rain in his skivies. Whatever happens to him after that was never really said. Meanwhile, Drake finds out that his 2 ex-girlfriends have come to his house and he gets worried. He then has the hard task of deciding who was the best kisser. Everything seems to be going downhill until Helen saves the day by getting everyone to sing "We Will Rock You" by Queen. Awesome.

    There's nothing much I can really say about this episode, except it could have been better if Josh was in it more. He appears in only 1 scene the entire episode. The rest of the episode has a bunch of characters from the show, including Craig (I mean Eric), hippie Gavin and of course Crazy Steve. Now Steve's funny. It's not every day you see some dude with tourretes screaming at Dora lol Anyway, there are people that really like this episode and I liked it as well so I give it a 7.6
  • Drake and Josh have to stay in their house during their house

    Drake is going to play at an outdoor concert at night and Walter gives a weather report on that it is going to be sunny. However, their is a storm and everyone who was going to go to the concert was staying at Drake's family house. However, Drake sees his current girlfriend and two of his ex-girlfriends and he doens not want them to talk to each other whilst Gavin is flirting with Audrey, Crazy Steve watching Dora the Explorer and Craig and Eric trying to get the mini TV working through a powercut. Drake's girlfriends talk to each other and ask Drake who was the best kisser. He escapes, and in the end of the epsiode everyone sings a really good song! Overall, a great epsiode!
  • Drake can't do a concert because a storm flooded him and a party in. Yawn.

    I know people will disagree on me with this review, but work with me. I don't like this episode because Josh, my favorite character, is missing throughout most of the episode. Also, the Gavin and Aundrey "romance" gets old real fast and the girlfriend plot got old fast. To sum up the negative part of the review, Walter's part in the story was standby at best.
    The good parts were Crazy Steve's rants and the singing was tacked-on but decent. I'm not saying that the show was horrible. I'm just saying what my classification says it is: unorigional. Very unorigional.
  • great episode josh hardly appears

    this episode is totally awesome it is one of the funniest epiodes i have seen in a while. walter makes yet more bad weather predicitons and ruins drakes gig tut tut. 'crazy steve' is one of the funniest people in the episode with his wacthing 'Dora The Explorer' and shouting at the crankable tv. josh only had a few lines in this episode which was disapointing it really would of been better with him but oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles. Lucy, Drakes ex, is one of the hottest people i have ever seen she is better than Christine and Carly drake is stupid for dumping her. She is hot!!
  • Drake and his band are supposed to play a concert and the owner of spin city records is supposed to be there and drake is all tense. It is outside and the whole thing gets rained out. You really have to watch this episode.

    The episode is one of the best ever. I think it really shows kind of what Drake and Josh are about, even though josh wasn't in it much. The whole Gavin and Drake's mom thing isn't really nessecary because it was never brought up in the previous episdoes. I think that maybe that could have been left out. Another thing that I liked was that they brought back Drake's old Girlfriends, and put them together with Carly, his current girlfriend. I think that was a good way to incorporate past seasons with this one. Another way that Drake and Josh is an awsome show. You HAVE GOT to see this episode.
  • A really funny episode

    this is one fo the funniest episodes in the series. Drake and all his friends are stuck in his house during a storm. I really liked this episode because my favorite character was on. Crazy Steve i think he is the funniest character on the show even though hes barley on. And another on of my favorite characters is Gavin which is another reason i liked this episode because he was on for the whole episode not just a cameo like in the other episodes. And i always watch this episode on my DVR.
  • WOW!

    The Storm is about the whole gang ( including Crazy Steve, Gavin, The Parkers, The Nichols`, Helen, Lucy, Carly, Eric, Craig, and others) going to Drake and Joshs` house before Drake`s concert. Thanks to Walter`s poor weather predictions, everyone is stranded at Drake and Josh`s house. Everyone is upset. Drake`s 2 ex- girlfriends, Lucy ( Girl Power) and another girl are there along with Drake`s current girlfriend,Carly ( Who`s Got Game) are at their house and Drake thinks having them at the same place isn`t good. I think this episode was awesome! It was funny when Steve was yelling at Dor the Explorer. That was hilarious! Overall, this episode was one of the best!
  • Drake ends up stuck inside his house during a storm with lots of his friends, when he should be at his concert for his first big gig.

