Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 14

Theater Thug

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 18, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Josh gets a part on a TV crime show where he plays the infamous "Theater Thug." Following his TV debut he becomes a public enemy as a case of mistaken identity gets out of hand.

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  • superb

    What I liked- Drake on acting: "You show up, say some lines, and then go home", Josh being repeatedly arrested because he looked so much like the Theater Thug, Drake being in the reenactment, the ending of the episode where they get the real theater thug but Josh is arrested again, Megan's ideas for possible disguises for Josh, etc.

    Pretty good. It's not one of their best episodes but it does have a good plot and some strong humor, and as such, my final grade is going to be a solid B, I think is fair for this episode.moreless
  • Very funny for the most part except for one flaw

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh". This episode definitely makes me laugh hard and it would've been excellent if it weren't for one flaw. Everyone thinking that Josh looks like the theater thug was very funny. Everyone attacking Josh because they think that he is the theater thug is absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh very hard. Josh trying to do some television show but everyone gets bugged by his pimple was very funny. Helen was even funny in this episode especially when she was screaming when the crew barely started filming the show. The crew trying to film the television show before Helen comes back was very funny. That pizza guy also watching Josh on television as the theater thug was very funny. Megan showing Josh all of the disguises was absolutely hilarious. Josh disguised as a hippie was definitely cracking me up. Of course, he even got caught in the hippie disguise which was also funny and that old woman attacking Josh was funny. The REAL theater thug coming to the Premiere in the last 2-3 minutes of the episode was good and kinda intense. Drake accidentally hitting Josh with a mop was funny. Josh hitting the theater thug at the end of the episode was good. Now, the one flaw in this episode was the ending. The cops were obviously dumb and still think that Josh is the theater thug and they take him away. Overall, I hated the ending but the rest of the episode made me laugh hard. 9/10moreless
  • drake and josh take part in a re-enactment but things go wrong for josh when hes being mistaken for the criminal known as the theater thug

    ok this had to be one of the best eps of the season out of the ones i remember lol..this may change once i see more lol..but yeah i dont count movies..anyways it started out awesome w/ josh server in it..yay..and josh was trying so hard at being good at acting and they kept having the running joke of whats acting u say some lines and then u go home lol..its not that simple..anyways josh did awesome and he was believable and so did drake..unfortunately josh was mistaken for the criminal and drake was living the life of a famous star lol..i loved hwen they were looking at disguises for josh..all of them were funny and then he chose a hippie disguise which was just too good..i loved how many times he got mistaken for the theater thug and how funny it was each time..he got beat up by old ladies and boy scouts..i think those were the most memorable lol..and then even at the end the real guy got away and josh got arrested..then i also love the added part where drake and josh sing the second and third verse of found a waymoreless
  • Drake and Josh star in "FBI'S MOST WANTED" as "The Theater Thug" and "Scared Guy #1." After the show airs, Josh is constantly mistaken for the real thug. When the duo meet the Thug face to face, they handle the situation in true Drake and Josh style!moreless

    I have been a fan of Drake and Josh for a while, but this is my first review. The Theater Thug was truly a great episode! It was one of the first Drake and Josh episodes I ever saw. It really caught my attention and now I am a faithful fan. Now I won't spoil the whole end, so I'll just say this- The ending was great, and hilarious! It has some of the most famous Drake and Josh quotes of the series. Now this is obviously my favorite episode. (besides "Mindy's back" and Drake and Josh Go Hollywood.) I loved the episode and its humor. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this truly great episode.moreless
  • One of Josh's funniest episodes!

    Josh gets cast as 'The Theater Thug' on a reinactment of FBI's Most Wanted while Drake gets cast as a Scared Guy. He only has one line. After it airs on TV, Josh is mistaken for the real Theater Thug, while Drake is credited for his role. Josh is constantly beaten and arrested, while Drake has no time to help him because he is too busy signing autographs. They figure the only way to clear Josh's name is to capture the real 'Theater Thug'...

    This episode is extremely good. I couldn't stop laughing until the episode finished. This is one of My Top 5 episodes in the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Every time he went out in public Josh kept getting mistaken for the Theater Thug and beaten up. But after the reenactment it says that the real Theater Thug was extremely violent and shouldn't be messed with. Then why did everyone keep assaulting Josh?

    • In this episode, Josh says he watches FBI's Most Wanted every Saturday, but in previous episodes, Josh spends Saturdays doing something else.

    • In this episode, we discover there are screens on the other side of the premiere.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Drake: Okay, so, you're stranded on a desert island, and you're about to starve to death. Would you eat your own foot?
      Josh: ...Could I cook it?
      Drake: ...Sure.
      Josh: Yeah, I'd eat my foot.
      Drake: Me, too.

    • (From outside the door)
      Josh: Ready?!
      Megan: Wait, let me rehearse my line - "What?"

    • Boy Scout:(sees Josh) Hey look, it's the Theater Thug!
      Josh: No, I only played him in the reenactment...I'm not th-...
      Boy Scouts: Get him! (jump on Josh and start hitting him)

    • Theater thug: Where´s the money?
      Josh: I don´t know!
      Theater thug: Yes, you do.
      Josh: Yes, I do!
      Theater thug: Where?
      Josh: Register!
      (Josh is dragged to the register)
      Theater thug: Open it.
      Josh: See, Helen says never to open it unless someone is making a purchase.
      Theater thug: Open it or I´ll open your head!!!
      Josh: I do love my head closed!
      Theater thug: Open it!
      Josh: Opening.

