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Drake & Josh

Season 3 Episode 3

We're Married

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Josh's e-pal, Yooka, is coming from Yudonia to visit Josh. Drake doesn't care about her at first, but then he sees how hot she is. Josh overhears Yooka telling her parents she is homesick, so he arranges what he thinks is a friendship ceremony but is really a marriage ceremony.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • superb

    What I liked: the ending with Drake finding out Yooka's parents are rich, but Josh gets them to leave and Drake is upset, Drake trying to find a rhyme for 'orange', Josh says "Yooka!" and Drake tells him he has rhyming issues, the scene where Drake and Yooka get married, etc.

    Good episode. It is kind of boring in the second half but it has enough laughs in the first half for me to give it a generous B-, I think is fair for this episode.moreless
  • Josh's email buddy named Yooka comes to visit. Drake meets her and has the hots for her, sweeps her off her feet, and leaves Josh alone. When Josh thinks Yooka is homesick, Josh does a friendship ceromony, which turns about to be a marriage ceromony.moreless

    I really loved this episode! It was highly entertaining and it made you want to keep watching it! The title kind of gave it away for me. But, when I first saw this episode, I thought Josh was the one that accidently got married. So, it kind of took me my surprise when Drake is the one who gets married. This episode of Drake and Josh, entitled "We're Married", earns a 10 out of 10 from me for being very creative, very funny, having a very great plot, and the actors doing an amazingly outstanding job on playing their awesome characters!moreless
  • Another awesome episode..!!!

    Another well-written episode..Josh is so excited when his e-pal is planning to visit him all the way from Yudonia..When she arrives Drake suddenly becomes in-love and hangs out with Yooka all the time,which makes Josh upset and angry..One night they overheard Yooka talking on the phone that she was homesick,so Josh decides to do everything he can to make her stay more pleadurable..He redecorated their room and even have a special friendship ceremony which turned out into a wedding and now Drake and Yooka are now married..To make matters worse her parents are coming to America to see their son-in-law..So Drake and Josh have a plan..During dinner they serve goats meat which is very sacred in Yudonia..Because of this their marriage is over much to Drake's displeasure..His in-laws are actually billionaires..moreless
  • josh's e-pal comes to visit and drake takes a liking to her, but when josh thinks he's helping her feel less "home sick," drake ends up married to her and they fumble around trying to undo the marriage.moreless

    oh my gosh..was this ep not the best...well m/b not the best out of all of them but its so hard to choose..anyways this ep was funny from the start as they usually are..drake calls josh to ask for a drink..and then he ends up getting one for himself and walter calls josh and josh yells at him by mistake funny..then when yooka comes drake is all over her and thats so all the fake words are just too hilarious..then when they were saying the words after the yudonian guy..i loved how they emphasized the words and said them exactly how he did..that was just too funny..then drake putting out the fire and when he was in the movie theater hitting on a girl and yooka came up..that was funny..then i absolutely loved how josh got rid of them..they had a fit over those goat balls lol..and drakes trying to make them stay b/c they have money and he finishes off the version that now plays on nick w/ him going boosha..i loved the extended ending w/ josh reading a letter from yooka about this new boy she found and her parents buying him a baseball team and drake whine and puts his head down lol..loved it..oh and crazy steve never disappointsmoreless
  • This episode is alright.

    This episode is one of the episodes with really stupid plots that try too hard. Josh is excited about an e-pal that is visiting America. Drake & Josh overhear that she is homesick. So Josh sets up Eudonia in his own room. But what he doesn't know is that he set up a wedding ceremony for Drake & his e-pal friend. Now they are legally married. Drake & Josh try to get out of it . They feed Lamb balls to her parents which is sacred in their country. The parents say that they were gonna make Drake a billionare. Josh tells the parents, that they're eating lamb. The marriage is off. Drake stays depressed on missing out on being a billionare. Really evvolved the storyline through the episode. But yeah still just alright.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Why wasn't Josh married to Yooka also? He was standing under the blanket with Drake and Yooka. Maybe he was the best man.

