Drake & Josh

Season 4 Episode 5

Who's Got Game

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Drake says that Josh can't get as many girls as he can. So they decide to have a bet to see who can get the most girls in one week. But, Drake meets a girl, Carly, who he likes a lot and doesn't want to date anyone else. In the meantime, Josh is on a roll with scoring dates.moreless

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  • I'm not really a fan of episodes who act like girls are "prizes"

    In this episode, Drake and Josh bet on who can get the most dates in a week. Drake soon meets a girl who he really likes, and doesn't want to have anymore dates. so he tries to call off the bet. Josh on the other hand gets a lot of dates. This episode wasn't my favorite. It was kind of like "The Bet" too. Plus this episode acted like girls are just 'prizes' and I don't really like that. So I didn't like this bet too much. But the episode was kinda funny though. And I'm glad they finally let Josh get some girls instead of Drake getting them. Josh deserves more girlfriends anyways.moreless
  • The Bet 2

    drake and josh compete to see who can get the most dates in one week. drake meets a girl named carly, and he actually likes her, so he wants to call off the bet, but josh refuses. when carly hears this she does not like drake a lot because of him not being honest. can he fix this? meanwhile josh "is on a whole montage of dates"! Josh wins the bet, though nothing changed.

    Good episode, but kind of weak throughout, the bet just did not interest me a lot, and it was not that funny... it gets a C+/B-moreless
  • after drake and josh fight over a girl at the premiere, they make a bet to see who can get more girls, but this poses a problem for drake when he meets the girl who seems like this perfect girl.moreless

    i absolutely loved this ep and was so mad that i missed it on tv tonite..but theres always the internet lol..this ep was entertaining right down to the end..especially the bonus part that premiered only when the ep first came on..ok the first part was hilarious and they fought over a girl and then megan laughed when josh said he could get more girls than drake and it was hilarious b/c i mean hes drake hes smooth and hot just like he was w/ carly...josh on the other hand tried way too hard and turned out to be very creepy w/ girls..he was too forceful..and the only reason he won is b/c audrey helped him..if she hadnt drake would have won w/ only 1 girl...i loved how he fell for her and they were perfect for each other till she walked in at the wrong time..then drakes attempts to get her back were funny especially the fake scene btw him, craig, and eric..so fake but so funny...then when he was being "honest" w/ ppl in the record store..what he said was rude but the way he said it was funny...and then finally his final attempt was a success and that was even funnier b/c it was some funny stuff he did 2 ppl and the way he described some of the ppl lol..and then it was sweet what he said to josh till he got to the toothbrush part lol..and josh was funny on his dates especially the grandma part lolmoreless
  • The Dating Bet, just can't get funnier.

    This episode is hilarious and clearly superior to the previous episodes, I cracked up a lot. It´s Another bet episode but so much funnier than the last one, so much funnier. Imagine an episode about a bet of who dates more girls in a week, ala Drake & Josh style, well it just can´t get better. And I see why it is very appreciated, I just hope the episode increase its rating even more as the votes keep coming. The beginnning is hilarious, Drake and Josh bet who can wheter paint Abraham Lincoln wearing a bikini or make a can pyramid, and Drake wins in such a funny way. Then the real bet starts beacause they were fighting over a hot girl, so Josh decides to make a bet of who gets more dates in one week, Josh bets Drake's bed and Drake bets Josh's attendance record. Drake falls in love with Carly, but she hears Drake talking about the bet, and thinks he is a liar, and Drake wants to prove her that he is really honest. In the other hand we have Josh finding dates, he just couldn't been funnier. He dates a goth girl, an old lady, other girls and only to see Josh doing that is hilarious. Besides the show is full of very very good jokes.

    It is Fantastic, gotta love this thing!moreless
  • It was like "The Bet",only funnier.

    One of the best Drake and Josh episodes is this one.Here is a description of this episode:

    Who's Got Game:When Josh gets tired of Drake having so many girlfriends,he makes a bet with him.Whoever gets more dates at the end of the week switches beds.But when Drake meets a girl named Carly,that he really likes,he tells Josh that he wants to quit,but when Carly finds out,she thinks that Drake is dishonest.So,Drake tries to find a way to prove to Carly that he is honest enough.He then learns that you can be honst just by telling peole the truth.

    This is why I watch this show.moreless
Brittany Curran

Brittany Curran


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Marisa Guterman

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Brie Gabrielle


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Early on in the episode, Josh stated some rules for the bet. One of them was that you couldn't see the same girl more than once. When Drake was in the Premiere trying to get Josh to call the bet off, he mentioned that he and Carly had hung out all day the previous day and all day of that day and were also going to have a date that night. According to the rules, Drake lost the bet, but yet Josh still drags the bet on all week.

