Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 3

The Wedding

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Drake and Josh are on their way to a family wedding in Trevor's car. Unexpectedly and in the middle of nowhere, the car breaks down. This wouldn't be much of a problem, except for the fact that they're the ones bringing the cake to the reception.

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  • Funny

    Another one of my favorites. Drake and Josh need to deliver a cake to their great aunt Catherine's wedding in time to get her beach house. Drake gives Josh's laptop case to Craig and Erik which had Josh's cell phone and the keys to the car, so they need to borrow Trevor's car which was from the 70's which breaks down in the middle of nowhere. This episode was funny the whole way through. Josh getting mad at Drake was funny. The beginning with Walter constantly honking the horn was funny. The funniest part to me was Drake making fun of Leslie's name (the man from Leslie's towing company). I didn't like the end too much though, but most episodes of Drake and Josh end with something bad happening to Drake and Josh so I wouldn't lower the score here even though I kinda hated the ending. 10/10moreless
  • Funny, but a Bit of a Time Filler

    Drake and Josh need a car to get to their aunt Catherin's wedding, but the one they are using breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Now they must get to the wedding with the cake in time.

    This episode was pretty much a big time filler, but unlike other time-fillers, it was pretty funny. My only real complaint, aside from the fact it seemed like a big waste of time {despite the humor}, the ending kinda leaves you hanging as to what happens. Basically their car bursts into flames and they walk away.

    But it was still a pretty good onemoreless
  • drake and josh have to get to their aunt catherine's wedding w/ the cake on time if they want any shot of getting her beach house when she's dead, but they run into several problems along the waymoreless

    first of all i just want to say i didnt recognize e.e. bell when i first saw the ep but i was so happy to see him in there when someone mentioned him..yay some references to the amanda show..but anyways..oh yes the next thing..drake in an actual tux..how hot was he..ok this may not have been my fav ep but it was so hilarious..craig and eric were funny as always and drake thinking he can fix a car and help get them out of the situation was just too funny..and they were in a heck of a situation too..oh my gosh..how funny was this ep w/ like everything that was thrown their waymoreless
  • Drake and Josh must pick up there Aunt Catherine's wedding cake and get to the wedding on time. But, after borrowing Drake's friend Trevor's car, it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Now, Drake and Josh try many things to get the car running again.moreless

    Nothing exciting really happened in this episode. It was basically just the car breaking down, and them being stuck in the middle of absolutely nowhere (you that because they said that they had to use the restroom on cactus's). All they really do is get their money taken away and when the only tow truck comes by, Drake makes fun of his name (Leslie) so he leaves. Drake gets the keys locked in the car, gets Josh's jacket torn off, gives Craig and Eric Josh's backpack with his cell phone in it, and accidently drops a rock on Josh's foot. So, basically, Drake was the main person in this episode. I liked this episode, I just thought it was going to be better. But, don't get me wrong, Drake Bell and Josh Peck were pretty funny throughout the episode, so it was an okay episode.moreless
  • Drake and Josh's car breaks down in the middle of a street.

    In the beginning of the episode Drake, Josh, Audrey, and Megan are getting ready to go to their Aunt Catherine's wedding. Walter won't stop honking the horn until Megan and Audrey come out to their car. Drake and Josh take Trevor's car to get to the wedding. When they are driving, their car breaks down in the middle of the road. While Drake and Josh wait for someone to come and drive them to the wedding, they have to go to the bathroom. There is no bathroom so they go behind a bush. While they are gone, two cops come and give them a ticket. When they leave Drake and Josh come back and find the ticket. Then a car comes. Two guys come out and Drake and Josh tell them what happend. The guys push them on the ground and take all their money. Then a tow truck comes. The guy gets out and tells them his name is Leslie. They tell him that they got locked out of the car and Leslie gets a stick and busts the window open. While Josh gets the keys, Drake makes fun of Leslie's name. Leslie gets mad and doesn't drive them to the wedding. In the end Drake and Josh try to fix the car but end up causing a fire. That's my review of the episode "The Wedding".moreless
A.J. Wedding

A.J. Wedding


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Kevin Farley

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E.E. Bell


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Right after Leslie, the tow truck driver, breaks the window, Josh doesn't unlock the door so he can open it. Instead he just opens it, and it's already unlocked.

    • Why couldn't they just go to the wedding in Drake's car? In Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, Drake had a car and that episode aired before this one.

    • When Drake talks about how he has to pee, Josh's hands are by his side. Then a camera view changes and Josh is playing with his watch.

