Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 2

Vicious Tiberius

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Mrs. Hayfer needs a house sitter for the weekend and Josh volunteers. But nothing goes exactly according to plan when they meet Tiberius, a vicious dog with an appetite for Drake and Josh.

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  • season 4 subtitles

    hi, do you guys know, where i can get season 3 and 4 drake and josh subtitles? it seems a little tough to find, thanks in advance there...
  • Drake and Josh house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer for the weekend which also includes her vicious dog named Tiberious who trap Drake and Josh in the bathroom with no way to escapemoreless

    This was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" in my opinion. It did have a simple plot but simple plots can be handled well. At least sometimes, simple plots can be handled. Josh volunteering to house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer was very funny. Drake and Josh discovering that Mrs. Hayfer used to be a stand-up comedian was very funny. It was funny when Drake and Josh are scared of Mrs. Hayfer's vicious dog named Tiberious. It was very funny when they were trapped in the bathroom. The whole episode might have a simple plot but it sure had me entertained for the 30 minutes to waste. Walter's plot was also very funny even though his plot was short so I wished that we saw more of Walter's plot. The only thing that bugged me but I can let slide was when Megan didn't help Drake and Josh with the Vicious Tiberious situation. I'm glad that Megan had a cameo appearance in this episode. I was hoping there would be one episode where Megan is absent? this should have been the episode. Anyways, I thought it was hilarious when Drake ran through the door and fell down. It was very funny when Josh was running out of the bathroom and then ran back. The dog chasing after Walter at the very end of the episode made me laugh hard as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" in my opinion. 10/10moreless
  • Interesting...

    How comes Mrs. Hayfer wants vicious dog in her house? Vicious dog is very dangerous to people!! I think Mrs. Hayfer want dog to protect her, interesting. This episode is really funny and lot of laughs. It is really cool of Megan think dog is so sweet and angel. Guess what? Dog looks happy to see Megan and let her pet him. Sweet. Megan is always looks sweet, innocent, and angel, so vicious dog too! Josh and Drake should stand up and take power against the dog. They are so scared and think dog will bite them. Anyway, great episode!moreless
  • This episode was really interesing mainly because I can relate to it.

    Who would have thought Mrs. Hafer would have made another comeback? In my opinion I thought it would have been more interesting if Drake and Josh actually found out more really interesting secrets about Mrs. Hafer. But I can actually relate to this episode. I felt really sorry for Drake and Josh when they were being attacked by the dog. I have the exact same problems with dogs. I don't mean to hate dogs but it's just that I'm really terrified of dogs because I remember an incident when I was walking to home and there was this dog and I thought it wasn't going to bite me but then the dog started barking at me for no reason so that's why I think that I'm never safe around dogs. Also just this once I want to be like Megan because she apparently has a way with animals and Drake (or was it Josh) had a point because they were alike. Megan and the dog both pretend to be harmless but they show their true colors when certain people aren't around. Also I know this is dumb but I actually had a dream based on this episode in a bad way of course because of my fear of dogs.moreless
  • Time-Filler

    Drake and Josh house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer. They find it easy, until they meet her dog, Tiberious, who is a mean dog and traps them in the bathroom. It takes them the rest of the episode to escape, and the episode ends with the dog chasing Walter.

    Sorry, the episode had some good parts, but it felt like a giant waste of time. If they had added a sub plot, one that was longer then 3 minutes {they had one with Walter but it was short}, this episode would be a bit more tolerable to me.

    A bottom episode for memoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Tiberius is the 4th member of Mrs.Hayfer's family to appear on the show, after Mrs.Hayfer, Kelly, and Mr.Hayfer.

    • When Drake jumps out of the window, his shirt flips up a little. If you look carefully, you can see his microphone wire.

    • The song Walter is singing while excercising was "Highway to Nowhere", which was sung by Drake Bell.

    • In "Honor Council", Josh said that Mrs. Hayfer's full name is "Alice Hayfer". But on the "Search for the Stars" video, it says that her full name is "Linda Hayfer".

    • Why did they stand there and hold the door shut in the bathroom, when there was a lock on the door?

    • Drake is wearing a sweatshirt with the Union Jack (symbol on the British flag) yet neither Josh nor Drake realize there is a Jersey and a Hampshire in England (per Drake asking Josh if there was an Old Hampshire and an Old Jersey if there is a New Jersey and a New Hampshire).

    • Drake asks "so why do they call it New Jersey if they never had a plain, old Jersey?" Josh says he doesn't know. But in fact, there was a Jersey in England.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Josh: Why is it so much fun to watch cheerleaders fight?
      Drake: Don't question it. Just love it!

    • Josh: Is everything okay?
      Mrs. Hayfer: No, my housekeeper just cancelled for the weekend. I'm going away, and now I have no one to watch my house.
      Josh: Really?
      Drake: Oh, don't do it...
      Josh: I'll do it!
      Drake: So he does it.
      Mrs. Hayfer: Josh, that's very sweet, but I have a dog, and lots of plants... you don't want to have to...
      Josh: Uh, well, uh... I'm great with dogs! And I'm great with plants! When I was little, I had a poodle and a fern; I named them both Jerry!
      Drake: Of COURSE you did...