    • The title "Who's Got Game" is a parody of the title of the movie He's Got Game.

    • Near the end of the episode, Josh is seen standing inside the Premier counter, even though he is not wearing his red vest.

    • 150 is not a pyradical number, so you can't stack 150 cans of tuna into a pyramid.

    • In this episode, we see that Josh has a perfect attendance award. However, Josh skips school with Drake to spy on their dad in "The Affair". Josh even mentioned that he did not want to ruin his perfect attendance in that episode. There is a possibility, however, that Josh was let off because he revealed to the faculty that Drake tempted him into skipping school.

      Edit: Actually, it's possible that Josh already earned that award from a long time ago, before 'The Affair' and 'Who's Got Game'.

    • In this episode, Drake tells Josh and Mrs. Fudge that it was his fault the car hit her mailbox, to impress Carly. In Megan's Revenge, Josh said he had to cater for Mrs. Fudge after this incident, and he thought he was to blame.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Josh: (after seeing Carly and Drake kiss, mocking them) Ohm, I can tie a knot with a cherry stem, the ultimate test of a good kisser.

    • Carly: Can I help you find something?
      Drake: I just... (turns to see her) found it.
      Carly: 'Sparks', good choice. I saw them live last week.
      Drake: Yeah, me too.
      Carly: Oh yeah, you were that guy in the concert.
      Drake: That was just me!
      Carly: I was kidding.
      Drake: ...me too.

    • Josh:(trying to asking out a girl) What about an ice cream?
      Girl: I'm lactose intolerant.
      Josh: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!
      (the girl walks out of the store)
      Josh: Wait! You gotta eat something! Wait!

    • (Drake is apologizing in front of people)
      Drake: Tammy! (whispers to Carly) Ex-girlfriend. (to her) When I broke up with you it wasn't because I was moving to Switzerland. Actually, I don't even know where Switzerland is.
      Mrs. Fudge: South of Germany, East of France!
      Drake: (with an expression of strange) Thank you, Mrs. fudge!
      Drake: Craig and Eric! (whispers to Carly) Nerds. (to them) It wasn't Eric who told everyone that you bathe in bikini, it was me.
      Eric: I told you it wasn't me!
      Craig: (extends his arms) Come over here! (they hug each other)

    • Drake: You wanna see honesty, you'll see. (walks over a guy holding Drake Bell's CD) You, you have bad taste in music.
      (walks over a woman) You, your haircut looks like a lemon. (a chubby guy walks by) And you, you smell weird!
      Guy: The city shut off my water!

    • Audrey: So come on to the Premiere.
      Josh: What?
      Audrey: I'm going to give you some tips to hook up girls.
      Josh: (embarrased) Well, I don't know. That your mother gives you tips to hook up on girls is kinda "pathetic".
      Audrey: You coming?
      Josh: Yup. (stands up inmediately walks out of the kitchen)

    • Josh: So, I'm going home to change place my special pillow.
      Drake: Wait!
      Josh: So, I got 22 dates in a week and apparently you just got one.
      Drake: Uh, yeah. Sure ok, that's fair, you won the bet.
      Josh: Oh no, bu-- what?! I won the bet?! I GOT MORE GIRLS THAN DRAKE!! AAHHAHA!! JOSH NICHOLS IS NO LONGER A LITTLE CATERPILLAR, OH-HO-NO, I AM A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!! (flaps wings for a while then stops out of embarrassment)
      Josh: (serious tone) See you home, bro. (walks away)

    • (Josh is trying to ask a girl out for a burger)
      Girl: I'm a vegetarian.
      Josh: That's cool you know. Good for the animals, good for the colon.

    • Josh: I never give up before I embarass myself.

    • Josh: (excited) You're just mad 'cause I got that girl's phone number.
      Drake: (takes the paper) 11?
      Josh: Aw, man, she forgot to write down the rest of the number.
      Drake: (sarcastically) Yeah, forgot.

    • Drake: He fell down the stairs.
      Megan: Again.

    • Josh: I'm not the same little goofy kid who moved in with you three years ago.
      Drake: No.
      Josh: Good.
      Drake: You're taller.

    • Drake: Me and Josh are making a bet.
      Megan (rolls eyes): Oh, god.

    • Josh: So what are you saying that I can´t date more girls than you?
      Drake: Well yeah, maybe. You know, if I were in coma and there were no female nurses.

    • Josh: (To Audrey) What are you, some kind of wizard?

  • NOTES (1)

    • When Carly and Drake are listening to music at Drake's house, they are listening to the intro to "Don't Preach", one of Drake's own songs.