    • Drake: Whoa, just take it easy, man!
      Director: Hey, do you mind saying that again?
      Drake: What do you mean?
      Director: Just what you said, whoa just take it easy man.
      Drake: Whoa, just take it easy... man.
      Director: Excellent, you wanna be the scared guy #1?
      Josh: But, he´s really not an actor.
      Director: What´s acting? You show up, say some stuff, you go home.

    • Director: We´re from "FBI´s Most Wanted".
      Josh: Really? "FBI´s Most Wanted", I watch it every Saturday night!
      Director: Really? I thought that teens like yourself hang out in Saturdays night.
      Josh: Yeah, you would think...

    • Megan: You asked me to act natural. You were trying to act tough, so I naturally laughed.
      Josh:Okay, don't act natural.

    • Josh: Drake, what are you doing here?
      Drake: You told me you´ll need a ride.
      Josh: Yeah, but at 6 pm. And now is like 4 pm.
      Drake: So take the bus.
      Josh: No, Drake. Please, wait here for me.
      Drake: What am I gonna do during 2 hours in a movie theater?
      Josh: (sarcastic) Uh, I don´t know?
      Drake: Hey, I could see a movie.
      Josh: Genius!
      Drake: I want to see "The Eye of the Mummy". But with someone.
      Josh: Drake, the movie starts at 4:10. You just have 2 minutes left. You really think you can find someone?
      Drake: Watch me. (he is going to meet a girl) Hey, I´m Drake.
      Girl: Hi.
      Drake: You wanna see a movie with me?
      Girl: Sure. (they are on the way to see the movie)
      Drake: So, what´s your name?
      Girl: Hazel
      Drake: Oh, like the nut.
      Girl: Yeah.
      (a guy buying popcorn, turns around)
      Guy: (dressed like Drake and with the same haircut) I have the popcorns. Hey, Hazel!

    • Audrey: Hey, he (theather thug) looks a lot like you.
      Megan: Only that he has a normal sized-head.
      (everybody looks at Josh)
      Walter: Oh, yeah.
      Audrey: Yeah, definitely.

    • Josh: Where's the money?
      Megan: What?
      Josh: This is a holdup! Give me the money, I ain't playin'. (Megan starts laughing) Come on, you can't giggle!
      Megan: You said to act natural. You tried to act tough, so naturally I laughed.

    • Drake: Josh, Duck!!
      Josh: What?(Gets hit with mop and faints)
      Drake: I have a mop!(Theater thug swipes mop) I had a mop!

    • Josh: I'm not much of an actor.
      Director: Neither is Jennifer Lopez.
      Josh: True that.

    • Josh: Please, let me go! You're squishing my adam's apple!
      Theatre Thug: Shut up! Hey, Man, you know you got a big head?
      Josh: Yeah, Dude, I know.

    • Director: Listen, can I have another donut?
      Helen: Sure, but I'll have to go across the street to get that.
      Director: Don't worry, we'll wait for you.
      Helen: OK, I'll be back in a flash!
      Director: Good. Okay, let's shoot another one of these, quick!

    • Josh: (Playing the theater thug) Where's the money?
      Helen: Ahh! Ahh! Yaaa! Yaa! Ah!

    • Drake: Woah, just take it easy, man!

    • Josh: (playing the theater thug) Where's the money!?
      Cashier: What?
      Josh: You give me the money, I ain't playing!
      (Cashier stares blankly)
      Jeff Carlson: Cashier, say your line.
      Cashier: I'm sorry, I just can't stop staring at his pimple.
      Josh: Ah geez!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The disguise Josh ended up using was a hippie named Antoine, which is a reference to All That where Kenan Thompson performed several sketches as a hippie named Antoine and using the same phrase, "What it is!"

    • This is the last episode Megan call's Walter Dad. In the next episode and on Megan refers to Walter by his first name.

    • Running gags:
      1. Josh being mistaken for the Theater Thug.
      2. People exclaiming at Josh's pimple.

    • Josh Server who played the director of the show started out on the show All That, which was also a Nick show back in the 90's.

    • The 2nd picture of one of Josh's choices for a disguise is a picture of Jamie Lynn Spears replaced by Josh's face.


    • Funnyjunk.com

      One of the pictures shown on Megan's computer is called Little Joshica. That picture shows a Funnyjunk.com picture.

    • Zoey Brooks

      When Megan shows a picture of a disguise she made on photoDoc to Josh,you see it has the necklace Zoey wears.This is an allusion to ''Zoey 101''.

    • You see a name on the theater movie lines. which is called ''The Elderly Harpist''. When you see the now showing sign in the theater,and it has a picture of the harpist from the episode ''Girl Power''. This is an allusion from that episode.

    • Mr. T:

      When trying to find a disguise for Josh, Megan shows him a look that makes Drake exclaim that it's like a "retro Mr. T. look."

      Mr. T is an American actor known for his trademark mohawk and his famous saying of "I pity the fool!"

    • PhotoDoc: Name

      PhotoDoc seems like an allusion of Adobe PhotoShop. The PhotoDoc window also looks a lot like that of PhotoShop. Click Here for more info

    • FBI's Most Wanted is a spoof of the actual TV show America's Most Wanted, which airs Saturday nights on FOX. Josh mentioned he watched the show each Satuday night.

    • The store "Pottery Barrell" is a spoof of Pottery Barn.