Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 2

Vicious Tiberius

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • season 4 subtitles

    hi, do you guys know, where i can get season 3 and 4 drake and josh subtitles? it seems a little tough to find, thanks in advance there...
  • Drake and Josh house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer for the weekend which also includes her vicious dog named Tiberious who trap Drake and Josh in the bathroom with no way to escape


    This was an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" in my opinion. It did have a simple plot but simple plots can be handled well. At least sometimes, simple plots can be handled. Josh volunteering to house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer was very funny. Drake and Josh discovering that Mrs. Hayfer used to be a stand-up comedian was very funny. It was funny when Drake and Josh are scared of Mrs. Hayfer's vicious dog named Tiberious. It was very funny when they were trapped in the bathroom. The whole episode might have a simple plot but it sure had me entertained for the 30 minutes to waste. Walter's plot was also very funny even though his plot was short so I wished that we saw more of Walter's plot. The only thing that bugged me but I can let slide was when Megan didn't help Drake and Josh with the Vicious Tiberious situation. I'm glad that Megan had a cameo appearance in this episode. I was hoping there would be one episode where Megan is absent? this should have been the episode. Anyways, I thought it was hilarious when Drake ran through the door and fell down. It was very funny when Josh was running out of the bathroom and then ran back. The dog chasing after Walter at the very end of the episode made me laugh hard as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "Drake and Josh" in my opinion. 10/10

  • Interesting...

    How comes Mrs. Hayfer wants vicious dog in her house? Vicious dog is very dangerous to people!! I think Mrs. Hayfer want dog to protect her, interesting. This episode is really funny and lot of laughs. It is really cool of Megan think dog is so sweet and angel. Guess what? Dog looks happy to see Megan and let her pet him. Sweet. Megan is always looks sweet, innocent, and angel, so vicious dog too! Josh and Drake should stand up and take power against the dog. They are so scared and think dog will bite them. Anyway, great episode!
  • This episode was really interesing mainly because I can relate to it.

    Who would have thought Mrs. Hafer would have made another comeback? In my opinion I thought it would have been more interesting if Drake and Josh actually found out more really interesting secrets about Mrs. Hafer. But I can actually relate to this episode. I felt really sorry for Drake and Josh when they were being attacked by the dog. I have the exact same problems with dogs. I don't mean to hate dogs but it's just that I'm really terrified of dogs because I remember an incident when I was walking to home and there was this dog and I thought it wasn't going to bite me but then the dog started barking at me for no reason so that's why I think that I'm never safe around dogs. Also just this once I want to be like Megan because she apparently has a way with animals and Drake (or was it Josh) had a point because they were alike. Megan and the dog both pretend to be harmless but they show their true colors when certain people aren't around. Also I know this is dumb but I actually had a dream based on this episode in a bad way of course because of my fear of dogs.
  • Time-Filler

    Drake and Josh house-sit for Mrs. Hayfer. They find it easy, until they meet her dog, Tiberious, who is a mean dog and traps them in the bathroom. It takes them the rest of the episode to escape, and the episode ends with the dog chasing Walter.

    Sorry, the episode had some good parts, but it felt like a giant waste of time. If they had added a sub plot, one that was longer then 3 minutes {they had one with Walter but it was short}, this episode would be a bit more tolerable to me.

    A bottom episode for me
  • Drake and Josh... House-sitting? GENIUS.

    Josh Nichols, the teacher's pet, volunteers to watch over his English teacher, Mrs. Hayfer's house while she is taking a vacation. Drake also volunteers to help, not because he wants to be an aid to his brother... but because on the way to Mrs. Hayfer's house, they will pass the cheerleaders. And Drake loves watching the cheerleaders.

    However, things don't go as well as the two brothers think. The task seems harmless and simple, until Drake and Josh get to meet Mrs. Hayfer's vicious dog... Tiberius. The two run into the bathroom and devise a plan to come out alive.

    This episode is genius, in my opinion. What other writer other than Dan Schneider would come up with two brothers, who have absolutely nothing in common, and give them the task of watching over a house with a vicious dog on the loose? Moreover, what other writer besides Dan Schneider can actually turn that plot into a COMEDY?