    • If Josh left his cell phone in his laptop case, why couldn't he call his cell phone from their house and tell Eric that he needs the keys that are in the case?

    • In the episode Movie Job, Drake doesn't seem to like ketchup on hot dogs. In this episode, he is seen about to put ketchup on a hot dog.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Drake: Women are crazy.
      Eric: Yeah, that's why we don't have dates.
      Drake: I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of reasons why you don't have a date.
      Eric (defeated): We know.

    • Audrey: Ah, Drake, you don't eat a hot dog wearing a tuxedo.
      Drake: This hot dog's not wearing a tuxedo.
      Audrey: Ha-ha. Oh, Megan, could you zip up my dress please?
      Megan: Sure.
      (Megan zips the dress)
      Audrey: Thank you. Now let me fix your hair.
      Megan: Ew. I don't want mom spit in my hair.
      Audrey: Yes, you do.

    • Leslie: This oughta do the trick!
      (He breaks the car window)
      Drake: We could've done that!
      Leslie: Then why didn't you?!

    • Drake: Cross your fingers!
      Josh: Oh I'm crossing everything I've got!

    • Drake: Is that an eagle?
      Josh: I don't know.
      (Bird poo drops on Josh)
      Drake: Uh you got a little bird poop -
      Josh: I know!

    • Drake: So who's Leslie, your wife?
      Leslie: No Leslie's my name. (Drake laughs) Something funny about that?
      Drake: Yeah well Leslie's a girl name.

    • Drake: (After poking Josh with a coat hanger) Josh!
      Josh: Thank you for puncturing my pupil!

    • Josh: (Looking into the toolbox) Ok we have a quarter, an ice tray and half a shoe.

    • Josh: (Looking into the trunk of the car) Hey, hey guess what I found!
      Drake: Fried chicken?!
      Josh: No...

    • Drake: (To two strangers) If you drive us to the nearest airport, I'll give you 75 bucks.
      Josh: Oh and I have an extra 40!
      Drake: Yeah that's almost 100 dollars!

    • Josh: You locked the keys in the car?
      Drake: Don't hate me.
      Josh: I don't hate you.

    • Leslie: I was named after my father who was named after his father and they both fought in wars.
      Drake: Okay, all I'm saying is, I've dated 5 Leslies, all girls.
      Leslie: Okay, uh, you know, I'll tell you what: you can rot in a sack for all I care. Goodbye.
      Josh: No, please! Don't leave!
      Leslie: Rot in a sack!
      (Leslie gets in his tow truck and leaves.)
      Josh: Ya had to make fun of the man's name?!

    • Josh: Well. Good news is we're right near of NOTHING!
      Drake: Ok how was I supposed to know Trevor's car would break down?
      Josh: It was built in the 1970's! It has over 300,000 miles on it! Anyone with a 2nd grade education could have guessed it broke down.

    • Josh: Here. (hands Drake a rock)
      Drake: What's this?
      Josh: Big rock.
      Drake: What do you want me to do with it?
      Josh: Kill me!

    • Josh: Could you help us? We gotta get in time to a wedding, so-
      Leslie: A wedding huh? Which one of you is the bride and which one of you is the groom?

    • Josh: Aunt Catherine is like ninety years old.
      Drake: She is like ninety thousand years old!

    • Leslie: Looks like you guys need a tow. Luckily, I've got ten of 'em! (Laughs)

    • Drake: Ok give me your phone.
      Josh: My cell phone was in my bag, which you gave to Craig and Eric! What, you dont have yours?
      Drake: No, mine got ruined.
      Josh: How did it get ruined?
      Drake: You know...fell in a bowl of soup at school.
      Josh: Who accidentaly drops their phone into their soup?
      Drake: It wasnt an accident, I wanted to see if it would float.
      Josh: How do you get dressed by yourself?!

    • Josh: Drake and I have this Great Aunt Cathy.
      Drake: Do you remember our great Aunt Cathy? No? Lucky you!
      Josh: She's almost 90 years old.
      Drake: She's like 90,000 years old.
      Josh: She's not nice!
      Drake: She is mean!(Drake gets closer to the screen) Mean to the bone!

    • Drake: The door is locked!

    • Drake: I'm gonna try to fix the motor.
      Josh: You can't fix a sandwich.
      Drake: If you make fun of me one more time, I'm telling everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff.
      Josh: I'm sorry if I offended you.

  • NOTES (2)