    • In this beginning of this episode, Drake is playing his guitar and it sounds loud and distorted, but it is not even plugged in.

    • Josh says that Drake and Yooka can divorce only if they both wanted it. But, in the end, when Josh says that Drake cooks "glokmah", Yooka's father says that their marriage is canceled, but, how they cancel the marriage if Drake doesn't want it?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Yooka: Drake and I are married.
      Josh: Married?!
      Drake: Married?!

    • Josh: Hey, Yooka. You want to sing the Yudonian Folksong? (Singing and dancing) Efanshnai! Efanshnai! Diga dai Oundah Efanshnai!

    • (At the theatre, Drake is hitting on a girl and Yooka comes)
      Drake: Yooka?
      Girl: Husband?!
      Josh: Skunk Bag?

    • Josh: But don't worry, I'm working on a plan.

    • Yooka: (after kissing Drake) You like?
      Drake: Yeah, maybe later I'll show you how we say you're welcome in America.

    • Drake: Josh, I think Yooka wants to experience more American things, like sushi and Mexican food.

    • Drake: Oprah is not coming!

    • Josh: I spent an hour talking on the Yudonian embassy. I even gave a call-in to Oprah.
      Drake: What can Oprah do?
      Josh: Oprah can do anything!

    • Josh: (In end credits; reading Yooka's e-mail.) Today, I met a boy named Ackmoo and he loves baseball so my dad bought him the Boston Red Sox.

    • Yooka's Mother: Boosha!

    • (Drake walks into bedroom)
      Blemin: JoonJa! (Splashes water in Drake's face)
      Drake: Thank you?

    • Drake: Man, I'm trying to think of a word that rhymes with "Orange"
      Josh: (looking at computer screen) Yooka!!
      Drake: Okay, you have some serious rhyming issues!

    • Crazy Steve: Well, that's going to be a little problem. See, when you asked me to find that movie for you, I spent 5 hours on the phone tracking it down, talking Helen into letting me screen it for you, so now that I've done all that, SOMEBODY'S GOING TO BE WATCHING ICK GLOKMAH TONIGHT! OR SOMEBODY'S GOING TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR BEFORE THEIR 17TH BIRTHDAY, JOSH NICHOLS!!!!

    • Josh: What?! Drakes the one that said "E'nay K'oon'sa M'joonga Oo'n Tay'ah" while the sun was in the house of Karflog!
      Audrey: . . . What?

    • Josh: Oh, Yooka meet my little sister Megan.
      Yooka: Oh yes, "Meegan" Josh has told me so many things about you; please don't hurt me.
      Megan: We'll see.

    • Josh: Ok, but just to be safe...(picks up kitchen knives) best we don't have these in here. (throws knives out of the window)

    • Josh: Uh, Yooka? Do you think you could leeve the room for a minute, I want to congradulate Drake privately.
      Yooka: Oh, Of course!
      Josh: It's so wonderful you're married. (slams bedroom door) DRAKE!!

    • Josh: That's wonderful that you're married, Drake! (angrily) I told you that you to stay away from m e-pal and you marry her!

    • Josh: I got you a gift.
      Yooka: What is it?
      Yooka: Oh! It's a glockma!
      Drake: No, that's a goat.
      Josh: Glockma means goat.
      Yooka: Yes, the goat is the national symbol of Youdonia. Very sacred in my country.

    • Josh: If you call me one more time, I'll take an entire bottle of maple syrup and pour it all over your underwear drawer, so for the next ninety days, you could walk around with your sticky-butt!
      Walter: Josh, its your father.
      Josh: Nice try! You big dupe!
      (hangs up the phone) Man, if he wanted a drink so bad, why doesn't he just come downstairs and get one ... (looks over at Drake sitting on the couch) Oh, geez.

  • NOTES (3)