    This episode deserves a 11/10, but since the highest it can go is 10, then I'm giving it a 10/10.
  • Josh offers to watch Mrs. Haifer's dog, Tiberius, and Drake comes along with him. But, the boys soon find out the Tiberius is very viscious and tries to kill them. So, they lock themselves in Mrs.Haifer's bathroom and get stuck there until someone comes.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Drake and Josh. It kept me laughing and entertained the whole way through the episode! I absolutely loved this episode. All of the cast did an excellent job. But, in my opinion, Drake takes the most funniest in this episode. I just loved it when Josh, being Josh, makes Drake run into the door and then corrects him on the 1,2,3, go thing! That part was just hilarious, much like the whole episode! Anyway, another great episode for Drake and Josh, and defintely one of the all time great episodes of the telivision series!
  • drake and josh housesit for mrs. hayfer and things go smoothly until they meet mrs. hayfer's dog who happens to be very violent

    i loved this ep from the start of it..this is one of the eps i would watch every day if it was on lol..the thing that got me in first was mrs. hayfer...im like yes some more mrs. hayfer and drake going at it and they did not disappoint..and then the booger thing..hahahaha so funny...then they meet tiberius and they lock themselves in the bathroom and its so funny b/c josh has to go to the bathroom and cant do it in front of ppl and they have no way to call for help..i also loved how walter sang a song by drake...yay..lol..love him..and then the animal control guy and walter was too good...i loved it all..them being afraid of a dog and trying to confuse him and drake flushing the phone out of his stupidity..haha just an awesome and super silly ep
  • Funny Episode.

    This episode is when Mrs. Hayfer asks Drake & Josh to babysit for her dog, Tiberius. When Drake and Josh get to Mrs. Hayfer's apartment, Drake finds a video of Mrs. Hayfer doing stand up comedy. Josh starts looking for the list Mrs. Hayfer left for them. The first thing it says is to put ear drops in Tiberius' ear. When Josh and Drake do that, it chases them into the bathroom. While they're in the bathroom, Josh has to go but can't because Drake's watching. That's a funny part in the episode. Later on Megan comes to pick the boys up and finds Tiberius. The dog isn't mean to her and when she leaves, it starts to get Drake & Josh again, but they escape. The dog chases them to their house, but when it gets there, it starts chasing Walter instead. That's my review of the episode "Vicious Tiberius".
  • Well, not the greatest episode, but it was better than the season opener.

    Seriously, the first two episodes of this season didn't really impress me much, I believe the other seasons were much better. But, this episode was actually pretty funny. But isn't this kind of the same plot as Two Idiots and a Baby? I mean, Drake volunteers to babysit, or in this case, housesit Mrs. Hayfer's house. In the other episode, Josh offered to babysit for Walter's boss. But Drake doesn't want to do it like in Two Idiots and a Baby, and then there is a problem when they get there. The problem in this episode is that they stranded in Mrs. Hayfer's bathroom because of a vicious dog, and the problem in the other episode is that the baby goes missing. Except, this is kinda funnier, so, I'll give it at least a B-.
  • Josh sucks up to Mrs. Hafer and says he'll watch her house, but when him and Drake get to her house, they realize she a has a visious dog named Tiberious!

    This episode was funny, entertaining, and just great! Drake was extra dumb in this episode, which is what makes it even more funnier than how it usually is. Josh wasn't his charcter in this episode though. He seemed "out of it". Another thing that made me laugh was the fact that Tiberious hated Drake and Josh and wanted to eat them, but he was an angel with Megan. How Drake put it, "evil dog, evil girl". I did miss Megan because she was only in one scene. this episode is probably one of my favorite episode. Great, entertaining, and funny!
  • Drake and Josh watch Mrs. Hayfer\'s house and dog, Tiberius, and think that it wants to kill them. They hide in her bathroom for about a total of 3/4ths of the whole episode.

    I didn\'t really like this episode. The episodes of Drake and Josh are usually funny and entertaining, and this one was, (with some funny jokes, and actions), except nothing happened, and I think it was a filler episode. I think the writers were low on episode ideas for the fourth season, and so they needed to come up with something quick because of the long period of time when they were delayed and only showed reruns and now they needed new episodes, or the shows ratings would go way down. The funny parts are why I think this episode a high score. It was also kind of confusing and I think the ending could of had better possibilities choices, but they an chose easy one. Plus, they stood in a bathroom for about 75% of the episode length. Also, just because a dog barks at you doesn\'t mean it wants to attack you. It\'s ear was probably hurt because it had an infection and Josh was supposed to give it ear medicine, that was one of the better endings that they could of chose, (though it would be kind of unoriginal). They also could of used at the end when Walter ran through the house with Tiberius chasing him and Drake was sitting on the couch, they could of had the dog stop and start chasing Drake instead, and then Josh could have joined the chase when he walked out of the kitchen, or walk out of the kitchen clueless of where Drake went. Drake and Josh is popular and usually I like the episodes, but I think this was just a small bump in the road, to stall people watching. (Even though it got a high rating anyways), and maybe I\'m just the only one who didn\'t like it.
  • Drake and Josh volunteer to housesit for Mrs. Hafer. She warns them she has a dog, but doesn't mention it has an appetite for . . . Drake and Josh!; Walter starts running to compete against the other weathermen.