    • Drake and Josh: OH... MY... GOD!!!!!

    • Josh: Megan! Run!
      Megan: I don't want to run.
      Drake: But he's vicious.

    • Josh: It probably doesn't even work.
      Drake: Let's see. (flushes toilet) It still works!
      Josh: I knew the toilet still worked Drake. I meant the phone.
      Drake: Oh, well, that's gone!

    • Josh: You know you really shouldn't be going through Mrs. Hafer's medicine cabinet.
      Drake: Yeah, yeah, there's lots of stuff I shouldn't do.


    • Josh: I don't want you rifeling through Mrs. Hayfer's drawers.
      (Drake laughs)
      Josh: Oh, grow up.

    • Drake: I'm not going to touch a dog's infected ear! Gross!
      Josh: Gross? On the way here you ate a peanut off of the car floor.
      Drake: It was honey roasted.

    • Josh: You were so scared, that you couldn't hold on to your cell phone?
      Drake: You wet your pants.
      Josh: This is true.

    • Mrs. Hayfer: Drake! You were supposed to write your essay of current events.
      Drake: That´s what I did.
      Mrs. Hayfer: No, this is just the newspaper of this morning with your name written in the top of it... with crayon.
      Drake: Well, I think there is nothing more current than that. Right, Josh?
      Josh: Please, leave me out of this.
      Mrs. Hayfer: You know what it means, Drake?
      Drake: An "F"?
      Mrs. Hayfer: Thats a question you always get right! And Drake, guess what?
      Drake: What?
      Mrs. Hayfer: I hate you.
      Drake: I know...

    • Josh: Megan is there, with Tiberius. Ahhhhh! Drake we gotta save her! (opens the door, and Drake inmediately close it)
      Drake: Just 'cause she´s about to get eaten doesn´t mean that we have to.

    • Drake: So what are you gonna do?
      Josh: Get help, I´m calling Dad.
      Drake: (dissapointed) Oh, great.
      (Josh gives him a look)
      Drake: I mean... (excited) Oh, great!

    • Man: Hey boy, I was in 'Nam.
      Drake: 'Nam?
      Man: Vietnam.
      Drake: Where's that? New Jersey?
      Man: What´s wrong with him?
      Josh: Yeah, we don't know.
      Drake: (stands up) Hey, do you want to spend the rest of your Saturday night insulting me or do you want to find a way out of here.

    • Mrs. Hayfer in video: How many of you are from New Jersey? Nobody?
      Drake: I can´t believe this.
      Josh: What?
      Drake: Mrs, Hayfer as comedian.
      Mrs. Hayfer in video: Well, I was there last day, in a cafeteria. There was a very old lady, who in her nametag says Evelyn Lincoln. So I asked her: Excuse me lady, are you a descendant from Abraham Lincoln? And she says: Descendant? I´m his mother! Am I right?
      (Josh laughs, and Drake stares at him)
      Josh: (serious) It isn´t funny.

    • Drake: On the count of 3, you open the door, and I will run to get my cellphone.
      Josh: Ok.
      Drake: 1, 2, 3.
      (Josh just stands there and Drake crashes badly in the door)
      Drake: (stands up) Hah?! Why didn't you open the door?
      Josh: You didn't say go.
      Drake: I said on the count of three.
      Josh: Yeah, one, two, three, go
      Drake: Fine on go. 1, 2, 3, go.
      (Drake runs out of the bathroom and jumps the couch)
      Drake: Got it!
      (sees the dog)
      Drake: Hi Tiberius, umm... sit.

    • Drake: So why do they have New Jersey if they never had plain, old Jersey?
      Josh: I don't know; I wasn't at the meeting!

    • Walter: I'll be here working out.
      Drake: (in the kitchen) Ha!
      Walter: It isn´t funny!

    • Mrs. Hayfer: I don´t have someone to watch in my house this weekend.
      Josh: Mrs. Hayfer...
      Drake: Don´t do it!
      Josh: I could watch over your house this weekend.
      Drake: He did it.
      Mrs. Hayfer: Really, Josh I just a couple of plants and one dog, not so much.
      Josh: Oh, don´t worry. I once had a fern and a little dog. And they both named Jerry!

    • Drake: Ms. Hafer asks you to watch her house and didn't tell you that her dog is homicidal?

    • Drake: You're the one who just HAD to go suckin' up to Mrs. Hafer! (Imitating Josh with an Italian accent) Ooh, I'm Josh, and I'll take care of your house, Mrs. Hafer!
      Josh: Okay, so like when did I become Italian?

    • Drake: Dude, look. It's Mrs. Hafer from like a million years ago!

    • Drake: I'm not putting my hand in there. That's where Mrs. Hafer pees.

    • Drake: Evil dog evil girl, makes perfect sense.

    • (after Tiberius chases Drake and Josh into the bathroom)
      Drake: Did you see those teeth?
      Josh: Did you see the stain?!

  • NOTES (4)