    I thought this episode was by far the best episode of the season. It kept me laughing until the last minute when it ended. I loved the return of crazy Steve. It was totaly unexpected, and was a nice change. Something new finally happened. Also the resturn of his ex girlfriends was fun too. The whole episode was just full of surprises, and the singing at the end was like the icing on the cake. It was the perfect ending. I really liked that the song they sang was a classic too. I really loved this episode, and think they need episodes like this all the time.
  • Just an episode filled with lame jokes...

    I personally would pick Drake and Josh as the best show on Nick, but this episode was terrible. At first, when I heard that Drake's band was going to play I thought, "Sweet! I get to hear Drake's band play a song!"
    They didn't play a song.
    This episode was just joke after joke. And most of the jokes just weren't that good.
    Some of the jokes were okay, but then they were drawn out too long.
    For instance, Crazy Steve screaming at someone, then politely talking to Drake and Josh's mom. Good the first time around. Not so good the second time.
    So, Drake and Josh is still a great show, but this episode may foreshadow its downfall.

    (Oh, yeah, by the way, Crazy Steve was right about Dora.)
  • Better than I expected.

    Since almost every episode this season was bad, I expected this one to be, too, but I was actually proven wrong. It wasn't my favorite episode, but it was still the best this season. Josh's beggining story got on my nerves, but the episode got better from there. Some really funny things happen like seeing one of Drake's band members wearing a woman's shirt, then seeing a foot tattoo on his chest. Also that obnoxious theater employee wanted to watch Dora the explorer on their only TV. Drake asked Megan to keep the three girls apart, but brought them together instead. Typical Megan. Shame on her. This episode was okay in my opinion. It had a slightly disappointing ending, which is usual for this series. I'm glad this episode was made. It helped pull the series out of the ground from where it had been for quite a while.
  • One of Drake and Josh's Best Episode.

    This episode was one of my favorites.Crazy Steve Was at his best in this episode.I love thay Crazy Steve loves Dora The Explore and tells Dora it's right there and says that you call yourself a explore.Crazy Steve is one of the show's best charcters because he's always acting crazy when he's angry.We also get to see Drake's Curret Girlfriend,Carly for the second time since Who's Got Game.I love the way that Drake wants to find out what Carly and Drake's ex-girlfriends and they are saying that drake is the best kisser and Walter was another funny person because he had to be in the rain and two bullys stole his clothes.At the end they sang a song.This is one of Drake and Josh's best episodes.But we see josh only for one time.
  • This episode of Drake and Josh is exactly why I watch this series: for the laughs, and this one had a bunch of em!

    So Drake\'s band is going to play an outdoor concert and Josh rents a bus to take him and all their friends to the show. But then it rains and Drake, along with everyone, including his current and 2 of his ex-girlfriends, are there too!

    So what makes this episode great is the fact that they \'bring up\' alot of things that have happened in past episodes. One would be Crazy Steve, the guy whose job Josh got. He\'s one of the main reason\'s this episode is as funny as it is. He eats the pillows, sings badly, and enjoys watching Dora on the TV. How much better can you get?

    Other things this episode mentions that have been seen in previous episodes were Drake\'s Girlfriend, the one from the Dating Bet episode, along with his ex\'s, one of which was Lucy, who was the tough one from that one episode where they wrestle. Plus it reminds people that Josh is Drake\'s manager, and that he has a record deal, both from the Hollywood movie.

    Apparently alot, because the gags continue w/ Drake\'s Drummer. He shows up in his sister\'s shirt, and is actually domber than Drake. He then ends up wearing one of Megan\'s shirts, and volunteer\'s his uncle\'s boat when things start to flood. Off the wall humor.

    Other hilarious parts, that just added to it were Drake calling Eric \"Craig\", Walter\'s hair and his bad prediciments, and the fact that Gavin likes Drake\'s mom.

    I really loved this episode, but I can\'t give it a perfect 10 because sadly, the ending was not good. Like most of the episodes this season, it ended horribly without ever really saying what happened. Just like in \"Vicious Tiberious\" and \"The Wedding\", the ending was just there, not saying what happened. Another flaw was the lack of Josh, I know Drake need\'s his spotlight time, but Josh needs it more. Most of the episodes are about Drake, so Josh could you some more, really. And he was only in this one before the credits, after that, he was \"at the concert, getting flooded out\".

    So I loved the episode, but hated the ending. Any questions? Good.