    Before episode 4 of this season, I would say this episode was the best in season 3. The most funniest part I would think is when Drake was going to run out of the restroom, get his cell phone and call Walter, then ran into the door after Josh forgot to open it. It was either that or when Josh's cell phone fell in Mrs. Hafer's toilet. He then wonders if it still works, meaning the phone, when Drake thinks he means the toilet. Drake flushes the toilet and the cell phone goes down. And also what was hysterical was when the directors made it where the dog catcher was as scared as a three little girl!! Classic!! The creators of Drake and Josh were very creative in this episode. I give it a 9.6!
  • viscious dog chases drake and josh

    This episode has some very funny moments in it. A great example is when Josh comments that he wet his pants when Tiberious the dog was chasing him and Drake throughout Mrs. Hafer's house. It's also funny listening to their dialogue while they are stuck in Mrs. Hafer's bathroom.Besides Megan, nobody can seem to calm the dog down, not even the animal control guy, but Drake and Josh gather their courage and make a run for it while the dog isn't expecting it and making it home. That's when their dad comes to Mrs. Hafer's house to see where they are and then Tiberius starts to bark and chase HIM around and the terror resumes once more! Hahahaha!
  • This was a good episode, I love the new season of Drake and Josh

    I've seen this episode so much it's not funny, Today I was imitating Drake and I ran smack into the door..it was awsome lol and the dog in this episode reminds me of my step dads Rotweiler(T2..she's evil lol). Another funny thing is..the other day while watching Drake and Josh my little sister was like "Mom..do you know who Codee and Bre remind me of?" (Me and my other little sis) lol, she said Drake and Josh..so now..that's how it is lol
  • Josh volenteers to take care of Mrs Hayfers dog and plants. Drake joins him at her house and the chaos starts when they learn Tiberious is one nasty dog.

    Josh volenteers to take care of their English Teachers house and dog. Drake decides to go with him to look at some cheerleaders on the way. Once there they discover the dog is very vicious and they soon find themselves locked in the bathroom. I found their antics so funny that I couldn\'t stop laughing. First Josh\'s phone is flung in the toilet, then Drake is dropped and eaten by Tiberious. A dog catcher comes after being called by neighbors and ends up also being locked in the bathroom. At the end Drake and Josh decide to escape by running in two directions to confuse the dog. I found it so funny when Drake ends up hanging from the ceiling fan. Another great moment was when Walter goes to the house to find out what was keeping them and ends up running from the dog. I have seen this episode about 20 times so far. I think it is great and look forward to the next new one.
  • I've seen this episode four times sence it first aired and I already can't stand it. This episode is repetitive and bland mixed with a bit of laughs in a few places.

    Basically in this episode, Drake and Josh have to watch Ms. Hayfer's house, but run into a snag when they meet her dog, who's hungry for them! It may sound funny, and I thought it would be, but it's not after awhile. Almost three fourths of this episode are spent in Ms. Hayfer's bathroom, which gets boring after awhile because the setting never changes. The two boys are trying to come up with a way to get past the vicious dog and out of the house and along the way they run into Meghan, who the dog likes, and the animal control guy, who goes running into the bathroom with them at the sight of the dog. The jokes are boring and most have been used before in someway or another. The only funny parts of this episode are when they make fun of Drake's inteligence like they always do, and when the Dad is working out on his elipitcal machine. Overall I would put this episode pretty low on the list of all the epps in order (favs at top, least favs at bottom)
  • This episode is about Drake and Josh babysitting their English teachers dog.

    I think this episode was good. It was funny to watch how scared Drake and Josh was of the dog. I really liked the part when Drake was hanging from the fan and then he goes on Josh's shoulders. That was really funny. It was nice to have an episode with the father in it. He made me laugh when he running from the dog. I think they should include the parents in more episodes. They can be fuuny at times. All in all I thought the episode was good. I can't wait for the next one.
  • A pretty good episode overall.

    Josh offers to watch Mrs. Hayfer's house while she is gone. When Drake and he go to her house, they are scared by her dog Tiberius. They run into a bathroom where they are afraid to leave. They try to call for help but Josh's cell phone is dropped into the toilet, and Drake's is eaten by the dog. Megan comes over to see if they are there. The dog like her and is now calm. However when she leaves, the dog goes crazy again. A dog handeler comes over after someone calls and he is also trapped into the bathroom. Drake and Josh escape, but the man stays. Josh's dad comes to the house looking for them, not knowing they are home. The dog then chases Josh's dad all the way home.
  • Seen better, seen worse.

    This episode could have been a lot better, but it could have been worse. First, the fact that Drake and Josh spent most of the episode in the bathroom, funny as it is, isn't real exciting. The little gags, like "What's Wrong with him?" "we're not sure." is funny, but some other things weren't. First, they can come up with a better idea then Megan calming the dog, then leaving. Why didn't Drake and Josh leave? How did she get there and home? Anyway, this is one of the bottom dweller episodes of Drake and Josh, but they didn't embaress themselves with it, at least.